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MANDATORY RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR DELEGATES & COLLEGES: Delegates Allowed: Unit Secretary Unit designee Ex-

gnee Ex- Unit Secretary One (1) accompanying Faculty /HOD 40 delegates If any extra faculty ,will be charged 5000/Entry for any extra delegate is strictly not allowed.

Delegation fees: Unit Secretary and One (1) accompanying faculty / HOD - No fee Unit Designee and Ex-Unit secretary Rs800/- per person (Rupees Eight hundred per person) Delegates-Rs1500/(Rupees one thousand five hundred per person) Additional faculty member-Rs5000/(Rupees five thousand only)

Caution money: Caution money deposit : Rs.7000/- (Refundable) In case of any damage to the institute property or if any delegate is found breaking any of the rules, the caution money of that unit will not be refunded.

The U-Sec is required to send a finalized list of participants from his/her unit by September 30th (to usec.met2013@gmail.com), giving details like name, age, eating preferences (Veg/Eggetarian): in separate tables according to their gender (separate lists of males and females). Failing to do it may result in a problem of providing accommodation.

60% of the required total delegation fee is supposed to be submitted to the host college by 30th Of September in the Punjab National Bank -Bank Account Holders Name MET Faculty of Architecture, Moradabad. Bank Account No. (or NEFT/RTGS/E-Payment)- 4070002100008088 Bank IFSC Code - PUNB0407000 And the receipt of payment retained till the registration. The details of transfer should be mailed the same day (to usec.met2013@gmail.com). Note: Any payment after deadline, will result in U-Sec , U-Des and Ex-U-Sec paying the full delegation fee Travel details of the colleges (arrival time and departure time) should be sent by 30th of September (to usec.met2013@gmail.com ) otherwise the college would face a problem in providing the Transportation service. Registration of the units would take place from 13th of October, 12:00pm till 14th of October, 09:00am at the registration desk. The U-Sec and U-Des should be present at the registration desk in between the above mentioned time with the following details: Total requisite amount of money (delegation fee + security deposit). Receipt of the bank transfer of 60% of total delegation fee. Two copies of letters stating the name, post, gender and year of study of the post holders duly attested by HOD/director of the college on the college letter head. List of the full names of the delegates representing the unit with their age and eating preferences (Veg/Eggetarian) in separate tables according to their gender (Separate list for males and females) along with the name and contact number of U-Sec and U-Des. Letter from the HOD/Director of each college, in original, granting permission to participate in ZONASA2013, MET Faculty of Architecture, Moradabad. Two Copies of college/University identity card and 2 passport size photographs of each delegate. A copy of Mandatory rules and regulations for delegation & colleges jointly signed by the U-Sec and U-Des. Music CD for cultural performance as required by the cultural brief.

All the delegates should bring their two photographs (color, passport size) along with them. All the delegates should carry their delegation cards and college I-cards with them all the time during the convention, failing to produce any of them when required will be considered a breach in ZONASA 13 rules and regulation. Each college has to bring at least one Digital Camera and one Laptop. Participants should bring their own stationeries and Instruments wherever required. Accommodation will be provided from 13th October 03:00pm to 17th October 12:00 noon in the Campus premises only. Accommodation once allotted to the delegates will be final, delegates are required to bring their own safety lock for their rooms and also bring their required belongings. Host College will not take responsibility of any personal belongings.

Accommodation for one accompanying Faculty Member per college will be provided by the host college.

Delegates will be provided with mattresses, and they are requested to bring their own bedspread, blankets & locks

Any student of a particular college if found to break any rules, damage any property shall result in total confiscation of their Security Deposit amount.

Host College shall not be responsible for the security of any personal valuable.

No boys are allowed to enter the girls accommodation and vice versa under any circumstances.

No delegates are allowed to move outside the host college premises.

No student is allowed to stay off campus during the duration of the Convention.

Smoking, possession/consumption of alcohol and/or any other drug are strictly prohibited within the campus, during the travel time between the campus to accommodation and in the accommodation area. Food will be provided from morning breakfast of 14th October to dinner of 16th October (including evening snacks). Food will be served at the allotted time as given in the time table (chart that would be provided on 14th of October morning at the registration desk in the host college campus) Transportation would be provided from Moradabad railway station and Moradabad roadways bus stand to the accommodation place. Transportation request from any other place will not be entertained. Transportation request from any other place will not be entertained. The hosts are not responsible for any baggage loss during transportation. The delegates tampering or damaging the transportation vehicle will be fined accordingly. Any misconduct or misbehavior with the bus driver or volunteer escorts wont be to tolerated and the transport will be cancelled. Daily registration will be done by the U-Sec. or U-Des. since the beginning of the day by 09:15am at Event registration desk.

No participant will write their name or reveal the identity of their college in the event entry. Each participant should only write their 'Particular Code Number* (PCN) given by the venue incharges. Host College does not take responsibility of sheets for "Reubens trophy". (Day 1, after lunch pinning up sheets; Day 2, before lunch- Jury; Day 3, after lunch- pinning out sheets). Each college should submit a 'Theme Flag' of size 3ft X 5ft. This 'Theme Flag should not reveal the name of the college. The Flags will NOT be returned to the respective colleges. Lottery for the sequence of cultural performance will take place on 14th of October at the registration desk. The U-Sec/U-D has to be present at the time of the lottery, failing which the sequence will be decided by the host college. All the participating college shall take part in minimum 80% of the events at the convention. The rules and regulation drafted by the hosts pertaining to all the events are final. Participation points will be awarded for all the events which include seminars, workshops & panel discussions No extra time will be given for the delayed entry to the venue. Delegates entering 15 minutes late than the scheduled time of the event will not be allowed to attend that event.

Any delegate found misbehaving or using an unfair means during the event will be disqualified and college will also suffer deduction of marks. Participants are requested to leave the venue after finishing the event.

Presence of delegates in the panel discussions/seminars is mandatory for each college. A maximum of 5 students are required to participate in the panel discussions. For every extra delegate, the college will get an extra point. A maximum of 5 delegates from each college will be allowed to participate in the panel discussions. In each event more than one entry is not acceptable. Exceptions will be informed to the U-Sec / U-Des. Decision of the board of juries will be taken as final. During the event, participants must switch off their mobiles. During the panel discussions, mobile phones should be kept silent. Participants should return the materials provided for the event to the venue in-charge after the events. Participants should stay back at the venue for the events having on-spot jury. But they should not reveal their identity to the jury members. Delegates with medical problems should carry their own medicines and medical certificates and must inform in the registration desk beforehand. U-Sec will not be able to participate in any event as a competitor except Ruebens, whereas U-Des can take part in the events. During any event, any participant is found communicating to other delegate who is not participating will be disqualified from that event. Discipline/ decorum and cleanliness should be maintained in the host college premises. Host College shall not hold any responsibility for any action of the delegates outside the host college premises.

Host College shall not be responsible for the security of any personal valuables. Delegates are requested to cooperate with the security guards in case of an emergency where physical checking of the delegates and their belongings will be compulsory. All the rules are applicable to all the delegates including the accompanying faculty, as per NASA instructions.

Any delegate of a unit failing to follow any of the above rules may result in barring of the unit from participation in any event or non-refund of the caution money and immediate disqualification of the participant(s) or college from the convention. Breach in rules may also result in reducing the NASA membership status of that unit to observers status or completely cancelling the NASA membership.





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