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Regarding to its size and number of students, our school is the largest secondary school of the town of Gyr.

There are about 1,700 students learning at our institution currently. We are entitled to train and organize examinations of nearly 50 professions. Our accredited adult training course intends to meet the current market demands flexibly. Our school has won twice the Reward of High Standard Vocational Training (in 2007 and 2008).








Secondary School

Mechanical Electronic- Electrical Mechanical Transporting

Vocational School Traditional Training

Mechanical profession group toolmaker

Vocational School Advanced training

Mechanical profession group

14th class 13th class

Motor-Car Technician

Car mechanic, car electronic mechanic, mechatronic mechanic, machine manufacturing technologist technician, building engineering technician

Two-level final examination Choosing a profession

12th class 11th class 10th class 9th class Mechanical profession group Electronic-, elektrical profession group Transporting profession group

Secondary School

11th class

Mechanical cutter, construction locksmith, machine fitter

Gas-consuming equipment and gas-distributing system repairman, central-heating and piping system repairman, water pipe and water plant repairman

10th class

Car manufacturer, welder, body ironer, vehicle polisher

Choosing a profession
9th class General training and education

Vocational School

CNC cutting workshop:

EMCO Mill and EMCO Turn training machines directed by Siemens 840D Deckel Macho milling centre Siemens

ShopMill 840D
Spinner VC 650 manufacturing centre Siemens 810D ShopMill Heidenhain direction training panels

Tool mechanic workshop

Mitsubishi Electric FA 10S-electric spark machine

Manual cutting workshops

Drilling machines, measuring plants

Measuring workshop:
Videoextensometer tensile test machine(20 kN) Universal hardness tester Mitutoyo LH 600B height tester

HNS - SPC software with more work stations by

digital measuring devices

Robot technics:
ABB 4400 industrial Robot ABB RobotStudio software with 6 work stations

Motor-car mechanic workshop:

46 pieces of AUDI produced motor for training purpose Guttmann board error code indicator CAN-BUS training wall Audi vehicles (TT, A3) Peugeot vehicles(307, 3 db 407, 607, 406, 1007)

Building mechanic workshop:

JUNKERS wall boiler
Atmospheric boiler
Condensation boiler Mixed firing boiler Gas firing boiler Oil firing boiler

Heat pump

Vehicle polishing workshop:

DEWA polishing cabin FESTO wall bracket (exhauster) STANDOX paint mixer

Car-Body Ironing Workshop:

CO2 welding machine Celette pulling bench Carspotter buckle pulling Welding machine (CO2 ,copper, aluminium)

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