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Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.According to Turban et al. (2002), Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation." Its importance varies by products, industry and customer; defective or broken merchandise can be exchanged, often only with a receipt and within a specified time frame. Retail stores often have a desk or counter devoted to dealing with returns, exchanges and complaints, or will perform related functions at the point of sale; the perceived success of such interactions being dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest,according to Micah Solomon quoted in Inc. Magazine. From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. A customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer has of the organization. Some have argued that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and/or a customer service policy. To address this argument, many organizations have employed a variety of methods to improve their customer satisfaction levels. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. According to Turban et al. (2002of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation." Its importance varies by products, industry and customer; defective or broken merchandise can be exchanged, often only with a receipt and within a specified time frame. Retail stores often have a desk or counter devoted to dealing with returns, exchanges and complaints, or will perform related functions at the point of sale; the perceived success of such interactions being dependent on employees "who can adjust themselves to the personality of the guest,according to Micah Solomon quoted in Inc. Magazine. From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement. A customer service experience can change the entire perception a customer has of the organization.

Some have argued that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and/or a customer service policy. To address this argument, many organizations have employed a variety of methods to improve their customer satisfaction levels.

Customer service
Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product. It includes assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, maintenance, upgrading, and disposal of a product. Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support. Automated customer service Customer service may be provided by a person (e.g., sales and service representative), or by automated means. Examples of automated means are Internet sites. An advantage with automated means is an increased ability to provide service 24-hours a day, which can, at least, be a complement to customer service by persons. Another example of automated customer service is by touch-tone phone, which usually involves a main menu, and the use of the keypad as options (i.e. "Press 1 for English, Press 2 for Spanish", etc.) However, in the Internet era, a challenge has been to maintain and/or enhance the personal experience while making use of the efficiencies of online commerce. Writing in Fast Company, entrepreneur and customer systems innovator Micah Solomon has made the point that "Online customers are literally invisible to you (and you to them), so it's easy to shortchange them emotionally. But this lack of visual and tactile presence makes it even more crucial to create a sense of personal, human-to-human connection in the online arena. Automated means can be based entirely on self service, but may also be based on service by more or less means of artificial intelligence. An automated online assistantwith avatar providing automated customer service on a web page. Examples of customer service by artificial means are automated online assistants that can be seen as avatars on websites. It can avail for enterprises to reduce their operating and training cost.[6] These are driven by chatterbots, and a major underlying technology to such systems is natural language processing] Instant feedback Recently, many organizations have implemented feedback loops that allow them to capture feedback at the point of experience. For example, National Express, one of the UK's leading travel companies invites passengers to send text messages whilst riding the bus. This has been shown to be useful as it allows companies to improve their customer service before the customer defects, thus making it far more likely that the customer will return next time.] Technology has made it increasingly easier for companies to obtain feedback from customers. Community

blogs and forums give customers to give detailed explanations of both negative and positive experiences with an organization. A challenge working with customer service is to ensure that you have focused your attention on the right key areas, measured by the right Key Performance Indicator. There is no challenge to come up with a lot of meaningful KPIs, but the challenge is to select a few which reflects your overall strategy. In addition to reflecting your strategy it should also enable staff to limit their focus to the areas that really matter. The focus must be of those KPIs, which will deliver the most value to the overall objective, e.g. cost saving, service improving etc. It must also be done in such a way that staff sincerely believe that they can make a difference with the effort. One of the most important aspects of a customer service KPI is that of what is often referred to as the "Feel Good Factor." Basically the goal is to not only help the customer have a good experience, but to offer them an experience that exceeds their expectations. Several key points are listed as follows: 1. Know your product Know what products/service you are offering back to front. In other words be an information expert. It is okay to say "I don't know," but it should always be followed up by "but let me find out" or possibly "but my friend knows!" Whatever the situation may be, make sure that you don't leave your customer with an unanswered question. 2. Body Language/Communication Most of the communication that we relay to others is done through body language. If we have a negative body language when we interact with others it can show our lack of care. Two of the most important parts of positive body language are smiling and eye contact. Make sure to look your customers in the eye. It shows that we are listening to them, not at them. And then of course smiling is just more inviting than someone who has a blank look on their face. 3. Anticipate Guest Needs Nothing surprises your customer more than an employee going the extra mile to help them. Always look for ways to serve your customer more than they expect. In doing so it helps them to know that you care and it will leave them with the "Feel Good Factor" that we are searching for.

