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CHAPTER 1 What's Your Potential? ......................................................................................................3 CHAPTER 2 Your Past is not your Potential .......................................................................................6 CHAPTER 3 Challenge your Limiting Beliefs ....................................................................................10 CHAPTER 4 Courage .................................................................................................................................13 CHAPTER 5 Integrity................................................................................................................................17 CHAPTER 6 Imagine that your Potential is Unlimited! The sky is the Limit .........................21 CHAPTER 7 Challenging yourself to be Motivated..........................................................................25 CHAPTER 8 Ways to Maximize your Potential .................................................................................28 CHAPTER 9 Overcome Obstacles Created by your Self Limiting Beliefs..................................32

What's Your Potential?

What's Your Potential?

The word potential is derived from the root words such as potency and potent. These two words imply power, strength and possibilities that have emerged through the use of your natural gift. Similarly there is popular saying that it is indeed not difficult to calculate the number of seeds in an apple, but it is hard to predetermine the number of apples that will spring up from a single seed. Our potential is just like the above example. We would never be able to predetermine our full potential at any stage. There is a classic example of an athlete called Roger Bannister who was the first person to run a mile in four minute. Everyone was of the belief that this record breaking run was impossible to be repeated by any individual. However, within a short span, people witnessed individuals breaking the four-minute mile record which later became an expected scenario for the people. The sales team of any small or large organization has some sales representatives who are rated as star performers due to their ability to increase the sales for their organization by two, five and even ten times. This brings out the fact that each and every individual is different and unique from the other individual. The population of 90 billion people that includes both who have lived and those who are currently living would never have two people of the same potential. Every person on this planet has his or her distinctive potential. The potential is not going to emerge to the surface by itself. It is we who have to explore the hidden potential and polish it. One of the greatest scientists ever produced in the world Albert Einstein was of the opinion that he used only 10 percent of his brain. This is the recorded statement after his breaking-through invention. This leaves many of us bewildered since the extraordinary individual like Einstein used only 10 percent of his brain during his time; it is obvious that ordinary people would have to do something special to register in the 10 percent bracket at the least. I am very much committed to the road of discovering my potential. The studies and the experiences I have gained forces me to discover my true potential. There is ample time for me to explore, improve and enhance my talents, learning, time and prospects. It is the never yielding attitude which induces us to learn more than what it is at present. Therefore, it is considered wise and best to take out some time and ponder what your hidden talents and potentials are how we can capitalize on them. Each and every one of us has a reason to

live in this world. It is up to us to benefit the world with our special talent. To bring out the best in you, you need to ask the following simple questions to yourself. Q1) what is my exact potential? Q2) what shall I try if I knew in advance the result is positive? Q3) Is the route I have taken is easy or hard? Q4) What are the things that I have accepted for my life? Are they less than my true potential? Q5) How can I portray my special talent to the world? Q6) What means do I need to make myself more efficient? Q7) Which one of my talents needs polish? Q8) What type of knowledge and experience am I accumulating? To strive for the best, you need to change yourself with the changing world to achieve outstanding results. This will not put you down. In fact, it will enable you to stretch your brain for the remaining 90 percent. Everything in this world that has been performed and turned out to be unbelievable has been initially thought to be impracticable, unattainable and impossible. The bottom line is to think big and act on it.

