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Mai Trinh


2011-2014 2010-2011 2008-2010 Camberwell College of Arts, London. BA (Hons) Graphic Design Wimbledon College of Arts, London. FdA in Art and Design Plymouth City College, Plymouth. A-levels in Art&Design

2013 Find Your Voice, London Business School, London. Branding image

11.06.1991 Flat 5 Cardiff House, Peckham Park Road London SE15 6TS United Kingdom +(44) 7593721312 May 2013 - June 2013 July 2012 - Agust 2012 2009 - 2010 October 2011 - June 2013


Invisible Structure exhibition, London, UK. Curating team member Organisation, Curating, Visual identity MEYEUBE Magazine, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Internship Researching, Retouching, Event Manager assisstant. Plymouth Play Association, Plymouth, Devon. Volunteer Customer service. Restocking. UAL Royal Cheerleading Sport Team, London, UK. Team member

Native language Second language Vietnamese English - fluently writen and spoken

Adobe Creative Suite Microsoft Office Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut, After Effect Word, Power Point

A trip - More Than One Find Your Voice Art work commissions for London Business School.

More than one - There are more than one way to success. Depending on who you are, you would have your own path, which is unique and suitable to only you.

A Trip - The journey to find your voice should be a joyful journey, where one discover new and interesting matters and understand more about oneself. Traveling is often promising of fun, memories and knowledge.

Day & Night Repeated pattern for Invisible Structure exhibition. It is an exhibition combining art, design and physics. The art work is inspired by the biological clock of the plant, light energy and their connection.

Diversity//Novelty A publication produced in a crossed-disciplines collaboration project. Layout and editing was done by me.

Typography Appetiser Key sections: calligraphy, modular type, digital type, fontlab. I have created my own type inspired by squares and rounds and based on 3 shape.

Blinded Moon Group poster for a projects show which uses photos of group members and an appropriate font. This is part of a project called Blinded by the light. My group production is a video with a series of motion graphics which are to be shown over the audiences.

A poster a day Two of the posters created in one day each within 2 weeks.

For someone you dont know where the poster is created from overhearing a conversation. Medium: thick card paper, tracing paper, lino cut.

For a poet where the poster is created from 2 lines of a poem. Medium: printed illustration on paper.

Camberwell Cookbook recipes Camberwell Cookbook is a recipe book created by BA Graphic course. Each student to create 2 spreads for 2 dishes.

The Savoy Cocktail Book - Cover Version This project is about recreating a cover for a book over the period of 3 weeks. These are photos of the final cover and workinprocess covers.

Camberwell needs... A project suggesting improvement around and within Peckham. My group production is a set of playing card that not only bring entertainment but also new knowledge to people. The design was illustrated by me.