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Option 1 (A) Option 2 (B)

Electricity Act 2003 replaces For generating Thermal electricity, clearance from Central Electricity Authority Open Access refers to

Electricity Act 1910 is required wheeling electricity using existing transmission Legalizes the State Electricity Board (SEB)

Eletricity Act 1948 is not required Generation of Electricity

4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Implementaiton of the Act

Eliminates SEB FALSE High Court LT/HT Consumer For Govt. Use Government Regional Operator

Transfer of SEB personnel can be contested under True Industrial Dispute Act Judgment of the appellate tribunal can be appealed against Sessions Court in Under offences and penalty clause, consumer is above/below categorized as 10KW Captive generation refers to generation of electricity Cross subsidy is that part of electricity cost realized from Grid Operator refers to Which section of the Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the RLDCs to give directions to licensees, Generating companies, generating stations, sub-station and any other person connected with the operation of power system for ensuring stability of grid operations. Who can issue directions to RLDCs or SLDCs for mainting smooth and stable transmission and supply of Electricity to any Region or State. Name the forum for redressal of the consumers grievance within the area of distribution licensee. The terms and condition for determination of tariff by the apporopriate commission is specified under The constitution of the Central Commission is enshrined under which Section of Electricity Act, 2003 Which section of the Electricity Act, 2003 provides for the functions of the Central Commission Function of the State Commission is provided in which section of the Electricity Act, 2003 Appeal form the order of the State Commission or the Central Commission can be preferred before which authority? The limitation for filing Appeal beofre the Appellate Tribunal is For Own use High End Consumer National Operator


Section 16

Section 29

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Setion 37 Section 39 Section 52 of Electricity Act, 2003 Section Section 49 Section 43 Disctrict court 30 DAYS

Section 30 Section 45 Section 62 of Electricity Act, 2003 Section 46 Section 58 Section 56 Appellete Tribunal 60 DAYS


Revision against the order of the appropriate commission can be filed within how many days of the date of order

90 days

60 days Section 130 of the CERC of Conduct Business Regulations, 1999 110 Unscheduled Intercange Grid means a Regulation that lays down the Rules guidelines and standards to be followed by various persons and particiants in the power system


Under which provisions of the Act or the Regulation can review peition be filed against the order of the Central Commission? Which setion of the Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the Central Commssion to make Regulation for carrying out the provision of the Electricity Act? What do you understand by UI?

Section 110 of Ecltricity Act, 2003

22 23

108 Unscheduled Institute Grid cade means a code specified by the cnetal government under Section 79 (1) of the Eletricity Act, 2003


What is meant by Grid Code?


Open Access means

NonNondiscremninatry discreminatry provision for use provision for the of distribution use of system or transmission associated lines by any facilities by any licensee or licensee or consumer or a consumer or a person engaged person engaged in Generation in in genration in accordance with accordance with the Regulations the regulation Section 29 Power Grid Part XIV Section 156 Section 31 NTPC Part X Section 142

26 27 28 29

Name the section that enables or transmission licensee to engage in other business with prior intimation to the appropriate commssion: Which entity is designated as CTU? Which part of the Electricity Act, 2003 deals with the offenses and penalities under the Act? Which Section of Electiricty Act , 2003 provides for the punishment for non-compliance of directions by the appropriate commssion? El;ectricity Act, 2003 was promulgated after repealing which earlier enactment of Electricity Laws What are the activities that are licensed under the new Elecitiricty Act, 2003 ?


