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Annual Report

August 24, 2013

Message from the Board Chair

Looking back after 10 years
What a decade! Ten years contributing on the Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Board and one surely is witness to a lot of change. I remember my first Board meeting where the redevelopment project was an agenda item. Now, its a reality with an end in sight. The focus of the Board then was on day-to-day operations. Today, the future holds our gaze and growth guides our decisionmaking. Concerns then were about keeping the lights on and now discussion is directed to policy and community development. Progress and strategic change does not happen without the efforts of a strong group of individuals working together as one. This teamwork is the hallmark of your Community Board. There are always challenges and setbacks along the way. But with a clear vision and commitment to succeed, any and all goals are possible. I would like to thank my fellow Board members for their continued dedication and I welcome the new members of the Board. Much work is still to be done as we plan the move back to 7th and Vine, foster our relationship with funding sponsors, local businesses and support staff in the delivery of our services and programs. The efforts of the Board are meaningless without the support of dedicated staff. At Kits Neighbourhood House, we are truly blessed with the best staff who are always eager to embrace challenges, take the lead on new initiatives and who always look after our members and neighbours with a spirit of care and generosity. This ensures the highest level of excellence in the delivery of programs and services. Finally, we look forward to continuing our work together with staff and patrons to reach a successful completion of the redevelopment project and a move back to our home at 7th and Vine. Our goal remains steadfast: ensuring our programs serve all in our neighbourhood and doing our part to help the Westside remain a thriving, healthy, safe and vibrant community for everyone. Sincerely, Andrew Lyons

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting community needs, cultivating a sense of belonging and connection to community for residents of Vancouvers Westside.
Our Vision
Vancouvers Westside is a safe, healthy and vibrant community where everyone thrives.

Our Statement of Diversity

We are children, youth, adults and seniors of all races, all religions, all cultures, all abilities and all economic levels. We speak many languages. We are men and women of all sexual orientations. We value diversity. We endeavor to reflect the diversity of our neighbourhoods in our membership, our Boards of Management, our volunteers and our staff.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to strengthening our community through leadership, collaboration and opportunity.

We expect that all who come to our House, all those who provide or receive services, will extend the same respect to all those they meet here.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Greetings from the Executive Director

According to Jimmy Johnson, The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. Kits House staff, Board and volunteers absolutely have that little extra and it really showed this year. Guided by our strategic directions that are outlined in our 2007 Strategic Plan, Kits House reached some key milestones this year: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House began the final stage of the redevelopment of our 7th and Vine site with a scheduled completion date of August 2014; Capital funding for the Kits House redevelopment was confirmed by the provincial government; Board and staff developed and implemented the Help Build the Heart of Our Community campaign with a goal of raising the remaining $ 1.7 million for the renewal of Kits House; At a staff level, small-scale fundraising projects are underway that will build operational fundraising knowledge, skills and confidence. In the long term, this will diversify our funding base and increase our ability to respond to community identified needs; The affordable seniors housing project, Linden Tree Place, was completed; people have moved in and much work has been done to build community within the building; The marketing and communications plan to increase awareness of Kits House and its role in the community was created and implemented; Staff training and development was provided to further embed community development practices in our organization; Kits House continues to move forward on a new development project located in Arbutus Ridge to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and underserved neighbourhood in our catchment area.

To the Board, staff, volunteers and participants, thank you for your never-ending gifts of time and care.

While all that was being accomplished, Kits House was able to maintain all of its existing programs and take on a few new initiatives including the Westside Youth Plan Alliance, the Writing Histories Project, the Neighbourhood Connections initiative, the Community Kitchens programs, the Seniors Art Program and 22 Greenest City Neighbourhood Small Grants, to name a few. When all was said and done, 3,622 different people connected with Kits House with a total of 31,179 visits. To the Board, staff, volunteers and participants, thank you for your never-ending gifts of time and care. Sincerely, Catherine Leach

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Good Neighbour Awards 2012

Youth Good Neighbour Award: Jordan Chiu
Jordan has been involved with Kits House since 2009. He has been an invaluable administrative volunteer, coming in on a weekly basis to input volunteer hours, update volunteer files and manage our database. Jordan has also created an array of creative projects for us, ranging from YouTube videos to PowerPoint presentations, which have been used at community events. He currently sits on the Neighbourhood Small Grants Resident Committee.

