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This guide is for you if:

If you have trouble turning a conversation sexual, and taking it to the next level with the girls youre talking to If you come across as too nice safe or friendly and arent getting a sexual response out of the girls youre interacting with If you dont know to flirt in a way that keeps a girl interested and instead find that girls continually slip away before you can close the deal

So what are going to learn on this guide?

Youre going to learn how to make your conversations mental foreplay that turns her on and gets her thinking about sex with you. Youre going to learn a 3 Step Transition to the Close that I call Downshifting to Sex that will make it easy to get the kiss, so you dont wind up in the friend zone, or worse spend an hour talking to her, only to never hear from her again. Youre going to learn how to give off a sexual vibe so that women begin choosing you from the crowd, make themselves easy to talk to, and will give you noticeable encouragement to get sexual. And finally, Im going to show you how to take all this information and apply it in the real world to get MASSIVE results This is going to be stuff you can use, Literally, 15 minutes after you finish reading this guide, you can go out tonight, and immediately put into action what Im going to show you. Youre even going to notice that girls that used to view you in a platonic way, are going to start looking at you more, making excuses to talk to you, getting jealous when they see you with other girls, and youll probably notice them doing things like showing you their private tattoos, feeling your muscles, putting their hands undershirt, or bending over so that you can catch glimpses of their panties or cleavage. Dont say I didnt warn you.

The reason theyre doing this is because without them even knowing it, your new way of communicating will be stirring up sexual feelings in them. What youre going to discover is that when women start having these feelings, its like a switch goes off and she cant help herself.

Women Dont Make It Easy For You (yet)

Normally, women dont make it easy for you. She rarely gives you in any blatant feedback that she wants you to make a move, thats shes wants you to kiss her, or even if she likes you or she just thinks of you as a friendly guy to kill some time talking to And keeping her interested can be really hard. Its almost like the longer youre talking to her, the more you can see the chemistry just evaporating, and since shes not giving you feedback it feels impossible to suddenly start touching her, or getting her alone, or doing anything that lets her know youre attracted to her, and want to kiss her. In fact, even when I was out on a date with a girl I couldnt really enjoy it, because I had kiss anxiety the whole time wondering how I was going to transition into making my move. Now a little later in this reportIm going to give you my Chemistry Test, a simple move you can use to test whether or not there is any chemistry between the two of you (as simple as it is Ive found it to be shockingly accurate) Right now youre losing girls that you should have had because you dont know how to turn an interaction sexual, and when you blow it with a girl; you rarely get a second chance The 3 Step Downshifting to Sex System Im going to teach you in this report, is going to fix the problem of not knowing if or when you should make a move. As youre flirting with her (not talking, flirting there is a big difference)shes going to be actively doing things encouraging you to go for the close, and without even realizing what shes doing, she is going to make it easy for you/ The reason I decided to do this report is because by far, the sort of questions I get the most of have to do with this idea of transitioning from normal conversation and making it a flirtatious, sexual interaction. And guys always want to know: How do you turn a woman on from the beginning?

How do you get her to see you as potential sexual partner? How do you let a girl know that youre sexually interested in her? Once you sense shes attracted to you what do you do then? What if youre inexperienced or even a virgin and she starts asking you about your sex life? And Im going to answer all of these questions over this short guide.

Big Mistakes Youre Probably Making Keeping Her From Your Bedroom
There tends to be a few big mistakes that are pretty common I see guys constantly making with the women they are with. The first mistake is this idea of playing it cool. I think this stems from guys hearing advice like dont seem too interested or youve got to be cocky. Shy guys tend to fall into this trap a lot because they basically use playing it cool as an excuse to avoid putting themselves out there and making a move. I know, because I used to be very shy and girls very rarely had any idea that I liked them. This was good for my ego because I hardly ever got rejected. But horrible for my sex life because I hardly ever got laid. But there is an even bigger mistakes guys make. And that mistake is the idea that the longer you talk to a woman and the more she likes you the easier it will be to start flirting or getting sexual with her. Its actually the exact opposite. The longer youve talked to a woman, or known a woman without getting sexual, the more youre killing your chances of anything EVER happening. And in fact, there is actually an opposite correlation, in which, the more a woman likes you, the less likely she is to feel sexual attraction toward you.