Your Past is not your Potential

Your Past Is Not Your Potential

Aristotle once said, The more things change, the more they stay the same. He believed that the universe is in a state of constant motion (always changing and evolving). One thing that remains constant is entelechy or ones essential potential. Entelechy is a force that guides and motivates an organism towards self-fulfillment. It has become like a trend that every year we get to hear our relatives, friends or strangers taking a pledge or resolution for the New Year. It may include abstaining from sinful activities, keep the house neat and clean, distancing themselves from fat-related contents and implementing a rigid exercise program, learning some new skills and many more. The purpose of planning out the resolution is to reduce the disappointments or problems that have been the part of the previous year. The question arises, Is it really possible to experience something good by making fake pledges (resolutions) to ourselves? Fact of the matter is these fake and artificial resolutions do not have the capability to change our embedded norms, values and behavior. Therefore, the wise decision is to stop wasting time on such resolutions and focus on exploring our hidden talents. On a daily basis, we get to hear people in dismay for not doing something they have aspired for their entire life. It may include the aspirations for a top athlete, writer, actor, singer, dancer and many others. In most of the cases, the reason for not attaining one of the above mentioned aspirations is not tapping your potential at the right time. We all are aware of the notion that it is impossible to predetermine the total number of years we are going to live. Some leave early while some stay for long. Hence, exploring the untapped potential within at the earliest is very important. With the passage of time, our life experiences vast amount of opportunities, obstacles and challenges along the way. It means our struggle to achieve something special should not be halted due to our career retirement or some personal issues. There are some essential steps that can be taken to reduce the potential risks as well as discover our special talents.

There are two types of fear namely external fear and internal fear. External fear is caused by something out of us to which we are strongly motivated to like fear of cockroach, height and others. On the other hand, internal fear is caused by something outside of us to which we relate a negative feeling such as fear develop due to lower confidence, self-respect and related elements.

Majority of us are heavily discouraged to progress due to our previous public failure. The bad experiences that we have accumulated as a child, student and adult haunt us regularly at regular intervals. As a result, the past bad memories hinder our potentials to perform something special at present as well as in future. It becomes very difficult for us to get out of the clutches of the fear element. Traumas or bad experiences can activate a fear response within us that is hard to suppress or control, yet exposing ourselves to our personal demons is the best way to move past them. It is to be kept in mind that although fear inhibits our hidden potential qualities and attributes, it can be used positively with the other positive element that can advance us to grab opportunities. That element is called courage.

The element of courage is not the manifestation of wildness or carelessness as many people think and neither it is implemented in vain. The action packed film called Full Metal Jacket portrayed bravery, fearlessness and boldness to confront danger and pain. What courage does is it instills in us the strong values that should be carried for lifetime. It broadens our horizon, thinking capabilities and perception to observe the cultural disparities, drastic business rumors or huge charitable missions without the element of disagreement. The combination of fear and courage help us to move ahead with intelligence, cleverness and good judgment that will propel us to generate positive results for us. There are various examples where these two elements have played a positive role. One such example is of the borderless International Medical Humanitarian Organization of Doctors called Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF). This organization was created in the year 1971 as a nongovernmental organization that would provide both medical support in crises and be accountable to the critical conditions of the people around the world. The organization is an autonomous risk project which attracts medical experts as volunteers to distribute relieve to the people impacted by endemics, war, natural events like earthquake or flood and other catastrophes created by men across the globe. According to the world sources, such risky ventures would find it difficult to attract human and financial resources. However, the organization has deployed volunteers in far flung areas that are unsafe in order to cater to the sudden emerging incidents. To accommodate the

events in a responsible way, the volunteers devote around six to twelve months to such risky tasks on short notice. More on the element of courage is discussed in chapter 4. Anything that is considered impossible or difficult can be challenged and achieved if we shift our focus from elements like fear of letdown, fear of denial, traditionalism, age, status and resignation to elements that force us towards innovation, imagination and originality While discovering your hidden talent, you can explore yourself with few questions mentioned below. What type of information you need to accumulate and how much time is needed to achieve your potential? What are the external forces that constantly hinder your efforts to achieve something? Which challenge do you feel has impacted you the most? Why do you consider it the most impacted? Which condition you regard as favorable for harnessing your hidden talent? Working condition? Personal Home condition? Which type of flexible areas you are inclined to develop in order to keep you focused in your exploration of your potential? How would you change your embedded values that hindered your potential? What will be your feelings after the change? What advantage would you have once you defy the general norms and values of your way of life? If your contribution to the world is reliant on admiration of yourself, how would it impact your choice and judgment in the new norms and values that you aspire to attain? The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good. Brain Tracy. The quote suggests that your potential can never be considered as the thing of the past. It is still unexplored and hidden and only you can discover it.