Youth Bursary: Tamara Ling

We are pleased to announce the award recipient of the Alexandra Foundation Bursary from Kits House: Tamara Ling. Tamara first came to Kits House as a student in the Youth Volunteer Skills Program five years ago. Since then she has volunteered and worked with the Neighbourhood House in many areas including front desk, administration, special events and as a representative of the Neighbourhood Small Grants Resident Committee. Tamara attends the University of British Columbia in the Arts Faculty and continues to be actively engaged at Kits House.

Corporate Good Neighbour Award: Marty Pospischil Real Estate Team

Since 2007, Pospischil Real Estate Team has provided an annual financial gift. In 2011, Martys gift allowed Kits House to provide 20 hours of one-to-one peer counselling for homebound seniors living on the Westside of Vancouver. Martys team has also sponsored the annual Pumpkin Patch at the Autumn Fair (2007-2010) and the kids 1960s zone at the Kits House Celebration in 2011. His contributions are greatly admired and instrumental to the work of Kits Neighbourhood House.

Neighbourhood House Good Neighbour Award: Wen Ling Chang

Wen Participated in our 2010 Family Peer Support Training and has been involved with Kits House ever since. She volunteers on a weekly basis at the UBC Parents n Tots Drop-in where she facilitates story time in Mandarin. Her assistance has helped build stronger relationships with Chinese grandparents who are isolated due to language barriers. Wen also helped launch our first annual Kits in the Park summer program and coordinate an ESL Cooking and Baking Group through Neighbourhood Small Grants program; she currently runs an Art Exploration program for newcomer pre-teens.

I have been volunteering for Kits House for almost 4 years now and I havent found a place that really fosters diversity and encourages participation as much as this place does. - Kits House volunteer

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Learning, Volunteering and Sharing Wisdom

Community Kitchen
In the beginning, there were participants from the Westside: some people who were already volunteering at Kits House, some older participants, younger participants, and people from different parts of the world. Through running the community kitchen, I had to learn to be more flexible. I cant go in with one thing in mind and expect that its going to happen. I am learning how to go with the flow of the circumstances, how to be a bit more hands off but still be a support. The difference now [with the new sessions at Steeves Manor] is I am asking the group over dinner if anyone has something they want to show us to cook the next time: a favourite recipe or traditional dish. I think the community kitchen is more successful because of it. Again and again, people walk by and when they see us cooking we ask if they are interested. We have the capacity to be able to draw them in right then and there, Would you like to join us? we ask, followed by, Do you have a favourite dish you want to show us how to make next time? Its like a domino effect; there is always room for someone else to join and they get engaged enough to come next time. Thats the fun part for me and thats how its unfolded since we moved to Steeves Manor. Its no longer a matter of me saying what to cook, but asking what people want to share.

Supporting food security, capacity building and community connections, this year saw the transition of a volunteer-led community kitchen from St. Marks Church to Steeves Manor. Elaine, who started the community kitchen after attending a potluck in January 2012, describes her experiences of community building:

Expressive Art Group: Newcomer Pre-teens

Lets communicate through pencils, pastels, markers, photo collages, papers, clay, and various art materials if we couldnt find a right word to express how we feel. - Wen Ling Chang, Art Group facilitator The Expressive Art Group was designed to help newcomer pre-teens express their feelings about being a newcomer to Canada; feel a sense of belonging and connectedness with other participants; realize that they are not alone; support one another and build self-confidence. Many parents found the parent information session very helpful. Parents were excited to learn how to understand their childrens emotions better through art. More than 60% of parents agreed, and the other 40% strongly agreed that their understanding of their childs emotions had increased. As a result of the program, more than 86% of parents felt that their ability to communicate with their child had improved. The art exhibition and celebration party was a big success. All the parents came for the celebration, and some parents even invited other family members and friends. Parents and pre-teens were all very proud of their accomplishments.

