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Name Date Theme Time Lesson Summary World Of Stories

Year No. of pupils Topic Duration

Bully 1 hour

Learning Outcomes 3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts 3.4 Read aloud expressively and fluently pronouncing words correctly and observing correct stress and intonation and sentence rhythm. 3.9 Read and enjoy simple poems and stories and respond to them by talking about the people,and moral values in the story/poem; and relate it to ones life.

Level / Specification of skills 3.3.3 Read and understand simple paragraphs. 3.4.3 Read aloud poems, stories and fables w ith expression. 3.9.3 Read and talk about the actions of people and animals in a story heard or read. Behavioural Objectives By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : 1. Read the story with correct pronunciation and intonation. 2. Arrange the pictures in correct order. 3. Answer 5 questions out of 8 questions correctly. Previous Knowledge Pupils have seen bully or have been under the same situation. Teaching aids Moral value Thinking skills Multiple Intelligence Future studies Respect each other

Stage / Time Set Induction (5 minutes)


Thinking skills

Point to remark

1. Teacher shows a clip which depicts different scenarios of bullies. 2. Teachers then discusses briefly with pupils what the clip is all about. 3. Teacher introduces the word Bully Pre Reading 1. Teacher writes the word Bully on the whiteboard and starts asking pupils what are the things related to the word. 2. Pupils may give any response as long as it is acceptable and teacher guides them to think of the ideas. 3. Teacher encourages pupils to use WH questions approach. While Reading 1. Teacher distributes the story to each pupil. 2. Teacher leads the reading session by dividing the pupils into groups and they will do a choral reading. Each group will read a different part of the stories. 3. Teacher pauses the reading after each group



Teaching aids: LCD / Projector Laptop Speaker

Activity 1 (10 minutes)

Speaking Generate ideas Multiple Intelligence: Interpersonal

Activity 2 (15 minutes)

Reading Speaking Vocabulary

Teaching Aids: Story texts

has finished reading their part by asking questions to stimulate simple discussion. 4. Teacher explains the meaning of the underlined words by the use of contexts and synonyms. Activity 3 (10 minutes) Post Reading 1. Each group of 4 will get a set of pictures which is a visual representation of the story they have just read. 2. Each group has to arrange the pictures chronologically and paste in on a manila card. They can refer to the text to check their answers. 3. Each group then has to present their arrangements with simple narration. Activity 4 (15 minutes) Evaluation 1. Each pupil will get a worksheet to test their overall understandings on the story they have read just now. 2. They may discuss with their friends who sit next to them and copying is strictly prohibited. 3. Hand in the worksheet Teaching Aids: Worksheets Recall Writing Reading Teaching Aids: Sets of pictures Manila cards Reading Speaking

after they have finished answering it. Closure (5 minutes) Reflection 1. Teacher shows a clip where the bullies are getting punished for their mean behaviours. 2. Teacher summarizes everything and discusses moral values of the day. Summarizing, Reflect. Preparation for The Real World Teaching Aids: LCD Speaker Laptop Speaking Listening