The Biggest Reason Guys Wind Up in the Friend Zone

The biggest reason guys wind up in the friend zone is because they dont want to ruin the rapport they have with a woman. They sense the woman likes them, and they are afraid if they try anything that the shell think they are just another jerk trying to get her in pants. (Which you actually are) So youre much better off being honest about it from the beginning. Because the fact is, a woman decides extremely quickly if youre a potential lover, a potential boyfriend, a potential friend, or just an annoying guy she doesnt want to be talking to. And most guys present themselves as potential boyfriend. And they do things like: 1. Trying too hard to find things they have in common. 2. Focus on showing her that you have a good job, like to travel, and other boyfriend traits. 3. Taking her side when she bad mouthed players, and act like youre totally the opposite of those jerks. 4. Respecting her too much to make a move. 5. Listening to all her problems and trying to solve them for her... But there is a gigantic flaw in this. Why? Because it DOES NOT create attraction in a woman. None of the things I just listed create one ounce of sexual attraction. Even if it makes her think he would make a great boyfriend... You still lose. Because once a girl thinks THAT she begins displaying her good girlfriend qualities that are just as boring and un-sexual as your boyfriend qualities. Not only that, but you build up too much comfort with her, and drastically eliminate any urgency for sex. And, most likely wind up in the friend zone.

Ok. So can we all agree right now that its better to go sexual right from the beginning? Now that you know this, when are you going to start doing it? Now if youre thinking that its not your personality, its outside of your comfort zone, feels unnatural to you, dont worry. The 3 step system Im going to be going over makes it super simple.

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression

If one Im about to go over seem foreign to you, or you find it a little hard to believe, dont worry about. Its not your fault that youre struggling with this. Movies, television, 90% of the relationship books out there, and most of your friends youre unconsciously modeling and getting advice from; they all have it wrong. And if youre not careful, it is really easy to mess this up. There is a saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is completely true in the world of dating and relationships. A few years back, before I really figured this out, I was working with this girl Candice. She had that total girl next store cuteness to her. The kind of girl everyone in the place had a crush on. Well, we clicked almost instantly. And we had that sort of vibe going on. You know that important you and me vibe. Same sense of humor. Everything just gelled. At work, wed both try to play it cool, but soon enough wed be standing together talking. When we werent talking I would catch her looking at me. And was pretty confident she liked me. This was right around Christmas time and I knew our job was having a Christmas Party in a few weeks, so I figured I would make my move then. I figured she obvious liked me, so it was in the bag. Well, as expected the entire Christmas Party we hung together talking. Then a bunch of us went out to a bar afterwards, and me and Candice once again gravitated towards each other. And I kept telling myself Ill make my move a little later in the night when were a little drunker, when were alone, when it seems more appropriate. So after the bar closes, I invite some people back to my apartment for an after party and Candice and two of my guy friends come. And were all hanging out and having a good time. Finally my two guy friends sense that they should probably leave me alone with

Candice. So they leave. And now, its me and Candice, completely alone in my apartment, and were talking and laughing, and remembering funny stories that happened throughout the night. And the entire time in my mind Im thinking how can I just change the subject or get her to stop talking long enough to kiss her. I was sitting on the couch just wanting to touch her, letting my hand rub up against hers, but all the while, I just couldnt steer the conversation away from talking about our co-workers and getting it focused on the two of us. And soon 2am turned into 3am turned into 4am. Until finally she said she Well, I should be leaving. Well, the next time I hung out with Candice it was more of the same thing, talking, laughing, and really strong rapport. Yet, every time we hung out it ended with me talking myself into believing next time I would make my move. Things went on like for close for a few months until I couldnt take it any longer and sent her a text message saying I think Im attracted to you. The next day I got the Lets just be friends speech. And the reason I tell you this story is because, at that point in my life I had a couple of girlfriends, and I was good enough at flirting that people assumed I was good with women, but I held this deep dark secret; I COULD NOT CLOSE THE DEAL. A few years later after figuring all of this out, a bunch of my friends went on a ski trip together and Candice came.I used the 3 step system Im going to be going over, and we spent the whole weekend hooking up. But by then it was just too late for anything to really come of it. But it just sort of reinforced how all those years back,she didnt put me in the friend zone. I put myself in the friend zone by the way I acted. I want you to think back about a girl where you wound up in the friend zone; did she really put you there? Or did you put yourself there by the way you acted? Dont beat yourself about it; you didnt know any better back then. And what Im about to teach you will prevent this from happening to you again.

