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Here we have tried to gather questions and answers to most of your questions.

are divided into five categories, see list below:

Technical issues

If you are unable to find your desired answers in any of the categories above there
are instructions on how to contact us at the bottom of this page.


Technical issues
Q: I'm trying to share files using DC++ but I'm unable to make it work. Do I have to
change the settings in any way?
A:Change the DC++ connection settings to "Firewall with manual port forwarding". In
the box, enter the IP number you've been assigned by the Ipredator server

Q: Which protocols may I use to connect to Ipredator? Does protocols like OpenVPN
or SSL connections work?
A: Currentley we only offer connections using the PPTP protocol. However, we are
looking into offering additional protocols in the future.

Q: What should I do if I can't access some websites from my Apple computer? (Mac
OS X 10.4.8)
A: In order to fix this issue you have to change the MTU size for your network card.
Do that by following the guide below:

1. Open System Preferences.

2. Click the Network icon.
3. Double click ”Ethernet (built in)” or choose ”Ethernet” from the Show drop-down
4. Click the ”Ethernet tab”.
5. Under "Maximum Packet Size (MTU) choose Custom and enter 1400 in the box.
6. Click "Apply now".

Q: What do I have to do to make Ipredator VPN service work when using ZoneAlarm
Security Suite?
A: Follow the guide below:

1. Open the ZoneAlarm Security Suite panel and choose Firewall -> Zones.
2. Click Add -> Host/Site (at the bottom right)
3. Use the following settings:
Zone: Trusted
Host name:
Description: Free to choose, i.e. Ipredator VPN
Then click Lookup and after that OK
4. When back at Firewall -> Zones; click Apply.
5. Go to Firewall -> Main and click Advanced and there check Allow uncommon
protocols at high security (the box Allow VPN protocols should already be checked).
6. You connection to Ipredator VPN service should now work.

For more information please visit

Q: How do I make Ipredator VPN service over the PPTP protocol work using a
A: The router must support PPTP pass through. If it has a built-in firewall it has to
have port 1723 open. It also has to support protocol 47.

Q: Do you have an SMTP-server that I can use since my own SMTP-server doesn't
work using Ipredator?
A: No, at the moment we can't offer any SMTP-server. This means that you'll have to
disconnect the VPN service in order to send e-mail from your e-mail program.

Q: I'm using services that require reverse DNS. Will you configure your service to
support reverse DNS?
A: Yes, we'll make the appropriate changes shortly.

Q: What do I do if I get error messages "Error 619 or "Error 645" when I try to
A: Microsoft has got a guide to why the error occures and how to solve it on their

Q: What do I do if I get error messages "Error 628" or "Error 781" when I try to
A: This issue may occur if you are using a Linksys BEFSR41 router. For more
information please visit

Q: What do I do if I get error messages "Error 781" or "Error 792" when I try to
A: For information about the problem and on how to solve it please visit

Q: What do I do if I get error message "Error 720" when I try to connect?

A: This behavior can occur if your computer and the RAS server (Remote Access
Server) do not have a protocol in common. For more information please visit

Q: What do I do if I get error message "Error 733" when I try to connect?

A: For information about the problem and on how to solve it please visit

Q: What do I do if I get error message "Error 800" or when I try to connect?

A: This issue may be caused by a router that has outdated firmware. For example,
this issue may occur if you are using a Cisco router with firmware that is dated 2000
or earlier. For more information about how to solve the problem please visit

Q: What do I have to do if I want to use my regular ISP and internet connection?

A: If you want to use the VPN service you have to connect using the VPN-
connection. If you want to use your regular ISP and internet connection you must
disconnect the VPN-connection.

Q: What should I do if I get the error "unable to launch cmmon32.exe"?

A: As far as we know this is an internal error in windows. Please try to make a system
rollback or repair the application.

Q: How do I uninstall Ipredator?

