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JULY 2009
Volume 5 • Number 7 FALLON

becoming a citizen
CBMU 303 DET Fallon on 29 May, 2009. In take a proficiency test immigration service)
Public Affairs Officer,
a small ceremony in of civic knowledge and welcomed them
EA2(SCW) David Miller
Reno, NV, she along the English language as (new) citizens.”
with 40 others from 24 as well as prove good EACN Lacambra
Fallon, Nevada --- countries raised their moral character was very happy and
The United States has right hands and took to an immigration proud that a few of
always been known the oath of citizenship agent at an interview. the Seabees from
as the melting pot to become permanent Upon her successful CBMU 303 were able
of cultures since its members of American completion, she was to attend the service.
inception in 1776. Last society. With her oath, granted a position to EACN Lacambra felt
year, over 1 million she now has the same swear her allegiance “…special, honored
immigrants made inalienable rights at the ceremony. and proud.” The
a commitment to as any natural born Several Seabees at Seabees at CBMU 303
become an American citizen of the United CBMU 303 Det Fallon commend and support
citizen. However, over States. attended the service her for her willingness EACN LACAMBRA
the years, millions Thanks to her to see her take the to take this giant step
have crossed our choice to enlist in the oath of citizenship forward in becoming EACN Arlene Lacambra taking the oath of citizenship with other fellow
shores to come to Navy, some of the and officially become an American. citizenship candidates. Official Navy Photo --- EA2(SCW) David Miller
America to follow a requirements needed an American. EOCN
dream; whether it is to become a citizen Samantha Shirk was
to own a business, to were lessened to allow one of the Seabees
reunite family or to live a smooth transition. who attended the
in a free society. Normally, the service said “The
EACN Arlene minimum requirement ceremony was
Lacambra is one who of time residing in really well done
is living proof that an area of the United and that it showed
the dream still exists. States is 5 years. a lot of respect to
Originally a native However, because those serving in
of the Philippines, of her military the military.” BU1 On June 10th 2009 Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Detachment Fallon had their Frocking ceremony.
she renounced her service, 4 years of Mark Sun, another The ceremony was held at Hanger 2 conference Room at 1300. The individuals that were frocked to their next
pay grade are SK1(SW) Camilla N. Dreier, AM1(AW) Bennie Macon, AE2 Zeth Martin, and AO3 Daniel Roache.
allegiance to her home the requirement were attendee, commented SK2 Sean Acord, who is TAD out of VFA-2 was also frocked.
Congratulations go out to these outstanding members of the Desert Outlaw team!
country and became commuted. EACN that “It was cool to
a naturalized citizen Lacambra still had to see the way they (the On 9 June NAS Fallon held a frocking ceremony at the base theater to advance 12 sailors to new pay grades.
Pictured in front from left to fight are LN2 Amanda Tweedy, MA3 Douglas A. Fisher,
AC3 Courtney M. Gillard, AC3 Timothy F. Martin, AC3 Jason R. Stoddard; back row from left are
MA1 Benjamin A. Newton, AC2 Tanner J. Zintgraff, AC3 Anthony M. Beyer, AC3 Cholam M. Jazzar,
MA3 Jerrod A. Riggs, MA3 Silvio Rudelli, and ABH1 William T. Gillespie. Photo by Zip Upham, NAS Fallon PAO.

Skipper Says 2 Desert Moon Theater 7

Chaplain’s Corner 3 SFWPD 8
MWR News 4 Fitness and Events 9
MWR Activities 5 NSAWC 12

Let me begin by professionalism present as they begin their the city of Fallon’s Finally, I would like
thanking all hands for throughout the base. I Fallon CVW detachment. annual September 11th to bid fair winds and
their efforts and support would also like to thank Please go out of your memorial ceremony following seas to RADM
at the end of May as those who contributed to way to make them with the air show Mark Emerson as he
the base and the local the memorial services feel at home. This following. The day turns over command
community dealt with for AW2 Sean Ward in detachment will carry will wrap up with the at the Navy Strike and
the tragic death of our Lovelock and Fernley. over into August and as Blue Angels flight Air Warfare Center and
NAS Fallon Executive Petty Officer Ward’s of now it looks like it will demonstration and we retires from the Navy
Officer, CDR Luther H. parents made it clear be our last large group expect that to conclude after a distinguished
Hook III. Your efforts to me that they greatly to visit the base until we around 1600. Many of career and welcome
in putting together a appreciated how the get into the fall months. you will be assisting with RADM Mark Fox and his
fitting memorial service Navy takes care of their Our air show is only the putting on the Air wife, Priscilla, as they
for CDR Hook while at own. two months away and Show but we hope that both join us here at NAS
the same time dealing July will see an our plans are fairly all of your families will Fallon.
with your own grief is increase in operations far along at this point. have the chance to enjoy
just another testament around the base as we We will be kicking off what should prove to be
to the high level of welcome CVW-3 back the day at 1000 with a memorable day.

crush, don’t flush

Dispose of old drugs, aspirin and the cat litter, seal the Have questions?
medicines correctly vitamins by following baggie and toss all of it For more
- both prescription and these steps: into the trash. information, please call
over-the-counter Environmental Health
For years we were told • Take drugs out of the Common questions: Services at 775-328-
to “Crush & Flush” original container; 2434.
old drugs - but not Why not just throw
anymore! The “Crush” • Place old drugs on a the drugs away in the

part is still good, but piece of wax paper and bottle they came in, or
the “Flush” part flushes fold the paper over the just dump them whole
the drugs into our water drugs; into the trash?
The sources. To help keep Sometimes children
medications out of our
rivers and streams,
• Use household items
to crush the materials,
or pets may be attracted
to drugs, and being THEATRES
follow these simple like a rolling pin, bell jar curious, may take them
rules: or heavy water glass or with the possibility of 71 s. mAINE
“CRUSH” and dispose
a meat tenderizer; becoming very ill.
of old prescription • Place some dry cat What about liquid WWW.FALLONTHEATRES.COM
litter or wood shavings drugs, capsules and
in a plastic baggie, pour powdered mixes? FA L L ON MUF F L ER
the crushed drugs into Cat litter makes a
From food, toys, perfect absorbent for

the nexotn
liquid drugs. Open the
and all kinds of capsules and pour
accessories to
Real Estate Sales
dimeCom the mixtures into the
professional 775.423.3700 ics & Cards litter as well. Open the
Your one-stop shop for outdated packages of AUTHORIZED
grooming. Property Management all your Comic Book, mix powder and pour DEALER
Cards, Gaming,
We have what you 775.423.6410 Anime, Paintball
and Hobby
them into the litter or
wood shavings. Gel
Intake & Exhaust • Package Deal • Push Bumpers
Nurf Bars • Running Boards • Tonneau Covers
need, come on in! 590 W. Williams Avenue Needs
capsules can be placed
Grills • Floor Liners • Bug Shields • Fender Flares
Bed Caps • Hitches & Towing • Transfer Tanks
Fallon, NV 89406 203 S. Maine St. • Fallon whole into the cat litter. 96 South LaVerne St.
961 W. Williams Ave • 423-6118 775.423 .3020 775-423-0345
chaplain’s corner 3

Chaplain Michael A. Bigelow with healing and comfort.

