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University of San Carlos School of Law & Governance DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE


September 12, 2013 To From : : PoSc Faculty Members Chair, Department of Political Science

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Examination Date: October 6, 2013 Time: 1:30PM to 3:30PM (2 Hours) Exam Chapter-Coverage / Pointers: (Main Reference: De Leons Textbook on the Philippine Constitution, 2011 Ed. o Preliminaries Basics of Political Science State (Definition, Elements, Origin) Government (Forms, Classification, Critical Junctures of the Government of the Philippines in Transition) Constitution (Definition, Classification, Requisites) Constitution of Government Governmental Principles Separation of Powers Checks and Balances Legislative Power Legislative Mill Parliamentary Immunity (Speech & Arrest) Powers & Functions Incompatible vs. Forbidden Office Session (Kinds) Executive Power Oath of Office Succession Powers and Functions SONA Judicial Power Judicial Review Judicial and Bar Council Period to Decide Cases (Par. 1, Sec. 15, Art. 8, 1987 Phil. Constitution) Rule Making Power (Writ of Habeas Corpus, Writ of Habeas Data, Writ of Amparo) Structure & Composition (Legislative, Executive, Judicial Departments) Page 1 of 3

Term of Office (Legislative, Executive, Judicial Departments) Qualifications (Legislative, Executive, Judicial Departments) Election (Kinds & Schedule) Constitution of Liberty Powers of the State (Basis, Requisites) Police Power Eminent Domain Power to Tax/Taxation Rights (Concept, Classes) Constitutional Rights (Classification) Political Rights Suffrage (Qualifications & Disqualifications) Special Voters (Illiterates, PWDs, OFWs) Political Beliefs Socio Economic Right to Own Property Non-imprisonment for Non-Payment of Debt Civil Rights Due Process (Aspects) Equal Protection of Laws Privacy of Communication & Correspondence Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine Freedom of Speech, Expression, Press, Right Peaceably to Assemble and Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances Religious Freedom Liberty of Abode Right to Travel Right to Information Right to Form Association Rights of an Accused Person Search Warrant (General Rule & Exemptions) Warrant of Arrest (General Rule & Exemptions) Probable Cause Bail Miranda Rights Criminal Due Process of Law Presumption of Innocence Arraignment Speedy, Impartial, Public Trial) Right Against Self-Incrimination Right Against Involuntary Servitude Double Jeopardy (Definition) Ex Post Facto Law Bill of Attainder Constitution of Sovereignty Article 17, 1987 Constitution (Special Bodies, Plebiscite)

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Miscellaneous Articles Preamble (Etymology) Article I: National Territory (Composition) Domains Archipelago Navigable Waters EEZ Article II: Declaration of Principles & State Policies State Principles (Secs. 1-6) State Policies (Secs. 7-8, 10, 12-14, 18, 26-28) Article IV: Citizenship Citizenship (Definition) Kinds Natural Born Naturalized Citizen Repatriation Expatriation Dual Allegiance vs. Dual Citizenship Article IX: Constitutional Commissions Civil Service (Function only) COMELEC (Function only) COA (Function only) Article XI: Accountability of Public Officers Sec 1 Sec 2 (Impeachable Officials and Grounds for Impeachment) Sec 3 (Impeachment Process) Ombudsman (Function Only)

Prepared by,

GRACE C. MAGALZO, MPoSc, LlB. Chair, USC Department of Political Science

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