There are few standards on this topic. ISO and The International Customer Service Institute (TICSI) have published the following ones: ISO 9004:2000, on performance improvement ISO 10001:2007, on customer service conduct ISO 10002:2004, on quality management in handling customer complaints

A customer service definition from theCustomer's point of view

Many attempts have been made to define customer service. But as I see it, most definitions take the organization as the central focus point. But first and foremost, customer service should be about customers! So here's my definition, from the customer's point of view.

I often see customer service definitions that look something like this: "Customer Service is a function of how well an organization meets the needs of its customers." Well, this definition is OK, I guess, if you substitute MEETS with EXCEEDS, because just meeting the needs of your customers doesn't hack it anymore these days. You'll have to do better than that! Also, there is no quality statement in this definition. It essentially allows the quality of service to vary from customer to customer.

Customer Service Basics

Is a part of every purchase and interaction with internal and external contacts. It can last a few seconds up to hours. So if we all do it and experience it everyday in almost everything we do, why isnt good customer service the norm? We all have stories about when we were treated exceptionally well or extremely poorly. We tend to share these extraordinary stories with others. We all know that word of mouth marketing can be the absolute be Servicing a customer st advantage, or the worst drawback for a company. Warren Buffett said it best: It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, youll do things differently.

A few basic rules about customer service:

Honesty is the Best Policy. Integrity Be honest and own up to your mistakes. Communicate what you plan to do to change or prevent the same mistake from happening again. Dont be

fooled into believing that a regular mea culpa will get you off the hook. At some point the plan to fix th problem must take effect! 1.Break Glass in Case Of Response Time The best tact is to quickly get on the phone with the customer to explain your companys emistake. Dont rely on email for this communication if it can be done quickly one on one. If you are communicating to a large customer base then email is certainly the fastest and most effective way to quickly notify your customers that you are aware of the problem. Frequent updates is there is a protracted issue and a brief overview of how you will prevent it from happening in the future will give your customers confidence that you are aware of the customer impact. 2.Keeping it Real. Set a Realistic Expectation Customers who have been promised something that isnt delivered as promised are far more frustrated and disappointed than if they are notified at the outset they wont have it sooner than later. In other words, under promise and over deliver is the best policy. This may take some arm wrestling with other departments who want to take a feature or product to market before it is ready. Set the expectations correctly internally as to what the fallout may be so everyone understands the impact to customer satisfaction and ultimately customer retention. 3.R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Everyone in your company should love your customers. Without them, you have no company. This doesnt mean you wont have difficult customers who will push the limits and try everyones patience. But if you dont have a company philosophy to respect and appreciate your customers, the opposite tone will infect customer interactions from all departments. All departments, customer facing or not, should care about customer satisfaction. From Gandhi, We must become the change we want to see in the world.

Top Five Customer Service Metrics

First question you should ask yourselfHow do you measure customer satisfaction? If you are measuring by the # of complaints you are or are not receiving, you are in trouble. Not everybody bothers to take the time to tell you about his/her horrible experience. If you are asking your customers if they are satisfied, you are telling them that their satisfaction matters. There are many different ways to ask: post-purchase and post-support surveys, enclosures in the monthly invoice, follow-up phone calls and quarterly or annual surveys. The right method depends on your business and your customer base. Try different ways. Just do it. Lets be clear: if youre not measuring any part of your service delivery, you are missing a huge opportunity to improve, grow or even save your business during these scrutinizing, tight economic times. The challenge with specifying key indicators is that not all businesses will use the same metrics. For example, a retail or fulfillment organization will have decidedly different key performance indicators than a software-as-a-service company.