Like the shafts of light,
God will not be blocked,
promises of tomorrow but bursts forth for the
healing and assistance we
As I write this in mid- were deeply involved in yet, during a trip back The second came a
June, I realize that the last their communities. Their from Reno last week, I short while later as I
several weeks have been presence reminds us that saw visual reminders of came near Fallon. I saw
rough on everyone. The when a person is absent, God’s promises, promises a rainbow stretching
sense of loss in several there is an awfully big hole of a better tomorrow, from end towards the
communities has been to fill. The hole is the ache of brighter days ahead, other. With rain so rare
horrible. We have had in our hearts and spirits. of times where we may in Nevada, the sighting of
death and grief invade It has seemed that reminisce and then laugh. a rainbow must be even
our lives. It is an invasion the weather the last few The first I saw the storm more so. The conditions
that we resist, but we are weeks have matched our clouds breaking up over must be just right. But of purples, greens, reds, powerful than others.
powerless to resist. It is spirits. I usually expect by the mountains. Through the rainbow is the ancient greens, and blues, God But like the ebb and flow
an intrusion we resent, but this point of the year to be the clouds burst silvery promise of God that He assures that the tragedy of the sea, the sorrows
have no option or say over facing temperatures in the shafts of brilliant light holds life high. It is the of what came before will can be washed away and
the matter. Life, or more high 80’s and clear skies. dancing over the hills. promise that there are be surpassed by the joy replaced by something
to the point, death simply The fact that we had been From the cold rain came better days ahead, that to come. These are the new, something deeper,
happens. It affected all having rain for the first the warm rays of the after the rain, comes the promises of tomorrow. something true. With
us in Fallon as well as the two weeks, seemed to sun flashing forth onto sunshine, the reflection To be sure, it is far God’s help, with our
town of Lovelock. Both be mirroring our moods. the land. The sunrays of which is necessary for easier to write this, than community of friends, with
CDR Hook and AW2 Ward The storm clouds of life reminded me that God is the rainbow to take place. feel it at times. Sorrow the promises of tomorrow,
were members not just and the storm clouds of always able to break into In brilliant hues spanning can come on us like waves we can move onto brighter
of the Naval Service, but reality intersected. And the storms of our lives the spectrum of colors, of the shore, some more days and still pastures.

WIVES BIBLE STUDY whine or dine… buffet but commented that he wished it would offer
a more taster-friendly option. As it stands now, you
Come learn about a summer Bible study focused order one sushi dish at a time and are usually quite
on loving your military spouse. Being a military When I first moved to Fernley a couple of years full a few dishes into the meal.
wife can be challenging. Gain encouragement from ago, there weren’t many restaurants to choose My family enjoyed our dinner at Sushi Moto. If I
other wives and insights from a book to help you from. Recently, a few more have opened up to an were to give you a heads up about anything it would be
love your military husband, based on the attributes enthusiastic and thankful community. Sushi Moto, the price. I didn’t expect for it to be as expensive as
of Philippians 4:8. All women are welcome! the city’s first Japanese restaurant, was a welcomed it was. The all you can eat dinner buffet is $19.95 per
change from the traditional fast food fare. With person (14.95 for lunch). They offer a children’s menu
Informational Meetings locations in both Reno and Fernley, Sushi Moto and the all you can eat option for children is $12.95.
Morning: Tuesday, July 7, 10 am-11 am offers an eclectic variety of sushi dishes available The rest of the menu is pretty comparable in price.
(Child watch provided during morning session only) in an all you can eat option. They offer both cooked For those that love sushi, this is definitely a place to
and traditional varieties. For those of you that don’t try. For those looking to save some money, their lunch
Evening: Tuesday, July 7, 6 pm-7 pm particularly care for sushi, their menu also features menu is just as diverse yet a lot less expensive. The
Location: NAS Chapel a few items for those less adventurous including a Fernley location is open Monday through Saturday
variety of noodles and the traditional teriyaki beef 11:30 am – 9:30 pm and Sunday from 5:00 pm to 9:30
If you cannot attend one of the meetings, and chicken dishes. I happen to be a big fan of their pm. You can reach them at (775) 575-6672.
contact the Chaplain’s office or Leanne Miller: teriyaki chicken dinner. My husband enjoyed the sushi
580-583-0154 or by Erica I. Peña-Vest

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Desert Roundup • NAS Fallon MWR
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mwr news 4


NAS FALLON, Fallon, service, DoD-sponsored to reach out from the site for available properties, AHRN. For more detailed
NV (June 3, 2009) -- website that offers a anywhere and get an housing. com provides property information about
Everybody knows it’s 24/7/365 single source updated list of available The NAS Fallon owners with a the local AHRN.
difficult to find good of available housing to housing, from a much Housing Welcome consistent resource of com website, contact
housing from across the incoming military and larger pool of diverse Center is looking quality tenants. It’s a Christine Bauer,
nation or sometimes their families. AHRN. properties, that will be forward to expanding win-win for everyone Housing Management
from across town. It’s com directly connects available upon their its program who uses the site. Assistant at (775)426-
an old story that has service members with arrival. by encouraging local It is available to all 2809 or visit the website
a new ending: The local property managers The idea behind property managers to service members that at to list
NAS Fallon Housing via the internet often is simple: register in the system. are supported by the your property or search
Welcome Center has facilitating a door-to- free of charge, local The larger the database, NAS Fallon common for one today.
implemented a new door move that saves property managers the more useful it will geographic area.
internet-based housing time, expenses and and military register be to people searching
referral system to headaches. their available for places to live. To “Thank you for providing this service!
overcome that problem. This housing referral properties on the site, make registering
It’s (the network is a quantum often several months properties a worry-free It made finding a home so easy
Automated Housing leap forward from before the property proposition, AHRN. and I love the one I decided to rent.
Referral Network). the process that was will be available. com incorporates It was one less thing to worry (the previously available. These properties are several layers of privacy about in our move. We rolled into
Automated Housing With the internet, then easily visible to protection. town and were home.”
Referral Network) is incoming military incoming personnel In return for
a nationwide, joint and families are able when they search registering their -- Military Member, User


