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STP/DEL/0232 Date- 30/07/2012 To, Kind Attn: Kuldeep Dear Sir, Sub: Offer for Sewage treatment Plant

(125m3/day) _____________________________________________________________ This has reference to the discussions with Mr.Kuldeep We are herewith submitting our offer for Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 125 m 3 per day. Our offer for STP consists of the following Annexure:

Annexure Annexure Annexure Annexure Annexure


Annexure VI

Design Basis Plan Scheme Process Details Technical Details Make and Material of Construction & Schedule of Exclusions Price and Commercial terms

We hope the above is in line with your requirement. Please revert for any further information / clarifications.

Thanking you Yours faithfully, for


ANNEXURE I DESIGN BASIS Design Capacity Operating Hours Design flow rate Sewage Characteristics BOD (PPM) COD (PPM) TSS (PPM) Oil and Grease Temperature (in degree Celsius) pH 125m3 per day 24 5.20 m3 per hour Inlet 300 550 200 5-10 25 30 6.5-8 Outlet <30 <150 <20 <1 25-30 6.5-8

Design is on the basis of above parameters, any changes in parameters other than above please inform us. We will not be responsible for the parameters other than this, which can disturb the plant operation. Use of treated water: For low end purposes such as gardening or can be discharged. Note: For other uses of treated water please consult us. SchemeSewage water is collected in collection tank through bar screen from different lines by gravitational flow. Here the oil and grease is removed by oil skimmer and by conventional way. Then pumped to the aeration tank for biological degradation of biodegradable organic matters. Solid will be separated from liquid in settling tank, which then collects to filter feed sump. Filtrate from here pumped to MGF for removal of traces of suspended particles. Chlorine dosage is ahead to MGF. This then pumped to ACF for removal of traces of color, odor and chlorine. This water can be used for gardening.

Annexure II

OIL SKIMMER NaOCl Dosage Aeration tank Clarifier M G F A C F

Collection tank

Treated water

Final Treated water.

Sludge Collection tank

Filter Press

Annexure III CONCEPT OF EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT FOR CONSISTENT PERFOMANCE SCREENFine screens are mechanically cleaned devices using very closely spaced bars with clear openings of less than 20 mm. Fine screens are used for pretreatment of industrial wastes to remove materials which lead to produce excessive scum or foam on the top of digestion tank contents. Oil skimmer can be used as a pretreatment before filtration of contaminated liquids to be re-used. Oil skimmer is the cheapest and technically effective means of removing floating oil from water and water based solutions, effluents, coolants etc to be reused to minimize process cost. Physical characteristics allow the rotating skimmer mechanism to attract oil and other hydrocarbon impurities from the surface of the fluid. The rotating mechanism (Belt) operating on a motor and pulley system runs through the contaminated liquid to pick up oil from the surface. Floating oil sticks to the skimmer rotating mechanism and is then wiped off efficiently and canalized for collection in waste oil collection tray. Aeration TankAn aerated aeration tank is a basin in which wastewater is treated either on flow or solids recycle. Oxygen is usually supplied by means of aerator of diffused aeration system. The contents of the aeration tank are mixed completely, and neither the incoming solids nor the biological solids produced from waste conversion settle out. Solid return is used to improve the process. Effluent contains is converted into biological tissues. B.O.D. removed efficiency is 95%. Membrane diffuserRetrievable fine bubble Diffused aeratorSimplest way of commission and user Friendly. Economic to other type of aerator. No need of emptying the tank as it can be pulled out. Easy for maintenance. MGF/ACFImproves the water quality. Reliable process in which the total suspended solids, color, odor and total dissolved solids are removed at higher level. The outlet water can be used further for the process. Filter PressFilter press is an efficient equipment to separate solids and liquid in processing and chemical industries. A Filter Pump is applied to feed the mother liquor with solids & liquids through

feed nozzle of the filter press to the chamber formed between the plates and the filter medium, leaving the solid trapped inside and the liquid drained out. Cake that is built in the hollow space between the plates will fall out once the pack is opened.