For the purposes of this discussion, I have highlighted relatively general metrics and incorporated a few varying perspectives for different use cases. 1.Service Level For call centers, support, and service desks, first call resolution is the Holy Grail. For a shipping operation, product delivery and project implementation, on-time performance is the measuring stick. In a high transaction business, the first interaction with a customer will be a key determinant of whether the customer will return. Dont underestimate the importance of timeliness and thoroughness. 2.Customer Retention For SaaS businesses, Utilization is the best indicator of a customers dedication to your service. Use this metric to understand who is at risk at contract renewal time. Monitoring Repeat Business is going to help non-SaaS businesses understand how sticky their product or service is for their customer base. You should know which customers are using or buying different parts of your business. These customers who buy throughout your offerings are perhaps your most important customers to focus on for your retention strategies. 3.Response time Youd be surprised how many customer surveys come back with comments such as your service is great, you got back to me right away. I was surprised with how quickly you responded to my inquiry and it made all the difference even if I didnt get the answer I was hoping for In todays world of electronic relationship management, response time is one of the only ways we can communicate our sense of urgency and concern for our customers and their experience with our product or service. What is your Response goal within X hours? Set one and achieve it. You should know what your competition is doing and beat their goal. Want to really blow away a customer and cement your relationship? Pick up the phone and give them a personal call. 4.ime with the Customer Are your customer-facing employees incentivized to keep calls short or to move too quickly from customer to customer? If so, you are sending the wrong message and subsequently affecting the quality of the customer interaction. There is a definite happy medium between the overly chatty service provider and the thorough and efficient provider. Set your benchmarks for call duration and general time with the customer in relation to the ultimate goal of first call resolution, NOT the other way around. In other words, a completely satisfied customer not requiring a follow-up call or visit is much preferred over a quick, unresolved interaction. 5.Churn Cancellations and returns are the equivalent to churn. If you dont know how much business you are losing, you wont be able to understand how much new business you will require to stay out of the red. As important as knowing how much, is understanding WHY you are losing customers. Take it to the next level and use follow-up surveys, phone calls, personalized how can we get you back emails. This survey information is the real business insight for understanding your lost business.

By all means this is not a comprehensive list of key performance indicators. To expand further we would need to focus on a particular business model to provide a more granular perspective. Start measuring and start making changes. Continue to evolve your key metrics as your business evolves. Keep this process circular for continuous improvement. Post these key performance indicators in your facility or on your intranet and regularly communicate them to your employee base to give everyone in your Company sensitivity to how you are performing for your most important asset: your Customers.


(hereinafter referred to as 'the company') guarantees to the purchaser that this product carries a warranty for the period mentioned below, commencing from the date of purchase. The company will repair or replace free of charge any part or parts of the product , if the defect is due to the fault material or workmanship. Warranty involves repairing of defective product/parts and does not entitle purchaser for the replacement of complete product.

This warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only. Repair or replacement will be carried out through the Company's Service Centres (Refer the list) or it's Authorised Service Centres or it's Dealer's Service Centres. For units installed beyond the municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the authorised service centre/company's service centre/authorised dealer's service centre, all expenses incurred in collection the unit or part/s thereof from the company's service

centre/authorised service centre/authorised dealer's service centre, as well as expenses incurred in connection with deputing of service personnel/ technicians towards to and fro travel, conveyance and other incidentals etc. will be borne by the customer. In the event of repairs/replacement of any part/s of the unit, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the warranty. Moreover, the time taken for repair/replacement and in transit whether under the warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period. The company or it's authorised service centre/ service dealer, reserves the right to retain any part/s or component/s replaced at it's discretion in the event of a defect noticed in the equipment during the warranty period. Any change of address shall be intimated to concerned service centre for continuation of warranty. 6b. Warranty for the unexpired period shall continue after the product is inspected by the concerned service centre and the product is found free from transit damage. The customer shall have to pay a visiting charge towards inspection, as applicable. 6c. In case of any transit damage, the product shall be repaired by the concerned service centre on charges and warranty for unexpired period to continue. The warranty does not cover demonstration/ installation of the product purchased. The repair company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to or providing replacement of part/s only. The maximum claim /s if entertained by the company will be subject to the maximum retail price of the product purchased or the purchase price, whichever is lower. In the event of any unforeseen circumstance, and spares not being available, the company's prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on the purchaser to accept as a commercial solution in lieu of repairs. The warranty does not cover an accessories external to the system.

The warranty is issued at New Delhi , and Courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over matters covered or flowing from this warranty. The company's obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repairing or providing replacement of part/s, which are found to be detective. Repairs during warranty period shall be carried on "Carry In" basis. Wherein for service the purchaser shall bring the product to the Service Centre with whom the set is registered for warranty service. The warranty does not cover cost of transportation of system from place of installation to the Service Centre. The concerned Service Centre will advise the customer whether to effect the repair at site or its Service Centre. Any part/s of the system replaced by the company at it's discretion shall be with a functionally operative part.


The warranty card is not duly filled and mailed back to the service centre for registration by the purchaser. The completed warranty card is not presented to authorised personnel at the time of repair. The product is not purchased from an Authorised SAMSUNG dealer. The product is not used according to instructions given in the instruction manual. Defects caused by improper use as determined by the company personnel.