SFWPD Public Affairs Officer graduation in October tenure at SFWPD,
YN3 Jeffrey M. Williams 1983 he attended P-3 Senior Chief Stegall
Power Plants Class “A” made a lasting impact
On 15 May 2009, School at NAS Moffett on the command. He
Strike Fighter Wing Field, California. was instrumental
Pacific Detachment Over Senior Chief in the rehabbing of
(SFWPD) Fallon Stegall’s illustrious 26 SFWPD Hangar Two
Command Senior year career, he was spaces and will be
Chief, ADCS(AW) attached to numerous fondly remembered
Kendall R. Stegall commands including for his outstanding
retired from active VP-26, VP-8, and Naval leadership, mentorship
duty service after 26 Research Laboratory of young Sailors, and
years of faithful and Flight Detachment “get-it-done” spirit.
committed service. (NRL) Pawtuxet River, We wish Senior Chief
Senior Chief Stegall, where in 2000 he was Stegall a happy and
a native of Goodrich, promoted to Chief restful retirement.
Texas, graduated from Petty Officer. His personal awards
Goodrich High School In September 2007, include Meritorious
in June 1983. He he reported to SFWPD Service Medal, Navy
enlisted in the Navy and assumed the and Marine Corps
under the delayed duties as the Avionics Achievement Medal
entry program as an Division Officer and (Four Awards), Navy
Airman Recruit in Quality Assurance and Marine Corps
Houston, Texas in April Officer. In February Commendation Medal
1983 entering recruit 2008 SCPO Stegall (Three Awards), and
training at RTC San assumed the duties Good Conduct Medal
Diego, California in as Command Senior (Six Awards). SFWPD OIC CDR MURPHY (LEFT)
August 1983. Upon Chief. During his
mwr activities
MAY 2008 • 52008

This is fund you won’t want to miss! Join us at Planet
Location Bldg 382. Phone Number 426-2483
X for Karaoke. Serenade the audience with tunes from LocationCAG
Bldg 382.
Hours Phone Number 426-2483
of Operation:
the Beatles to Sinatra to Alanis Morrisette, and to the Monday – Wednesday
CAG4:00 p.m.-of11:00
Hours p.m.
Thursday & Friday 3:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
ever-popular karaoke staple, “I Will Survive,” by Gloria Monday – Wednesday 4:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m.
DID YOU KNOW? Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED
Thursday & Friday 3:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.
Gaynor. Sing your favorite songs for the crowd from (Can be opened by request)
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Monday – Wednesday be opened by request)
p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
for Free. In the game room there are a great Thursday & Friday 3:00 p.m.-12:00
CAG Location
PLANET X BAR: Hours of Operation:
Bldg 323. • If you enjoy a great game of pool, Planet
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MondayAccording To Patronage)
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Location Bldg 426-2449

CAG Hours of Operation:


Monday – Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.


Hours 426-2449
of Operation:
426-2449 any Mean
SFARP Hours of Operation:
Mon – Fri – 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday - CLOSED or C-Street Cafe
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Friday & Saturday BREAKFAST
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Nevada. WeHobby Shop)
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Stop by today and see what is available for you and your family
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May all hands Open21,
May to all
travel 6

san antonio: something for everyone

When I was a little girl, I and Jim Bowie at the two-nation vacation right Margarita is the place to go that you won’t find more couldn’t be found elsewhere.
use to sleep with my most Alamo. If you want to enjoy in downtown San Antonio? when you feel like kicking authentic Mexican food than It’s that if they are, they don’t
treasured possessions a romantic weekend with Market Square, also known up your boots and having at these two restaurants. have the same feel. The city
under my bed. As an only a loved one, you can’t miss as “El Mercado”, is a Mexican a good time, where every Add in the colorful has a spirit, a vibrancy that
child, sharing wasn’t a the San Antonio Riverwalk. marketplace filled with night feels like a fiesta. A atmosphere and the sound stays with you long after
consideration so I figured Consisting of a series of authentic Mexican crafts, rich atmosphere, indoor of the mariachis playing in you’re gone. The colors of
that keeping them close walkways along the San food, music, gifts, clothing and outdoor dining and live the background and for a market square, the lights of
assured that they belonged Antonio River located one and much, much more. music make La Margarita a moment you can forget you the Riverwalk at night and the
to me and only me. As a story below street level, this Taking up three square fantastic place to celebrate are still in the United States. smell of the food will haunt
travel writer, I’ve always loved beautiful grotto is lined with blocks, it is the largest any occasion, but the food If you visit San Antonio and you like a familiar friend
sharing details about all shops, restaurants, pubs and Mexican marketplace outside really sets it apart from the do not eat at one of these two beckoning you to return. That
the wonderful destinations beautiful gardens, and is the of Mexico and I recommend competition. The menu restaurants, your visit will be is what makes San Antonio
I get to visit throughout the #1 tourist attraction in the you save time to see it all. contains all the usual incomplete. my favorite place. Meet you
United States, but this story State of Texas. The highlight of Market Mexican staples, but you Mark Twain once said there!
is different. Although I can’t During my recent trip to Square is the food. My can’t miss their charcoal that San Antonio was one For more information
wait to tell you about this San Antonio, I stayed at the favorite destination would grill and their seafood. My of America’s most unique on San Antonio or military
treasure of a destination, the Hotel Contessa, which is not be complete without personal favorite is a mix of cities and he was right. What discounts around the
little girl in me still wishes I a beautiful, all-suite hotel my favorite restaurant. In both, the grilled gulf shrimp makes San Antonio stand U.S., log on to www.
could hide it under my bed so located along the Riverwalk. this case, my two favorite that can be ordered either out above all others is that it for
that it would be mine and just Their rooms are spacious and restaurants are located in by themselves or as part of a offers a one of a kind travel more details.
mine. My dear readers, my elegant, with fantastic vistas San Antonio – La Margarita botana. experience that you can’t find
favorite of all the destinations of the city. From my room and Mi Tierra Café. Both I have traveled extensively anywhere else. It’s not that
I’ve ever visited is San I could see all of downtown located in Market Square, into Mexico and can tell you most of the things in town by Erica I. Peña-Vest
Antonio, Texas. laid out in front of me, and these two restaurants
A family city at its very core, could watch the colorful both stand out for their
San Antonio is a large city Riverwalk tour boats pass incredible food, reasonable
with a small town personality. under my window. Best of prices, amazing service and
People are friendly and the all for you and me, they offer unforgettable atmosphere.
city is easy to navigate. Yet, great military discounts, Mi Tierra Café is a San
it has all the benefits of a big including a per diem package Antonio staple. Open 24
city - you would be hard- that includes lodging and hours a day, they serve the
pressed to find better food meals at the government best breakfast in town, and
anywhere else and they have per diem rate. With a great with a seating capacity of over
every kind of entertainment restaurant, Las Ramblas, 500, you will never have to
you can imagine under one located on site that caters to wait long. Despite the size,
city roof. If you are traveling couples and children alike, Mi Tierra has the feel of a
with your family and are and their perfect location small Mexican cafe on the
looking for an amusement on the river, they are a other side of the border. The
park adventure, Six Flags great hotel for families or a walls are covered with 70
Fiesta Texas and Sea World romantic weekend getaway. years of history in this third
both call San Antonio home. While in San Antonio, you generation family owned
If you are looking to discover must visit Market Square. business that give the café a
a piece of American history, Why travel to Mexico (which flavor that can’t be mimicked
discover personalities like isn’t smart to do these anywhere else.
Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett days) when you can have a Just down the square, La
desert moon theater 7

