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1. I'm very hungry. I_________ all day.

a) haven't ate
b) havent eaten
c) have been eating
2. Their new kitchen looks fantastic. They _____ completely _____ it.
a) have _____ been redecorating
b) have _____ redecorated
3. Our kitchens a mess. We____________ any cleaning for weeks.
a) haven't been doing
b) have done
c) haven't done
4. I think they are dating. They____________ a lot of each other recently.
a) haven't been seeing
b) have been seeing
c) have seen
5. We've discovered this great caf and we_____________ there a lot.
a) have been going
b) have gone
c) have went
6. How's your Mum? I _____________ her for ages.
a) had seen
b) haven't seen
c) haven't been seeing
7. You're covered in paint! What __________ you __________?
a) have _____ done
b have _____ been doing
8. Shes gone to the doctor's. She ______________ too well lately.
a) hasn't felt
b) hasn't been feeling
c) has felt
9. Where have you been? I____________ for ages.
a) have waited
b have been waiting
10. I have to write an essay. I__________ about half of it so far.
a) have written
b) have been writing

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Continuous).

A: __________________________

(you take) the dog for a walk yet?

2. B: I _____________________________ (work) all day. I _____________________________ (just come)

home from work and I _________________________________ (not have) the time yet to walk the dog.
3. A: How long ___________________________________ (the dog be) home alone?
4. B: For about 6 hours. You __________________________________ (walk) the dog for a long time. Don't
you want to go?
5. A: Well, I ____________________________________ (not laze) about all day either, you know. I have a
very important meeting tomorrow and I still ____________________________________ (not finish) my
6. B: Okay, I will go then. Where ________________________________ (put) collar and leash?
7. A: They are in the kitchen. By the way, _______________________________ (eat) anything yet? If not,
could you get us something from the supermarket?
8. A: I _______________________________________ (call) for you for half an hour.
Where ____________________________ (be)? And why are your clothes so dirty?
9. B: I _______________________________________ (tidy) up the shed in the garden.
10. A: (you / find)_________________________________ a box with old photos there? I (look)
______________________________ for it for ages.
11. B: I (discover / not) ______________________________________ it yet, but I (work / not)
__________________________________________ for a long time yet. I (come / just)
_________________________________________ in to eat something.
12. A: I (cook / not)_____________________________________ anything yet because I (talk)
___________________________________________ to our neighbour.
13. Why are you out of breath? I ___________________________________ (run) .
14. The toaster is okay again. Dad _________________________________(repair) it.
15. I am so tired, I ________________________________________ (work) all day.
16. Your shirt is clean now. Maggie _________________________________ (wash) it.
17. I'm afraid, I'm getting a cold. I ________________________________ (walk) home in the rain.
18. Your clothes smell awful! ___________________________________ (you / smoke) ?
19. Peggy is ready for her exam now. I __________________________________ (help) her preparing for it.
20. It is dark in here because we _______________________________________ (close) the curtains. We want
to watch a film and that's better in the dark.
21. His voice is gone now because he ___________________________________ (shout) all morning.