Modification or alteration of any nature is made in the electrical circuitry/ or physical construction of the set. Installation/ repair work is carried out by persons/agency other than authorised by the company. Site (premises where the product is kept) conditions that do not confirm to the recommended operating conditions of the machine. The original serial number is removed, obliterated or altered from the machine or cabinet. Defects due to cause beyond control like lightning, abnormal voltage, acts of God or while in transit to service centre or purchaser's residence.

What Are the Benefits of Good Customer Service?

Satisfied Customer and customer relation ship management The first benefit of customer service is obtaining customer retention. Happy customers become repeat customers. This means competent, well-trained customer service representatives are needed to handle questions and issues; if the company doesn't have this it often looks for a solution that will reassure customers that their needs will be met. Representatives who excel at listening to the customer go a long way with the customers resolution of an issue. Support desk representatives that strive to help the customer can ultimately lead to better customer satisfaction.

Customer Loyalty & Loyalty Marketing

A key indicator of quality customer service is customer loyalty. Customer loyalty means what it says. Customer retention occurs when a product or service is consistent in what its supposed to do. The result can be a steady revenue stream and consistently fulfilling a costumer's expectations increases the customer's loyalty. A study by US News and World Report reports 68% of why customers leave a product or service for a competitor is because of a bad experience. The typical customer will talk to people about a negative customer service experience than a positive experience. The typical customer will tell between 8 and 25 people about a negative experience, and the Internet continues to increase this exposure. A typical customer will only tell one or two people about a positive experience. However, if you reward customers for their loyalty (with rebates, coupons, freebies, etc.) they feel valued for their choices and continue to remain a consumer of a company's product or service.

Less Costs Needed to Attract New Customers

Quality customer service relieves pressure on the organization to attract new customers. Statistics show that it costs more to gain new customers that it is to retain existing ones. The benefit of customer service comes into play here. A thorough customer service program will help maintain an existing customer base rather than lose a percentage of it.

Edge on Competitors With Good CRM

If your organization out-performs another competitor in customer service, most likely, your organization will be one of the leaders in your industry. Interestingly, if a company offers a product or service at a higher price than a competitor, it doesnt necessarily mean the more expensive competitor will lose its customer base. According to Accentures 4th Annual Study on Customer Service for the United States, 73% report they left a service provider because of poor customer service, versus only 47% who left because of a lower price.

Promotes Customer Service Employee Retention

Customer service representatives who understand they are the face of the company will help them communicate with customers on the other side of the phone. Proper training in handling phone calls and trouble-shooting issues can promote job satisfaction, which translates into longer employee retention.

Who benefits from Customer Service Training?

BY ADMIN SEPTEMBER 15, 2008 FILED IN: THOUGHTS Good news, Customer Service Training benefits everyone! 1.Customer: The training will improve customer service standards in the business. As a result of this, customer satisfaction will be achieved. Customers will feel that they have been treated as an individual and in a professional manner. The most important thing is that the customer will feel that the company-through their employees, appreciate their business and this will drive them to return again and again, hence customer loyalty is achieved. 2.Employee: This training will effectively improve employees confidence in handling customers. Employees will feel more responsible in doing their job hence committed to serving the customers professionally as they now understand that customers are the reason they have a job. Employees will care more about their job and the company. 3.The company: The company will find that employees morale is significantly increased. The employees will cooperate and show strong teamwork and commitment to achieve the common goal to satisfy the customers. Customer satisfaction leads to increase in customer loyalty which lead to increase in profit.

Customer Service Disadvantage

While customer service is key to improving a company's image and retaining business, if customer service tools and systems are not correctly and efficiently implemented, they

can ultimately result in unwanted results for both your customers and your company's bottom line. Cost Customer service standards can be expensive to put into effect--especially considering that service-based industries often experience high turnover, necessitating ongoing training initiatives. Time spent creating lists of standards and training staff equates to time away from those job functions that contribute to the bottom line. The alternative of hiring an external consulting company to assess and implement a customer service program is an added expense. Essentially, if the use of customer service tools does not significantly expand your company's customer base or increase the number of repeat customers, it might well be perceived as an unjustifiable expense. Resolution Delays While customer service agents are trained to respond to customer questions, most are not delegated the authority to make billing adjustments or issue refunds without approval from a superior. This can result in a customer having to tolerate wending through multiple levels of customer service and management personnel to resolve a single problem. While the customer service employees are hired to provide efficient service to the customer, their lack of authority to complete certain actions can result in resolution delays, leading to a frustrating experience for the consumer. Outsourcing Outsourced customer service personnel can be the answer to some customer service cost concerns; however, this option sometimes comes with disadvantages of its own. In many instances, the customer service function is outsourced to overseas locations, which translates to the loss of customer service jobs on home soil. Additionally, when customer service is outsourced to overseas locations, language barriers and lack of complete understanding of the company purpose can create frustration for customers, leading to complaints for the company. Distance can also result in a loss of control with regard to training, resulting in substandard service quality.