Challenge your Limiting Beliefs

Challenge Your Limiting Beliefs

Each and every person on this planet has developed his or her personality through his or her own norms, values and beliefs. These norms and values are extracted from various elements. They are comprised of parents, friends, teachers, religion, society, culture, media, and our experiences. These norms and values portray the established and approved ways of doing things like dressing, way of speech, appearance and many more. Once these beliefs are inculcated in us, it becomes very difficult to come out of its circle. Our actions and our behavior result in accordance to our norms and beliefs. Moreover, it is natural for us to search the similar actions and behaviors in others to reaffirm that whatever we are doing is right, and to make a relation with them.

What are limiting Beliefs?

There are two angles to the element of belief. It can either assist us in the way we think and act or it can inhibit our values and the resulting behavior. The limiting beliefs are associated with the latter. This is where we find ourselves restricted in recognizing our full potential. If, in advance, we are aware that chances of achieving something are high, it is natural for us to go for it. However, if it is clear that the attainment of end product is not possible, we hold ourselves from even trying. Those who manage to try keeping in mind that the result is unfavorable; they are not motivated from within which results into unenthusiastic and lackadaisical attempts.

Classic Example of Limiting Belief

Everyone knew that completing a mile in four minute is an impossible task for any human being. There was already a verdict from the medical experts and psychologist that it is a risky task to implement it. However, the verdict proved false on May 6th, 1954 when a person called Roger Bannister completed one mile in 3 minutes and 54.4 seconds. This was a huge surprise for everyone who heard it. It defied the logic of the experts and nullified the predetermined assumptions by pushing the limits of the human body. Within six weeks, another individual called John Landy did the unthinkable. He broke the Bannisters record that created euphoria among the public. As they

say Records are meant to be broken, many people have broken records after that. This example proves that there is no end to things which we assume instantly. There is more to it if we push our limits as per the proclamation by an individual, Sky is the limit.

How did Bannister achieve such Outstanding Result?

From the beginning, he should optimism, defiance and undying attitude in achieving the four minute mile. By profession he was a physician which helped him a great deal in working out the ways to achieve the great feat. He devoted majority of his time in researching the technicalities of running through which he was able to develop the scientific methods of running. In other words, he restrained himself from accepting the general beliefs and perceptions and instead worked on something unimaginable by the majority.

Common Limiting Beliefs that Restrain Us

The beliefs that restrain our hidden potential can be related to any aspect that may include money, word, relationship, daily routine, health, success, time, world life or environment. The most common examples are mentioned below. Those who are successful, they are always blessed with good luck. If you have money, only then you can earn money. I never have time/ I hope I have ample time to achieve it. It seems like the result will be failure, no matter what I do. There is nothing left for me to do to change my present. People who are rich possess the qualities of selfishness, discourteousness and smallmindedness. Therefore, what one needs to do is the following: Try to discover your limiting beliefs. Question Yourself. How did this limiting belief created in you and to what extent it is beneficial for you? Which of the new belief can give you the edge over your previous beliefs?