Crafting a Sexualized Persona

So what Im going to show you is how to make sure you begin building sexual tension right from the beginning of the conversation. And more importantly, how to take that sexual tension and transition it into closing the deal and getting her back

to your bedroom so that you dont make the same mistake I made. This is also going to help you avoid awkward silences and running out of things to say, as its going to give you a clear blueprint for moving forward to make sure that youre able to close the deal and set up to dates. And make sure that the girls show up, and that the date ends with you hooking up with her, and not with a hug or a handshake. And the reason youre going to notice all these girls sort of changing their opinion on you is because of the first thing Im about to teach you right now. This is the idea of creating a Sexualized Persona. The major idea you want to really keep in your mind is that women want to have sex, but they dont want the responsibility for making it happen. So women seek out guys they believe can make it happen. I repeat: Women seek out guys they believe can make it happen. This is why the same guys continue to get laid over and over and again. This is why that guy you cant figure out he gets chicks continues to have sex week after week, and will probably continue stealing all the girls you want, unless you figure this out. Women need to believe that youre capable of closing the deal, and not letting things get awkward along the way. This means not putting any of the responsibilityon her. It means showing her that youre comfortable with sex, and youre not all of the sudden going to get weird about it. Women pick up on all these things within a few minutes of talking to you. So you want to ask yourself is right now; am I that guy? Or are their changes I need to make? The good news is that these changes arent nearly as hard as you think.

The Sexy Handshake

Heres a tip you can use to quickly show a woman that youre the kind of kind who is capable of making it happen. The next time youre introduced to a girl and you shake her hand, hold it for a few seconds longer than normal. Let her be the first to pull away. With that one move, your subtly sending the signal to a woman that you can make it happen. Try it tonight. Your first reaction is to feel a little uncomfortable doing, but trust me it will

send a very specific message to the woman. Over the past 7 years I made it my mission to figure this out. That incident with Candice brought me to a boiling point where I just couldnt take it anymore. I spent thousands of dollars going out almost every night with some of the best pickup artists in the world. I attended workshops and seminars, read hundreds of books on dating, sex, and phycology. And then I tested everything I was learning on girls I was meeting off of online dating sites, through my social circle, at bars and clubs, and my personal favorite, young professional networking events. And it was through years of trial and error, keeping what worked, eliminated what didnt that I was able to condense it down to this simple 3 step system.

3 Steps to Sex System

I know you guys want to get into it. So lets talk about the system. This system that Im about show you will reveal: -A simple trick to for taking a normal, platonic conversation and bring it to a sexual level, in a natural, discreet way. - How to verbalize your desire for her, without seeming creepy, try hard, or losing any value or giving away your power. Im even going to give you one of my favorite moves for doing all of this without saying a word; I call it the Toying Gaze. - Youre also going to learn Specific techniques for bringing out a womans wild side. The reason I put together a 3 step system is because if you dont have a blueprint, its easy to get swept away in the confusion of a conversation, and the next thing you know the two of you are smack in the middle of a boring, sexless conversation about your jobs or politics, and you have no idea how to get back on track.