Icici bank has a customer service charter and all sort of things like net banking phone banking, privilege desk etc. It is decent if u is a relationship or privileged client. But the fact still remains, for the aim customer, their customer service still sucks big-time.

ATM: An ICICI ATM is never empty; there is always a line of customers waiting to be
serviced. Some even thieves so beware to take Ur belongings including the atm card and press clear/ cancel and check the screen before u exit.

Phone banking: If you want to listen to a voice other than an ivr, expect waiting at least
8 minutes at 10.30 at nite, more during the day. If u have verified ur account thru the ivr expect the person to verify you again and again with weird queries like what were your last three transactions and what is ur debit cards last 4 digits, then put u back on the ivr if u dont have ur atm/debit card handy, then wait for another person for another 5 to 8 minutes. If your wait time is less than a minute you will feel a sense of immense accomplishment that no words can describe. One more accomplishment is if one manages to desensitize oneself off the sick join chako join icici song and the loads of ads that one has to hear while waiting. Cheat the system by using the nri number or wealth management no.

Net banking is the best service offered by the bank, which is if u manages to get it to work.
Remember Ur atm/debit card no is Ur login, not Ur cust id. Pray that the branch doesnt bungle up, and the courier manages to mail you Ur password, else ask for a branch collect as i had to do after 2 attempts.

Branch Banking: Find a good branch to bank with; some branches are pathetic at service.
Be meticulous at record keeping and escalate complaints with the BM if the bum in the blue salwar has messed up Ur mundane task.

Customer service/ Email: Please dont shy from escalating Ur complaint to a higher up
as soon as possible. Dont waste your time with low level customer officers, they most often than not dont know their job That said; rethink your decision of opening an account with ICICI bank in the first place.

History of KFC
In 1998, Ranbaxy entered the United States, the world's largest pharmaceuticals market and now the biggest market for Ranbaxy, accounting for 28% of Ranbaxy's sales in 2005. For the twelve months ending on 31 December 2005, the company's global sales were at US $1,178 million with overseas markets accounting for 75% of global sales (USA: 28%,Europe: 17%, Brazil, Russia, and China: 29%). For the twelve months ending on December 31, 2006, the company's global sales were at US $1,300 million. Most of Ranbaxy's products are manufactured by license from foreign pharmaceutical developers, though a significant percentage of their products are off-patent drugs that are manufactured and distributed without licensing from the original manufacturer because the patents on such drugs have expired. In December 2005, Ranbaxy's shares were hit hard by a patent ruling disallowing production of its own version of Pfizer's cholesterol-cutting drug Lipitor, which has annual sales of more than $10 billion. In June 2008, Ranbaxy settled the patent dispute with Pfizer allowing them to sell Atorvastatin Calcium, the generic version of Lipitor(R)and Atorvastatin CalciumAmylodipine Besylate, the generic version of Pfizer's Caduet(R) in the US starting November 30, 2011. The settlement also resolved several other disputes in other countries. On 23 June 2006, Ranbaxy received from the United States Food & Drug Administration a 180-day exclusivity period to sell simvastatin (Zocor) in the U.S. as a generic drug at 80 mg strength. Ranbaxy competes with the maker of brand-name Zocor, Merck & Co.; IVAX Corporation (which was acquired by and merged into Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.), which has 180-day exclusivity at strengths other than 80 mg; and Dr. Reddy's Laboratories,

also from India, whose authorized generic version (licensed by Merck) is exempt from exclusivity. In June 2008, Japan's Daiichi Sankyo Company agreed to take a majority (50.1%) stake in Ranbaxy, with a deal valued at about $4.6 billion. Ranbaxy's Malvinder Singh remained as CEO after the transaction. On 16 September 2008, the Food and Drug Administration issued two Warning Letters to Ranbaxy Laboplants in India.[5] By February 25, 2009 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it halted reviews of all drug applications including data developed at Ranbaxy's Paonta Sahib plant in India because of a practice of falsified data and test results in approved and pending drug applications. "Investigations revealed a pattern of questionable data," the FDA said. On December 1, 2011, Ranbaxy got the much-awaited approval from the US Food and Drug Administration to launch the generic version of drug lipitor in the United States of Americaafter its patent expired.