Annexure IV Technical Data Item Flow Bar screen Chamber Type of bar screen Clear spacing Collection tank Size No .of diffusers, coarse Oil Skimmer Sewage effluent transfer pump Flow No. of Pumps Hp /rpm Aeration Tank Size Sludge recycled pump (KIRLOSKAR

Value 5.20 0.5 x 0.5 x1.0 Medium 20 4x4x3 6 5-10 LPH 7.0 2 (1 W + 1 S) 3.0 /2900 4 x 4 x 3.5 6.0 1 lot 2 (1 w + 1 S) 200 7 /1450 2.65 x 2.5 4.0 x 4.0 x 3.5 6 LPH 200 Liters MGF 800 800 2300 8.0 3.5 2 ( 1 W + 1 S) 15 2(1W+1S) 5.0/2900

Unit M3/hr Meter mm Meter No. M3/hr Hp/RPM m3/hr

Membrane diffuser Air blower (Everest/ Kay) Capacity Electric motor Clarifier Size(Dia x depth) Filter Feed water Tank Size Sodium Hypo chlorite dosage Tank MGF Model Diameter HOS Flow Pressure Nos. MGF Feed Pump Flow No. Of Pumps Hp/ rpm

M3/hr Hp/RPM meter meter

mm mm m3/hr kg/cm2 m3/hr

Backwash pump ACF Model Diameter HOS Flow Pressure Nos. Backwash pump Sludge Collection Tank Size No. of coarse Diffusers Filter Press (Yotana/equi) Size MOC Closing Device Operating pressure Operating temperature Sludge Feed pump Type Scope of SupplyMembrane diffuser Bar screen chamber Oil Skimmer Sewage transfer pump Air blower Filter feed pump MGF ACF Filter Press Sodium Hypo chlorite dosage tank & pump Sludge lifting Pump Inter connecting pipe work MCC panel

Same used for feed pump ACF 800 800 2500 6 3.5 2 ( 1 W + 1 S) Same used for feed 2 x 2 x 1.5 2 415 x 415 MSEP Screw locking 6 70 1 Screw Pump mm mm m3/hr kg/cm2

meter Nos. mm Kg/cm2 degree No.

Annexure V MAKE & MATERIAL OF CONSTRUCTION Description Feed pump ACF MGF MGF Feed Pump Back wash Pump Dosing Pumps Filter Press Make JOHNSON / KIRLOSKAR IEI IEI KIRLOSKAR JOHNSON/GRUNDFOSE KIRLOSKAR JOHNSON/GRUNDFOSE Milton Roy/equiv. Isha/yotana MOC CI MS with epoxy paint MSEP CI / CI /

PP with PVC fitting MSEP

Note: All the above makes are available at present however Ion Exchange Services Ltd has the right to change the design /make without any prior permission.
Battery limits Inlet Of Collection tank. Outlet of Final treated tank. Service water up to battery limit. Terminals of all electrical drives Incoming power to Distribution board


1. Lubricants And Oils, Grease Including the First Charge should be supplied by client. 2. Consumables, chemicals, lubricants etc. including first charge during commissioning. 3. All Statutory Clearance And Sanctions Required For The Implementation Of The Project. 4. Free Access Including Access Road Of Asphalt To The Project Site. 5. Final Painting 6. Loading, unloading & handling equipment at sites, 7. Any pollution control approval, electrical inspection, factory inspection etc. 8. Any other services/supply not clearly mentioned in our scope of supply

Annexure VII PRICE LISTSr. No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Instrument Membrane diffuser Fine type & Coarse type MGF-800 ACF 800 Pump 7 m3/hr 10 m3/hr Oil Skimmer Sludge lifting pump Sodium Hypochlorite dosing system Air Blower-200m3 Filter press (optional) MCC panel &electrical Inter connecting pipe work No 1 lot 1 1 2 Nos. 2 Nos. 1 No. 1 No. 1 2 1 No. 1 No 1 set

Our charges for supply, erection and commissioning of the above said unit inclusive of all taxes and duties as a turnkey project with the above scope of supply with be Rs 2289500/( Rupees Twenty two Lakhs Eighty Nine Thousands Five Hundred Only ) Note:The above plant with the supply of Gurundfose pumps as effluent transfer pumps, filter feed pumps ( 2 No.s each) shall be Rs.2526000/- ( Rupees Twenty five Lakhs Twenty Six Thousands Only ) TERMS AND CONDITIONPlease note that above price is Ex Delhi and is exclusive of the followinsg P& F : 2% extra Insurance : 1.5% Extra (or) By yourselves Freight : To Pay basis Payment : 50 % advance along with Purchase Order, Remaining against proforma invoice Delivery : 6-8 Weeks After the receipt of the order along with Advance payment Validity : 30 Days from the date of our Offer