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Commonly asked question during interview? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Tell me about yourself. Why should I hire you? Why do you want to work in a call center? Where do you see yourself 3 years from now? What is Customer Service? What is the challenge you have overcome? What is your strength? Weakness? How do you get along with co-workers? What is your philosophy towards work? How long will you stay? What do you expect? What are your qualities that affect this job? What do you know about the company? How do you handle stress? What makes you work hard? Why did you choose your college degree? Why do you leave your last job

MY ANSWERS: 1. I am Remelyn Ronario, 29 years of age. I took up Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in Crop Protection. I worked as Account Specialist in an international pest control company; I also worked as an operator in Fujitsu Ten Corporation of the Philippines, and in Chowking Tagaytay as cashier and order taker. Right now, I am looking for a job where I can use my knowledge and skills then to develop and improve it. 2. You should hire me because Im a dedicated person. I am committed and passionate worker in giving exceptional service to customers. I perform well in all assignments and projects. 3. Partly because of good salary and incentives. I want to work in a call center because Call Center is a fast growing industry and has great opportunities to develop and improve my skills. 4. I see myself at a more responsible position where my company treats me as an asset. And I am hoping to grow in this company. 5. Customer Service for me means polite, professional, courteous friendly and helpful. 6. One challenge that I have encountered was during my last job as an account specialist. One of our clients called and asked me to inspect their house as soon as possible because of diplopods (singsing pari). I tell her that we did not control that kind of pest, so she screamed at me. Since I encountered that kind of pest before, I gave her information regarding the pest and suggested to control it physically. At the end of the day she thanked me and gave me additional service fee as a gift. 7. My strength and weakness is that I am a hard worker. I work really hard but play with zest. On the contrary, it is also my weakness because I work and work, that I have no time for leisure and to bond with my family. 8. I am a team player. I get along with people who are difficult for others to be with. I am committed to individual and relationships and value the security of others. 9. My philosophy is that in every action there is a corresponding reaction. Good work day equals good pay day. 10. I will stay as far as I see an opportunity for growth because I am looking for stability in workplace. 11. I believe that this company encourages fun learning environment and open culture. It also gives rewards to employees with a competitive salary and benefits. 12. I believe in hard work and honesty, which is important in this type of work. 13. Research about company profile, mission, vision!!!!!!! 14. I handle stress by listening to sappy music and watching DVDs. I also drink plenty of water and sleep 8 hours daily. 15. I work hard partly because of regular rewards and incentives I will get; and for my personal improvement as well as the company. 16. I choose my college degree not only because of the scholarship I gained but because of my interest in plants and animals. 17. I leave my last job because my contract was only 5 or 6 months.