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Federal Register / Vol. 62, No.

127 / Wednesday, July 2, 1997 / Notices 35839

Occupational Safety and Health Number of Respondents: 27,700. NUCLEAR REGULATORY

Administration, U.S. Department of Frequency: Bi-weekly. COMMISSION
Labor, Room N–3605, 200 Constitution
Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20210, Average Time per Response: 0.17 [Docket No. 030–32518; License No. 37–
hour. 28697–01; EA 96–246]
telephone: (202) 219–8161. Copies of
the referenced information collection Estimated Total Burden Hours: Apgee Corporation (Aliquippa, PA);
request are available for inspection and 224,868. Confirmatory Order Modifying License
copying in the Docket Office and will be Total Annualized Capital/Startup (Effective Immediately)
mailed to persons who request copies by Costs: $0.
telephoning Theda Kenney at (202) 219– I
8061, ext. 100, or Barbara Bielaski at Signed at Washington, D.C., this 25th day
Apgee Corporation (Licensee) is the
(202) 219–8076, ext. 142. For electronic of June 1997.
holder of NRC License No. 37–28697–01
copies of the Information Collection John F. Martonik, issued by the Nuclear Regulatory
Request on the certification provisions Acting Director, Directorate of Safety Commission (NRC or Commission)
of Forging Machines, contact OSHA’s Standards Programs. pursuant to 10 CFR part 30. The license
WebPage on the Internet at http:// [FR Doc. 97–17352 Filed 7–1–97; 8:45 am] was initially issued on September 30,
www.osha.gov/ and click on standards. BILLING CODE 4510–26–M 1991, and is due to expire on October
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 31, 2001. The license authorizes the
possession and use of a variety of
I. Background DEPARTMENT OF LABOR radionuclides incident to the loading of
The Occupational Safety and Health sealed sources into devices prior to
Act of 1970 (the Act) authorizes the Pension and Welfare Benefits transfer. These devices are described in
promulgation of such health and safety Administration Sealed Source and Device (SSD)
standards as are necessary or Registry Certificates, NR–0112–D–101–
appropriate to provide safe or healthful [Prohibited Transaction Exemption 97–29; B, NR–0112–D–102–B, NR–0112–D–
employment and places of employment. Exemption Application No. D–10345, et al.] 104–B, NR–0112–D–105–S, NR–0112–
The statute specifically authorizes D–106–B, NR–0112–D–107–S, NR–
information collection by employers as Grant of Individual Exemptions; 0112–D–108–B, NR–0112–D–109–B,
necessary or appropriate for the Washington National Retirement Plan, NR–0112–D–110–B, NR–0112–D–111–S,
enforcement of the Act or for developing et al and NR–0112–D–112–B issued by the
information regarding the causes and NRC pursuant to 10 CFR part 32. The
prevention of occupational injuries, AGENCY:Pension and Welfare Benefits Licensee imports devices manufactured
illnesses, and accidents. Administration, Labor. by EG&G Berthold in Germany,
The inspection certification records performs quality assurance checks, and
ACTION: Notice of Typographical
required in 29 CFR 1910.218(a)(2)(i) and transfers the devices to Berthold
29 CFR 1910.218(a)(2)(ii) are necessary Corrections. Systems, Inc. for distribution within the
to assure compliance with the U.S. to specific and general licensees.
requirement for forging machines. They SUMMARY: This document contains a Most of the SSD Registration Certificates
are intended to assure that the forging Notice of Typographical Corrections referenced above were originally issued
machines have periodic and regular with respect to a prior Notice of on October 18, 1991. Registration
maintenance checks and that guards and Typographical Corrections published on Certificate NR–0112–102–B was issued
point of operation protection devices June 19, 1997, at 62 FR 33443 (the Prior on April 26, 1996, Registration
have scheduled and recorded Notice). Certificate NR–0112–106–B was issued
inspections. CORRECTION: The Prior Notice contained
on October 1, 1992, and Registration
Certificate NR–0112–D–109–B was
II. Current Actions six(6) references to ‘‘60 FR’’. All such
issued on February 16, 1994.
This notice requests an extension of references to ‘‘60 FR’’ are hereby
Registration Certificates have no
the current Office of Management and changed to read ‘‘62 FR’’.
expiration date.
Budget (OMB) approval of the In addition, the first paragraph of the
inspection certification requirements third column at 62 FR 33443, relating to II
contained in 29 CFR 1910.218(a)(2)(i) Prohibited Transaction Exemption 97– On June 11–13, 1996, during an
and 29 CFR 1910.218(a)(2)(ii)—Forging 29, is corrected to read as follows: inspection of Apgee Corporation and
Machines (currently approved under Berthold Systems, Inc., at their
OMB Control No. 1218–0210). FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms. Aliquippa, Pennsylvania facility, certain
Type of Review: Extension. Jan Broady of the Department, telephone apparent violations involving improper
Agency: U.S. Department of Labor, (202) 219–8881. (This is not a toll-free distribution of sources and devices were
Occupational Safety and Health number.) identified, as described in Inspection
Administration. Signed at Washington, D.C., this 26th day Report Nos. 030–20043/96–001, 030–
Title: Forging Machine (29 CFR of June, 1997. 21228/96–001 and 030–32518/96–001.
1910.218(a)(2)(i) and 29 CFR Ivan L. Strasfeld, As a result, a Confirmatory Action Letter
1910.218(a)(2)(ii))—Inspection Director of Exemption Determinations,
(CAL) was issued to the Licensee on
Certifications. Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration, June 19, 1996, requiring the Licensee to
OMB Number: 1218—. U.S. Department of Labor. perform a comprehensive audit of every
Agency Number: Docket Number ICR– [FR Doc. 97–17237 Filed 7–1–97; 8:45 am]
device and its contained source
97–38. currently being distributed and
Affected Public: State of local distributed in the past. In its response
governments; Business or other for- to the CAL dated July 19, 1996, the
profit. Licensee confirmed that some of the