Electtricity Act, Electricity Supply 1910 Act, 1948 Generation Ttransmission


32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42

Under which section of the Electriicty Act the Central Government prepares the national electiricty policy and tarif policy? Which Section of the Electricity Act, 2003 empowers the appropriate commission to grant licencse? The Electricity Act, 2003 extends to which part of India? Which was the first State in the Country to establish Regulatory Commission CERC was established under the provisions of ATE consists of Generation Tariff is determined by As per CERC , Subsistence & Validity of PPA to be looked into by LDC while granting Open Access Standards for Grid operation are specified by IEGC Regulation -2010 Came Into Force On An outage of a generating unit or a transmission element due to a fault or other reasons which has not been planned. This para talks in IEGC about: A central generating station or other generating station , in which two or more states have shares ; is/are known as Available transfer capability (atc), mathematically can be written as UI stands for In IEGC regulation-2010 part-5 deals with As per iegc frequency band in hz. Is

Section 8 Section 14 Whole of India Andhra Indian Electricity Act 1910 Three Members CERC TRUE ATE 1-Apr-10 force majeure

Section 15 Section 23 Whole of India exceptJ&K Karnataka Electricity Supply Act 1948 Five Members SERC False SERC 3-Apr-10 forced outage

43 44 45 46 47 48








ATC=TTC TRM ATC =TTC+ TRM Unscheduled Exchange Unscheduled Interchange Planning code General code 49.2 50.5 49.5 50.3 MAX MIN As per iegc, the operating voltage range for 400 kv system 440kv MAX MIN is 360kv 420kv 380kv If system frequency falls to 49.7 hz and constituents draw more than their scheduled drawal then they are violating grid code clause no. 5.4.2 (d) 5.4.2 (x) Grid code 5.4.2 (b) says the SLDC/ SEB/SEB/Distribution licencee and bulk consumer shall ensure that requisite load shedding is carried out in its control area so that there is no overdrawl when frequency is ----------hz or below. 49.2 HZ 49.5 HZ When system frequency is below 49.7 hz but above 49.5 hz and constituents can overdraw up to __________ % of schedule subject to grid conditions 0.1 0.12 No part of the grid shall be deliberately isolated from the rest of the national / regional grid , except under an emergency, and conditions in which such isolation would prevent a total grid collapse and / or would enable early restoration of power supply,. 6.8 ( a) 5.2 (b) Which clause of grid code allows the users, ctu, and stu for isolation of the part of the grid ? 6.8 ( a) 5.2 (b)



if concerned SLDC/CTU/User is not intimating RLDC about important element tripping manual or automatic then they are violating grid code clause no 5.2(b) As per iegc clause no.5.2 (e), any prolonged outage of power system elements of any user/ ctu/stu, which causing or likely to cause danger to the grid or sub-optimal operation of the grid shall regularly be monitored by.. NLDC If any user reduces generation of a unit of 210mw capacity down to 90mw without any case of emergency or any act to prevent imminent damage to costly equipment then that user violates grid code clause no. . 6.2 (l) No user / SEB shall cause a sudden variation in its load by more than mw without prior intimation to and consent of the RLDC 50 MW As per IEGC, all SEBs, distribution licensees, ctu stus and sldcs shall ensure that the -------------and-----------schemes are always functional. RLDC shall inform RPC secretariat about instances when the desired load relief is not obtained Over flux and through relays in real time operation. over load NLDC / RLDC are authorized to defer the planned outage under which grid code clause, should they can exercise this power? 5.7.4 (g) Constraints in Economic, environmental The power system utilities are made to operate closer to and regulatory their design capabilities and security margins due to aspects. Large gap between the The developing countries are facing the challenges during generation and system operation and control due to demand Which of the following statement is true regarding the Only Voltage is power system secure state? within the acceptable limits




5.2 (j )


100 MW


Under frequency and df/dt


5.9.2 (a) Co plexity in the operation of huge power system network Small gap between the generation and demand Only Voltage & frequency are within the acceptable limits





A power system is said to be in Alert State when,

Frequency ,Voltage, equipment loadings are within acceptable limits, n-1 , n-2 outage acceptable, all loads met

Frequency ,Voltage, equipment loadings are within acceptable limits, n-1, n-2 outage not acceptable, all loads met

64 What does STOR stand for? 65 The major functions of a load dispatch center are: 66

Storage Technology Operation Region Monitoring & Assessing only

Short Term Operating Reserve

Controlling only

67 68

The grid operation is a fundamentally important function for Utilities only The system if insecure, under disturbed condition will bring the normal operating state of a power system to Alert Worldwide, the system operators & network companies will need to invest in ______ required to manage the complexity Share markets