Downshifting to Sex
I call this system Downshifting to Sex because what I noticed is that you there are actually different gears you can be in with a woman. And its very similar to being in different gears when driving a car. If youve ever driven stick shift you know that you cant jump from 1st to the 4th gear without going through 2nd and 3rd; youll stall out, because you never created

the necessary RPMs to sustain that kind of gear change. Well its the same thing when youre dealing with women. And where most guys mess up is that they spend an entire night with her in the first gear (Which is the realm of nice guy) and then the end of the night comes and suddenly they want to jump into the fast lane, but realize its now impossible to change gears;its too much too late. What this system does is it makes each transition smooth. So that you dont mess up all the progress you already made. This is the single biggest reason guys cant get out of the friend zone with a girl. They talk all friendly with a girl for months or even years, and when they cant take it anymore they confess their feelings expecting the girl to feel the same way. And as I learned with Candice; that just doesnt work. And it all starts with :

Step 1: The Rated R Switch

If youre losing girls chances are its because she doesnt feel a sexual connection to you, she doesnt feel sexual around you, and shes looking for a guy who brings this side out of her, who gets her aroused and makes her horny. The Rated R Switch. This is how you let her know its okay to let a little of her wild side out. Unleashing this wild side is the first step to closing the deal, and getting her back to your bedroom. You need to take the conversation to a Rated R territory. You need to be having the sort of conversation that a parent wouldnt feel comfortable if their child was listening. There is just something more edgy, real, and exciting about Rated Yet, most of us turn into the poster boy for rated PG once we get around a woman. Its like were afraid of saying anything that might remotely offend her, or worse, let

her know were actually a guy who likes sex. So instead we talk about safe, neutral, and PG topics. Have you sat through a PG movie lately? They are boring and predictable, and not the least bit sexual. So the first mental reframe you need to make is to stop worrying that you might say something that will offend a girl. Heres a secret Girls LOVE locker room talk. They love the dirt, gossip, and honesty of locker room talk. Back in college my girlfriend at the time was in a sorority. I used to hang out and sleep over a lot at the sorority house she lived in with eleven other girls. And since I was there so often they sort of let their guard down around me and forgot that I was there. And as I would sit listening to them you know what I heard?Locker room talk. It was the same EXACT kind of conversation I was having with my friends back at the frat house. Gossip about who was hooking up with who, which guys they thought would be good in bed, which guys are creepy and stalkerish, and expressing their frustrations over guys that were too much of a pussy to make a move. So how do you bring the conversation to locker room talk or Rated R? I actually have a handful of techniques to do this and different guys feel a different level of comfort with each of them. But heres an easy one to get started with: Make an R-Rated observation about something going on around you. So heres an example. Say youre at a bar, and there is an older couple sitting close by, a man and woman. You could say something like That couple over there just gives off a swingers vibe. Like I can totally picture them at one of those swanky 70s parties where all the couple put their keys in a fish bowl and swap out husbands and wives based on what key you pull at the end of the night. So you get that vibe from them or is it just me? See, what you did, was you jokingly used your situation as a way to introduce a sexualized topic like swinging in an innocent way. You just officially shifted out of first gear and into second.

Now what I like to dois then quickly throw a little fishing line to test the water, and say something like, Now that I think about it you kind of give off that swanky swinger vibe too. And then Ill laugh and quickly change the subject and see if she attempts to bring it back up. If she does, maybe Ill begin to tease her a bit about being a swinger, or get into how its always the seemingly innocent ones that wind up being the kinkiest. And imply that I think she has a kinky side. If she doesnt bite Ill wait a few minutes, and then downshift again using one of my other techniques. Every girl Ive ever dated, even the shy innocent ones, when you let them open up a little bit, guess what they love talking about; locker room talk. Not only do girls love talking about it, but when you take the conversation to rated R, you immediately distinguish and differentiate yourself from the hundreds of other guys who spend the entire time talking to her in safe mode. And she finds it refreshing to talk to you, and will want to keep talking to you. You show her that youre comfortable with sex, which helps her view you as the kind of guy who can make it happen without things getting weird or awkward. And most importantly; you set up an atmosphere where a seduction can take place, where she starts thinking about sex, and you can get the kiss and get her back to your place. So how else do you turn the conversation to Rated R? Rated R is about the subject matter and the way you flirt with them. And it can be something as simple as changing your vocabulary and the words you use. Shes not being bad; shes being naughty Youre not gonna hit her; youre gonna spank her If shes teasing you, dont make me take the belt off. Its not a basement its a dungeon. Even certain words, and the way you describe things can flip the Rated R switch. This is particularly effective when teasing her or making observations about her. She has Lusty eyes. She looks Hot and bothered. Here are some other words with sexual undertones: Urges Thongs