In June 2008, Daiichi-Sankyo acquired a 34.8% stake in Ranbaxy, for a value $2.4 billion. In November 2008, Daiichi-Sankyo completed the takeover of the company from the founding Singh family in a deal worth $4.6 billion by acquiring a 63.92% stake in Ranbaxy. The addition of Ranbaxy Laboratories extends Daiichi-Sankyo's operations - already comprising businesses in 22 countries. The combined company is worth about $30 billion. ratories Ltd. and an Import Alert for generic drugs produced by two manufacture

Following are the Customer Service provided by KFC:I. Greeting the Customer:
1. The team member should be "In the Box" as required. 2. Make proper eye contact with the customer. 3. Smile with a friendly smile.

4. Greet the customer with a friendly and appropriate greeting. 5. Keep full and focused attention on the customer during the greeting.

II. Taking the Order:

6. Appropriately ask for the order. 7. Suggest appropriate enhancements to the meal. 8. Confirm the order by repeating it back to the customer. 9. Use "Please" when announcing the price and "Thank you" when receiving the money. 10.Keep full and focused attention on the customer during the order taking process.

III. Completing the Order:

11. Ask for the customer's name, and explain why. 12. Add a friendly comment. 13. End the order taking process with a sincere "Thank you". 14. Use the customer's name. 15. Keep full and focused attention on the customer while completing the order.

IV. Delivering the Food:

16. Call the customer by name when the order is reqady. 17. Repeat order and confirm all items included in the order. 18. Offer condiments or give directions to where they are located. 19. End the food delivery with a sincere "Thank you". Pizza Hut is one of the flagship brands of Yum! Brands, Inc., which also has KFC, Taco Bell, A&W and Long John Silvers under its umbrella. Pizza Hut is the worlds largest pizza chain with over 12,500 restaurants across 91 countries. In India, Pizza Hut has 140 restaurants across 34 cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chandigarh amongst others. Yum! is in the process of

opening Pizza Hut restaurants at many more locations to service a larger customer base across the country

Area Managers
Area Managers are accountable for providing coaching, leadership and operational support to 8-10 KFC Restaurants within a defined Area.

Restaurant General Managers

The Restaurant General Manager is accountable for creating and running an energetic and valuable work environment, which is committed to serving the best chicken at the fastest speed and with a smile. The Restaurant General Manager reports directly to an Area Manager and is accountable for successfully implementing and maintaining all Company policies and procedures in relation to operations, customer service, cash handling, marketing, purchasing, human resources, health & safety, administration, training and development

Assistant Managers
The Assistant Manager is responsible for assisting the Restaurant General Manager (RGM) in creating an energetic and valuable work environment, which is committed to serving the best chicken at the fastest speed and with a smile. Assistant Managers are also responsible for ensuring all Company policies and procedures are followed in relation to operations, customer service, cash handling, marketing, purchasing, human resources, health & safety, administration, training and development.

Trainee Managers
Responsible for assisting the Restaurant General Manager and Assistant Managers in creating an energetic and valuable work environment, which is committed to serving the best chicken at the fastest speed and with a smile. Trainee Managers help with day-to-day running of the restaurant, and need to ensure that all operations, customer service, cash handling, marketing, purchasing, human resources, administration and training & development policies are followed.

Customer Service Team Members

Responsible for working the service areas and ensuring quality product, service and cleanliness is delivered to all customers at top speed and with a smile!

Food Service Team Members

Responsible for putting the crunch in the coating and the zing in the Zingerthe cooks main task is to prepare and cook the irresistible KFC products! The cook must also maintain the cleanliness of the cooking area as well as the quality of product and speed of preparation.