the hangover
Rated: R for pervasive language, sexual content including nudity, and some drug material.

Angelenos Doug Billings and Tracy Garner are about to get married. Two days before the wedding, the four men in the wedding party
- Doug, Doug’s two best buddies Phil Wenneck and Stu Price, and Tracy’s brother Alan Garner - hop into Tracy’s father’s beloved Mercedes
convertible for a 24-hour stag party to Las Vegas. Phil, a married high school teacher, has the same maturity level as his students when he’s
with his pals. Stu, a dentist, is worried about everything, especially what his controlling girlfriend Melissa thinks. Because she disapproves of
traditional male bonding rituals, Phil has to lie to her about the stag, he telling her that they are going on a wine tasting tour in the Napa Valley.
Regardless, he intends on eventually marrying her, against the advice and wishes of his friends. And Alan seems to be unaware of what are
considered the social graces of the western world. The morning after their arrival in Las Vegas, they awaken in their hotel suite each with the
worst hangover. None remembers what happened in the past twelve or so hours. The suite is in shambles. And certain things are in the suite
that shouldn’t be, and certain things that should be in the suite are missing. Probably the most important in the latter category is Doug. As
Phil, Stu and Alan try to find Doug using only what little pieces of information they have at hand, they go on a journey of discovery of how certain
things got into the suite and what happened to the missing items. However they are on a race for time as if they can’t find Doug in the next few
hours, they are going to have to explain to Tracy why they are not yet back in Los Angeles. And even worse, they may not find Doug at all before
the wedding.

drag me to hell
Cast: Loma Raver, Dileep Rao, Alison Lohman, Justin Long, David Paymer
Rated: PG-13 for sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images and language
Genre: Drama, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Suspense/Horror and Thriller
Runtime: 99 min
Synopsis: Christine Brown is an ambitious L.A. loan officer with a charming boyfriend, professor Clay Dalton. Life
is good until the mysterious Mrs. Ganush arrives at the bank to beg for an extension on her home loan.
Should Christine follow her instincts and give the old woman a break? Or should she deny the extension to
impress her boss, Mr. Jacks, and get a leg-up on a promotion? Christine fatefully chooses the latter,
shaming Mrs. Ganush and dispossessing her of her home. In retaliation, the old woman places the power
ful curse of the Lamia on Christine, transforming her life into a living hell. Haunted by an evil spirit and
misunderstood by a skeptical boyfriend, she seeks the aid of seer Rham Jas to save her soul from eternal
damnation. To help the shattered Christine return her life to normal, the psychic sets her on a frantic
course to reverse the spell. As evil forces close in, Christine must face the unthinkable: How far will she
go to break free of the curse?

Cast: Edward Asner, Jordon Nagai, Christopher Plummer, John Ratzenberger
Rated: PG for some peril and action
Genre: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family and Animation
Runtime: 96 min
Synopsis: At age 78, life seems to have passed Carl Fredricksen by, until a twist of fate
(and a persistent 8-year old named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.

Desert Moon Theater Recording

426-2552 or
Call 426-2580 for more information.

sfwpd 8

SFWPD Work center spotlight sfwpd reenlistment

Article and Photo by SFWPD efficiently. The show trends in aircraft A to Z. The general SFWPD Assistant Public Affairs Officer
Public Affairs Officer YN3 rating requires close system reliability perception is that we AM1(AW) Joseph Robbins
Jeffrey M. Williams communication with sit in a cushy office and
all other aviation • organizing and only do paperwork. We On 29 May 2009 AM1(AW) Joseph C. Robbins
The Aviation maintenance ratings. operating libraries of do a lot of paperwork, reenlisted for another six years in the U.S.
Maintenance technical publications, yes, but we also deal Navy. Being that Petty Officer Robbins is an
Administrationmen (AZ) The duties performed reports and related with network issues
perform a variety of avid fisherman, it was decided his reenlistment
by AZs include: maintenance data as well as hardware
clerical, administrative, ceremony would be held at Lahontan Reservoir
and software. If the
and managerial duties • scheduling aircraft • issuing aircraft command doesn’t have in fishing attire. The Reenlisting Officer was
necessary to keep inspections inspection and work an IT, an AZ is assigned Strike Fighter Wing Pacific Detachment Officer
aircraft maintenance orders to the task. We’re in Charge, Commander Charles G. Murphy.
activities running • keeping charts that responsible for logs Commander Murphy being a fisherman himself
• performing clerical and records, scheduling thought this was a great idea and a unique
and administrative maintenance actions on
opportunity to reenlist such a fine Sailor.
duties such as filing and jets, validating spec, the
typing list goes on. Much of our So with fishing rods in their left hands and their
work has a direct impact right hands proudly held high they recited the
• preparing reports and on Command funding Reenlistment Oath. This reenlistment will take
correspondence and manning. It’s a Petty Officer Robbins out to his twenty year
tough job and comes mark. He enlisted in the Navy on 16 August 1995
• performing computer with a lot of pressure.
through the Louisville, KY. MEPS station and
data base and system We are the last line
analysis in the validation of has been stationed at VFA-32, VFA-106, VFA-105
paperwork before it goes before joining the Desert Outlaws in July of 2007.
• maintaining engine to COMNAVAIRFORCE.
AZ2 MATTHEW MUSTICO logbooks and associated This rating requires a
aircraft records high intelligence and
a diligent work-ethic.
“We may be the most It’s not something
overlooked rating in the just anyone can do.”
aviation field. We’re Said AZ2(AW) Matthew
called AZ’s because Mustico.
we do everything from