G strings Stilettos Panties Fetish Vibrator (not Dildo, thats x-rated) Swingers Gag reflex KY Wet Sloppy seconds Cougar Whips and chains Kinky Spooning Cyber sex These are all rated R words. Its these sorts of words with sexual connotations you want to use in this stage. Youre not using any of the X rated words. Those are for later. And the fun thing to do is since most of these words are double Rated R, is about the subject matter and the way you flirt with them Its these sorts of words with sexual connotations you want to use in this stage Youre not using any of the X rated words This is the sort of conversation you want to establish in first gear. Now this doesnt mean you dwell on these things the entire time like a horny 13 year old. You just establish that these are the rules of the conversation, and that its ok to go there, so that later when you begin to escalate the flirtation it wont come as surprise. Once you have taken the conversation to Rated R you must move on to the next step.

Step 2: Express your Sexual Aim

A little earlier I told you a story about my co-worker Candice, who even though we had an amazing connection I still couldnt transition to a kiss, and I wound up in the friend zone. You see that first night that I hung out with her; I skipped a very crucial step. I never expressed my sexual aim. Back then I had just begun studying pickup and I was obsessed with not being the nice guy who buys her drinks, who is complimenting her, or being too agreeable. And as I began to see the reaction I was getting from girls like Candice change towards a more positive vibe, I began to think the secret to attracting women was to appear completely disinterested in her sexually. But I noticed a few things about the way women were beginning to act towards me: 1. Although women no longer viewed me as a nice guy who they could control and manipulate, they still werent sexually attracted to me. 2. Most women were NOT as confident as I initially thought. Instead of being drawn to the total challenge I presented myself as, they just gave up and moved on. 3. Hiding the fact that I was sexually attracted to a woman often just made her view me as asexual or worse, a closeted gay.

And thats what happened with Candice. Midway through the night, as we continued to laugh and joke together, she had probably already begun suspecting that I was not the kind of guy who could make it happen. Sure, I was a fun guy she loved hanging out and talking to, but probably just assumed that Im not that sexual of a guy. I used to struggle with this for a long time. It seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldnt find that right balance between nice guy and asexual guy. Then one day I was hanging out with my friend Steve Weed, a guy who was a natural with women. Up until recently, I was dumbfounded as to how he got chicks when he

displayed obvious nice guy tendencies like complimenting women and telegraphing interest. But since I was in a bit of a dry spell recently with women, instead of critiquing his nice guy behavior, I decided to really pay attention and try to see if I could figure out why it was working for him. As it turned out, while one minute I was watching Steve shamefully admit to a woman that she was turning him on, the next minute Steve was flirting with one of her friends and all but ignoring her. This seemed to have the womans attention glued on Steve. As I continued to watch Steve I noticed how he would verbally express strong desire towards the woman, but at the same time gave off an impression that if she walked away his night would not be the slightest bit ruined. In fact, hed probably have another girl within minutes. At one point, Steve actually began telling the girl what he was going to do to her later in the bedroom. Yet, a few seconds after saying this to her he turned to me and asked me if I wanted to play a game of billiards with him. As we shot pool, the woman basically sat in the corner and stared at him the entire time. As I started to put the pieces of the puzzle together I realized that its NOT about completely hiding your desire and pretending to be indifferent to her. Its about expressing your desire for her, but really being indifferent towards the outcome. What I mean by this is that the woman Steve was flirting with that night in the bar knew that he found her sexually attractive, but she also got the impression that Steve was so used to be getting with women he found sexually attractive, that if she disappeared he would hardly notice she was gone. In the past I had always been so focused on expressing disinterest that I completely failed to get her interested in me in the first place. There could be no chase if the woman isnt chasing you. You are not a challenge if the woman isnt intent on getting you. In fact, it is your initial interest that makes a woman notice you. But its how YOU RESPOND when she reciprocates that interest that either ignites the chase or makes her think: I guess I was wrong about him and he is hungry for my approval.

