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Ethics & Civics Training

Outline Syllabus Aim. To inculcate ethic and civic sense among our youth, so that they become
responsible citizens.

Character Building Sense of Responsibility Ethical behavior Confidence building Adherence to religious/ social norms Inculcation of etiquettes Inculcation of tolerance Lectures in educational institutes Multi-Media Presentations Seminars Impromptu community interaction Ethics is the distinction between right and wrong. A system of moral principles rules and/or conduct. A science that deals with morals. (Morality is a branch of philosophy.)


Definition of ethics

Moral correctness:
Concerning principles of right and wrong behavior; ethical. Based on peoples sense. Standards of behavior.

Definition of civic
Of a town or city; municipal Of citizens or citizenship Begin with yourself ME Honest, truthful, pure, clean, pleasant, tolerant, friendly Avoid bad language and company At home, help parent be kind to siblings o At school/college: Respect and help teachers Observe rules Keep books neat and tidy No mishandling of school furniture and property o o o o

Dos and Donts of life/living:

2 o At play: Be fair no cheating No bullying No jeering o At table: Wash your hands Dont put your knife to your mouth Look after other people as well Dont be greedy for food Dont speak nor drink with mouth full Cover your mouth when sneezing/coughing Elbows on table a big NO! o In the street/neighbourhood: No pushing and running against people No wall chalking No destruction of property No littering Keep foot-paths clean of litter (fruit peels etc.) DO NOT throw them on the road Be polite to old, foreigners and the crippled; dont make fun of them Wait for your turn at shops/when shopping o On the road: Follow traffic rules they are there for your safety Give room to pedestrians No littering of roads; put all the garbage in a bag inside the car and dispose at a proper place o Everywhere: Never be rude to anyone Knock before entering a room and close the door quietly behind you Show attention to elderly people Never interrupt anyone talking Be punctual Be tidy Be alert in public of any mischievous movements; report them immediately Be cooperative Form a queue, especially at bus stops, banks, billing counters, etc