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Prepositions exercise for kids

November 7, 2012 Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. Choose your answers from the options given in the brackets. 1. The boy ran .. the street. (across / on / to) 2. He walked .. the building. (around / along / across) 3. The train goes .. a tunnel. (through / along / from) 4. I walked .. the river bank. (on / along / over) 5. Who is standing . the gate? (at / in / on) 6. Your glasses are .. your nose. (in / at / on) 7. The cat is hiding .. the door. (under / behind / below) 8. Come and stand .. me, Jane. (over / in front of / across) 9. The dog came running its master, wagging its tail. (to / for / on) 10. They walked . each other. (towards / around / across) Answers

1. The boy ran across the street. 2. He walked around the building. 3. The train goes through a tunnel. 4. I walked along the river bank. 5. Who is standing at the gate? 6. Your glasses are on your nose. 7. The cat is hiding behind the door. 8. Come and stand in front of me, Jane. 9. The dog came running to its master, wagging its tail. 10. They walked towards each other. Notes The preposition to and towards show direction. Behind and in front of show position. At and on are also used to show position. Across means on or to the other side of a line, river, road, bridge etc. Through is used to talk about movement in a three dimensional space where there are objects on all sides.
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