Parents shared observations and changes they noticed in their children before and after participating in the program: An increased number of parents, from 33% to 80% after the program, strongly agreed that their children felt happy being a newcomer in Canada; 13% of parents strongly agreed that their children could express their feelings through words or art, compared to 60% after participating in the program; Self-confidence increased in all children as a result of participating in the program.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Leadership, Collaboration and Opportunity

Linden Tree Place

In June of 2012, Kits House opened Linden Tree Place, a 30 unit accessible and affordable housing complex, located in the heart of Kitsilano on the corner of 8th Avenue and Vine Street. Linden Tree Place is a vibrant community of older adults and seniors who enjoy sharing their skills, ideas, time and enthusiasm for Kits House, their neighbours and their community. On January 31st, 2013 twenty two residents from Linden Tree Place came together for an evening of visioning and dialogue called Our Village. Our Voice. The visioning session came alive with ideas, sharing and lots of positive energy. Residents shared their priorities for creating a vibrant village and ways in which each resident can contribute. Looking into the future, residents felt strongly that community grows over time. By getting to know each other, being open and sharing, residents will build a vibrant village at Linden Tree Place that is supportive, active, eco-conscious, and one big family. Residents who were once feeling isolated, discriminated against, homeless, struggling to keep up with rising rental costs, and/or stressed about their ability to age in place due to changing health and accessibility needs, are now feeling at home and building community by actively connecting with each other, sharing their skills and support, as well as advocating for the diverse needs of their neighbours.

Some examples of resident-led initiatives include: Roof Top Garden - A group of 16 residents came together to plan, build and grow a beautiful vegetable, herb and flower garden on the roof at Linden Tree Place. Thanks to two successful Neighbourhood Small Grants, the group has improved accessibility, built cold frames, purchased necessary gardening equipment, and created a welcoming green space for all residents to enjoy. Art Group - A group of 10 residents have participated in two nine-week art programs, facilitated by Artists in Our Midst. Residents have created an impressive collection of art using a variety of techniques and materials, and hosted two art shows. The next step will be to apply for funding and organize a permanent art display throughout Linden Tree Place. Meditation Circle - Led by a resident who is well versed in meditation, a group of 6-8 residents get together weekly to meditate and share relaxation strategies. Important conversations, peer support, relationships and activities have grown out of this initiative. Other groups - Building and Safety Committee, Social Committee, Games and Movie Nights, and Potluck Parties.

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Leadership, Collaboration and Opportunity

English Conversation Circles
This year, nine English Conversation Circles (ECCs) run by volunteers engaged 33 English language learners. These community-based informal learning opportunities support language development, community connections and intercultural exchange. Learning and connections were strengthened through regular celebrations, an ESL book club hosted by the library and involvement in other Neighbourhood House activities. Community Partners, Kitsilano Public Library and Point Grey Community Church, hosted circles and supported volunteers and learners. ECCs have become an entry point for many participants into Neighbourhood House activities. Participants and volunteers have connected, received support and given back to their community. For example, Janice first attended ECCs after her son participating encouraged her to attend. Both of her children were volunteers at Kits House and her son Prince participated in the Youth Leadership Program. Janice joined an ECC and later became a volunteer at the Seniors Resource Centre in October 2012 to practice her English. In December, Janice joined the Knitting Circle that was running at running at the Resource Centre. Enjoying the new connections, Janice invited friends and now the circle has grown from eight to 20 volunteers. Some of the participants were taught the basics by seniors and the new participants are now making scarves and dolls. It is wonderful to observe this vibrant group share knowledge, food and conversation.

Youth Leadership Program

Putting their leadership skills and strengths to practice, Youth Leadership participants organized an Intergenerational Social for the residents at Linden Tree Place. With a few hours dedicated to putting their group project together, the youth hosted a lovely afternoon which included an ice-breaker activity, home-made Jeopardy and prizes, live music and some healthy snacks. There was one senior couple, who only speak Cantonese and no English. As many of our youth speak and write Mandarin the couple was still able to participate thanks to a youth who would translate the question for them in writing. The couple seemed very grateful to be able to participate and would wave and smile when they got the answer right. Youth Leadership participants were able to practice working together as a team, planning and hosting an event and facilitating people through the afternoon. One youth noted, We planned an activity with seniors which I have never done before.... [we learned] how community needs everyone to contribute...[and] that if everyone contributes to the community it will be better.
Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013 7

The Kits House Youth Leadership Program engages youth in both the theory and practice of community leadership combining workshops on a series of pressing local social and environmental issues, 15 hours of volunteer work, and a team intergenerational project.