One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can't be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. By Maya Angelou

The word courage is used interchangeably with bravery, will, strength, fortitude and intrepidity. It is the capability to tackle pain, fear, risk/danger, uncertainty or intimidation. There are two types of courage namely physical courage and moral courage. Physical courage is the strength to overcome physical pain, death or hardship. On the other hand, moral courage is the capability to act rightly and appropriately when it comes to dealing with shame, discouragement, popular opposition or discouragement. As far as the scenario of success is concerned, the element of courage plays a vital role. If the element of courage is missing, the result will be reduced guidance, personal fulfillment and finally success. The creator and chief executive officer of Staub Leadership Consultants is of the opinion that courage is composed of three important leadership elements that may include integrity, intimacy and passion. Courage is considered to create values and beliefs, enable us to identify our mistakes and rectifying them, and ensuring effective execution. These steps are only possible when we are ready to compromise ego, habitual patterns, behavior and constitution in a positive and responsible manner. Courage is the motivating force to overcome our fears and our doubts. It is through the courage that we are able to develop truthful, two-way communication and fruitful relation with others. Taking the route that involves factors of easiness, regularity and embedded is simple as it involves less struggle and confrontation. On the contrary, the route that involves learning at regular intervals, exchanging learning with others, integrity and effective execution, is associated with overcoming uncertainty, fear, uneasiness in changing our values and attitude. Taking a risk does not assure us there will be positive outcome. However, avoiding taking any risk does assure us that there will be no result of any nature. This is why when we get to hear examples of leadership, it also reflects the attribute of courage that laid the foundation for the courage

element to build and prosper. Every one of us is blessed with distinctive skills, talents, values, desires and experiences. It is not necessary to think that if one person requires more attributes to attain courage, the other person would require the same number of attributes. It varies from person to person. There are numerous events and occasions that require courage and boldness. The events may come occasionally or on frequent basis. It is your values and experiences which will determine whether you need courage in one or in all the following situations. Addressing to a huge crowd. Coming out with the truth knowing that being silent would do the trick. Speaking out loud on strange or isolated subject or issue. Exchanging your views and opinion with your colleagues of how you consider them. Keen on doing tasks and projects knowing you are weak and limited by intelligence. Asserting yourself in front of your boss. Taking the role of leadership when you are not good at it.

Hence, this is the time to rectify your approach to courage. For instance, if you are not comfortable with something, speak up. Take assertive stance when someone tries to bully you or impose figure on you. If we are decisive about our actions, we are acting as catalyst for change just like as leaders do.

Constructing Your Courage Quotient

There are some workouts that can assist you in building your courage for a lifetime. Identify three individuals that you believe are courageous. What kind of behavior do they show that reflects the element of courage? Ponder about the condition you feel you can have impact on. What kind of fears you feel can hinder you from moving ahead? Remind yourself of the occasion at work when you felt elevated of yourself. It may include praise for you by the boss in front of co-workers or achieving something special for your organization. Try to experience that moment again and put into writing that behavior which created pride in you.

Recall the moment when you lacked decisiveness and got elected. Imagine how it would have been had you showed courage at that time?

Put in writing on a 3 x 5 card your aim to assert courage and post it on a place where you get to see it every day.

Thus, courage if exercised with consciousness can be beneficial personally and professionally. It can pave the way to transfer influence both formally and informally and would help a great deal in achieving a quality of a true leadership.


Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your
relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe. by Barbara De Angelis

Integrity is a model of consistency of actions, values, methods, procedures, ideologies, expectations and results. Moreover, Integrity is the quality of having high moral principles, being reliable and trustworthy With New Year comes numerous opportunities to make things right once again. The embedded values and actions we portray on a daily basis can be reassessed for the New Year. In fact, if we are a firm follower of integrity, in return, this attribute is strongly attached to ourselves and enable us to endorse our individual ethics, reflect our true personality and exhibit to the people around us whether our actions is in synchronization with our values or not. By having the element of integrity, it leaves no confusion or uncertainty on its effectiveness in a working environment. It is one way of showing to others that we are honorable and respectable. The element of integrity is known to the people through our consciousness or the strong influence. On top of this, being conscious of how others feel by your actions and attitude is what integrity really implies.
Integrity means doing the same thing whether people are with you or whether you are alone. Ed

Anderson, senior vice president and chief financial officer

Following are some of the attributes that are considered to signify the picture of integrity. In addition, there is also the outline of the kind of individuals who own the element of integrity. Unswerving, determined and having fiber Strong personality. Acting on the pledges made.

