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Genealogies of Pnom By: Pseudo-Pnom the Exorcist

1. Ialdabaoth (Terrible First Thought) begat Azag-thoth, Absu-Sethlu, and Ycnagnnisssz by raping Barbalsoa (Nexus). 2. Azag-thoth (Chaos) begat First Fear, Hatred of Truth, and by fission Cxaxukluth. 3. Cxaxukluth (Fission) begat Nug (Darkness) and Yeb (Primordial Fire). 4. Nug (Darkness) begat Kutulu (Primordial Water). 5. Kutulu begat Ghatanothoa (the Heavens), Ythogtha (the Earth), and Xoth-Ommog (Eldritch Sea) by Idd-yha (Conforming Mind). 6. Nug begat Ghizguth (Father of the Giants). 7. Cxaxukluth begat Hzioulquoigmnzhah (The Secret Fire). 8. Absu-Sethlu begat Ishniggarab (Earth), Ithaqua (Wind), Yig (Fire), and Hydra (Water). 9. Ishniggarab sired Yhoundeh (White Earth) and the Little People. 10. Ithaqua begat Xastur (Black Wind) by Lakhamu (Spawn of Nyogtha/Racsasha). 11. Yig begat Satan (Negativity) by Lakhmu (Spawn of Ithaqua/Yetis). 12.Yhoundeh sired Ycgnnasssz (Light). 13. Yig begat Apophis, Lullu-Byatis (Gorgon Father). 14. Apophis begat Amaunet, Kauket, Hauhet, and Naunet. 15. Ycgnnasssz begat the virgin Zstulzhemgni. 16. Ghizguth by Zstulzhemgni (Mother of Giants) begat Tsathoggua (Baal). 17. Tsathoggua begat Amun, Kuk, Huh, and Nun. 18. Amun and Amaunet begat the Hall of Souls. 19. Heh and Hauhet begat Absu. 20. Kek and Kauket begat Lullu. 21. Nun and Naunet begat Mummu. 22. Dagon begat Oannes. 23. Azag-thoth begat Nyarlathotep. 24. Nyarlathotep begat Iak Sakkak. 25. Iak Sakkak by fission begat Tawil-AtUmr (Space) and Afforgammon (Time) 26. Afforgamon begat the Great Race of Yith and the HOUNDS OF THE ANGLES. 27. Nug begat the Nug-Soth. 28. Azag-thoth begat Pazuzu. 29. Pazuzu begat Pazu-Tiamon (Abbadon). 30. Lullu begat the Twelve IGIGI and Tiamat. 31. Lullu fused with Tawil-AtUmr, becoming Lullu-Tawil-AtUmr.

32. Kutulu (Moon) begat Akhkarru (Vampires) by Ishniggarab (Venus). 33. Kutulu by fission begat Hubur. 34. Hastur (Male Venus) begat the Apis-Bull. 35. Mummu fused with Tiamat, becoming MummuTiamat. 36. Lahmu and Lakhamu begat Anshar and Kishar. 37. Anshar and Kishar begat the Seven Gatekeepers of the Halls of Arzir and the Seven Gatekeepers of the Halls of Urulu. 38. Apophis by a pact with Set begat Sebek (Crocodile God of War). 39. Apophis by a pact with Osiris begat Wadjet (Cobra God of Protection). 40. Anshar and Kishar begat Kia and Anu. 41. Ishniggarab by fission begat Gelal and Lillith. 42. Lahmu by Hubur begat Humwawa. 43. Nyarlathotep by Tiamat begat Lalassu. 44. Dagon by Tiamat begat Lalartu. 45. Nyarlathotep by Ereshkigal begat Nammtar. 46. Anu (Bright Heavens) by Kia (Bright Earth) begat Enki (Bright Water), Gibil (Bright Fire), and Enlil (Bright Wind). 47. Enki by Kia begat Marduk (Jupiter), Shammash (the Sun), Nanna (the Moon), Nebo (Mercury), and Adar (Saturn). 48. Nanna by Kia begat Inanna (Venus). 49. Gibil by Ereshkigal begat Nergal (Mars). 50. Nebo by Hydra begat Sophia (Wisdom). 51. Oannes by Lillith begat Seth (Redemption), Cain (Murder), and Abel (Innocence). 52. Thus ends the genealogy of the gods and the creation of humanity.