sfwpd self help

hangar two rehab AND AM1 ROBBINS
SFWPD Public Affairs Officer spearheaded a number
YN3 Jeffrey M. Williams of Self-Help projects
in efforts to improve since retired from active
In first quarter 2008, Hangar Two spaces. duty naval service but
shortly after ADCS(AW) These projects include Petty Officer Sablan and
Kendall R. Stegall the replacement of the new CSC AECS(AW) NON-SMOKING ESTABLISHMENT
assumed the duties ceiling tiles, refurbished Bret Hubbard continue SPORTS BAR
of Strike Fighter Wing OPENS DAILY
heads, all work spaces to spearhead efforts to AT 11AM
Pacific Detachment repainted, carpets improve the working MUSIC FRIDAY
(SFWPD) Fallon shampooed, doors environment for current POOL TABLES
Command Senior Chief and cabinets stained, and future SFWPD DART BOARD
(CSC), the Detachment and much more. Sailors. For more PROGRESSIVE SLOTS
made immense efforts These projects saved information in Self- NFL SUNDAY TICKET
to rehab deteriorating SFWPD and the Navy Help projects for your RESTAURANT OPEN
workspaces. Senior an estimated $20K in command, contact ENS
Chief Stegall and materials and labor. Russell Glass, Public 423-8554
AO1(AW) Kelvin Sablan Senior Chief Stegall has Works at X-2938. 1120 TAYLOR PLACE • FALLON
(Located behind Wal-Mart)
fitness and Itt events 9

fitness and itt events 10

need to know 11

the dangers of fireworks

It would be hard
to imagine July 4th
and large firecrackers
with more than 2 grains
that year. Nearly
half of all fireworks-
Should you be at a
4th of July party where
4 • MAY 2008 MW
enlisted personnel, junior officers
festivities in the United of powder. Likewise, related injuries (45%) the hostess has legal Cont’d From Cover and also junior enlisted personnel
States without public all mail order kits to were suffered by fireworks, please be about the Navy’s policy in regards
displays of fireworks, construct fireworks are children under the mindful of the following: NADAP to substance abuse prevention.
“The Sailors enjoy the informa-
and a number of other strictly prohibited. age of 15. Males were Staff Educates.... tion because they can use it as a
tool so when they go out to the bar
holidays, such as new Although these disproportionately • Never light fireworks NADAP Senior Enlisted Advisor. or go on liberty they have all the
Years, often call for regulations and injured by fireworks indoors or near dry “If you compare our alcohol related information they need to make a
sound decision,” said Roxas.
incidents from 1996 to 2007 there
big shows as well. standards have helped (72%). The large grass. is about a 32% decrease, and about From fiscal years 2005 thru
But celebrations can make consumer majority of fireworks a 62% decrease in drug abuse be- 2007 the Navy discharged 11,000
cause of the NADAP program and Sailors because of drugs or alcohol.
become tragic when fireworks safer, all injuries occurred with • Always have a bucket policies.” The cost to separate one Sailor and
NADAP holds these summits train their replacement can be as
someone is injured by fireworks are potentially consumer products. of water and/or a fire on a monthly basis on different much as $150,000 so over one bil-
consumer fireworks. hazardous. For extinguisher nearby. bases and provides the Command- lion dollars was used the last three
ing Officers, Executive Officers, years for this process alone, said
Despite federal and state example, sparklers, FIREWORKS Know how to operate Command Master Chiefs, senior Roxas.
regulations on the type which are legal in the SAFETY TIPS: the fire extinguisher
of fireworks available majority of states, properly.
for sale to the general burn at temperatures • COMNAVREGSWINST

Important NAS Fallon Numbers

public, even those of approximately 11320.1 states • Stand several feet
fireworks that are sold 2,000 degree F. Their “Command controlled away from lit fireworks.
legally carry an elevated colorful sparks belie displays are the only If a devise does not go
risk of personal injury. the potential danger, authorized activities off, do not stand over
Fire works are and yet sparklers are where the ignition of it to investigate it. Put
considered hazardous predominately used by fireworks is permitted. it out with water and
materials with the young children. Of the The possession, dispose of it.
potential to cause estimated 700 fireworks use and/or ignition
serious injury. All injuries to children of fireworks by all • Always read the
fireworks are regulated under 5 years of age, 400 other personnel are directions and warning
by the Federal (57%) were caused by prohibited”. labels on fireworks. If
Hazardous Substance sparklers. a devise is not marked
Act, which prohibits sale In 2003, firework • The best way to enjoy with the contents,
of the more dangerous devices caused fireworks is to visit direction and a warning
types to the public to approximately 9,300 public fireworks displays label, do not light it.
avoid injury and property injuries, an increase put on by professionals
damage. Among these from injuries in who know how to safely • Supervise children
banned products are 2002. There were six handle fireworks. around fireworks at all
large, reloadable mortar deaths from consumer times.
shells, cherry bombs fireworks reported
Cu t ou t a n d brin g you r c ou pon s in to t
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uy aHenderson,
D onut DDS;• QuincyPay fDDS
Pay for
Gibbs, or33MWR m ont
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Like Your Local Team at
G et a FR EE
Jim Smerdon, DMD of locker tim e
(5K or 10K)
Vintage Real Estate Services Sm allC of fee
Orthodontist Getand
the 4th
or Tea m onth FR EE
Melissa Jones, DDSName:
Exp. June
May 31,
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31, 2007
2008 Non-transf
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Rodney Gray, DDS, MS
New Patients Welcome • Radiation Digital X-Rays
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Courteous, Warm & Friendly Services

Fran McKay, G.R.I, A.B.R. Popcorn G et a B urger
Most Insurance Accepted including United Concordia
775-575-7336 FR Lar
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Taylor & G et a FR E
Soda! Large Soda
Graduates of the Star Service Class held on 20-21 May 09 were Tracy Siebecker,
Shiela Melendez, Brian Yates, Tina Martin, Marlyn Hardesty, Tonya Banks, Arlene Malan,
Loyd Newman and Evard Hockemier
Exp. June 31,2008
May 31, 2007
No change given - No substitutions
Exp. June 31,2008
May 31, 2007
No change given - No substitution
nsawc 12

