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National University of Modern Languages

Department of Mass Communication

Assignment 2
Submitted to : Sir Atif Shehzad Sahi Submitted by : Zeenat Aman [Msc.Mass Communication 1th Evening]

Current Issues of Pakistan and The Role of Media

Musharraf Issue: since the start of 2011

News had circulated that musharraf would return to Pakistan before the 2013 General Elections. On 24th March, after a 4 year self imposed exile he returned to Pakistan. On 16th April 2013 an electoral tribunal in chitral declared him disqualified from candidacy there, while musharraf had technically been on bail since his return to country. On 18th of April 2013, the Islamabad high Court ordered the arrest of Musharraf on charges relating to the 2001 arrest of judges.

Electricity Issue:
Despite growing load shedding countrywide and an injection of Rs. 1.4 trillion into the power sector over the past five years. The government failed to show any sense of urgency y in resolving the electricity crisis, which of poses a threat to the countrys financial system of economy. Until the Government kept the notified price of electricity that power distribution companies could charge to consumers below the cost at which they were buying it from power producers. As the Government has failed to pay the full dues to power production companies, who then failed to pay the dues to the oil suppliers. The total circular debt may now be Rs. 870bn.

Pakistan General Elections:

The Election of 2013 will be the next election to the 14th parliament of Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has announced elections to be held on 11 May 2013. In the general elections, voting will take place in all parliamentary constituencies of Pakistan. This will be 11th general election of Pakistan since 1962. Election Commission of Pakistan has put final touches to its preparations for the upcoming general elections. During elections in Pakistan, a political party must secure 172 seats in the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Baluchistan Crisis:
Balochistan is very important part of Pakistan, but now in limelight because of the uncertainty and volatile security situation D.G FC Obaidullah Khattak on Oct 7, 2011 said that there were evidence that Afghanistan was being used against Pakistan. India is using Afghanistan as a Base for training and funding anti-Pakistan elements. Political elite from the last 64 years have ignored this province. Other hurdle in the development of Balochistan is ever increasing role of local sardars, who for their own self-interests never improved education system, health facilities and human resources development of the Balochistan people. The parliament approved the haqooq-e-balochistan package collectively on November 23, 2009 and a committee headed by

Raza Rabbani was charged with the responsibility of implementing the package. Government has implemented the 61 proposals in the package.

Iran Pakistan Gas Pipeline:

In the prevailing critical scenario the news of implementing of Iran Pak gas pipeline comes as a breath of fresh air. The long pending project, if it is able to see the light of the day, will significantly help in reducing the massive gas shortage, which Pakistan faces today. It would perhaps also help in rejuvenating the country industries, which have almost come to a halt due to inadequate gas supply and revive industrial production. Pakistan Government has finally signed an agreement with iranian government vice-versa the Iran Pakistan formally launched construction of Pakistani side of Pak-Iran gas pipeline of on 11th March 2013, Iran has almost completed its side of work.

Karachi Unstability:
We all agree not to call the army for many reasons but DG Rangers statement cannot be overlooked when he says that the situation in Karachi is worse than Wazirstan. To breathe in Karachi freely appears to be very different. Hence, there is a need for the Rangers to continue the operation indefinitely until such time the entire city is cleaned once for all of the criminal gangs. At the same time, there is need for all the stakeholders and play cool and decide about their areas of interest, curtail violence to zero level, deweaponie the city, maintain the rule of law and above all bring culprits to justice without any discrimination. It now depends on the political parties which course they adopt, their continued confrontation will ultimately lead to My dear countrymen and this time it will have the backing of judiciary. Choice is theirs.