The Off Hand Sexual Compliment

I have a simple exercise that Id like you to try next time youre out: As youre talking to a woman and starting to sense some sort of flirtation or connection taking place, use a strong statement of desire for her. An easy way to do this is after she says something funny, you can look at her and say, Now Im really intrigued. Youre funny and incredibly sexy. You dont find that too often. After you say this to the woman, go back to acting normal. Almost as if you never

said it. In fact, if her friends are around begin chatting and flirting a bit with them. Dont ignore her completely, but just enough to ignite the chase. What youre going to find is that by putting that statement of desire out there, it greatly increases the amount of natural tension between you. And tension is known to amplify attraction. And thats why expressing your sexual aim is so important. Youre letting her know that you intend to make it happen, and that youre not going to be satisfied with a hug or a handshake, and youre certainly not looking to be just be friends.And youre preparing her that youre going to make your move so that it doesnt come as a shock later on. One of the added benefits is that when women see you as the kind of guy who can make it happen, they begin to do things that make it easier for you. Its like once its out in the open, then she doesnt have to play Miss Prude later, and you dont have that trouble getting the kiss and closing the deal. Now it is important that you express your sexual aim after youve created some attraction. And youve got to make sure you do it before you build too much rapport, or get stuck in a conversation that doesnt allow it. If you walk up to a woman and start the conversation by telling her that she has an amazing ass; you probably wont get very far because you havent created any attraction yet.

The Toying Gaze

But, if youve been talking to a woman for a bit, and sense some attraction, as shes talking, you sort of lean back, and casually as your listening to her, check out her ass, do it in a slightly exaggerated way, letting her notice what youre doing. I call it the Toying Gaze because youre basically letting a woman catch you checking her out. But at the same time, your intently listening to everything she is saying. Women find it really playful, and at the same time, the message is sent; I find you sexually attractive. Thats expressing sexual intent.

The Chemistry Test

Now, earlier I promised to give you a chemistry test to judge a womans attraction to you. Something very simple that I like to do is that as Im talking to a girl, I wait for her to say something I agree with, and then I gently give her a high five. When our hands touch, I let my hand linger, and I see how she reacts. If there is chemistry she will almost always let her hand linger there for a second too. If she pulls her hand back right away, it means you probably havent created enough attraction. Next time youre talking to a girl I want you to try it. Its simple and discreet, and at the same times, tells you so much. So for now, just remember, that if you want to take the conversation to a sexual level so that you can avoid the friend zone and get physical with her, you must express your sexual aim. A few months after the incident with Candice I was introduced to a girl named Valerie. Our date began innocently enough getting to know each other over drinks, but less than three hours later, we were in the basement of her house, and she was completely naked spread out on top of her pool table, inviting me to join her. How did it happen so quickly? That brings us to the next step.

Step 3: Escalate the Flirtation

This really is the meat and potatoes of the system. My experience with Valerie was not out of the ordinary. When you begin using this stuff youre going to find: Seemingly innocent girls will start telling you what they like in bed, shell be making sexual jokes, and shellask you what youre doing later. Shes going to go out of way encouraging you to go for the close. Youre not going to be left wondering what shes thinking, or whether or not you should go for it.

She is going to make it impossible for you not to close the deal, and get her back to your bedroom. She will beg you to bang her. Lets go back to the idea of changing gears. Earlier I talked about how if you try to change gears too quickly you will stall out. Well, if youve driven a stick shift car, you know there is an even more dangerous problem; staying in the same gear too long. Just like you can ruin a cars transmission if you continue driving in first gear the whole time, if the attraction revs up too high in one gear and you dont shift you can blow it up. This is why you probably noticed at time a girl seemed really into you, and then her interest quickly faded. Maybe it was a girl at a bar who you were really vibing with, butthen she just sort of went back to her friends and forgot about you. Or worse, maybe it was a girl you went on a date with, thought things were going well, and then she starts becoming unavailable to hang out, until finally she just stops answering your calls at all. You need to be continually taking the interaction to the next level, never letting it plateau. And how do you do this?