nsawc dedicates ault auditorium

Story and Photo by weapons specialist led the “Undra” Cheever. “The
Chief Mass Communication “Ault report” in 1968. legacy of Capt. Ault is
Specialist Christopher The Ault report was a captured by naming a
Shimana, Naval Strike and Air
sweeping review of fighter tactical training auditorium
Warfare Center Public Affairs.
system performance after him.”
covering logistics, training In addition to supporting
The Naval Strike and Air and operations and is tactical instruction, the Ault
Warfare Center (NSAWC) credited with raising the auditorium serves as venue
officially dedicated the air combat kill ratio from supporting communication.
Ault auditorium during a 2.1 to more than 12.1. As a “It will introduce civilians
ceremony held in the Fleet result, the Navy established and military alike to
Training building on board a graduate level school TOPGUN and what goes
Naval Air Station Fallon, designed to train fleet on at NSAWC.” said
June 12 to honor the man fighter pilots in combat Cheever. “Every year we
responsible for the U.S. tactics and commissioned conduct a re-blue which
Navy Strike Fighter Tactics TOP GUN as a command in is a conference of tactical
Instructor (SFTI) program, 1972. aviators where the truth of
commonly known as “The Ault report took the the weapons systems and
TOPGUN. The dedication whole training continuum, tactics is discussed. There
was attended by more the hardware, the training is no more fitting place
than 100 guests including piece and what we needed to have Capt. Ault’s name Cmdr.(Ret) Jon “Litnin” Ault (Left) discusses the Ault report with Commander, Naval Strike
and Air Warfare Canter (NSAWC) Rear Adm. Mark Emerson before the official dedication of the
members of the Ault family to do to get better and be than a place where tactical
Ault auditorium in the Fleet Training building on board Naval Air station Fallon June 12.
and two of TOPGUN’s successful in combat” said excellence and the truth
founding instructors. Rear Adm. Emerson “that prevail. “
The 1,677 square-foot report is alive and well Cmdr. Jon “Litnin” Ault GPS, but he was never ago when this institution Warning Weapons School
Ault auditorium bears and is required reading for (retired) was accompanied prouder of anything he was stood up, that is your (TOPDOME) into a single
the name of Capt. Frank TOPGUN instructors, his to the dedication by his did in the Navy than the charter.” command. The Naval Strike
“Whip” Ault” in honor of his memory will never go away brothers Jan, Jerry and his establishment of TOPGUN “To this day we study his and Air Warfare Center is
significant contributions in because of that.” granddaughter Caroline. and the results that it lessons learned to make the center of excellence
improving military air-to- “The Ault auditorium “My dad was involved achieved.” sure that we are continuing for naval training and
air combat performance will be used for tactical in many pioneering and Following the dedication, to ask the hard questions tactics development
during the early years instruction at TOPGUN, groundbreaking aspects a graduation ceremony for and identify areas that need and provides service to
of the Vietnam War. In Carrier Airborne Early of the United States TOPGUN class 03-09 was attention “said Cheever. aircrews, squadrons and
1967, the Chief of Naval Warning Weapons and the Navy” said Jon “He was a held marking the 216th “Ault’s contributions in air- air wings throughout the
Operations selected Ault Seahawk Weapons and bomb commander of the class graduation since to-air combat will always United States Navy through
to conduct an air weapons Tactics Instructor Weapons Navy’s1st nuclear delivery TOPGUN’s inception. In his be relevant.” flight training, academic
study. Ault’s experience schools at NSWAC. squadron after World War remarks to the graduates, NSAWC is the instructional classes and
as an aircraft carrier Each school teaches the II, he wrote the Navy’s 1st Rear Adm. Emerson said consolidation of Naval direct operational and
commanding officer on instructors that teach the space program in 1957, “you need to maintain the Strike Warfare Center intelligence support.
board USS Coral Sea fleet tactics.” said TOPGUN which one of the results high level of standards (Strike “U”), TOPGUN and
(CVA-43), naval aviator and Commander Cmdr. Dan you see daily is it gave us that TOPGUN set 40yrs Carrier Airborne Early


FALLON, Nev. (May 29, 2009) – Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center
(NSAWC) Deputy Commander Capt. Mike “Elrod Cross (Center-Left)
and Command Master Chief Neal Johnson (Center-Right) pose for a
group photo with NSAWC’s newest 2nd and 3rd Class Petty Officers.
Left to Right, Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Sean Geary, Intelligence
Specialist 3rd Class Michael Armour, Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class
Donovan Crawford, Capt. Mike Cross, CMDCM Neal Johnson, Yeoman
2nd Class Kathryn Long, Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Lindsay
Tice, Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Jonathan Graeff and Information
Systems Technician 3rd Class Erica Gonzales. Not photographed are
Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Alexis McLaurin and Intelligence
Specialist 1st Class Daniel Torres. NSAWC is the center of excellence
for Naval training and tactics development.
Photo by Jeff Aas/RELEASED
ffsc 13

