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Steel Building Labor Contract Only

This agreement is binding when accepted by GLOBAL STEEL INC,

hereinafter called the Erector and, James Mankin, hereinafter called the

Building Description: 30’x40’x12’ ATY Building

The erector will erect a building that includes

1. R-10 Roof and Wall Insulation
2. 1:12 Roof Pitch
3. 4-4’x4’ Framed Openings
4. 1-6’x4’ Framed Opening
5. 2-3070 Walk Doors

This price is not prevailing wage. The erection price and any and all sums of
money due hereunder from Owner to Erector shall be payable, and Owner
promises to pay the same under the following terms:

$ 2,500.00 Upon crew arrival

$ 2,500.00 Payable upon completion of red iron
$__ 2,500.00 Payable upon building completion.
$ 7,500.00 Total Contract Agreement.
Additional options not included in the above price:
1. All materials shall be in good condition, workmanship shall be of
good quality.
2. The Erector will be responsible for the building to be erected
according to the manufacturer’s plans and specifications.
3. The Owner shall secure and pay for all permits and assessments
necessary for carrying out this project.
4. Erector shall not be liable for the expense, loss, or delay resulting
from inclement weather, fires, strikes, concealed, or unexpected
conditions. All erection commitments are approximate. While
every effort is made to maintain schedule, Erector is not liable for
delays beyond his control.
5. Erector shall provide standard erecting equipment, including all
equipment necessary for construction of project.
6. This contract is based on a clean, open and accessible jobsite.
Perimeter of building shall be level and free of any obstructions for
a minimum of (25) feet. If access is restricted the original contract
will be adjusted to cover extra time and expenses such as rental of
special equipment and/or working from ladders. If access is limited
and there are no additions for this on the original contract there
will be an invoice generated is to be paid upon completion of
7. Owner shall purchase and maintain property insurance upon the
entire work of the site to the full insurable value thereof. This
insurance shall insure against the perils of fire, weather damage,
vandalism, and theft.
8. Owner shall furnish electricity, trash dumpster, sanitary facility, all
dirt work and a foundation according to plan with proper anchor
bolts in correct location, and building package including all
fasteners at the job site. If owner fails to provide electricity, trash
dumpster or sanitary facility Erector may do so at Owner’s
9. If Erector finds problem(s) with concrete or anchor bolt placement,
owner is responsible for costs incurred to fix/repair problem(s)
completed by erector as detailed in an invoice—services report.
10.Responsibility for cleaning mud or dirt off building/structure and
concrete upon completion of structure is Owner’s, unless created
by erector.
11.Erector shall give Owner notice by telephone or fax when the
milestones described in the payment schedule occur. There is no
retention of funds.
12.Erector will keep Owner informed of project progress. Owner will
be notified at least three days in advance of time of completion. An
owner representative will be available to walk through and punch-
out will be done at this time. Final payment will be made to
Erector at this time or penalties will apply. Failure of Owner to
have a representative at the job site for final inspection shall be
waiver of Owner’s final inspection right.
13.Erector will supply workers compensation and general liability
insurance to cover Erector’s employees.
14.In an insulated building concrete installed after erection of the
building can cause moisture transference into any installed
insulation. The owner is responsible for proper ventilation in this
situation and shall not hold the erector responsible.
15.Delays or work stoppages caused by the owner will be subject to
$1000 per day penalty until delay is resolved. Changes to project
will be billed in detail at a rate of $75.00 per man-hour, and must
be signed off on before erector makes changes.
16.Owner will provide a contact person to answer any questions that
may arise at any time (including weekends) during the erection of
this project, said contact person shall have the ability to make
decisions concerning this project.
17.In the event of termination of this agreement for any reason, which
may be done by either party by written notice, Owner shall pay
Erector a sum equal to the current fair value of material and labor
actually furnished by the Erector.
18.In the event of any action by Erector to enforce the provisions of
this agreement or any of its rights there under, Owner shall pay the
Erector for all costs and expenses including reasonable attorney’s
fees whether or not such actions result in litigation.
19.No additions/changes to this contract will be acceptable without
prior approval from Erector.

Accepted by the Owner this ________ day of ____________, 2009

BY: (Owner) _________________________________________

Approved by GLOBAL STEEL. this _29 th___ day of___June___, 2009

BY: __________________________JAMIN JACKSON – GLOBAL

Prices valid only is signed and faxed back within 20 days