Sexualized Flirting
With a new way of communicating with women I call Sexualized Flirting. And the word seuxalized is very important. Because what I learned over the years is that without adding a strong dose of sexuality to your flirting- you can actually get caught in the trap of becoming that flirty guy that girls dont take seriously. It will be like they laugh, but in the back of their mind youre still just a safe, nice guy they could never imagine sleeping with. So there are some big differences with sexualized flirting. And with this specific type of flirting you begin to: Introduce sexual themes into the conversation You use stories as a way to innocently transition to talking about sex, and getting her thinking about sex

You use playful games to get her opening up her desires and her fantasies, and you get her feeling comfortable experiencing these emotions around you You tease her in a specific sort of way that has sexual undercurrents, and even though she knows youre only teasing her, there is an element of danger and excitement to the conversation that unconsciously begins to turn her on. You are very aware of sexual tension, and you are able to control it and manipulate it, leading to quicker intimacy Even if youre goal isnt to try to sleep with a woman the first night, this type of flirting ensures that you get the kiss, and that you position yourself in her mind as a guy she is going to sleep with, and not a guy that she wants to be friends with. Here is an example of a conversation shifting gears: (The both of you have been lightly flirting and everything is being said playfully) You: I cant believe you like Lady Gaga. Shes so weird. Her: Shut up. Youre probably a closet Lady Gaga fan. I can imagine you sitting home alone,with your Ipod, listening to Lady Gaga singing out loud. hahaha You: You better watch out or youre going to get spanked little girl. Her: Oh, did I embarrass youhaha? You: We are totally having a pillow fight later And Im not gonna go light on you just because youre a girl. Her: Ill totally beat you in a pillow fight.

You: Im like the world champion of pillow fighting. I have to warn you Im also known to be merciless at tickle wars. So if you start to get naughty youll feel my wrath. Ok. Did you notice how I shifted gears into a more sexual frame? The conversation started with Lady Gaga, but by the end of it we were talking about rolling around her bed tickling each other and acting naughty. (Something friends dont do) So that would be like shifting from second to third gear. Now let me give you an example of how you can shift from third gear into fourth gear. Remember, you need to keep shifting gears, because if the attraction revs up too high in one gear and you dont shift gears you can blow it up. Her: Dont even think about it. I hate being tickled. You: (holding out your pinky) I pinky swear that unless youre acting really really naughty, I promise not to tickle you (As soon as you let go off her pinky tickle her) Her: (smiling and laughing) I hate you. That was so mean. You: You know what? I didnt notice it before but youve got a really sexy smile. Ok, did you see how you once again shifted gears? You went from joking around about tickling to actually getting a little physical and first getting her hand in yours for a pinky swear and then tickling her. But more importantly, at the end you said Youve got a really sexy smile. What is so important about that last line is that it leaves no room for misinterpretations. It just totally lets her know that the two of you have just been

flirting, and that you find her sexually attractive. And you prevented any possible friend zone type objections that could come up later on. And here is a secret for you; women WANT YOU to find them sexually attracted. Ive dated and slept with quite a few girls, and you know what compliment turned them on more than anything? Which one they would repeat back to me, telling me how much it turned them on? Which comment in bed they would BEG me to say again? It wasnt Youre so beautiful. It wasnt I love your eyes. It was Your So Fucking Sexy A beautiful girl knows shes beautiful. But she doesnt know if shes sexy. And when you can make a girl feel sexy, you really unleash a wild side of her. I had a co-worker, in the middle of a shift, take my hand, and put it down her panties so I could feel how wet she was. This was a girl I hadnt even kissed yet. I had another girl, in the middle of a party, follow me into the bathroom and let me shave her pubic hair off because I told her thats how I liked it. After spending a day sending this chick dirty email back and forth she showed up at my house with a long trench coach on, and nothing underneath, and told me I had to be quick because her boyfriend was at home waiting for her. There is no limit to what women will do when youre able to unleash this side of them. Do you now agree its better to go sexual right from the beginning? I hope youre nodding your head yes, cause if not, youre playing a dangerous game with the friend zone. Can we agree that you must express your sexual aim to a girl? And I think you will agree that it is crucial that you get that first kiss quickly? My

