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The founder of the sect of Baraivism argues in support of his believe in the following may. The quotations are given from the work BNAA AL MUSTAFHA. The most basic work of Barailvism on this particular issue. His arguments and argumentations are divided into 5 parts for sake of simplicity and are tried to be translated clearly.I is triedn to remain faithful to the original Urdu/Rikhtah text even if there is some problem according to the Grammar of English language. I]`When/As Furqa:n e H:ami:d is the Description/EXPSOSITION [Baya:n] of Every Thing [Shai] And Description of what type [Kesa] Luminous [Roshan] ,and Luminous of What degree [ Darajah] EXPLAINED [Mufass-l\detail Explaination] , and according to the Supersect [Madh-hab] of Sunnites [Ahlussunnah] the word Thing [ Shai] is said for every Existent /Being [Mauju:d](1) ; then from the Throne [Arsh] to Floor/Hades [Farsh] , all the Universe/ Cosmos and all the Existents /Beings [Maujuda:t] are included in the circumference [AH:A:TAH] of Baya:n [Description] of It [id est Al Qur-a:n]; and among all the Existents/Beings writings on the Conserved Tablet [Lauh: Mah:fu:z:] also belong to.Hence these Explanations [Bayana:t] in circumference [ Muh:i:t] to these Writings [with full explanation]. II] Now ask it also from QURA:N THE GREAT [ THE GREAT QURA:N/QURA:N AZ:I:M] , WHAT IS WRITTEN ON THE CONSERVED TABLET?. The Supreme Deity Saith , Every Great and Small is written thing is written [on the Tablet]. The supreme deity saith : Not a (single) grain in darkness (es) of earth; and any wet nor any dry EXCEPT All things written in Luminous Book [ id est Tablet]. [VERSES NA:M 59,QAMAR 51 AND YA:SI:N 12] III]It has been proved in Principles that Common Noun [Nakrah] in place N-A:M] AND THE WORD Kull/Cull [ All/Every] is so general [ a:m] that that Page2 of Negation Supports Generalization [ Mufi:d ul Umu:m] { see verse 38 -

[3] is is never used in particular/ specific sense/meaning,(2) and general word is certain in supporting general meaning, and clear content of text [ NS:U:S:] ARE TAKEN IN APPEARENT MEANING, and with out any religious proof particularization/specification and Interpretation [TAWI:L/TAVI:L] are not permitted, otherwise confidence upon Divine Law [Shariah] ceaseth to be; Neither AH:A:D H:ADI:TH can particularize a Generalization of Qura:n , even if it is correct /SAHIH to highest degree. Raither Particularization is a delay [TARAKHI] in Naskh [Cancellation/ABOGRATION] . [One may translate the sense as follow. Particularization is a twin of Naskh]] And Rational Particularization [ and Rational Exception] does [do] not make descension of General [so that] based upon it [them] , a particularization can be made by [using] an Uncertain [Z:ANNI:] IV] So by Divine Grace it is illuminated from clear explicit texts that Deity Gave knowledge of All that did occur and that shall occur [MA: KA:NA VA YA KU:NU/ THAT DID BE AND THAT SHALL BE], and not s single (point) (1)particle in east, in west,in sky, on throne,on floor[hades?/Farsh] remaineth excluded from the [bestowed] knowledge of Holy Prophet [H:UD:U:R] [[S.A.A.V.S] V]And as this [Bestowed] knowledge is bestowed by Qura:n the Great as being the Explanation of every thing [Shai] and it is [crystal] clear that this is the Attribute of Entire [Tama:m] Qura:n and not of every verse [or of every chapter/Su:rah], so if the Supreme Deity Did Say about some Prophets << L-M NAQS ;-S: ALAICA / ALAIKA] , OR inregard to hypocrates it is said << LA T-L-M H-M>>, [ AN NISA 164 AND YA:SI:N 101] IT IS CERTAINLY NOT IN NEGATION TO THESE THREE VERSES AND NOT IN NAGATION TO THE [BESTOWED] KNOWLEDGE OF PROPHET. AS these arguments are extraordinary lengthy it is necessary to summarise these in brief with strict wordings. SUMMERY



Qura:n has three Attributes . Two of them are Existential Attributes

[4] them is Non Existential Attribute namely Adam ut Tafri:t [NON DEFCIENCY]. These attributes of Qura:n are connected to every existing thing. The bestowed knowledge of Prophet [P.B.U.H] CIRCUMFERENCES all these three attributes. ( First implication) This implieth that the Bestowed Knowledge also CIRCUMFERENCES each and evey existing thing to which these Attributes are connected. . ( second implication)

This implieth that the stated above Bestowed knowledge CIRCUMFERENCES the Heavenly Conserved Tablet. (Third implication)

This implieth that the Bestowed Knowleedge CIRCUMFERENCES each and evey information written on the stated above Tablet. (FORTH implication)

As every act which hath occur ,which does occur and which shall occur from the very begining of the Cosmos to the very end of the universe is written on the tablet the BESTOWED KNOWLEDGE OF THE PROPHET CIRCUMFERENCES each and every event,act etcetera written on the stated above Tablet. Each and every thing which has existed in past or which does exist in present or which shall exist in future is written on the tablet. As the Bestowed Knowledge circumferences every thing written on the tablet it circumferences each and every thing which existed in past, which does exist in present or which shall exist in future. ANALYSYS: This argument is of the form A implieth B, B implieth C, C implieth D, D implieth E. If it is some how proved that A doeth not Imply B, or B doeth not implieth C. etcetera the argument faileth. If it is some how proved that any one of A,B,C,D,E is Rationally Absurd then the whole Proof faileth Page2 Logicians agree that if Lazim is Rationally Absurd then the Malzu:m is either Rationally Absurd or Rationally Possible. In the case it is Rationally Possible it is Occurancially Absurd.

