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________ Centre _________ Dear Sir/Madam, We are doing a brief survey to find out more about consumer preferences regarding soft drink concentrate. We would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to participate in it. Thank you for your cooperation.


Do you use soft drink concentrate to make your own soft drinks at home? Yes No


Do you use liquid or powdered concentrate? (Tick only one) Liquid Powder Both


Which type of concentrate do you prefer out of the following? Concentrate with sugar added Concentrate without sugar added


What are the occasions when you use soft drink concentrate to make soft drinks? (Tick only one) Regularly, all round Regularly, only in summer Occasionally, all year round Occasionally, only in summer


Do you serve it to guests? Yes No Depends on the guest


Which brand do you use? Rasna Brand X Brand Y

Any other (please specify) 7. Please rate the brand you use on the following attributes, on a scale of 1 to 7 (7=Very Good, 1= Very Poor). Availability 1 Taste Convenience Price 8. 2 3 4 5 6 7

Any other comments on the brand you use? ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ After Q. 8, G To Demographics Q. 11.

Non-Users 9. Do you consume any of the following regularly? (You may tick more than one) Yes Fruit Juice Squash Bottled soft drinks Tea Coffee Nimbu pani Buttermilk 10. What are the reasons for not using soft drink concentrate? (You may tick more than one) No

Does not taste good Expensive Chemical additives Does not contain natural fruit juice Not available easily No nutritional value Any other (plea sespecify)________________ __________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Demographics Please let us know a little more about yourself. 11. Your age group Less than 25 26-40 41-50 Over 50 12. Your monthly household income Less than 5000 rupees/month 5001 to 10,000 rupees/month Over 15,000 rupees/month 13. Address _______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

As a practice exercise, you can critically examine the questionnaire above to suggest improvements in any of the questions or the scales or the choices given in the multiple choice questions. Use as a guideline the principles of questionnaire design we have discussed, the information needs given, and the kind of audience who will respond to the questionnaire. In fact, we should define the target audience/respondents before we develop the questionnaire.