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VISI T t he Ba col od OF FICE:

#107 B . S. Aq ui no D rive
Lot 19 & 20 Blk. 50 Sta. Clara Drive
034 433-0245
& San Gregorio Ave
H is Life Ilo ilo gat he rs ev er y
Sta. Clara Subd. (034) 7090131 — HLLC
SUN DAY at Del Rio H ote l 930a m
M a y 3 , 2 0 0 9 issue
What’s Inside …
• NEW Facility of His Life
—page 1 and 3
Glorify God
• From Pastor JR — Build …
Build People! Make Disciples
—page 2
• May Birthdays! And Staff
Needed … Apply Now!
—see page 3
• Tribo Concert; STATS
—page 2
• Sermon Guide of Iloilo with Encounter
Pastor JR & of Central of Week-end on
May 2009: Go Serve God,
Bro Clifford —page 4 MAY 8, 9 and 10 at
Serve People Seaside Resort, Brgy.
$ ... Punta Salong Manapla,
• Is Recruitment SUNDAY at HLM Neg. Occ. Regis Fee is at
Central, South, East, CDO and P750 ONLY.
Negros Congregations. Let’s Go For more info look for
SERVE God & SERVE People. Karleen Legaspi
• Pastor JR in Iloilo to close the SERIES at 0922-8721230
on Loving God, Loving People.

• Pastor JR appeals to JOYFUL Reminders
Cinema 5 today.
• FOR THE HLM Araneta, Sagay, Silay
 Children Church
transfer to a BIGGER Venue.
at Cinema 6
• FOR THE Iloilo Venue Rentals. ILOILO — CABLE 13 SkyCable Lobby
Monday 11:30am to 12:30pm
• FOR THE Cagayan Brothers and Wednesday 11:30 am to 12:30pm
Sisters TRIP to Bacolod for Wednesday 11 pm to 12 midnight
TRAINING. Tomorrow they arrive! Thursday 11pm to 12 midnight
HLM Preachers and Guest Speakers
• Goal is P80,000.00. Last SUNDAY BACOLOD — CABLE 12
16,000.00 was collected already! Mondays to Saturdays 630am to 730am
Wednesdays to Saturdays 11pm to 12md night

Have you discovered the PurpoSE God has for YOU?

"You are here to KNOW Him and have LIFE in its FULLNESS"
1) Recognize that you are a SINNER and need a personal relationship with God.
Never trust in what you can do to earn the gift of SALVATION Christ has for you.
Come under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and SUBMIT to all His ways.
a Coming
4) Ask for His grace for you to SERVE and follow and obey Him for the rest of your life. Building!
Check these in the Bible if you are serious in wanting a relationship with God, thus fulfill the PURPOSE He has for you:
Romans 3:23; 6:23; 10:9 and 13; Gospel of John 1:12 and 3:3 & 7; Gospel of Luke 14:26 & 27 (by JR, 97)
… pray & give
Pastor His Life ILOILO
JR Loving God … Loving People
joebert44@yahoo.com all SUNDAYS
TEXT 09182817910
at the DelRio Hotel 930am
BUILDING Celebration SUNDAY — The BIG Party!
Message: “Get READY to SERVE”
People with Pastor JR
PEOPLE” series is truly a series that
will STRECH us to be like Jesus,
who came to SERVE and NOT be
COMING to Iloilo…
Month of MAY 2009 — “Serve God . Serve People” Series!
SERVED! (see Mark 10:44, 45)
MAY 31 — Grand Celebration Cinema 6 to Close SGSP series
 It will call us to attend to the KIDS Month of JULY 2009 — “FireProof Series”
through DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible
Month of AUGUST 2009 — “GRACE Series”
School). Th is wi ll be in
different SITES — see Calendar.
 This will call us to SURVEY,
START, SUSTAIN and SEE another
at the RIVER of LIFE
Congregation in the following places: International Center
Barangay Felissa in Bacolod; 6pm SHARP!
Bago City; and Victorias City!
 We will also see the A Concert for the Benefit
TRANSFER of our HLM Office to our of our YX Campers.
NEW Office Facility at the Sta Clara May 25 to 30 Guimaras,
LOTE. See page 3. Alubijud Resort
 Another opportunity to SERVE for only 2,500 pesos
(this covers the entire
Brothers & Sisters this week — May 4 package). subsidy of
thru 10. Five of them —Chris, John, 1,000 per camper is a must
Paula, Daisy & Malou, will be HERE for each sending site.
Each student raises per-
In Bacolod! Tsada! jr here sonally 1,500.