Genuine, clear-cut, making statements based on what we really think. Trustworthy, Unprejudiced in exchanging information with others. Apparent and firm values and can distinguish between what is right and what is wrong. Dedication and courage Strong resemblance between values and actions. Ethical, respectful, Just, answerable and liable, steadiness, systematic and complete. Strong awareness of oneself and ones mistakes. Intelligent and mature

There is huge setback if a person lacks the element of integrity. The result is the deficiency of honesty in your workplace, organizations, administration and individuals. The element of honesty has a prime significance which, if not present in the workplace, can element the integrity from the place. When you discuss about integrity with the people, majority of them are of the opinion that they have embraced strong norms, values and ethics. However, the real test of integrity arrives when an individual trapped between two difficult situations has to find solution to it. The intensity of these two situations further increases when the solution is deemed the only way to overcome the situation, but in the eyes of the people, the solution is negatively viewed. There are many examples that may reflect the above situation. One of the examples is of the group of employees at the lunch session where one of them passes unkind remarks for an employee not present in them. This poses a question to the integrity of the entire group. Many of us would unanimously believe that the group should not involve themselves in such discussion, but it is easier to say than done. If any of the group members hold strong values of integrity, he would straight away pronounce the statements such as, Hey Guys lets switch to some other topic. I have an important announcement to make. Are you free this weekend? If these ways do not work, you have the choice to leave the group with grace and calmness. All in all, an individual who has strong values of integrity can influence the group in a suitable and right way.

Ten Suggestions for Building Integrity

It is imperative to know that the factor of integrity holds huge importance when exchanging your views and opinions with others. It leads to the development of faithfulness, admiration, dedication and sincerity. Search the role models who are famous for their integrity. Analyze their values, attitude and behavior and try to incorporate it into your personality. Observe the individuals who are at complete contrast with the role models in terms of integrity and comparing yourself with him/her. Locate an individual with strong integrity values who can act as a counselor to you. Ask such mentors about the values and attitude that forms the integrity in a person. Watch the mentors staff how they go about the chores of the day. Put some incisive questions to yourself. What are the things in which you believe? Which values you consider as right and wrong? How did the values become a part of you? What aspects/things have impacted you in exchanging your daily matters with people? Socialize with various people on the subjects that have impacted them. Try to discuss integrity in general. Ask them or determine yourself the importance of integrity in their eyes. More importantly, ask them their feelings at times of low and sorrow. Take advice and comments of how other people view your values of integrity. How deeply have they analyzed your behavior? Inculcate the attribute of courage and bravery (see chap 4: Courage). It is sometimes better to experience the unfavorable situations in order to know how intensive it is and what factors are required to tackle it. Be flexible to the changes whether it involves dealing with others or your attitude and behavior. Be assertive and confident in what you do and ensure it is done.

By following the above mentioned suggestions, you will find your values of integrity and character raised above the others. Moreover, you will know where you stand and at the same time you will be benefiting from the trust people have put in you. As a result, there will be positive word of mouth of your integrity among the people.

Imagine that your Potential is Unlimited! The sky is the Limit

Imagine That Your Potential is Unlimited! The Sky is the Limit

The potential of the average person is like a huge ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled toward some great good. Brian Tracy

It has been discussed in great length in the earlier chapter of how self-limiting beliefs can hinder your true potential. The fact of the matter is these beliefs are ineffectual and are one-sided in nature. Developing the self-limiting beliefs disassociate you from the reality based scenarios. Hence, to overcome these beliefs, it is advisable to confront it. Think of them as being biased and fictional. Instill in yourself the belief that you never had the self-limiting values and that you are open to embrace the positive changes.

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.Walt Whitman The term self-concept implies an individuals perception of self compared to the number of characteristics which may include academics, gender roles and sexuality, racial identity and various others. Self-concept is also used interchangeably with terms like self-perspective or selfconstruction. It has three components that are outlined below.