Partners 2012-2013
BC Housing Canadian Diabetes Association City of Vancouver Decoda Literacy Solutions Direct Access Gaming Government of Canada Human Resources Development Canada Ministry of Children and Family Development Ministry of Housing and Social Development Open Doors to Learning SMART Fund United Way Vancouver Foundation Welcome BC Individual donations

Organizations that worked with Kits House in 2013 to strengthen our community through leadership, collaboration and opportunity
Aphrodites Cafe Artists in Our Midst Banyen Books & Sound Battered Womens Support Services BC Association of Community Response Networks BC Association of Family Resource Programs - Family Resource Practitioner Program BC Centre of Elder Advocacy and Support BC Housing BC Womens Hospital and Health Centre Beyond Bread Capilano University - Community Capacity Building Program Council of Seniors Citizens Organization David Hunter Garden Centre - Broadway & Trafalgar Developmental Disabilities Association Downtown Eastside Studio Society Fresh Choice Kitchens Fruit and Veggie Deal Greater Vancouver Food Bank Heart of Belonging Heart Attack on Vine Kerrisdale Seniors Centre Kidsbooks Kids Upfront Kitsilano 4th Avenue Business Association Kitsilano Chamber of Commerce Kitsilano Community Centre Jewish Family Services Langara College - Social Work and Business Leading to Learning Maple Crest Apartments - Shalom Branch #178 of the Royal Canadian Legion Maple Leaf Self-Storage MarketPlace IGA - 4th Avenue & Collingwood and Broadway & Vine Mount Saint Joseph Hospital Norton Commons Pacific Gateway ESL College PALS Autism School Pharmasave - 4th Avenue & Alma Planted Community Food Network Point Grey Community Church/Church at the Hollywood Roots Pharmacy Simon Fraser University - Centre for Sustainable Community Development Society Promoting Environmental Conservation South Granville Seniors Centre Spinal Cord Injury BC Starbucks St. Marks Anglican Church - Kitsilano SUCCESS University of British Columbia Acadia Park Commons Block Arts Internship Program School of Community and Regional Planning Community Learning Initiative Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice Immigrant Ethnographic Field School Faculty of Law School of Nursing Old Barn Community Centre - University Neighbourhoods Association Department of Psychology Vancouver Coastal Health Vancouver Fruit Tree Project Society Vancouver General Hospital Vancouver Literacy Support Table Vancouver Community Policing Centre - Kitsilano Vancouver Public Libraries - Kitsilano, Point Grey Vancouver School Board - Settlement Workers in Schools Village Vancouver Westside Family Place Whole Foods Market - 4th Avenue & Vine West Broadway Business Improvement Association

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Staff 2012-2013

Executive Director
Catherine Leach

Family Programs
Roya Bardshiry - Family Resource Practitioner Patricia Paz - Family Outreach Worker Sandra Petrozzi - Manager of Family Programs Nikki Wrankmore - Family Support Worker

Roya Bardshiry - Front Desk Administration Worker Erica Booth - Front Desk and Support Worker Kendal Gerus - Front Desk and Support Worker Paul Riley - Operations Manager Karen Tennant - Front Desk Administration Worker

Community Programs
Zsuzsi Fodor - Community Programmer and Westside Food Collaborative Emily Palmer - Director of Community Programs Julie Rieter - Volunteer Programmer and Fund Developer

Childcare Programs
Marie-Claire Bergman - Assistant Preschool Teacher Linda Cheng - Preschool and LCM Assistant- on call Lindsay Cook - LCM Assistant and OSC Assistant-on-call Barbara Corbin - Preschool Teacher Lindsay Fraser - LCM Assistant Rachelle Gauthier - Childcare Supervisor Anthony Holloway - OSC Assistant Carolyn Major - OSC and LCM Assistant Angelo Moroni - OSC Assistant Supervisor Nicolas Narvaez - OSC Assistant Supervisor Kathleen Saxon - OSC & LCM Assistant-on-call Tracy Thomas - OSC and LCM Assistant-on-call Munisha Tumato - OSC Assistant Angela Viragh - OSC Assistant Maya Yoshime - OSC & LCM Assistant-on-call

Seniors Programs
Erica Booth - Seniors Links Programmer Louisa Brunke - Senior Outreach Assistant Taylor Macdougall - Seniors & Community Programmer Sandra Petrozzi - Manager of Seniors Programs Eleonore Tremblay - Seniors Peer Counselling, Seniors Links & Outreach Programmer Julie Wall - Linden Tree Place Housing Representative Nikki Wrankmore - Site Support Worker, Linden Tree Place

I am about to have a second child and found it very difficult, nay, impossible to find flexible daycare in the Kitsilano area for my 2 year old son, so was thrilled to discover Bumbletree. He has been at Bumbletree for 2 months now and is thriving. I have really noticed the difference in him in such a short period of time, gaining independence and self confidence by spending time away from me and being in a nurturing environment. - Childcare parent

