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Marketing Project

Marketing Project

A New Product
Marketing Plan for King
Car Group

Power Up
Energy Drink

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一、 Introduction Power In (威豹)......................................................................3

二、 Story about King Car...................................................................................3

三、 STP and 4Ps of Power In 威豹(original) ....................................................4

四、 Motivation.....................................................................................................9

五、 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for Power Up .......................10

六、 Product ........................................................................................................15

七、 Price .............................................................................................................17

八、 Place.............................................................................................................18

九、 Promotion ...................................................................................................19

十、 Conclusion ..................................................................................................30

十一、 Reference.....................................................................................................30

Attachment .................................................................................................................32

一、 Introduction Power In (威豹)

Power In is an energy drink that can make people regain power quickly when

they feel tired. Its primary customers are focus on students, office workers and labors.

But we find that young people seldom buy this product, and we think the reason is the

package is so ugly that young people do not put any attention on it. Therefore, we

want to replace its package and make it popular and be favored by young people.

二、 Story about King Car

King Car Industrial Corporation is formed in 中壢 in 1979. Their first product

is ROOT SARS that established the brand name of “King Car”. And in 1982, they

introduce the Mr. Brown Coffee that becomes the leader brand in the canned coffee

market. Afterward they introduce several functional drinks , for example,

mini-Oligo(奧利多),健酪 lactic drink,葡酪 Vitamina, and Power-In (威豹) that focus

on improving people ’s health and get enough energy.

In 1992, King Car formed its second plant in 平鎮. Because the modern people

are always too busy to eat meals, this plant focus on instant foods like instant noodles

and porridge that make busy people convenient to eat something when they are


Later in 1996, King Car formed the third plant in 員山. The plant primarily

produces all kinds of tea drinks like the famous Green Time tea (波爾茶), and Mr.

Brown green tea and black tea. Besides, because of the clean wellspring of 員山, the

bottle water named Green Time Water is also one of their popular products.

King Car persists in managing the product quality strictly so they have got the

certifications of ISO9001 and IS0 14001. And in their future product development

strategy, they plan to produce more and better healthy drinks to make their customers

drink healthily. Figure 1 shows the products of King Car.

Figure 1

三、 STP and 4Ps of Power In 威豹(original)

Market segmentation

King Car Corporation uses undifferentiated marketing for Power In. The

segmented market is energy drink market. The major variables which King Car used

are demographic variables and behavioral variables. King Car chooses occupation for

its demographic variable, occasions as behavioral variables for segmentation. Table 1

below shows the variables respect to each major segmentation variable.

Table 1

Major variables description

Demographic variables

Occupation Students ,office workers and blue collar

Behavioral variables

Occasion When someone feel very tired but he/she

cannot take a rest.

Market targeting

Before target the market, King Car must look at 3 factors: segment size and

growth, segment structural attractiveness, and company objectives and resources.

1. Segment size and growth: In 2005, the energy drinks market in Taiwan was about

billion and gradually increase.

2. Segment structural attractiveness: there are several competitors exist in the

energy drink market such 蠻牛, come best (康貝特), 200P, 活力旺, red bull(紅

牛) and so on. 蠻牛 is the biggest competitor in the market.

3. Company objectives and resources: King Car is the older food and drinks

manufacturer so he has good relationship with the drink distribution channel in

Taiwan. Besides, King Car hopes they can occupy more market share in the

energy drink market.

After targeted the market — energy drink market, King Car focuses on students,

office workers and blue collar for their consumers.

Market positioning

The ingredient s of Power In include taurine (牛磺酸) 1000mg; we can refer it to

competitive advantage. Because when consumer drink Power In which includes

taurine 1000mg (higher than other similar product in the exist market), they can

retrieve energy. The capacity of Power In is 200ml, priced NT$25. The price and

capacity ratio is middle value in the market. But the shape of bottle of Power In is not

so good. The value proposition shows in figure 2. King Car introduced Power In by

offering a comparable quality but at a medium price. We call it the same for the same.

Figure 2

More same Less
More More More
for for the for
More more same less
Benefits The same for
same less

Less less


Power In is not only a consumer product, but also a convenience product.

Because customers won’t consider too much attribute when buy Power In. Besides,

consumers may buy it frequently.

When King Car developed Power In, they already made several product

decisions: product attributes, branding, packaging, labeling, product support services.

Table 2 below shows the description respect to each other.