upcoming ffsc classes/workshops

Come and learn new skills, Teens & Money: better control your anger at These classes will meet IA/GSA Pre-deployment This class meets on 23
new ways of dealing and Money is one of the most work, with family members, on Tuesdays the 14th, 21st Briefs: Jul, 09-1000 at the FFSC
much, much more! important concepts we need friends, and people you and 28th of Jul at the FFSC The Fleet and Family Support *Neighborhood Center.
to learn to be successful in encounter in you everyday *Neighborhood Center from Center will be offering IA/
Identity Theft: life. This class will give teens life. Participants will learn 10-1200. GSA pre-deployment briefs Budgeting:
Worried about someone & pre-teens a jump start on how anger responses begin, every Wednesday from 1400- New to the Navy? Don’t know
stealing your identity? Has basic money management what keeps them alive, and SAVI Data Collection 1500 until further notice. where the money went at
someone already stole it? and on a path for financial how to reduce or prevent Coordinator (DCC): IA/GSA personnel can still the end of the month? Need
Find out who is most likely freedom later in life. occurrence. This training is for SAVI data schedule alternate times by some help saving money and
to become you and use and This class will meet on 10 This class meets each collection coordinators. This calling x3333. getting rid of troublesome
abuse your credit, and how to Jul from 13-1400, and on 15 Thursday from 10 to 1130 in training will be held on 15 debt? Learn how to create
stop this from happening to Jul from 1730-1830 at the the FFSC Conference room, Jul, 09-1100 in the FFSC SAVI CMD Liaison Training: and stick to a financial
you and your family. *Neighborhood Center. Bldg. 309. Training room. If you are your command budget.
This class meets on 1 POC for the SAVI program This workshop meets on 28
July, 14-1500 in the FFSC New Mamas: Wonderful Wednesdays: Consumer Awareness: you need to attend this Jul, 1130-1230, in the FFSC
Training room. All expectant mamas, Our summer sessions have Learn to become a smart training. This class will be Training room.
mamas with newborns, been expanded to include the consumer and to not be held on 29 Jul, from 08-1600
Career Development: and mamas with infants younger school-age child, taken in the future! Learn in the FFSC Training room. Operation Prepare
Learn how to market & toddlers are invited to ages 3-10. These sessions how to check a business /3 day pack:
your experience in a new join our group. This is include: story-time, arts & and/or report businesses Post 9/11 GI Bill What are you prepared for?
and exciting way. Career a time for you to get to crafts, free playtime and that aren’t ethical. The class Brown-bagger: When an emergency strikes,
development expands your know others who may be snacks. meets on 22 Jul, 13-1400 in Come learn about the new knowing what to do can save
experiences into a whole new experiencing similar feelings These classes will meet the FFSC Conference room GI Bill! time, property and lives.
package. and frustrations that are on the 8th, 15th, 23rd and and on 23 Jul, 18-1900 at the This class meets on 22 Jul, Learn how to prepare and
This class meets on 2 July, common with the demands the 29th of Jul, 10-1200 at FFSC *Neighborhood Center. 1115-1245, in the FFSC cope with natural disasters.
13-1400 @ Training room. of becoming a new parent. the FFSC *Neighborhood Training room. This class will concentrate on
You will set the agenda. You Center. Ten Steps to a Federal Job: the 3-day pack preparation.
Saving & Investing: will decide if you want guest Do you want to be part of the Resumes and Cover Letters: This class meets on 30
Where are you on your speakers. You will decide if Toddler Tuesdays: change in government, the A great resume and cover Jul, 09-1000 at the FFSC
finances or budget planning? you want to start a stroller/ How will your child grow economy, jobs, and improved letter is simply one that *Neighborhood Center.
Just starting, trying to walking group. This is a and change during ages 1 service to the American creates an impression of
maintain the budget, working information, education, and to 3 yrs? Join other toddlers Public? Learn the process you. It directs your reader’s Call: 426-3333
on a budget, building a support group Please come and their parents as we of being hired and make the attention by showcasing your Email:
savings fund and/or planning and join us for all or part of a watch the dramatic physical, decision about whether or professionalism. It points out Located: Bldg. 309
for retirement? No matter session. intellectual and social not to pursue a government your best traits. It can also
what stage you’re on come *This class on Mondays, the growth. Activities include: job. This class meets on 16 personalize your application * The FFSC Neighborhood
and learn some tricks & 13th, 20th & the 27 of Jul at story-time, parent/child Jul, 10-1200 in the FFSC package. Center address is 1019
resources to help move you the *Neighborhood Center crafts, free play and snacks. Meeting room. Arizona Ct. in base housing.
along, and build a stronger from 10-1200.
financial future.
This class meets on 7 Anger Management:
Jul, 12-1300 at the FFSC Angry behavior is often a
*Neighborhood Center disturbing and sometimes
harmful factor in people’s
Budgeting Brown-bagger: lives. In this four week
Learn how to plan/budget, so class you will learn skills to
that the pay period runs out
before the pay check!
This class will meet on 08
Jul, from 1115-1230 in the
FFSC Training room.

Spouse 101:
Clarify dreams and achieve
goals as a Navy spouse.
Eagle Realty Real Help. Real Fast. No Geek Talk.
From upgrading your personal computers to installing a home or
Learn techniques on how Specializing in office network, C5 – CC Communications Cyber Crew does it all.
to reduce stress and create And we make it easy. Call for prompt help over the phone. Or we’ll
Property Management
flow, maximize thinking, come to your home or office. Or just drop off your electronics at
and learn how to thrive on 685 W. Williams Ave. C5 Headquarters: 869 South Maine Street in Fallon.
Expert technicians…home town service. That’s why
change and challenge. This Fallon, NV C5 is Technical Support to the Fifth Power!
2-hour class may help you 775-423-5445 We’re always here when you need us.
become aware of resources Call today: 775-423-5555
available to the Navy
This class meets on 9
Jul, 10-1200 at the FFSC
Applications Churchill County’s “Home Field Advantage”!
*Neighborhood Center.
869 South Maine Street | Fallon, NV 89406 | 775.423.5555 |
need to know 14

active duty access to mtf

MTF’s referral request as This information needs to be
referenced in the TRICARE consistently reinforced to the
Operation Manual. If the front line personnel making
Confusion often surrounds operation for more than type of orders (i.e. annual of the member’s enrollment member has sought care at appointments or answering
the eligibility for medical care 30 days, their Service can training) for less than 30 status, or lack of enrollment, the MTF, the MTF assumes the phones. All too often
of our Active Duty Service opt to give them the Early days will not show eligible in then you can reference the the responsibility of care for the Direct Care member
Members (ADSM) in their Eligibility (EE) Benefit. This DEERS (HCDP 000) however, TRICARE Operations Manual, that service member. presents to the MTF for an
various states of activation. is active duty coverage up they also have access to the Chapter 8, Section 5 which appointment and is told
This document attempts to to 90 days prior to their direct care system. These explains this requirement. INFORMATION SHARING “you need to go to the TSC
provide some clarify on this actual mobilization date. members should present Also, notify the TRICARE Generally, the MTF to enroll before we can see
issue as well as how claims Per HA Policy 07-002 and to the MTF a copy of their Regional Office so that we leadership is aware of the you”. That is misinformation
are funded for the ADSM. OSD RA Memo on EID (Early current orders in order to can follow up and support requirement to provide and causes a great deal of
Payment for the claims for Identification for Deployment gain access to the facilities. the MTF. access to, or “defer to confusion for the member.
our ADSM’s come from the now commonly referred network” access for our Your support in wide
Supplemental Health Care to as Early Eligibility), RECRUITERS AND MILITARY MEDICAL Service members in all the dissemination and education
Funds. They do not come these members may or MEDICAL BOARDS SUPPORT OFFICE categories we discussed. is appreciated.
from the MTF operational may not have actual hard Some Service Recruiters The Military Medical
funds as they did with the old
CHAMPUS benefit.
copy delayed effective date
orders. There is no need for
may be enrolled in TRICARE
Prime Remote or to a civilian
Support Office (MMSO) is
limited in its capability to Receive Up To 20% Cash Back
Ask Me How
the member to present any provider outside of the MTF support only TPR, LOD and
COMPONENT CATEGORIES orders to the MTF because and require that their annual Direct Care Service members
Reserve Component (RC) their status in DEERS physical exams be signed who are outside the MTF’s
members range from: reflects them as Direct Care off by a military provider Prime Service Area (PSA). Athletic, Work
for the Active Duty Service and will require access to MMSO’s very specific roles and Leisure Apparel
1) Reserve Component on member (HCDP 001). These a MTF. Additionally, those and responsibilities do not
training orders (less members should not enroll Service members who are allow them to override,
than 30 days HCDP 000- at any MTF during the EE undergoing a Medical Board approve or disapprove a
Not eligible in DEERS) segment. Additionally, per but who may be enrolled in MTF’s “defer to network”. #65 W. Center St.
policy, those members who Prime Remote (TPR) must The MCSC, again, by Embroidery and Screen Printing 423-3165
2) Direct Care (HCDP 001 go from EE to a unit without have their medical board contract, will process the
in DEERS and CHCS) medical assets during evaluations processed
during both early mobilization will also remain through a MTF and require
eligibility and on Direct Care (un-enrolled) access regardless of
throughout their during the entire early enrollment status. The
deployment eligibility and active duty specialty care for the Med
segment. On a side note, the Board members can be
3) RC not on Orders but family members may enroll “deferred to network” but the
have a Line of Duty in Prime or Prime Remote PCM, who refers, reviews,
(LOD) injury/illness during the EE segment. and signs off the care, must
be a MTF provider.
4) Active Duty or RC on LINE OF DUTY
Active Duty who are Only Reserve component REFERALS “DEFER
enrolled in another members are eligible for TO NETWORK”
region, to another MTF Line of Duty care. The RC A Service member who is
or enrolled to TRICARE who presents with a valid seen at the MTF under an
Prime Remote. LOD is authorized healthcare LOD, Direct Care or Prime
relating to that LOD (HCDP enrolled to another MTF,
All of these service will show 000- Not Eligible Region or TPR, has the
members fall under Title 32 for care). Each service has same “defer to network”
Code of Federal Regulations specific LOD paperwork and authorization as those ADSM
which provides specific most do not have specific enrolled to your MTF. The
priority level access into any expiration dates. (Note, if a Managed Care Support
MTF in the world. Any active reserve member retires- the Contractor (MCSC) will
duty service member or LOD is no longer valid. In honor the Unique Identifier
Reserve component member CHCS, these members are Number (UIN) that the
on active duty or presenting coded as “Q’s”- Grey area referring MTF CHCS Referral
with valid LOD paperwork to retirees and in DEERS under ad hoc system produces
our MTF in need of medical the Additional Reporting Data when a “defer to network”
support are to be allowed as Reserve Retired not yet request is generated. The
full AD priority access to eligible for retiree pay –Grey DMIS portion of this UIN is Join us for Slot Tournaments,
that MTF regardless of area retiree). the DMIS of the referring Cash Promotions, Bingo and More!
enrollment status. MTF. If any TRICARE Service
RC ON SHORT Center or the MCSC call
EARLY ELIGIBILITY TERM ORDERS center tells a MTF that they
If our Reserve members Reserve Component can not honor the “defer to
are called to a contingency members who are on any network” request because
need to know 15