1. Self-Ideal
This is where your role model is yourself. You have a great insight about yourself and where you want to be. The same can be said of the famous and established people. They know their character and personality very deeply. They set higher goals for themselves and never show undying attitude. In other terms, self-ideal is composed of the attributes, merits, ideas and beliefs that you strongly approve of in yourself.

2. Self-Image
The "self-image" is the key to human personality and human behavior. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behavior.--Maxwell Maltz

It is how you perceive and think about yourself. The beliefs and norms residing in you guides you how to conduct yourself in various situations. If there is any improvement or enhancement within you, it will automatically transfer to your outside self which will become obvious for others. The internal world of yours is the outcome from your self-ideal. A simple definition of the self-image can be gauged through the answer to a simple question, What do you believe people think about you?

3. Self-Esteem

Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self-esteem of their personnel. If people believe in themselves, it's amazing what they can accomplish. Sam Walton

There is a popular saying only you can make yourself happy. According to the survey of adults by the American Psychological Association, the most vital factor to happiness and well being is self-esteem. The self-esteem factor includes how you believe, sense and conduct yourself. It is your self-esteem that will develop your path of where you want to be. There is no doubt in saying that the more you admire yourself, the more chances it increases of you performing better than before. Similarly, if you perform better, your admiration for yourself increases. Self-esteem is regarded as an inner cause of power for your assurance and passion.

There is a negative relation between your self-esteem and your failures. The higher the selfesteem, the lower will be the rate of failures and vice versa. In the same way, the higher the self-esteem, the lower will be the fear of disapproval and refusal.

According to various experts, the best way to confront your low self-esteem is to say out loud the three words three times, I like myself, I like myself, and I like myself. The benefit of this is it reduces your apprehensions and strengthens you. In addition, your whole body language experience a change such as your body straightens, elements of positivity and joyfulness on your face, tone of the voice reveals confidence and you start to conduct yourself in a polite and affectionate manner.

Positive changes in self-concept help changes in the way you think and act in your life.

Challenging yourself to be Motivated

Challenging Yourself to Be Motivated

Walking your talk is a great way to motivate yourself. No one likes to live a lie. Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do. Vince Poscente

Motivation is the commencement of a goal-oriented behavior. The basic purpose of motivation is to reduce physical or mental pain and increase the element of pleasure. It can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation describes the motivation that is determined by the concern or delight in the activity itself and is present within the individual rather than on external activities such as effort. On the contrary, the extrinsic motivation is achieved from the outside factors. It may include money, intimidation or danger of penalty. If there is a strong motivation to achieve something higher, it means you are inculcating in yourself the higher aims for future. That is why motivation and challenges go hand in hand. In addition, our body is devised in such a way that we are always ready to confront the challenges in our lives. The following circumstances will explain further about the motivation. If we come to know that our existence is in danger, we will take all the necessary precautionary measures to make certain we are safe at all times.

Engage yourself in challenges in order to keep your motivational level high. In addition, keep yourself stirred so that your skills stay razor-sharp.

Confronting and overcome the challenges gives you a positive feeling that leads to an increase in your motivational level. Plan out a time to feel proud of your achievement and devise ways to how much you can stretch yourself.

The important method to devise more challenges for yourself is to consider the daily task as challenges and how it can alter your way of thinking and your identity. Try to put your best efforts with the help of the following suggestions.

It has been the normal way that our character and personality are formed through the learning of norms and values that are residing in our societies. However, not all the values are positive for us and hence it becomes difficult to move out of the established norms and values. Hence, it is advisable to have the right frame of mind and motivation in order to create your own values and abide by it.

The best way to motivate your inner self is by conditioning your brain to see everything as a challenge.

Although it is hard to perceive everything as challenge, relaxing your mind all the time would further decrease your motivation. Hence, keep your brain fresh and alert.