Table 2

Product decision Description

Product attributes Power In can retrieve energy that is the

most important feature. The ingredients

of Power In are 菸鹼醯胺,soda water,

granulated sugar, 蘋果濃縮汁, 檸檬酸,

檸檬酸鈉, 肌醇, 瓜拿納抽出物, 牛磺

酸, 香料, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B6

Branding Obviously, you can easily associate 威

豹 with power and a man who is full of


Packaging To protect the ingredients (such as

vitamin C) from light, the company must

package Power In with brown bottle.

Labeling The label which attached to the bottle is

a strong leopard.

Product-support service such as 0800 customer free call


When King Car sets a price for Power In, they consider some factors which can

influence the decision. The internal factor is marketing objective. Entering the energy

drink market is the major marketing objective, so King Car cannot set a high price for

Power In. The energy drink market is somewhat like a pure competitive market. In

this market you cannot set the price by yourself, you must consider the demand and

supply (the other competitors). Most of the existing product in the energy drink

market is priced NT$20~NT$30.

Apparently, King Car set the price for Power In based on the prices that

competitors charge for similar products. So Power In is priced NT$25.


King Car still sells Power In via conventional distribution channel. The retailers

include Carrefour, Giant, RT mart, supermarkets and convenience stores. Besides,

they also distribute the Power In via some kiosks and the vending machines at school.


Since the target market for Power In is students and office workers. At the

begging, King Car promoted Power In by distributing samples in the rest area near the

highway and cram school. They want to penetrate the energy drink market by

distributing free samples for Power In. They hope the consumer will like the product

after they drink the sample. Besides, King Car sponsors a billiards game and names

the game “Power In Super Cup ”(威豹超級盃). King Car also sets outdoors for Power

In at cross-street.

四、 Motivation

According to the reports, consumers may choose energy drinks instead of

beverages with caffeine. The reports point out those energy drinks may replace

caffeine. Moreover, the sales of energy drinks are increasing a lot around the world.

More and more competitors entered and shared the market. Therefore, we would like

to research into energy drinks market in Taiwan. After comparison, we select Power

In of King Car Company among many kinds of energy drinks.

People have bad impression on energy drinks because it smells and tastes as

liquid medicine. Unlike others, Power In has good smell and taste as well as soda. The

idea they want to transmit on TV commercial is also special. But we think the

packaging and Chinese name called “威豹”of Power In does not appeal to target

consumers, students and white collar, as TV commercial shows. For that reason, we

would like to maintain the original Power In for blue collar and develop new version,

“Power Up ”, for students and white collar. As we mentioned, Power In has good smell

and taste. We will use the same ingredients in Power Up with fashionable and modern

appearance. However, we confirm that Power Up will bring consumers surprising and

whole new feelings.

五、 Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning for Power Up


There are four major segmentation variables for consumer markets. We use

demographic and behavioral variables to segment our consumer markets for Power


1. Demographic Segmentation-Because consumer needs, wants, and usage rates

often vary closely with demographic variables, we use age and occupation to

divide our consumer markets.

(1) Age: Companies offer different products or use different marketing

approaches in different life-cycle groups because consumers have different

needs and wants in different life-cycle stages. Therefore, we use age

segmentation to divide our market.

(2) Occupation: People with different occupation have different needs and

wants. Therefore, excepting age variable, we also use occupation to divide

our market.

2. Behavioral Segmentation-Behavioral segmentation divides buyers into groups

based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses, or responses to a product. In this section,

we use occasion variable to divide the buyer markets. This is because buyers can

be divided into groups according to occasions on which they want to buy a


Therefore, in order to identify a smaller and more specific-defined target market, we

use multiple variables- age, occupation, and occasions-to segment the consumer

markets for Power Up.


According to segmentation, the target market for Power Up focuses on those

people whose ages are between 16 and 35 years old. Besides, their occupations are

almost students and office workers. In addition, for occasional segmentation, we

target at those people who feel tired and do not have time to take a break. Because

students need to spend a lot of time and energy on lessons and office workers need to

handle many affairs, they feel tired more easily than others. Therefore, they need

Power Up to rebuild their energy. Besides, energy drinks often give consumers an

image: that’s for labors to drink. So, we want to create a new image for Power Up and

choose this group as our target market.

The marketing strategy what we use is differentiated marketing. This is because

we decide to develop different products for different markets. The target market for

the original product (Power In) supposes to focus on blue-collar class (working class)

due to the image it gives. Therefore, King Car should promote Power In to the labors

since after Power Up is launched in the near future. Consequently, the target market

for the new product (Power Up) will focus on students and white-collar class

(employees, office workers), and those people who feel tired or need something to get

more energy. Table 3 below shows different products with different target market.