first night out with Candice I didnt get the kiss, and it took me almost four years later to finally shake the friend vibe and get it. The first step to getting that kiss is taking the conversation to rated R level. If you paid attention than I think you see how by using the right words, topics, stories, it is actually pretty easy to take the conversation sexual. And if youre not already using this stuff, youre missing out big time, and probably losing girls interest to guys who are. You should also be convinced that you need to be constantly shifting gears with women and using sexualized flirting to keep the sexual tension alive. Like I said earlier if there ever was a girl you went on a date with, thought things were going well, and then she starts becoming unavailable to hang out and she stops answering your calls you didnt do a good job of keeping the sexual tension alive. Because the fact is, once you get a woman thinking about having sex with you, and get her imaging it.and letting that tension linger, Its gonna happen. Valerie spread herself out on a pool table, with her parents sleeping in the other room like 20 feet away. My friend Jake, who I learned a lot of this from, hes got an IPhone full of pictures of naked girls. These are just ordinary girls that he meets out, or works with, but he does such a good job of setting himself up as a sexual guy that these girls are sending him naked pictures of themselves and telling him how they cant wait to see him. And luckily I spent enough time watching him that I was able to drill down on what he was doing

8 Point Seduction Guide

Here is the thing; if youve got a woman attracted to you (which I assume you do) but then you dont move it forward toward a seduction, she will lose interest in you sexually quick. Once youve got that attraction formed, you must bring it to a seductive level. I just gave you the three steps towards taking it to the seductive level. Now lets talk about exactly how to close the deal with her. And here is how to do it.

1. Slow Down: Once you sense that you have a good vibe you need to slow everything down. Speak slower, make slower movements, just take a breath and slow the back and forth banter down a bit. 2. Allow Tension to Build: What youre doing is you are allowing some sexual tension to build up. Whenever a man and woman are close by each other and silence occurs- some tension develops. Most of us, are always trying to diffuse that tension with more jokes, more flirting, or more stories. You need to learn to enjoy the tension and use it to your benefit. 3. Lingering Hi Five: One way I personally do this is after a woman says something that I like; I put my hand up to give her a high five. When she slaps my hand high five, I sort of grip her hand a bit, and let our hands linger together. This will amplify the sexual tension. 4. Create Physical Connection: Next you need to create some sort of physical connection. Once again, the best way to do this is through your hands. Take her by the hand and lead her somewhere. 5. Get closer to her. Allow the sexual tension to build up by getting closer to her, whether its by sitting closer to her, standing closer to her, or leaning in closer as you talk. 6. Be neutral through all of this. Drop the jokes, the flirting, and sort of become a little more vague. Look her in the eyes. Exude your sexual power. Let her know that you know full well that youre the more dominant sexual creature.

7. Kiss her. 8. Progress towards sex. NEVER make up her mind for her. NEVER assume she doesnt want sex or further intimacy. Always respect her if she tells you no. But always keep trying until you get the no. Ok, here is the thing. You are responsible for creating that sexual desire in her. AND YES, it can be created. Everything I just suggested up there- triggers sexual attraction. This is why, maybe at some point youve become sexually attracted to a girl you didnt really like or find physically attractive. Its because the two of you moved unknowingly into seduction mode. Remember, attraction isnt a choice. If you do what I suggested above (assuming that you are doing a good job of being flirtatious then the woman wont be able to help but feel sexually attracted to you.Moving Forward What youre going to find a few months after learning this is that youre going to feel really relaxed talking to women and any anxiety you used to feel to approach them is going to be gone, because the anxiety really comes from fear of not knowing what to do or how to keep her from getting bored. That wont be a problem anymore, so youre going to be naturally opening more women and feel in total control, in fact, youll probably be the one turning girls down. You will also notice that some girls who used to blow you off or flake on you suddenly begin making themselves available, messaging you on Facebook, or even sending you random texts. ***

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