His Life SOUTH meets at Robinsons Cybergate, Old Airport His Life EAST meets at 2nd Floor Lopue’s East PAGE 2
Introducing the May 2009 Series "GO SERVE GOD, SERVE PEOPLE"
SWC Title Lessons
May 3 - Go Serve Your Community May 10 - Go Serve Your Family
May 17 - Go Serve The Now Generation May 24 - Go Serve The Nations
May 31 - Go Serve All Out
Calendar for May 2009
May 8-10 Encounter at HLM-Cebu, Cloud of Glory - Prayer Mountain, Mahayahay Hills, Cebu City.
P650, For more info and for registration, kindly contact Rocky Parcon at 0919-7993864
May 7, 8 Stages of Our Growing Faith Seminar with Ptr. Manny Salvacruz, Venue to be announced
May 8-10 Encounter Central at Seaside Resort, Brgy. Punta Salong Manapla, Neg. Occ.
Registration Fee is at P750, For more info and registration, kindly look for Karleen Legaspi
at 433-0245 or 0922-8721230
May 9 Tribo Concert at the River of Life Center at 6pm, Tickets at p50, p100, p150 and p200
For inquiries and ticket reservations, please contact Meachille Raquinel at 0908-2029872 or at 433-0245.
DVBS May 1 - Orientation at Sta. Clara lot at 4pm May 3 - Start of DVBS at Central Church
May 31 - DVBS Graduation for Central Church
May 12 to May 17 -- HM Sta. Clara, Sagay and East. This is DAILY.
May 25-30 "SURVIVOR 2" Youth Extreme Tribo Camp at Guimaras Island, see page 2 for info.

SERVE Jesus … Full Time! STAFF NEEDED for 2009

Direct all Applications to Sister Au Jamora. Make sure you have PRAYED and FASTED 1st.
Bring your written Conversion Testimony as you apply. Must be an LTS graduate or enrollee.
1. His Life Central DEPARTMENTS Coordinator [secretarial].
2. HLM Ortigas Coordinator of Small Groups & SWC.
3. His Life Cagayan Pastor.
4. His Life Victorias & Bago Cities Church Planting TEAM.
SERVE Jesus … on Volunteer BASIS
Direct all Applications to Sister Linnie Sitiota.
Missions TEAM with Pastor JR for Iloilo City and Pastor Armin for Victorias City.

MAY BIRTHDAY 17 Philip Peter Rodriguez,

Joemar Delgado,
Kim Cubing,
Celebrants! Mae delos Santos
1 Raffy Alcala, Maria Bella Armada, 19 Ranuel Bernabe, Nelson
Patrick Jed Despojo, Silva Jr., Lene Mae
Jose Ramon Gerardo Jereza Tingson
2 Chloe Marie Samaritana 20 Mark Anthony Uy
3 Maricyl Lim 21 Lyle Cuenca, Chinky
4 Sherlene Berondo, Lissa May Figueroa, Hanz Javier
Diosana, Clarissa Ursos, 22 Leizel Armigos
Glenn Sichon 23 Lance Castillo,
5 Neri Jito Desiderio Colastre
6 Gabriel Abrigo, Crispina Caberte 24 Otay Casiano, Shella
a Coming Building!
8 Danny Yee
9 Melanie Alojado, Lilia Muyco,
Hinolan, Sheryl
Hinolan, Angie Que
NEW Office of HLM.
10 Rosella Anino 25 Joy Cabuguason TEAMS being Recruited … Join now!
12 Marte Lyndon Gonzalez, 26 Joefel Valenzuela Jr.  Prayer & Resource TEAMS
Lily May Sorallo 27 Erlie Hilado  Interior & Landscaping TEAMS
13 Judith Mirasol, Nanette Pakingking 28 Edmundo Relota Jr.
14 Wally Afuang 29 Benito Salazar EXTRA and SACRIFICIAL Gifts may
15 Huss Atonson, Celestino Madaiton 30 Cindy Roa
16 Loida Escobar 31 May Marfil be given NOW towards this project :-)
H O S T a N E W G r ou p ??? TE X T B AC O LO D— 09228721230 I L O I LO — 09297163342 PAGE 3
Guide Notes for May 3, 2009 Guide Notes for May 3, 2009
HLM ILOILO CITY 9:30AM Cinema 4, Bacolod Robinsons
HOTEL del Rio with Pastor JR 8:30 & 9:45 with Bro Clifford Puen

