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Sunnysyrup Food Co.

Company Profile
February 2013

Company Profile
40 years of experience Rich skills Excellent quality

Company Profile
Professional exporter and manufacturer of drinking materials Customized orders Taste adjustment Branding/OEM

Management Philosophy

Do not seek to be well-known

We are not trying to become well-know. We let our customers to put their brands on our products. Its more important for us to see our customers grow, then we grow with them.

Management Philosophy

Teach our clients to make money

We care about our clients business it is a foundation of our success. We teach our clients to make money by sharing our experience and supporting their business. We deeply appreciate long-term cooperation and friendship by offering our best service and expertise.

ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System Certification HACCP - Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points HALAL Free Sales Certificates

Our business
We specialize in providing full range of Bubble tea and Snow ice materials, as well as juice concentrates/syrups.

Our products can be used for mass production of a wide range of food products (bottled drinks, pastry and bakery, etc.), as well as served in restaurants (drinks, desserts) or tea/coffee shops.

High quality


We use real fruits to achieve the highest quality.

Competitive price
Our prices are very competitive, yet we are able to provide a high quality product

Bubble tea a fun drink to eat

Originated in Taiwan, in the 1980s. Main ingredients include fresh brewed tea, sugar, milk and tapioca pearls. Fruit syrups can be added to create a unique flavor. Tea or milk can be totally excluded and tapioca replaced by jelly or popping boba.

The main fun ingredient. Tapioca balls are soft and chewy, and have translucent black color. They are tasteless unless a sweetener is added. Requires a special extra wide straw.

Our products

Bubble tea mixes

Perfect for creating a wide variety of bubble tea flavors, such as Taro milk tea with tapioca pearl.

Concentrated Juice and Syrup

Excellent quality and mouthfeel Made of real fruits Great for both Tea and Snow Ice

Popping boba
The latest food innovation Creating colorful, bright and attracting drinks and desserts

Tapioca pearls
Tapioca pearls widely used in preparation of famous Bubble Milk tea, various drinks and desserts.

Jelly topping
Various toppings for Bubble tea and Snow Ice series

Sweet bean
A sweet topping for ice cream and desserts. Perfect for Snow ice.

Snow ice
A tasty dessert offered in a variaty of flavors and colors. A perfect basis for jelly toppings, jam, popping boba, sweet beans and tapioca pearls.


Start up
Bubble tea shop start up costs can go from very low to high from selling bubble tea at street stands to establishing a chain of shops and creating your own brand. Bubble tea can also be a good additive to your existing business

Basic machines needed: Tea making machine/Tea blender/or a stove and a pot Fructose dispensing machine Shaking machine Sealing machine
Bubble tea making process The initial steps include: 1. Cooking tea 2. Adding ingredients, such as milk, syrups, fructose. 3. Shaking . 4. Adding toppings, such as tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly, etc. 5. Sealing.

Basic machines needed: Blender Snow ice making machine Ice shaving machine
Snow ice making process The initial steps include: 1. Preparing snow ice mixture (blender needed). 2. Freezing the mixture in the snow ice machine. 3. Shaving snow ice using shaving machine . 4. Adding toppings, such as tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly,sweet bean etc.

The basis of Bubble Tea preparation is green or black tea, or simply juice (syrup). Milk or syrups are added to give tea special flavor and color. The tea preparation is completed by adding special Bubble tea ingredients, such as tapioca pearls, popping boba, jelly, etc. The same ingredients are used in the Snow Ice preparation.


February 20 February 23, 2012


Day 1: Company introduction

Date: February 20, Monday Time: 3.30 pm 5.30 pm Activity
Company and business introduction Company tour

The objective getting to know each other

Day 2: Product testing

Date: February 21, Tuesday Time: 1.30 pm 4.00 pm Activity
Cooking tea and tapioca pearls Testing products
The objective is to select materials of your interest that would be popular on your market. Please mark down the products that you would like to work with in the menu composition stage.

Day 3: Menu composition

Date: February 22, Wednesday Time: 1.00 pm 4.00 pm Activity
Working on menu Creating and testing recipes The objective is to find out the unique recipes for your market, create menu and learn how to use machines and utensils

Day 4: Ingredient finalization

Date: February 23, Thursday Time: 1.00 pm 4.00 pm Activity
Final menu selection Ingredient finalization and pre-order The objective is to finalize the ingredients needed for a successful start up of your business and to make a pre-order to check what it would cost to you.


Contact information
Sunnysyrup Food Co.,LTD No51,Wugong 6th Rd.,Wugu Dist.,New Taipei City 248, Taiwan(R.O.C) Jacky Chen Tel:886-02-2298-9538 FAX:886-02-2298-1638 Email: services@sunnysyrup.com MSN: jacky1234chen@hotmail.com SKYPE: jacky1234chen Terry Lu TEL 886-02-2298-3149 FAX: 886-02-2298-1638 E-mail: services@sunnysyrup.com SKYPE: duriel3310 Mobile:0977-486773