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Community Board 2012-2013

Andrew Lyons - Chair Kataneh Sherkat - Vice-Chair Penny Noble - Fundraising Chair Alessandra Morzan - Secretary Brita Cloghesy-Devereux - Board member Erik MacKinnon - Board member Jon Hoyles - Board member Mischa Zajtmann - Board member Niveria Oliveira - Board member Tamara Little - Board member


Year ended March 31, 2013

REVENUES Interest and Investment Income Province of BC BC Housing for Redevelopment Capital Costs BC Housing for Redevelopment Other Costs United Way City of Vancouver Gaming Earned Income Donations and Fundraising Other Contributions and Miscellaneous $

2013 12,110 235,881 533,345 120,345 90,745 104,215 70,000 339,927 16,243 90,956 $1,613,857

EXPENSES Salaries and Benefits Building Occupancy Office Expenses Purchased Services and Subcontracts Program, Food and Transportation Other Expenses Capital Expenses

643,450 158,998 34,859 105,336 77,798 25,193 533,345 $1,582,324 $ 31,553

TOTAL EXPENSES Operating Surplus (Deficit)

10 Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Programs 2012-2013

Bumbletree (4th and Highbury location) Dunbar Kids Club: Out of School Care (Dunbar location) Kitsilano Kids Club: Kindercare and Out of School Care Kits House Seniors Advisory Committee Steeves Manor Community Resource Centre Kits House Seniors Resource Centre Seniors Art Program Seniors Information and Referral Program Seniors for Seniors Project

Family Programs:
Family Peer Support Volunteer Training Co-parenting: Putting Kids First Program Family Out-trips and Cultural Events Family Nights Multicultural Family Resource Fair UBC Parent and Tot Drop-in Parents n Tots Drop-in Program Multicultural Womens Support Program Family Camp Weekend Mama & Papa Goose Program Neighbourhood Connections Project In-House Family Support Worker Nobodys Perfect Parenting Program My Tween and Me Parenting Program Kids Up Front - Entertainment Tickets Intergenerational Research Project

Youth and Pre-teen Programs:

Youth Leadership Expressive Arts Program for Newcomer Pre-teens

Networks, Committees and Collaborations:

Westside ECD Hub Westside Food Security Collaborative Westside Youth Networking Table Youth Advisory Committee Westside Newcomers Hub Westside Youth Plan Alliance Westside Community Response Network Vancouver Seniors Service Providers Network

Income Tax Clinic for those on a low income Public Access Computers and Tutorials English Conversation Circles Community Potlucks Information and Referral Neighbourhood Small Grants Welcoming Neighbours Volunteer Training

Seniors Programs:
Seniors Drop-in Programs Seniors Links Program Senior Peer Counselling Program Maple Crest Outreach Project Osteofit Classes Seniors Out-trips Knitting Circle

I absolutely loved coming here on Thursday. It was the highlight of my week. - Senior in Art Program at Linden Tree Place

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013


I love having young people in my house. The students are so friendly and eager to help. If I like something done in a particular way they are always willing to try it. In a way I feel like we mutually help each other. Because I am handicapped I need the physical help, putting things away, helping with the washing and anything else that needs doing; in return I feel like I offer them practical skills that will help them in life. - Seniors Links participant

You do great work with children! Thank you very much. Thank you for all the positive emotions that my daughter [experienced] at this Art Program. She started to draw more and with joy. Thank you. - Parent of Expressive Art Group pre-teen participant

As the poster for this program reads Children dont come with a manual but having this program in the community is a useful resource for young and newcomer parents who dont know what to do and feel overwhelmed easily. - Participant in the Nobodys Perfect program

I dont know what will happen in my near future, I dont know if I am going to stay here forever or if I am going back home but what I do know is that through Kits House programs and staff, I discovered many skills that were hidden inside me and that I can use them to support others and to bring happiness to people. - Participant in the Multicultural Womens Support Program and speaker in the Nobodys Perfect program

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House

Location during redevelopment: 3683 West 4th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6R 1P2 Phone: 604-736-3588 Fax: 604-736-3640
12 Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Annual Report 2013

I would like to thank both staff and volunteers for all that I have learned because of attending the Drop-in. - Participant in the Seniors Drop-in program