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Who popularized rafting down the Rio Grande in northern Jamaica as a tourist attraction? The America film star Errol Flynn A watery attraction tumbles into the Caribbean Sea near Ocho Rios on Jamaicas north coast. What is it? Dunns River Falls Which capital named after the northern English seaside town of Scarborough? Kingston Identify this national symbol Why is 56 Hope Road, Kingston, an address famous all over the world? It was the home of Bob Marley and now is a museum devoted to his life and music Where would you find Doctors Cove Beach, a tourist attraction Montego Bay Where would you find Rose Hall, a tourist attraction Montego Bay Who was referred to as the White Witch of Rose Hall - Annie Palmer What was Annie Palmer famous for? Working Obeah to control her slaves, ruthlessly disposed of her husbands and anybody else who got in her way Address: Jamaica House, Kings House For what is Boston Bay famous for? Jerk Pork For what is Devon House famous for? Ice-cream Once one of the most important harbours and famous as the haunt of pirates and buccaneers, this town was destroyed by earthquake in 1692? Port Royal Which capital was damaged by an earthquake in 1907? Kingston A soup made from the head and other less mentionable parts of the goat when the rest of the animal has been turned into curry? Mannish Water Iiiuuuuuuuu - Pepperpot

Who was the first Jamaican athlete to win an Olympic gold medal and in what event? Arthur Wint, 400m at 1948 Olympics in London Who final overcame her nickname of The Bronze Queen by winning a gold medal in the 200m at the World Track and Field championships in Stuttgart in 1993 Merlene Ottey Famous Faces Bob Marley, Luciano, Peter Tosh, Michael Manley, Edward Seaga, Bruce Golding, Portia Simpson-Miller A national heroine, she was leader of the Maroons in the early 18th century Nanny of the Maroons A deacon in the Baptist Church, he was the leader of the great revolt against slavery which broke out just after Christmas in 1831 Samuel Sharpe Came down from Stony Gut to Morant Bay on October 11, 1865 with 400 followers and burnt down the court house Paul Bogle Founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association whose campaign of Africa for the Africans at home and abroad won millions of supporters in different parts of the world Marcus Mosiah Garvey Name the popular writer of Jamaica Labrish Louise Bennett Coverley Name the popular writer of - Claude McKay

Which former prime minister is of Lebanese descent? Edward Seaga A pirate who turned respectable and eventual became Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica Sir Henry Morgan One of the most popular figure in Jamaican Folklore. A born trickster, he can change his shape at will but usually appears in the form of a spider. Name him Anansi Correct name of these artist Garnett Silk Garnett Smith Tiger,

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