[5] How ever a number of Logicians believe that if Malzu:m is Rationally Absurd then Lazim is also Rationally Absurd. An other number believe that if the Malzu:m is rationally Absurd then Lazim is either Ratiionally Possible or Rationally Absurd. In the case it is rationally Possible it is Occurrencially Absurd. In any case LAVA:ZIM Of Absurd are Absurd . In any case the arguments and argumentations do become incorrect, and invalid if the first one issomehow proved to be Absurd whether Rationally or Occurancially. It is tried to prove that atleast one of the claim is RATIONALLAY ABSURD. The counter claim is IS AS FOLLOWS:THE BESLOWED KNOWLEDGE CANNOT ENCIRCLUMFERENCE THE ATTRIBUTES OF TABYA:N,TAFS:I:L ( Existential Attributes) and ADAM UT TAFRI:T ( Non Existential Attribute).It is Absurd. If an Absurd Implieth B,and Bimplieth C and so on the proof becomes invalid and incorrect. In the following pages it is proved that the original claim is based on absurdity rather rational Absurdity. General Discussion There are three verses in the text of qura:n opon which the auther of Abna; al Mustafa: made his argumentations. The verses are correct beyond doubt but the argumentations and reasonings based on the verses are in correct beyond doubt.These Verses are AL ANAAM 38,AN NAHL 89 aNd YUSUF 111. IT MAY BE NOTED THAT SOME OF THE LATTER FOLLOWES OF mAULVI rAZA AMENDED HIS ARGUMENTATIONS AND ARGUMENTS BY ADDING AND SUBSTRACTING REASONINGS. In general they do not take the meaning of ARABIC WORD ASHAI as Existent or Existing Thing and avoid the arguments based upon the Heavenly Tablet. As a result their argument becomes more general then their claims. A student od Said Kazimi of KATKOI/ CATCOI AMROHAHUPPER UNITED PROVINCES [ BRITISH] INDIA namely GHULAM RASUL SAIIDII OF PAKISTAN CARACHI PAKISTANI PART OF SUBCONTINENT accepted that these generalizations are of kind AL ISTAGHRAQ AL URFI and not of kind AL ISTAGHRAQ AL HAQIQI.HOW EVER THIS WEAKENS THE ARGUMENTATION AND ARGUMENTS TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE OF WEAKNESS. HOW EVER The official arguments of Barailism FROM THESE THREE VERSES are the arguments of Maulavi RAZA Barailvi himself.If some founder [IMAM of cult/sect] THE FIRST THIS TO COMPARE their argument by the Arguments and argumentations of their Imam.The second thing is Page2 followers of the cult of Baraivism differ from their ULTIMATE leader and

[6] to reject their differences and to accept the arguments and argumentation of their founder and Ultimate leader [i.e Imam of Barailvism] If their arguments are not in harmany to the arguments of their Imam then they must be asked whether they consider the argumentationas and arguments of their Imam as correct or not. If they consider the arguments and argumentations of their Imam as correct then it is sufficient to discuss the arguments and argumentations of their Imam.Since their arguments are immaterial in compare to the arguments of their Imam. If their arguments and argumentations can be interpreted as according to their Imam namely MAULAVI RAZA SB OF BANS BARAILI S/O MALAVI NAQI ALI SB then they must be interpreted as according to his arguments and argumentations. If they cannot be interpreted then they must be rejected as official argumentations and arguments of the cult Barailvism.

NOTES: (1) THE LITERAL MEANING OF THW WORD SHAI IS AN EXISTANT OR AN EXISTING THING. (2)In logical form it may be restated as follow: NO USE OF THE WORLD KULL\CULL IS PARTICAULAR. Its negation is:SOME USES FOR THE WORD KULL\CULL IS PARTICULAR. Both the original statement and the negation can not be true ,since the contradict each other. The Law of contradiction or law of non contradiction is valid. It can be proved that this Negation is true hence the original statement is false. Yet it is not required since the falsification of the claim and Invalidity these arguments does not depend on this claim. There fore no discussion is made on it.For sake of an argument this false statement is supposed to be true. The entire discussion is based on this supposition in order to refute a supposed strong case instead of an actual weak case. Some Barailvi scholars do accept that the original claim is false yet the opine that Examples which falsify this claim constitute only rare cases. But they do not explain the conditions where these rare cases occur. SOME also do accept that the Umum[ Generalization/ Universality] of the word CULL/KULL is AL ISTAGHRAQ AL URFI AND NOT AL ISTAGHRAQ AL HAQIQI. Since Al Istaghraq al Haqidi implies an equlity of Eternal Knowledge and Not Eternal Knowledge, which even they do not consider as


[7] Islamic. How ever the founder of the cult Maulavi RAZA SAHIB strongly claim that if some one claims the Equality of Eternal Knowledge Of Deity and Temporal Knowledge of Prophet, HE STILL REMAINS IN GROUP OF Urfa.[Nau dhu billah.] See the FootNotes of ADDAULATU MAKKIAH by the founder of sect. THE ENTIRE DISCUSSION IS BEYOND THE SCOPE OF PRESENT DISCUSSION . Note@ According to a great Philosopher [MATURIDI-ASHARI ]Of India The heavenly Tablet is a Great Cosmic Brain or mind. Years before the invention of computers and their hard drives, the concept of a Supreme intelligent Brain or mind was proposed by ASHARITE-MATURIDITE AMULGUM IN INDIA. [A number of Indian Sunnis ar both Asharite and Maturidite since the study both and dotry to make hormony between these two Sunni Majority Sects and consider them as one single sect. Some even use the word ASHAIRAH not in the meaning of Pure Asharites but for the collection of ASHAIRAH AND MATURIDIAH.]