Table 3

Product Target market

Power In Labors (Blue-collar class)

Power Up Students and office workers (white-collar class)


We use two dimensions to show consumer perceptions of Power Up versus other

energy drinks. One dimension is price. The other one is appearance (i.e. product

feature-packaging, bottle shape… ) (original versus novelty). Besides, we divide those

products into two groups according to products’ launching time in Taiwan.

“★”refers to new products which launching time is from January, 2005 to now.

“? ”refers to old products which launching time is before 2005.

Therefore, figure 3 shows the positioning map for Power Up.

Figure 3


60 Red Bull




活力旺 Power In
Power Up

康貝特 200P 蠻牛(舊)
Original Novelty

From this positioning map, though the price ($25) of Power Up is more

expensive than most energy drinks ($20), we think a $5 gap is not a lot comparing to

Red Bull. Besides, the appearance of Power Up is the most novel than others.

Therefore, we see Power Up with novel, fashionable and modern appearance as our

competitive advantage.

Because there are many energy drinks existed in this market, such as 蠻牛,

come best (康貝特), red bull(紅牛) and so on, we try to position Power Up as a

energy drink which the young people like to drink most, in order to attract our target

market. We want to give consumers an image: What the young drink is what I want to

drink. Besides, the appearance of Power Up is very different from other energy drinks.

The bottle which is like a beaker and the label is colorful and full of fun. Therefore,

we see Power Up with novel, fashionable and modern appearance as the biggest

competitive advantage. In addition, the special flavor like the ice cream soda is also a

competitive advantage for Power Up. And, the ingredients of Power Up include

taurine 1000mg which is more than other energy drinks, so we can also refer it to our

competitive advantage. Therefore, the positioning strategy for King Car to introduce

Power Up into the market is more for the same . Figure 4 below shows the

positioning strategy.

Figure 4

More same Less

More More More

for for the for
more same less

The same
Benefits for

Less for

六、 Product

Our product, “Power Up ” is a new product of the King Car Group. We redesign

the appearance and the image of the original Power In. Power Up deeps the depth of

energy drink of King Car. Power Up falls into convenient product. It is because the

customer usually buys the product frequently and immediately. Following, I will

introduce the taste, appearance, and ingredient of Power Up.

1. Taste: The taste is like the ice cream soda.

2. Appearance: We design the bottle which is like a beaker, and the label is very

colorful and full of fun, in order to attract young market. There are four style

labels which are 1.fight, 2.go ahead, 3.don’t fall, and 4.hold on. The bottle ’s

color of Power Up is designed with brown color. The One bottle is 200ml. Figure

5 below is the appearance of Power Up.

Figure 5

3. Ingredient:

l “Taurine” is a conditionally essential amino acid which can balance the

human’s body. There is 1000mg taurine in Power Up. The 1000mg taurine is

the highest content in the energy drink market.

l Sixth vitamins: B1, B2, B6, c.

l “Caffeine” has a function to improve energy reaction speed.

l 碳酸水、砂糖、蘋果濃縮汁、檸檬酸、檸檬酸鈉、瓜拿納抽出物、香料

Table 4 below shows the description respect to each other.

Table 4

Product decision Description

Product attributes Power up could brace up people’s spirits

and its colorful design creates a young

image and makes people feel young

when they drink Power Up.

Branding King Car company has a long history of

producing drinks. Besides, power up has

younger appearance than others to attract

young people to buy it.

Packaging To protect the ingredients (such as

vitamin C) from light, the bottle’s color

of Power Up is designed brown color.

Power Up also has a special shape of the


Labeling The label is fashion and cool. There are

four style labels to make people feel


Product-support service Because Power Up is just a drink, so the

company didn’t provide any

product-support service.

七、 Price


Pricing which is affected by internal and external factors is an important step of

marketing. However, we decide to price our new product “Power Up ” by value-based

pricing and competition-based pricing. As you know, the freshener “Power Up ” is

unique to the market, so we consider not only the value that consumers identify but

also the price of competitions.

According to competitions, the average price of energy drinks may be about

NT$20/200ml. On the other hand, the special taste and fashionable image will provide

customers different experiences of energy drinks. Above all, we price the “Power Up ”

as NT$25/200ml.