It was that time of year again when Oasis Fitness Center had our fitness contest. This
year we did “Slim Into Summer” which started March 1, 2009 and ended May 31, 2009.
stillwater national wildlife
We had 17 participants that joined and the competition was really good. We had our very
own CO, Captain Glasser involved as well as the Dependents of our Sailors. refuge demolition project
The goal for the participants was to complete some type of cardio work out in one
of our MWR workout facilities. The Sports World Gym, Oasis Fitness Center or Desert
Springs Indoor Pool. You earned 5 points each 40 minute continuously cardio workout.
You also earned 5 points each for losing weight as well as inches. The top 3 participants
with the most points were deemed the winners. All participants received a T-shirt and
the winners received the following:

1st place Henrique Ho with 525 Points

Apple IPod 16 GB Nano Video with iTunes gift card

2nd place Cristiane Ho with 495 points

Apple IPod 8 GB Nano

3rd place Greg Keeney with 410 points

Apple IPod Shuffle with accessories Members of NAS Fallon’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) work with the Northern Nevada
Consolidated Bomb Squad (Reno Police Dept., Sparks Police Dept., Tahoe-Douglas Fire Dept.)
When Cristiane Ho was asked, what she got of doing the contest? She replied, “I on a demolition project for the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
enjoyed losing weight, it gave me more energy through out the day” Her favorite was the (FWS) asked for assistance in clearing waterways between basins in the refuge,
Life Fitness Elliptical. which had become silted in and choked with tules. The use of dynamite allows the FWS to
clear the channels without the damage that heavy equipment would cause. Photo by Bill Henry.
Greg Keeney added, “It provides another opportunity to remain engaged in physical
fitness and set an example for junior personal.” Greg has also recently completed our

MWR News
Triathlon Club that is an on going competition here on the base.
Henrique Ho says, “It was challenging at times because of my work schedule, but it
was fun and I really like staying in shape.”
As a staff member, I enjoyed watching the participants getting involved and how they ROUNDUP
realized the importance of being physically fit. Congratulations to all who did participate
and we look forward to seeing you all again for our fall contest.
l For the other participants, please stop in at Oasis Fitness Center and pick up your T-
ds shirt.



FITNESS WINNERS A dynamite charge goes off in the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge, throwing mud hundreds of feet in the
air. Channel clearing was conducted on 21 May and 9 June to restore water flow between wetland areas.
Photo by Bill Henry.
Important NAS Fallon Numbers

Liberty Center...........2836 Indoor Pool..............2791 Chapel......................2813

Information,Tickets & Silver State Club.......2625 Recycling..................2274
Tours...........2275 or 2865 Sage & Sand Club. . . .2482
Sports World Commissary.............3428
Planet X Club............2445
Gymnasium..............2949 Navy Exchange.........2818
Sage Brush Bowl......2451
Oasis Fitness
Center.........2251 or 2252 Hot Stuff Pizza..........2454 Medical.............428-0100
Go Kart Track............2437 MWR LPO Office. . . . . .2869 Dental.......................2811
Theater MWR Office..............2550 Drug and Alcohol
Recording.................2552 Fleet and Family Prevention................3738
Theater Office...........2580 Services Center........3333
Navy Marine Corps
Pony Express Child Development Relief Society...........2739
Outdoor Recreation. .2598 Program............423-5808
Child Development Not-New Shop..........3440
Auto Hobby Shop. . . . .2575
Homes..............423-0220 Fire and Security
Top Fun Youth A member of the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge staff stands
and Teen Center........3777 Housing Office..........2809 Emergencies...............911 next to the cleared channel following the explosion. Photo by Bill Henry.
mwr news 16


Donations are still being taken for the Commander

Luther “Meat” Hook Memorial Fund that has been
set up for the benefit of his surviving daughters’
education. Cdr. Hook was killed on 22 May along
with three of his seven daughters in a civilian
plane crash near the Fallon Municipal Airport. The
fund is accepting donations at Colonial Bank with
account number 8052536458. The bank staff made a
contribution Tuesday. Pictured from left are Georgia
Harvey, VP of the Fallon Branch of Colonial Bank, Ken
McConwell, the Senior Relationship Manager, Wende
Hook, and Capt. Michael Glaser, Commanding Officer
of NAS Fallon. Photo by Zip Upham.