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Thesis Synopsis Report

20th March, 2013

Music as Counter Education Prototypes of Vernacular Feeding Center and Modern Exposure Center Background/Motivation: The life of a musician in a country like ours is extremely harsh. The divide between music as a profession and music as ones passion has been completely perverted, the people seem to enjoy the music, but hold contempt for the musician and they are perceived as lower middle class or even less. There is a rich tradition of music and singing in the country, handed down generation to generation, but a lack of finesse in sound engineering, live sound and recording are the most major issues seen due to a lack of resources and funds. The government of Pakistan, under military establishment sponsored and still sponsors thousands of seminaries, which are breeding grounds from extremist and fanatical brain washing, a counter to this is required as simply wiping them off is undemocratic. Music is among many arts that can be established to counter educate the people. Theocratic and militaristic state models take up most of the countrys budget, public expenditure is but a mere fraction of the said budget. Objective: Counter to religious fundamentalism through art education Social perception modification Hybrid non redundant program for any sort of democratic government State care for musicians of all age Establishing an art form to counter extremism by opening feeding centers

Works: A prototype Vernacular Feeding Center at the District or lower level

The feeding center will be responsible for the monthly allowances of all the musicians and ustads of the area, such centers will be established and part of the governments infrastructure as public hospitals, schools and police stations are. A prototype Modern Music Exposure center in the main city of the province

Musicians from the feeding center will be sent here to be exposed to modern and higher classical music theory and practice, linked with television and radio. Philosophy or art and philosophy of music will be thought here to create an efficient academy for a person who wants to, or sadly in our country needs to, do nothing else but music. Conclusion: There has been a systematic murder of countless artists and performers in Pakistan, great artists now find themselves living in poverty, the same artists who have been the flagship performers of the Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television, some are even living in make shift UNHCR tents. Over half of these artists have had the chance to seek political asylum in European countries, but remain in Pakistan only because of our cultural values and their love for their people. These artists and many other budding artists require a comprehensive program of state care and talent nurturing, and moreover the country requires a counter education to increasing Talibanization, centers in all provinces run in the public sector is the proposed way to try to overcome these issues. Site: Two sites yet to be decided in accordance with overall theme of project Client: Government of Pakistan Research Aspects: 1- Research on various Gharanas and folk music scene, and its present state, with mentions on seminaries and Talibanization 2- Research on existing music academies, private and public and their scope, with arguments of cost of project 3- Study of local and contemporary architecture for district level and main city centers, respectively

Bibliography: Books: Unholy Wars by John K. Cooley Deception by Adrian Levy and Catherine Scott-Clark Siddharta by Hermann Hesse

Resources: Development Records of the Asian Development Bank