Value-based pricing Competition-based pricing

NEW* Version-
Power UP

The sales of energy drinks is about 25 hundred million dollars a year, and 蠻牛

occupied sixty percent of market share. However, we expect new version-Power Up

will obtain about thirty percent of market share in next year. After calculating, we may

obtain 7.5 hundred million dollars. According to the profit we expect, we can plan the

expenditure as follow.

Table 5

Item Expenditure(Million NT$)

Materials 75

R&D 10

Channels 15

Promotion 90

Total Expenditure of marketing=75+10+15+90=190 million dollars

Profit=750-190=560 million dollars

八、 Place

1. Slot machine: to locate at school, cram school, and companies.

2. Convenience store: 7-11, family store, Hi- Life store, OK store, and 福客多.

3. Super market: 全聯 and wellcome.

4. Wholesaler: Carrefour, Giant, RT-Mart.

Slot machine and convenience stores are the main distribution of Power Up. The

original Power In will lower shelf from slot machine of school and cram school, and

Power Up will fill the vacant positions.

九、 Promotion
Promotion Mix
Once when the product is ready for the market, the price is set and distribution

has also been arranged, it is time to tell your consumer what the great arts you have

done for them and here comes to the most “front office” work- to communicate with

your customer: to inform, persuade, or remind them of what your product is, how

much and where to buy it. There are five communication tools in promotion mix

including advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation, and direct

marketing. When deciding which communication tools to use, it may depend on the

factors such as the nature of the product, the stage in the product life cyc le, target

market characteristics, consumers’ buying decisions, and what kinds of strategy (pull

or push) to use. By scanning those factors, a firm may be able to know which

communication tools should be use in when and how so that the promotion will

effectively reach the targets and allocate the firm’s resource and capability properly.

Therefore, we firstly analyze the profile of factor consideration and then explain the

reason why the tools we choose are suitable for promoting Power Up.

Table 6 Profile of Factors consideration for choosing promotion tools

Table 6
Factors Power Up energy drink (NT$ 25)
16-35 years old, students, office workers, people
who are tired and need some refreshment
The nature of the product Consumer goods
Product life cycle Introductory
Target market characteristics Potential customers that are hard to locate, Internet
users, MRT or bus commuters, working overtime,
need to stay up at night… etc.
Consumers’buying decision Routine decision
Strategy Pull Strategy
According to the table shown above, we decide to use adverting, sales promotion,

and public relationship as our major communication tools and personal selling as

supportive tool. First of all, Power Up belongs to the category of consumer products

which means our consumers are the end users that distributed anywhere in this Island,

so it is better to use advertising to mass broadcast to our targets. Besides, with NT$ 25

per unit, the inexpensive product can not support the cost for personal selling. Second,

though the content of Power Up is almost the same as Power In, with target on

different consumers, with different position, it has its whole new life cycle. For that,

we need to start from getting customers’ attention and create awareness first. The

most effective way would be advertising since “For anybody introducing anything

who has to lasso audience in a hurry- a new product, a new campaign, a new movie-

the networks are still the biggest show in town, ” stated by a media service executive.

Meanwhile, we may also use sales promotion to induce trial and personal selling to

obtain distribution. Third, due to the fact that our target customer characteristics are

full of variety, the quickest way to reach them is to use advertising. Another reason is

that potential customers are hard to locate, so it is costly can even difficult to reach

them by personal selling or direct marketing. Fourth, compare with complex buying

decision that requires consumers’high involvement for a product, Power Up is seen as

convenient product with low price. Customers may buy it right away when they are

tired or they need it, just like buying coffee or soft drinks. Therefore, such routine

buying decisions only needs advertisement and sales promotion to call attention to the

brand. Last but not the least, we focus on using pull strategy toward our target

markets which are also the end users because King Car belongs to B2C company and

since customers are dispersed, it is good to use advertising and sales promotion to

reach customers instead of using personal selling.

Task of this promotion

Since Power Up is in the stage of introductory, we plan to inform the target

audience of Power Up by using public relationship and advertisement. Informative

promotion is rather important for a “new” brand that is ready to penetrate to old

product class because a new product has difficulties in establish itself against more

mature products unless customers have recognition about it. Though customers are

quiet aware of energy drink in the market, their perceptio n of the online brands (蠻牛,

Power In, 活力旺, 200P… etc.) and products still remains in “for blue collar labor. ”

Therefore, since we create Power Up as somehow like a reposition from Power In, it

is definitely a need to change consumers’ perception toward energy drink. Next, we

plan to persuade them in order to stimulate a purchase or an action by using sales

promotion. Persuasive promotion is heavily used in growth stage; however, it also can

be applied when encounters a very competitive mature product categories. Therefore,

we will use sales promotion to boost try out and purchase intention.