Transmission companies only Restorative

69 What does a balancing service platform represent? Flexible Reserve Product: ____________ volumes of reserve shall be made available during core hours 8am to 6pm on working days

Demand side working group

Control systems Holding balancing services open day




71 A consolidated reserve product shall offer ____________ operation of the transmission system needs. 72 Good Service characteristics


The grid operators are continuing to work on developing ___________ processes so that they have better reflecting Dynamic Static reserve varying wind forecasting into reserve requirements. reserve for wind for wind Series compensators are devices which _______the apparent impedance of a circuit thus ___________ the Reduce, transfer capability where it is limited by system stability. increasing __________ has conducted wide range of research initiatives in the system operation such as advanced alarm management, report on human centered situational awareness etc CPRI Network The real time security monitoring functions does not topology include, processing Security The operator request load flow, load forecasting, Monitoring contingency analysis and fault study are functions of system


Increase, decreasing


EPRI Observability Analysis Security assessment



Option 3 (C)
Electricity Regulation Act 1998 Utilization of electricity Strengthens the SEB Supreme Court Private/Public Consumer For Public Use Public State Operator

Option 4 (D)

All the above -

None of the above

None of the above None of the above None of the above For Rural Use Generation Company All the above none of the above 28 rldc 29 - NON COMPLIANCE 3 26 nldc 14- licenses

Section 79

Section 25 Section 42 Section 42 of Electricity Act, 2003 Section 60 Section 64 Section 86 High Court 90 DAYS

None of the above Section 41 None of the above Section 76 Section 79 Section 83 Supremie Court 45 DAYS

32 SLDC 40

41 - other business 62 -TCT 63 -competitve bidding 142

178 - regualtions

45 days

30 days

Section 108 of the Ecltricity Act. 2003

Section 103 of Condcut of Business Regulation

178 Unscheduled Interest

184 None of the above

Both the above

None of the above

Both the above

None of the above

Section 41 NHPC Part V Section 130 The Electricity Regulatory Commssions Act, 1998 Distribution

Section 50 None of the above Part XV Section 80

All of the above B&C

Section 3 Section 40 Whole of India except southern Region Orissa ERC Act 1998 Four Members Both CERC & SERC CERC 3-May-10 pre-planned outage CEA

Section 14 Section 12 All of the above Haryana Electricity Act 2003 Six Members ATE

1-Jun-10 -



ATC = TRM+ATC Uniform Interchange Unscheduled Inter Exchange Scheduling code Operating code 49.7 50.2 49.5 50.2 MAX MIN 416kv none of the above 386kv 5.4.2 (b) 5.4.2 (a)

49.8 HZ 49.7 HZ 0.15 0.08

5.2 (d) 5.2 (c) 5.2 (c) 5.2 (d)

4.2(b) 5.2(d)


5.6.2(b) 4.9 (d) 200 MW 75 MW

Overcurrent and over voltage Load shedding/ islanding 4.8(d) 5.2.3(c) Continuously escalating fueo costs and depeleting resources

All of the above.

Doesnt depend upon the gap. Voltage, frequency are within the acceptable limits but the system is unstable for the credible contingency conditions.

None of the above. Voltage, frequency, equipment loadings are within the acceptable limits and system is stable for the credible contingency conditions.

Frequency ,Voltage, None of the above equipment loadings are not within acceptable limits, all loads not met

Slow Temperature Operation Short Region Terminology for Operator Region Monitoring, assessing & None of the above controlling utilities, transmission ISOs only companies & ISOs/RTOs Emergency Control & information systems In Extremis None of the above

Exhibiting at the energy events

All of the above

None of the above Average Flexibility & service characteristics necessary for efficient, economic & secure

None of the above

Optimum reserve for wind

None of the above

Reduce, decreasing

Increase, increasing

None of the above ESRI Contingency Analysis State Estimation with bad data detection and elimination

Security Control None of the above system

14- licenses