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

(abbreviated BSNL) is a state-owned telecommunications company headquartered in New Delhi, India. It is the largest provider of fixed telephony and fourth largest mobile telephony provider in India, and is also a provider of broadbandservices. However, in recent years the company's revenue and market share plunged into heavy losses due to intense competition in Indian telecommunications sector. BSNL is India's oldest and largest communication service provider (CSP). It had a customer base of 90 million as of June 2008. It has footprints throughout India except for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi, which are managed by Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (MTNL). Services BSNL provides almost every telecom service in India. Following are the main telecom services provided by BSNL: Universal Telecom Services : Fixed wireline services and landline in local loop (WLL) using CDMA Technology called bfone and Tarangrespectively. As of June 30, 2010, BSNL had 75% marketshare fixed Prepaid Mobile

Cellular Mobile Telephone Services: BSNL is major provider of Cellular Mobile Telephone services using GSM platform under the brand name Cellone & Excel (BSNL Mobile).
WLL-CDMA Telephone Services: BSNL's WLL (Wireless in Local Loop)service is a service giving both fixed line telephony & Mobile telephony. BSNL Broadband

Internet: BSNL provides Internet access services As of June 30, 2010 BSNL has 13.50% share of mobile telephony in the country.through dial-up connection(as Sancharnet through 2009 as Prepaid, (NetOne) as Postpaid and ADSL broadband (BSNL Broadband). BSNL held 55.76% of the market share with reported subscriber base of 9.19 million Internet subscribers with 7.79% of growth at the end of March 2010. Top 12 Dial-up Service providers, based on the subscriber base, It Also ProvidesOnlineGames via Its Games on Demand (GOD) Intelligent Network (IN): BSNL offers value-added services, such as Free Phone Service (FPH), India Telephone Card (Prepaid card), Account Card Calling (ACC), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Tele-voting, Premium Rae Service (PRM), Universal Access Number (UAN). 3G:BSNL offers the '3G' or the'3rd Generation' services which includes facilities like video calling,mobile broadband, live TV, 3G Video portal, streaming services like online full length movies and video on demand etc. IPTV:BSNL also offers the 'Internet Protocol Television' facility which enables watch television through internet. FTTH:Fibre To The Home facility that offers a higher bandwidth for data transfer. This idea was proposed on post-December 2009. Helpdesk: BSNL's Helpdesk (Helpdesk) provide help desk support to their customers for their services. VVoIP: BSNL, along with Sai Infosystem - an Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) provider - has launched Voice and Video Over Internet Protocol (VVoIP). This will allow to make audio as well as video calls to any landline, mobile, or IP phone anywhere in the world, provided that the requisite video phone equipment is available at both ends.[9] WiMax: BSNL has introduced India's first 4th Generation High-Speed Wireless Broadband Access Technology with the minimum speed of 256kbit/s. The focus of this service is mainly rural customer where the wired broadband facility is not available.

BSNL then known as the Department of Telecommunications had been a near monopoly during the socialist period of the Indian economy. During this period, BSNL was the only telecom service provider in the country. MTNL was present only in Mumbai and New Delhi. During this period BSNL operated as a typical state-run organization, inefficient, slow, bureaucratic, and heavily unionised. As a result subscribers had to wait for as long as five years to get a telephone connection. The corporation tasted competition for the first time after the liberalisation of Indian economy in 1991. Faced with stiff competition from the private

telecom service providers, BSNL has subsequently tried to increase efficiencies itself. DoT veterans, however, put the onus for the sorry state of affairs on the Government policies, where in all state-owned service providers were required to function as mediums for achieving egalitarian growth across all segments of the society. The corporation (then DoT), however, failed to achieve this and India languished among the most poorly connected countries in the world. BSNL was born in 2000 after the corporatisation of DoT. The efficiency of the company has since improved, however, the performance level is nowhere near the private players. The corporation remains heavily unionised and is comparatively slow in decision making and its implementation, which largely acts at the instances of unions without bothering about outcome. Management has been reactive to the schemes of private telecom players. Though it offers services at lowest tariffs, the private players continue to notch up better numbers in all areas, years after year. BSNL has been providing connections in both urban and rural areas. Pre-activated Mobile connections are available at many places across India. BSNL has also unveiled cost-effective broadband internet access plans (DataOne) targeted at homes and small businesses. At present BSNL enjoy's around 60% of market share of ISP services. 2007 was declared as "Year of Broadband" in India and BSNL announced plans for providing 5 million broadband connectivity by the end of 2007. BSNL upgraded Dataone connections for a speed of up to 2 Mbit/s without any extra cost. This 2 Mbit/s broadband service was provided by BSNL at a cost of just US$ 11.7 per month (as of 21 July 2008 and at a limit of 2.5GB monthly limit with 0200-0800 hrs as no charge period). Further, BSNL is rolling out new broadband services such as triple play.BSNL planned to increase its customer base to 108 million customers by 2010. With the frantic activity in the communication sector in India, the target appears achievable. BSNL is a pioneer of rural telephony in India. BSNL has recently bagged 80% of US$ 580 m (INR 2,500 crores) Rural Telephony project of Government of India. On 20 March 2009 BSNL advertised the launch of BlackBerry services across its Telecom circles in India. The corporation has also launched 3G services in select cities across the country. Presently, BSNL and MTNL are the only players to provide 3G services, as the Government of India has completed auction of 3G services for private players. BSNL shall get 3G bandwidth at lowest bidder prices of Rs 18,500 crore, which includes Rs 10,186 crore for 3G and Rs 8313crore for BWA.[ Challenges During the financial year 2008-2009 (from April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009) BSNL has added 8.1 million new customers in various telephone services taking its customer base to 75.9 million. BSNL's nearest competitor Bharti Airtel is standing at a customer base of 62.3 million. However, despite impressive growth shown by BSNL in recent times, the Fixed line customer base of BSNL is declining. In order to woo back its fixed-line customers BSNL has

