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B Entertainment CONTRACT

Agreement made this ___ Day of September, 2013 between _______________, hereinafter referred to as Purchaser, and B Entertainment. The purchaser hereby engages B Entertainment, including any and all associates of said Company, as Event DJ/Entertainment. We, B Entertainment, agree to perform the engagement hereafter provided with all the terms and conditions herein set forth including those entitled additional Terms and conditions. 1. Purchaser hereby engages B Entertainment to provide DJ Service for the following event according to all terms specifically set forth in this contract. Place of the Event Address of Event Event Type Date of the Event Start Time of Event ___Tecumseh Dawt Mill _______ Room ____________________

___HC1 Box 1090, Tecumseh, MO, 65760 ___Wedding_________ ___October 5, 2013____________ ___________________________ Dress ___________________ __

Event End Time ________________

2. Purchaser hereby agrees to pay B Entertainment compensation for services consistent with the following: TOTAL DEPOSIT BALANCE $___550.00________ WAGE AGREED UPON ($50.00 is mileage fee) $___100.00 _______PAYABLE TO B ENTERTAINMENT $___450.00________PAYABLE TO B ENTERTAINMENT*

*B Entertainment can only take cash, cahiers check, money order or personal/business check for services rendered. I apologize, but we are unable to take credit cards at this time. ADDITIONAL TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. 2. 3. 4. The Agreement of B Entertainment to perform is subject to proven detention by sickness, accident, riots, epidemics, acts of god, or any legitimate condition beyond our control. This Contract constitutes a complete and binding agreement between B Entertainment and Purchaser. All Deposits are Non-Refundable unless B Entertainment cancels the engagement. The purchaser and B Entertainment agree that this contract is not subject to cancellation unless both parties have agreed to such cancellation in writing. In the event the Purchaser breaches the contract, he or she shall pay B Entertainment the amount set forth above as "Wage agreed upon. Purchaser and B Entertainment agree that Purchaser will supply for B Entertainment, in the case of an outdoor event, adequate shelter for equipment setup. B Entertainment is in no way responsible for inclement weather and hereby reserves the right, in good faith, of canceling or postponing performance if inclement weather poses a risk to its associates, equipment or audience, safety being of the highest priority.



Purchaser agrees to provide B Entertainment safe and adequate working conditions, supplying a safe power source free from interfering connections within 50 feet from a 6-foot by 6-foot area for equipment setup. B Entertainment is not responsible for equipment failure resulting from inadequate resources. In the event of circumstances at the event which pose a threat or implied threat to B Entertainment and its associates in the form of injury or harm to any employee or equipment under the care of B Entertainment, the DJ reserves the right to cease performance. If the Purchaser is able to eliminate the threat B Entertainment will resume performance per all stipulations of the original contract. B Entertainment will not be held responsible for cancellations or interruptions in performance which arose from actions from Purchaser or any event guest and must be paid in full per the original contract regardless of whether or not performance resumed. The Purchaser shall at all times have complete control, direction and supervision over performance at the engagement. A written event list/song list must be completed by Purchaser and received by B Entertainment no later than 2 weeks before the start date of the event. If this form is not received by the designated time, B Entertainment will not have adequate preparation time and will not be held responsible for unavailable selections requested at the event by Purchaser. Engagements within 50 miles from Springfield, Missouri, will not be assessed any extra charges for expenses. Engagements outside 50 miles will be assessed an agreed-upon mileage Engagements outside 100 miles from the Springfield area will be assessed agreed-upon fees for mileage and lodging at a local hotel/motel for an overnight stay at the destination.



9. fee.

By executing this contract, Purchaser, the person executing said contract, either individually or as personal representative or agent of the event party, represents and attests that he or she is at least eighteen (18) years of age, and further, if acting as representative or agent, that he or she has the authority to enter into this agreement and assumes full responsibility and liability under the terms of this contract. _________________________________________ CLIENT NAME X________________________________________ CLIENT SIGNATURE __________________________________________ Clients Address __________________________________________ City State Zip __________________________________________ Home Phone Alt. Phone __/s/ Lisa I. Bailey______________________ Signature Representing B Entertainment

Mail This form and Deposit to: 4533 S. Chrisman Ave., Springfield, MO 65804 Phone: (417) 861-3113