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AN IQBAL CHRONOLOGY 1877 == Born in Sialkot, Punjab; father a tailor; large pious family, Kashmiri Brahman ancestry 1892

== Graduates from Scotch Mission High School, Sialkot 1892 == Parents marry him to Karim Bibi 1893 == Enters Scotch Mission College, in liberal arts course 1894 == Takes Dagh as his ustad, begins to send him verses by mail 1895 == Daughter, Miraj Begam (d. 1914), born to Karim Bibi 1895 == Passes Intermediate examination 1895 == Goes to Lahore, enters Government College 1897 == Receives B.A., second division; stands first in Arabic 1898 == Begins to study Philosophy with Prof. Thomas Arnold 1898 == After some study, appears for exams in law; but fails in Jurisprudence 1899 == Receives M.A. in Philosophy, third division; gets gold medal since hes the only successful candidate in Phil. at all 1899 == Becomes known in Lahore for his Urdu poetry 1899 == Son, Aftab Iqbal, born to Karim Bibi 1899 == Appointed Reader in Arabic, Oriental College, Lahore 1900 == Recites, or sings, his poem naalah-e yatiim (Orphans lament) at Anjuman-e Himayat ul-Islam; receives tremendous acclaim, becomes instantly famous 1901 == Baby boy born to Karim Bibi, dies soon after birth 1901 == Applies for post as Extra Asst Commissioner, rejected for eye defect 1901-05 == Publishes poems in Abd ul-Qadirs new journal Makhzan; including the patriotic ones taraanah-e hindii (Indian song) (Oct. 1904), hindustaanii bachcho;N kaa qaumii giit (Indian childrens national song) (Feb. 1905), nayaa shivaalah (New Shiva-temple) (Mar. 1905); becomes well-known as a nationalist 1903 == Becomes Asst Prof. of Philosophy and English Literature, Government College, Lahore 1903 == Publishes (ilm ul-iqtisaad , the first book in Urdu on economics 1905 == Goes to Europe: studies in London at Lincolns Inn (law), Trinity College (B.A.); simultaneously prepares doctoral dissertation on The Development of Metaphysics in Persia for University of Munich

1907 == Meets Atiyah Faizi, and begins close personal relationship with her 1907 == Awarded B.A. degree from Trinity College, Cambridge University 1907 == Awarded doctorate in philosophy by University of Munich 1908 == Qualifies as barrister-at-law, Lincolns Inn 1908 == Dissertation published in London 1908 == Elected to Executive Committee, London Branch, All-India Muslim League 1908 == Returns from Europe; is offered academic positions, but gives up academia in favor of law for financial reasons 1909 == Marries Sardar Begam; but has doubts about her based on anonymous letters; rejects her 1909 == Marries Mukhtar Begam 1909 == Takes a temporary professorship at Government College, in addition to law practice 1909 == In a letter to Munshi Ghulam Qadir Farrukh, he writes that contrary to his personal views, it may prove too difficult for the Hindus and the Muslims to forge a common policy because their basic cultures are different and the Muslims would not like to submerge their identity among the Hindu majority. 1910 == Keeps the notebooks which become Stray Reflections 1910 == Composes taraanah-e millii (Song of the religious community) as a childrens song 1911 == Recites shikvah (Complaint) at annual meeting, Anjuman-e Hidayat ul-Islam, Lahore; insists on speaking it taht ul-laf;z though the audience demands singing in tarannum , because the subject is so important 1911 == Resigns from professorship, but continues to act as Examiner 1911 == Acquires an all-India reputation 1912 == Atiyah Faizi marries someone else (Faizi Rahman) 1913 == Recites javaab-e shikvah (Answer to the complaint) at a mushairah in Mochi Gate, Lahore 1913 == Re marries Sardar Begam; lives with both women together 1915 == Publishes asraar-e ;xvudii (Secrets of the self) (P) 1916 == Karim Bibi begins to live separately, supported by Iqbal (d. 1946) 1918 == Publishes rumuuz-e be-xvudii (Mysteries of selflessness) (P) 1919 == Elected General Secretary, Anjuman-e Himayat ul-Islam 1920 == The Secrets of the Self (trans. of asraar-e ;xvudii ) published in England by Reynold Nicholson of Cambridge University

1923 == Publishes payaam-e mashriq (Message of the east) (P), a response to Goethes WestOstlicher Divan 1923 == Knighted by British Government 1924 == Resigns from Secretaryship of Anjuman 1924 == Publishes baang-e daraa (Sound of the bell) (U) 1924 == Mukhtar Begam dies of pregnancy complications and pneumonia 1924 == Son Javed Iqbal born to Sardar Begam 1926 == Elected to a Lahore seat in the new Punjab Legislative Assembly, begins active political involvement 1927 == Publishes zubuur ul-((ajam (Persian psalms) (P) 1929 == Travels to Madras, delivers The reconstruction of religious thought in Islam, lectures to the Madras Muslim Association 1929 == Schoolchildren greet him in Hyderabad singing chiin-o-((arab hamaaraa from taraanah-e millii 1930 == Daughter Munirah born to Sardar Begam 1930 == Publishes The reconstruction of religious thought in Islam (English), in which he declares the baab-e ijtihaad to be open again 1930 == Giving his Presidential Address to the Muslim League in Allahabad, speaks of the possibility of a separate Muslim state 1931 == Last known poetry recitation: masjid-e qur:tubah (Mosque of Cordoba), Jamia Millia, Delhi 1931-32 == Revisits England for Second and Third Round Table Conferences, travels extensively in Europe; visits Bergson in Paris; sees Spain; meets Mussolini in Rome; visits Egypt, Palestine 1932 == Giving his Presidential Address to the Muslim League, he declares his opposition to nationalism as it is understood in Europe 1932 == Publishes jaaved-naamah (The book of eternity) (P), perhaps his favorite Persian work, with Miltonic overtones 1933 == Briefly visits Afghanistan, as part of a commission for educational reforms 1934 == Health deteriorates; ceases practicing law 1935 == Publishes baal-e jibriil (The wing of Gabriel) (U), his Urdu masterpiece 1935 == Sardar Begam dies 1935 == Granted pension by Navab of Bhopal 1935-36 == Visits Bhopal several times 1936 == Publishes zarb-e kaliim (The staff of Moses) (U)

1938 == Publishes armu;Gaan-e ;hijaaz (Gift of the Hijaz) (U & P) 1938 == Dies in Lahore; buried next to Badshahi Masjid