A: Just delete the Ipredator connection under "Network Connections" in the "Control

Q: Do I need a special type of firewall when I use Ipredator VPN service?
A: If you have a router and has been using its built in firewall we recommend that you
install a software firewall when using Ipredator VPN service. As it is, the hardware
firewall in your router can't scan the traffic running through a VPN-tunnel such as the
one our Ipredator VPN service is using.

Q: Will my service provider be able to intercept my communication when connected?

A: No, nobody will be able to track or intercept your connection.

Q: Which applications will be anonymized?

A: All applications, not only web traffic.

Q: Is my connection protected?
A: Yes, every connection has 128-bits encryption.

Q: Do I have to connect using the PPTP client every session?

A: Yes, every time you start your computer you have to use the PPTP client if you
want to use the service.

Q: Does the Ipredator VPN service work on a PC running Windows 2003 Server?
A: As far as we know the service should work properly running Windows 2003

Q: Is it possible to use Skype along with the Ipredator VPN service?

A: During our testing it worked perfectly.

Q: Do you have the possibility to distribute a config file for me to use with my Cisco
VPN client?
A: At the moment we haven’t got such a config file. Please visit the website
continuously to find out when we do.

Q: If I have an account, can i log in to it from multiple computers?

A: No, you can only log in from one computer at a time.
Q: If I have two accounts, can I log in to two computers at the same time?
A: Yes, if your router has a proxy which supports multiple VPN-tunnels.

Q: Will I get a static IP-address?

A: No, not initially due to software constrains. But we are planning to add an extra
service where users can pay a small amount to get a static IP-addresses instead.

Q: Will the connection be terminated if not used for some time?

A: Yes, an idle connection will be terminated after 10 minutes.

Q: Can I login from other countries than the one i signed up in (from same or different
A: Yes, you can use your account in any country on any computer.

Q: Some websites require the user to be in a specific country in order for a certain
service to work properly. How will that work using Ipredator VPN service?
A: The only answer we can give with certainty is that such swedish websites will

Q: Will your VPN service application work on a PC running Windows 98 with 64 Mb

A: There will be information about system requirements posted on our website

Q: Is it possible to use Ipredator running Linux OS?

A: Yes, it is possible. You can use PPTP Linux together with PPTPconfig.

Q: Will there be any loss of speed compared to not using the Ipredator service?
A: There might be a slight loss of speed. The main reason probably will be the
physical connection between your ISP and ours where there might be unexpected
problems. Our equipment however, has got no speed limits.

Q: Is there any special subscription time?
A: You don't subscribe for any longer period than you the one you pay for?

Q: Which payment methods are available?

A: Most VISA debit and credit cards should work.

Q: If I stop paying for the service will it be terminated?

A: Yes, you either pay for one month or one year in advance and after that you
decide if you want to prolong your subscription or not by paying for a new period.

Q: What do I do if i loose my username and/or password?
A: Since we don't save your social security number (SSN) or any similar information
there is no way for us to verify that you are the owner of a specific account. This
means that if you loose any account informatinon that account will be disposed and
you'll have to register and pay again.
Some of our presumptive users have had troubles registering accounts for various
reasons. The problems, as seen below, have all been fixed.
• Registering an e-mail address with capital letters
• Registering an e-mail address with underscore ("_") in it

Some of our customers have also had troubles with their passwords. All the known
problems have been fixed.

Q: What should I do to unregister my Ipredator account?

A: Your account will automatically be removed if not used for 30 days.

Q: Who do i contact if i have any questions?
A: Send an e-mail to The e-mail must follow the guide

You should choose one of the following subjects. We want you to write only one of
these, no more no less, as the subject of your e-mail.
• Registration/Unregistration
• Technical issues
• Payment issues
• Press contact
• Functionality feedback

In your e-mail regardless of subject we want you to write down your user-ID (i.e.
12345) and your username (i.e. Ipredatordude) as well as a clear description of your
problem/issue. We will not answer e-mails that aren’t following this guide.

PLEASE NOTE! We strongly advice all of our users to first consult this QNA/FAQ as
well as the Legal and Security sections here on the website before sending us an e-
mail. This is to eliminate e-mails with questions that already have got answers to
them on the website.