brought down long distance calling rate under OneIndia plan, however, the success of the scheme is not known. However, BSNL faces bleak fiscal 2009-2010 as users flee. Presently there is an intense competition in Indian Telecom sector and various Telcos are rolling out attractive schemes and are providing good customer services. Access Deficit Charges (ADC, a levy being paid by the private operators to BSNL for provide service in non-lucrative areas especially rural areas) has been slashed by 20% by TRAI, w.e.f. April 1, 2009.] The reduction in ADC may hit the bottomlines of BSNL. BSNL has started 3G services in 290 cities and acquired more than 6 Lakh customers. It has planned to roll out 3G services in 760 cities across the country in 2010-11. Broadband services : The shift in demand from voice to data has revolutionized the very nature of the network. BSNL is poised to cash on this opportunity and has planned for extensive expansion of the Broadband services. The Broadband customer base of 3.56 Million customer in March'2009 is planned to be increased to 16.00 million by March 2014. BSNL - MTNL Merger Plans On February 23, 2011, The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) said it wanted to revive a proposal for the merger of state-owned operators BSNL and MTNL. In its draft plan, the department while showing concern over the deteriorating performance of BSNL and MTNL said that BSNL and MTNL should be merged as they have complimentary operations and can combine their strengths for synergies. DoT said the government should set up a multistakeholder committee to develop a restructuring plan for both firms. The committee should have members from public enterprises, the DoT, department of IT and ministry of finance. However the BSNL's staff unions are opposing this merger tooth and nail realising that MTNL is in dire state and need help of its big brother,BSNL,to alleviate itself from getting into red balance sheet.MTNL in spite of having its operations in two big metro cities viz.New Delhi & Mumbai is realising cascading fall in revenue and profits for the past 10 successive years.The telecommunication operators should focus on enterprise business, services to government and the public sector, value-added services and technologies like 3G, the department recommends. 3G While it did not participate in the 3G auction, BSNL paid the Indian government Rs. 10,187 crores for 3G spectrum in all 20 circles it operates in. State-owned MTNL provides 3G services in the other 2 circles - Delhi and Mumbai.[15] Both these state-owned operators were given a head start by the government in the 3G space by allotting the required 3G spectrum, on the condition that each will have to pay an amount which will be equivalent to the highest bid in the respective service areas as and when the 3G auctions take place. 3G Coverage

BSNL has the largest 3G network in India. Additionally, BSNL 3G services usually cover not only the main town/city but also the adjoining suburbs and rural areas as well. As of now BSNL has 3G services in 826 cities across India. The following is a list of BSNL 3G enabled towns/cities. This list covers only BSNL 3G services provided throughHSDPA/HSUPA and HSPA+ for GSM subscribers and not EVDO for CDMA subscribers. Note: This list may not be complete as new towns/cities are added regularly. Recognitions The Brand Trust Report published by Trust Research Advisory ranked BSNL in the 65th position of the list of Most Trusted brands.

From this we conclude that customer service is important. When customer are satisfied it gives healthy profit to the business and this also build a good reputation.If customers receive good service 'This time, next time, every time,' then they are more likely to return.In every company customer service is needed because it gives benefit to both the customer and company. Customer satisfaction is qute imporatant it plays a vital role Customer service, like any aspect of business, is a practiced art that takes time and effort to master. All you need to do to achieve this is to stop and switch roles with the customer. What would you want from your business if you were the client? How would you want to be treated? Treat your customers like your friends and theyll always come back.

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