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Kenneth M. Senados Humanities 1 B1 I am a Filipino Carlos P.

. Romulo I am a Filipino born of freedom and I shall not rest until freedom has been added into my inheritance for myself and my childrens children forever . This article that Carlos P. Romulo wrote speaks about all of us being Filipinos. He talks about the Philippine History in one article from the first coming of the Malays to the land of the pearl of the orient hoping to find a new home of peace and abundance, to the struggles of our fore fathers against the conquerors of this land, to Jose Rizals assassination in Bagumbayan, to the present struggles of the Filipinos at present. He also described what the Filipinos are today a mixture of the east and west culture and also talked about what we Filipinos have that we should also take good care and fight of. He also described the freedom that we all have that we must take good care because this freedom is a result of the many bloods that were shed by many Filipinos in the past. I have come to know Carlos P. Romulo because of this article of his. This is one great article that I will never forget about. It makes me remember that I am a Filipino and that I should be proud of it. It makes me remember my duties as a Filipino to the Philippines and also to the world. In times of terrorism and various efforts that oppressors are exerting to get a parcel of land, Carlos reminds us to fight for ourselves and to fight for the freedom against them. This article is one of those that must be read by every Filipinos today especially now that a part of our land is being taken away from us by Chinese in the belief that it is theirs. We must wake up and not just let these people take away what is ours. We must remember that in order to win this land, our forefathers shed their blood and tears and fought even if they dont have the enough arms and guns. Like them, we must take good care of the heritage that they

gave to us. What we are enjoying now is a result of what they struggled for in the past. We must take good care of this heritage so that many Filipinos can still enjoy it. I am one of those Filipinos who believe that we all should be united even with the MILF. There is never a sense with fighting with each other. We all are Filipinos. There is no sense in taking away from each other what is supposed to be all ours. The Mindanao is not for Muslims alone either not for Christians alone but for all of us Filipinos. We must not anymore think of what race we came from or what religion we have. We must be united. We must think that we are Filipinos and we must learn to love and respect each other. I am a Filipino. We are Filipinos. And we should be proud of it.