Healed 2 Serve GO … Community

TRUTH: "Service is not optional for a Christian" GO SERVE GOD...SERVE PEOPLE!!!
Go serve...Your Community; Your Family;
A Christian is SAVED to S__________________________ The Now Generation; The Nations;
Hebrews 9:14
“how much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Go Serve… All Out!
Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, cleanse your conscience
from dead works to serve the living God?”
A Christian is HEALED to S__________________________ COMMUNITY SERVICE
Luke 4:39 Matthew 20:28
“… Immediately she rose up and served them.”
Loving God, Loving People
Ephesians 2:8, 9, 10 The Greatest of the all is – LOVE (1 Cor 13)
Salvation must be understood. _____________ not WORKS Freely Give What You Have Received
IF the HEART is not HEALED … or has experienced BROKENESS … Our Problem – Self Centered & Half Hearted
what kind of service do you think will happen? To Serve – to meet NEEDS of Others
It will be SERVICING out of control Service – Ability to inconvenience YOURSELF for
It will be SERVICING wanting to be honored the convenience of OTHERS
It will be SERVICING with self-full motivation
It will be SERVICING out of FORM not out of
LOVE & Compassion & Joy What Community are we to Serve?
It will be SERVICING out of Competition, Comparison, and not out - Community of Believers (Brethren)
of Cooperation and in the spirit of Christian Consolidation. Romans 12: 3-8 ; Acts 2:42-47
It will be SERVICING in Jealousy.
It will be SERVICING for a another reason except for the Honor
- Community within our Borders
and Glory of Jesus. (Relatives, Neighbors, Friends …) Acts 1:8
It will be SERVICING in the spirit of Control, Manipulation
and the Human Agenda – this is how it works among As you Serve your Community be ready for:
the GENTILES … Jesus said … but not so among with you! - Hurts, Disappointments, Rejections
Matthew 20:25-28 - Persecution, obstacles, work, difficulties
The Lord used this occasion to teach about spiritual leadership: Expect for:
which is SERVANTHOOD. Luke records, "A dispute arose - Miracles, Changed lives, Increase in Faith,
among them as to which of them was considered.
Increase in numbers (Brethren)
BUT ONCE A person is HEALED …
Service becomes Divine Service becomes a Miracle
Service becomes a Joy Service becomes full of Grace
Service becomes an extension of the Loving Arms
Principles of Serving
and Hands of God
Service becomes the embrace and kiss of heaven
Service becomes good news to the poor 1. Receive _________ from on High! (Acts 1:8)
Service becomes a comfort to the brokenhearted 2. Lone Ranger ______________ welcome
Service will be an announcement that captives will be
released and prisoners will be freed
– be in a community (Acts 2:42-47)
Service will be a means to tell those who mourn that the 3. Serve _______________ & with Gladness
time of the LORD’s favor has come! – (Ps 100:8; Pr 17:22)
Service points people to praise God.
Service points the recipient to thank God.
4. S_______________ - (Rom 12:9; 2 Cor 2:17)
This will be the RESULTS we will see from a 5. Consider Others ___________ yourself
SERVANT who is SAVED AND HEALED! (Philippians 2:3-4)
Healed to SERVE is very crucial.
Service becomes a CHRISTIAN RADICAL when we are John 13:34 Which community do we serve First?
WELL, when we are HEALED! Matthew 20:28
— May 10 Iloilo at Del Rio with GUEST — May 17 CEBU celebrates 1st Anniversary! PAGE 4