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INVITATION FOR THE PARTICIPATION IN ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION This is to inform you that English Language Teachers Association

of India (ELT@I), Vadodara chapter has organized an Essay Writing Competition for the College students. We seek active and creative participation in the competition from your venerated institute. The details of the competition are given below: 1. A participant is to submit an essay not more than 2500 words on any one of the given topics. The topics for the essay writing are: a. Celebrating 67th Independence Day: Are we Really Free? b. Ragging in Educational Institutes: A form of Maltreatment c. Gen-next Philosophy: Yeh Dil Maaange more! d. Professional Skills: Soft skills and Technical Skills 2. The submissions can be in printed or hand-written (with clear and neat handwriting) form. The specifications for printed submission are: Fonts: Times New Roman Font Size: 12, Double space Titles & Topics: 14, Bold 3. Most original, creative and unique essays will be awarded with prize-money (First 2500, Second 2000 & Third 1500) and these essays will be published in EJournal of ELT@I, Vadodara, apart from that, all the participants will get the certificate of participation. 4. All the participations have to be sent through proper channel with a name, Email-id and contact number of a Contact Person from the institute for further communication. 5. The submission should reach us latest by 30th September, 2013. No submissions will be entertained after the stipulated date. 6. The submissions should reach us accompanying the participation form of the candidate attached herewith (The institutions can get the photo copies of the form as per their need). 7. The fees for a submission is 100/-. An institute can have as many participants as they want. For any further query, feel free to visit the website www.eltaivadodara.in or contact any of the contact person mentioned below. Dr. Mandira Sikdar (Ph. 9898387932, Dr. Charul Jain (Ph. 9825340194, Mr. Pushpendra Sinora (Ph. 9624785276, Mr. Pradyuman Raj (Ph. 9426569719, Email: mandirasikdar@navrachana.edu.in) Email: charul_msu@yahoo.co.in) Email:pushpendraoja@gmail.com) Email: pyraj8@rediffmail.com)

Thank you for your co-operation and enthusiastic participation.

ESSAY WRITING COMPETITION - 2013 Organized by English Language Teachers Association of India, Vadodara Chapter
PARTICIPANT INFORMATION SLIP {To be filled in BLOCK LETTERS, duly signed by the participant and securely attached to the essay} Students Name:Date of Birth: Name of the College:City: Phone:Mobile:Year:-

Contact information of the institute:-

Topic: - Tick

Select the topic you have written:-

Celebrating 67th Independence Day: Are we Really Free? Ragging in Educational Institutes: A form of Maltreatment Gen-next Philosophy: Yeh Dil Maaange more! Professional Skills: Soft skills and Technical Skills I hereby declare that I am the sole person who has written this essay. Through the Submission of the Essay, I grant and assign all proprietary rights (including copy-rights) to ELT@I Vadodara Chapter.
Signature of Participant: Name and Signature of Supervisor or Contact Person:-

English Language Teachers Association of India (ELT@I) in an organization of English Language Teachers. English Teachers, both of colleges and schools can become member of the organization and participate in various activities like Workshops, Seminars, Training-programs. The organization also publishes a journal. ELT@I, Vadodara chapter is newly formed branch of ELT@I for the English Language and Literature teacher of Vadodara and surrounding area. The membership is open for anyone interested in English language teaching/learning activities. We have many members from various schools and colleges of the area. Apart from the activities organized by ELT@I, the Vadodara chapter also organizes several such activities; one can find the details of various activities on the website www.eltaivadodara.in. We are eager to participate and support any of your activities related with English language teaching/learning. For any further query, you are invited to visit our website and contact us personally.