Taking challenges and overcoming them is a tiring procedure, but once you get used to it, increased motivation become a skill for you which automatically lowers down the intensity of any upcoming challenge.

The momentum of continuous action fuels motivation, while procrastination kills motivation. Earl Nightingale

Ways to Maximize your Potential

Ways to Maximize Your Potential

Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us. Wilma Rudolph

Each and every one of us is endowed with something special. Some of us realize our potential earlier while some realize it late in their lives. The problem with the latter situation is the time has already gone to bring your potential to the surface and polish it. That is why time is regarded as a valuable commodity because time is money. Apart from realizing your hidden talent yourself, people can also discover your potential and make you aware of it. On the contrary, people can also play a part in suppressing your talent and skills simply because they have a habit of letting others down while projecting their personality. With the right kind of support, appraisal and declaration from the other people, you can improve and polish your hidden potential. In order to maximize your potential, there are various guidelines that you can adopt to buff up your potential.

Reading Diversified Books: If you have realized your potential or hidden

talent, it is incumbent on you to explore on your interested field in order to know how flourished it is in todays world.

Enlarge your Exposure: Exposure helps in getting to know about different

things that are happening in the world. In majority of the cases, your potential is the outcome of the thing you have been constantly exposed to since childhood. Therefore, you can increase your exposure through frequent travelling to interesting places, researching fascinating topics and socializing with intelligent people.

Employ mentors to polish your potential: The job of the mentor would be
to help you discover your hidden talent and in what ways it can be polished. They can expand your knowledge in different areas such as business, family, current affairs, government and many more. Not having mentors at your disposal would lead your potential to rot and die with the passage of time.

Experiment with Hard Assignments: In order to increase and optimize your

talent, try to engage in difficult activities and tasks to stretch your skills. Stepping out of your comfort zone helps you to expand your comfort zone, otherwise your talents and skills remain narrowed.

Participate in Various Competitions: Competitions determine the best in the

business by testing our talents, skills, toughness and willpower. To step on such platform, you have to expend your energy and time to maximize your talent in the best possible way. Thats how you come to discover your full potential.

Come up with something new: Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way.
Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.Marsha Petrie Sue As it is discussed earlier, each of us is blessed with unique potential and if it is rightly nurtured and capitalized, it can do wonders in the world.

Overcome Obstacles Created by your Self Limiting Beliefs

Overcome Obstacles Created by Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Obstacles are like wild animals. They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them... they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will slink out of sight.Orison Swett Marden

Life is harder than it looks. People face hurdles at every step of their lives. It may be a hurdle of financially instability in purchasing a house, unable to find the desired job or not getting the women you love. The major reason for rise of hurdles is the self-limiting beliefs which have been deeply discussed in chapter 4. The crux of the issue is when you create a belief, it starts to grow. Majority of the time, it becomes unconscious and directs all your actions and proceedings without making you realize. As a result, with the passage of time, you automatically reinforce it unconsciously which leads to the misrepresentation of your experiences and leave you weak to overcome our limiting belief.

Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman, before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.John Quincy Adams These are multiple ways that can be tried to overcome your obstacles.

Positive Thinking: Never allow the thought of quitting the task in your mind. It is very
costly to quit than to find a solution to the problem. Hence, with positive frame of mind, anything can be overcome.

Allow the mind to be tense-free:

Mind without tension helps in focusing in the

best possible way that can lead to the elimination of the obstacle.

Persist and Perseverance. Try to give your best to solve the problem. It will not
only test your endurance but would assist you in finding a way out of the problem for present and future.

Create Opportunities:

Instead of waiting for an opportunity to crop up, it will be

beneficial if you search the opportunities. It will help you in developing your creativity and determination and would pay you off with the large number of opportunities.

Inspiration: Having the element of inspiration that can be a dream or a wish means you
are pushing yourself harder to overcome the obstacle.