Period: A year run- we plan to have 5 months advertising promotion for introductory

stage and the following periods for growth to mature stage, it will depends on the

sales effect and make adjustment accordingly.

Promotion content and tactics

I. Initial Introductory: Teaser Ad à Publicityà Sales Promotion

To fulfill the task in the product introductory stage, the initial step we have to

take is to have Power Up get the attention and create interest from customers. We use

sales promotion to encourage target customers to have a free trial of Power Up and

launch publicity at the same time. This strategy is almost the same with Power In

(provide trials in the rest areas of freeway and cram school), but we make some

adjustment such as hold the free trial campaign during 10 to 12 at night since our

targets are also the one who feel tired and need some energy refreshment for staying

up at night. Before this, we are going to use teaser ad on Yahoo Home page to induce

customers’ curiosity. In the ad, we only put the information that implicitly associate

“Overtime working, study hardly” to “Energy, power, stay up.” When our teaser ad is

launched, potential customers might have attention and interest for it, and discuss with

others to figure what it really is. After they see our follow up publicity which answer

to the reason why employees want to work overtime is because they have energy

refreshment and also and students who can concentrate on cram school class is due to

Power Up, at that time, we have already done the first step of getting awareness.

Besides, our press relation and publicity afterwards will report to encourage them to

stop at the stands we set for free trial in front of cram school or office buildings so

that customers will not be unfamiliar with Power UP.

Besides, the reason why we only put this ad on Yahoo instead of MSN or Yam is

because according to AC Neilson, Yahoo has the highest visit rate and ranked as

leading entrance website in Ta iwan. Besides, refer to the following statistic, ARO

report shows that Yahoo possesses the potential customers we target at which means

in terms of age, 63% of our potential customers will visit Yahoo, and in terms of

occupation, there are 88% of our targe ts.

Figure 6 Audience who visit and search in Yahoo Website-by age

Figure 7 Audience who visit and search in Yahoo Website-by occupation

Office workers and

students occupied 88%

II. Introductory-pioneering advertising

As we have stressed the importance of advertising to a new product, the next step

is to use media as channels for implementing this communication tool. We adopt the

media of newspaper, magazines, radio, television, outdoor media, and the internet as

our major advertising channels by considering cost per contact for the specific media

vehicles. Moreover, we also concern for the advertising period since the promotion is

for introductory stage and we plan to proceed within a total of 6 month.

1. Dynamic advertising

a. Television: TTV, CTV, CTS, and some selected channels of Cable TV

The expenditure for commercial broadcasted on TV could be tremendous,

especially we would like to put advertisement during the prime time

programs (8 pm to 11 pm) such as soap operas and talk shows. Therefore, we

plan to have frequencies of 2 for our targets per day.

Period: First two months.

b. Radio: the radio network of HitFm (Hito Radio), UFO, Kiss Radio

There are various radio channels in Taiwan, but we only choose those

networks that can broadcast our ad trough out Taiwan which means we are

not going to use regional radio stations, instead, HitFm, UFO, and Kiss

Radio are the networks that can reach the goal of mass communication.

Period: Five months.

Dynamic media such as tv commercial and radio have the most widely

broadcasting advantage, their vivid, pictorial, and audio attributes can catch our

targets’ eye and have their attention.

2. Printing advertisement (see Attachment )

a. Newspaper-Apple Daily, The Liberty times

The reason why we choose to put our ad on Apple Daily and The Liberty

Times not only because they are the most popular newspaper in Taiwan due

to the ratings but also in terms of age, most of our target customers read those

two papers more frequent than Udn newspaper or The China Times.

Therefore, we focus on Apple Daily and the Liberty Times.

Period: First two months.

b. Magazines-Career, Business Weekly, Common Wealth

The three magazines sell best to office workers or future elites instead of

executives or top managers. This shows that most of their audiences are still

striving for the success in the future. Therefore, once when our ad published

in those three magazines, it might create the feeling that Power Up is their

partner or friend that accompanies them on the way to success. Therefore, we

are doing a narrower broadcast of Power Up to office workers here.

