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The teachings of the Prophet (saw) will remain kamil (perfect) and mukammil (complete) till the end.

The PROPHET (SAW) completely and perfectly purified the sahabah . Reciting the verses tilawat Purifying tazkiyah Teaching ilmul kitab Teaching ilm ul hikmay (wisdom) Surah imraan verse 164 Because Prophet (saw) is the last messenger therefore all of his teachingmust remain kamil and mukammal till the end. The recitation of Quran is complete and perfect. This is our belief /aqeedah. Indeed Allah sends special grace on believers when he sent amongst htem am messenger a rassol from their own selver means from humanity not from angels or jins but from their fellow beings and humans? What is the grace that Allah sent on the believers what are the functions of rasool? 1) Recite the verses of revelation (tilawat) 2) Purify the believers their hearts and character(tazkiyah of the believers 3) Teach the believers the al kitaab the book the scripture. Difference between aayah and kitab? Verses will be recited as and when they are revealed and then when he will teach yalimo he will teach the verses as a single text book of revelation formally teach and instruct the meaning of Quran 4) Hikmatan , linked to al kitab , will teach them the knowledge of wisdom. Formally teach them the knowledge of hikmah And indded prior to these 4 things and prior to Prophet Muhammad (saw) ithey were in clear error and they were astray Now this is a universal belief of all the muslims of every singe muslim that that the nabua of prophet was kamil and mukammal i.e absolutely perfect and absolutely complete. Its a universal aqeedah of muslim that he is the last and final prophet and messenger in every sense. Khatim un nabeen So his teachings should remain complete and perfect tilllt he end of time other wise humans in this day and age will say tha we are born in the age that there is no prophet or any teachings. So his teachings will remain perfect and complete for all the times. Prophet prfctly and compltyl recited the book, perfectly purified the heart and character of all the shabas there fore it also establishes that there is no concept as that some shabas were good some were bad. Third fuction formally taught and instructed the sahabha tha cmplte meaning of the book and the wisdom of the book. Tashdeed on laam of yuallimo comes form taleem which means to formally teach and impart knowledge as compared to aain laam meem.

Bcz the prophet is the last and final messenger these teachings nd functions should remain complete and perfet. Methods of spiritual purification ad developments will remain till the end of time , its the undying tradition. If Quran is all u need then why did Allah swt say to the prophet to teach the Quran formally?