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a Sustainable Interior Design company

Sustainable innovation.
Inspiring brands.
“The future belongs to those who
understand that doing more with
less is compassionate, prosperous
and enduring and thus more
intelligent, even competitive.”
— Paul Hawken
Evenson Design Group (EDG) is a full service
market development, branding and design firm
with a passionate commitment to sustainability.
P hi l oso ph y We have been creating enduring brands for
more than thirty years and are committed to
serving a community of like-minded companies
that authentically strive to express sustainability
in their business strategies, brand identities, and
visual messages.

We believe that integrity is the common denominator of all sustainable

systems and brand design is no exception. The integrity of our work shines
through in our ability to develop exceptional brands and marketing
campaigns which produce long-lasting results in the marketplace with-
out imposing harsh and enduring effects on the fragile world we share.

To that end, EDG moves way beyond basic

energy saving practices within the workplace.
We are committed to inspiring and educating
our clients about alternative ways of communi-
cating their products and services and providing
them with fresh and exciting options that will
propel their brand to new levels of success
and sustainability. We come full circle as we
assist others in reaching their goals. In doing
so, we broaden our dedication to sustainability
and raise the bar to our own environmental
education, awareness and practices.

Expe rtise

The ability to help companies—large and small—achieve their

business development and marketing goals in a sustainable
way requires unique skill.

Accomplishing this with efficiency begins with

the perspective that in order to grow and
succeed in today’s ultra-cluttered business envi-
ronment, we must strategize, leverage and
synchronize every business opportunity
available. We focus on providing clients with
insightful assessments, fully integrated solutions
and assistance that draws upon a full gamut
of business, marketing, and creative talent for
this new sustainable business climate.

The EDG team of experienced, bright and skillful

designers, copywriters, programmers, project
managers and brand strategists, employs a
“marketing first” development methodology to
meet the unique challenges of every project we
undertake. Before we even dive into the design
process, we first enlist the expertise of our
market and brand strategist, a multi-disciplined
business development consultant with hands-
on expertise in both high-profile and start-up
consumer packaged goods, lifestyle brands,
and service organizations. Grounded in strategic
business planning, every project then comes to
life as we move through the creative process.
Marketing Strategy
• Sustainable branding and corporate identity,
vision and mission architectures
• Product positioning, value proposition
• Integrated traditional and new media
marketing communications
• Sales channel evaluation and development
• SEM and SEO tactics and implementation

Business Planning/Market Analysis

• Development, writing of strategic investor-
grade business/marketing plans
• Identification of new and attractive market,
channel segments and targets
• Comprehensive internal business analyses
• Business growth assessments and planning
• Assessment of macro environmental trends

Project Management
• Translating ideas into tactical, actionable
marketing and project plans
• Administration, art direction, design from
concept through completion and coordina-
tion with domestic and global vendors
• Project budget and timeline development

For over three decades, our ever-expanding DES IG N PRO C ES S
knowledge and training has resulted in success-
ful visual identity systems, brand campaigns,
corporate collateral, interactive media, web
sites and retail product packaging developed
for our diverse clientele. Our client partners
seek us out from all sectors, from public to
private, local to global, fortune 500 to those
launching a new enterprise. Our goal is to assist
individuals and companies in identifying their
target markets, articulating their messages,
establishing their identities and brands, enhanc-
ing their products and services, and launching
them to new levels of success and sustainability.

At EDG we have assembled a diverse and remarkable team of

professionals who passionately and creatively execute each design
solution, always keeping the established business objectives and
strategic planning in the forefront of the design process.

We produce highly conceptual and creative

solutions by listening closely to our clients’
visions, values, and criteria. With our collective
energies and talents, we stretch far beyond
the ordinary to deliver innovative design
solutions that endure. We not only create highly
imaginative and sustainable branding solutions,
we develop long-lasting, mutually beneficial
working relationships in the process.
Vertical market development strategies for
technology retail initiatives
C L I ENT SE CT ORs Epson America, EthnoNotes, Apple Computers,
Boost Mobile, Broadband Digital, FirstSpot
The following
Breakthrough educational branding/market
represents a
positioning, for profit and not-for-profits
partial listing
Vistamar School, Westside Neighborhood
of our clients.
School, CBSG, Marineland of the Pacific (sold to
For a more
SeaWorld), The Shoah Foundation, UCLA, The
extensive list,
Eras Center, Pacific McGeorge School of Law
please visit us
on our web site. Merchandising concept, branding and pen-
etration in specialty and mass market retail
Day Runner and Day-Timer (ACCO), Crayola,
Kensington, Disney Consumer Products, Kaulua
Hawaiian Chocolate, Seiko Instruments

Traditional and digital photo albums,

books, digital design and printing
Avery Dennison, UltraPRO, Graphaids, Igniting
Inspiration, Andresen Digital, Rembrandt

Licensed images applied to new categories

Disney, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Fox, MGM
and Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Saban
Entertainment, Mattel Toys, Small World Toys

Mainstream positioning for complementary

fitness, sports, and wellness brands
Nike, Yoga Fit, AIM Sports Medicine, Razor, KR
Fitness/Golf, SmartSpine, Mad Dog Athletics,
New England Patriots, Marina Physical Therapy

Branded product opportunities in ‘lifestyle’

Body Glove, Vuarnet, Estyle, Pepsi, Blue Note
Records, Wet Seal, Luna Roasters, Club Disney

Business strategies for high-growth

entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups
Dinner Studio, Stander Medical, Vinoteque,
Icebox, GreenJoy, Now Café, Rocamojo

”I am in great appreciation of the outstanding work you have done for us in

designing our brand identity and corporate brochure. You were able to deal
with our internal design committee and their diverse opinions. Your ability
to face this difficult project and achieve our objectives is indicative of the
creative and high quality work you produce. Your integrity, experience, and
professionalism helped formulate an excellent result and working relationship.“
—Thomas Spear, President, Property Management Associates

”The pieces you designed for us communicate a valuing imagination and a

commitment to excellence in the immediate impression they offer. The design
work and flexible but well-grounded style guide you provided established
the basis for a signature look allowing us to leverage with each new publication
the image and awareness of our brand identity. The approach for designing
inserts for regularly changing information has enabled us to maintain ‘the look’
in a cost-effective way.“
—Jim Buckheit, Head of School, Vistamar School

”I recall with great clarity how you and your team invested painstaking efforts
to ask insightful questions, to listen, to understand our journey, to identify
with our culture, to discern our needs. As an entrepreneurial company,
we almost immediately perceived our relationship as one as partners,
collaborating together for a single common goal. Your masterful work has laid
a firm foundation upon which multiple generations of solutions and products
can be based. We have and will continue to point all that yearn for creative
and ingenious and sustainable branding to EDG.“
—Tom Ramey, President/CEO Vu Ryte, Inc.
“I used to think that my
job didn’t have anything
to do with the environment.
Then I realized that my
job, as well as everyone
else’s job, impacts the
environment in some way.
And now advocating for
sustainability has become
my No. 1 responsibility.”
— Ray Anderson
4445 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
310 204 1995


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