Period: Career- 3 months (2 publications per month)

Business Weekly-2 months (1 publication per week)

Common Wealth- 3 months (2 publications per month

c. Outdoor media- Posters on the buildings (billboards) and cram schools, Bus

stop shelters, bus strap, MRT station platform and car cards.
Bus strap MRT car cards. Billboard

We are going to launch our printing advertisement, the posters, around the

shops or buildings that office workers would see, and also in cram school

since in the initial introductory, we have also cooperate with cram school to

hold free trial campaign. Most of our targets are bus or MRT commuters,

according to AC Neilsen, in the year 2005, media contact of bus ad can

reach above 70% of people who are between 12 to 39 years old whereas for

MRT media contact, it can reach 67.3%. Moreover, students and office

workers occupied 75.1% of MRT media contact which is really high and fit

to our pursuit for using ads on the two media tactics.

Period: 4 Months
Figure 8 Distribution of age for Media contact of bus ads

Figure 9 Distribution of age and occupation for Media contact of MRT ads

Source: OminAd Media: AC Neilsen Jul.-Dec., 2005

3. Internet
a. Banner ads-Yahoo, Yam, MSN, Msn Messenger

Internet has ranked as one essential media type for young generation. Web

encompasses the elements that traditional media have such as text, image, audio,

and even video content. The interactivity is also the most attractive advantage for

both marketers and target audiences since it has the advantage of one-way and

many-to-many communication (Hoffman & Novak, 1996). Though the banner

ads are going to be replaced by pay-per-click ads, consider Power Up is still

developing its brand awareness, great contact to mass is more important then for

goal-oriented search products. Therefore, we will adopt banner ads on the

Websites like Yahoo, MSN, and Yam. Due to the fact that MSN messenger and

Yahoo Messenger are popular among the targets, we also plan to launch our ad

right below the chatting window.

Period: 3 months.

In the introductory stage, we focus on intensive advertising campaigns because to

create recognition, awareness, or interest is very important for Power Up penetrating

to the competitive market of energy drink. Next, we are going to use sales promotion

to boost our sales and PR to reinforce our image.

Sales Promotion- Premium: a hand strap

The purpose of sales promotion is to increase the effectiveness of promotional

efforts by providing incentives to boost sales in a

short-term. Instead of lowering the price, we plan to

use premium. The figure of Power Up will be Hand Strap as

produced as a hand strap and attached with each
attracts young
product as a premium. The hand strap can be widely

used for the decoration of mobile phone, MP3, or

key chain… etc. We assume that this premium will

be popularized by our targets since it symbolized the effort of Power Up which might

encourage their work harder spirit whenever they see the cheer up words on the figure.

Besides, if they do not collect the figure themselves, they may also send it as a gift.

Therefore, the badge is not only meaningful, but also with many usages for our


Period: Two months.

Public Relationship: Sponsor “Get your Power Up for Free Style ” competition

We plan to cooperate with the online game “Free style-street basketball” by

sponsoring its game competition in Taiwan. We choose this newly launched online

game is due to that fact that basketball game is favored by many people, especially for

students, both male and female. Therefore, Power Up and Free Style have the same

pursuit which is for young people. Second, playing online game could be fun but also

tiring. Thought players may enjoy the tiring, they still need some refreshment to

continue their enjoyment. Consequently, we offer Power Up for free during the game


Before sponsoring this competition, we will have the sale promotion which is

related to it. We plan to have Power Up as a skill item of Free Style and the function is

that it can be switch to one of the capability value that players needs or become an

individual function skill which is to enhance the power of the player’s role. This game

item will be attached with each Power Up product so players may want to purchase

more than one glass of our product since the more they buy the more power they will

have for their roles in the game.

Period: 1 month.

The total budge that company will support for promotion campaign mentioned above

is NT$ 75,000,000. The advertising expenditure will be controlled in 55,000,000 for

the maximum, and the sales promotion and PR sponsorship will be controlled in the

cost of 10,000,000 for the maximum. The rest of 10,000,000 is counted for

unexpected expenditure which means that is only used in case the maximum budget

mentioned above have exceeded.

十、 Conclusion

The new version- Power Up will bring consumers fresh impression, not only the

image of bottle shape but also the amazing taste. Unlike other energy drinks in the

market, they taste like 維大力 or liquid medicine, Power Up drinks like ice cream

soda. We create quite different image of energy drinks in order to attract young people.

When they feel tired, they will first think of Power Up. It’s because Power Up could

refresh the tiredness body and the message on the package (撐住,拚了)give them

spiritual cheer up.

Though the goal that we set for our thirty percent of market share may be a little

difficult to achie ve, we may adjust our plan because environment is changing

overtime. However, marketing is a challenge for marketers. We should keep paying

attentions to our new product continuously in order to achieve the goal.

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