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UNIT PLAN example School Grammar School School year: 2011/12 Class second form Course material English

ish in Mind 3 (second edition) Unit 1 Communication Number of lessons planned: 4 DESIRED OUTCOME COMPETENCE Goals By the end of the unit, students will be able to: Talk about communication and different ways people communicate with an emphasis on communication between twins, body language and the ways animals communicate Talk about the events from the past which are separate from now (the moment of speaking) and have nothing to do with present Talk about activities that start in the past and go on until present moment, ie. activities that connect past and present Make the difference between the verbs say and tell Write a composition about a person they have known for a long time. Content Speech acts talking about methods of communication the students use most; talking about the most effective methods of communication; talking about something impressive the students have done and something they did before that; talking about something they bought recently, an interesting film, their favourite place or their plans for the next weekend; discussing the importance of communication between animals Grammar the Past Simple and the Present Perfect Simple tense Vocabulary methods of communication; body language; say and tell; collocations with talk and speak Pronunciation sentence stress MATERIALS USED English in Mind 3 SB, WB, TB, handouts (teachers resources and Internet) ACTIVITIES First lesson - Reading the text and inserting the punctuation marks, handout - Discussing different methods of communication - Listening to someone talking about methods of communication, SB ex.1b - Expressing opinion about the most effective method of communication, SB ex. 1c - Reading the article Talking without speaking and marking the statements true or false, SB ex. 2 - Identifying the examples of the Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple tense in the text Talking without speaking, SB ex.3a & 3b - Completing the rule related to the form and use of the Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple tense with the teachers presentation if necessary or a round-up revision of these tenses, SB ex. 3c

Practising the form and use of the Past Simple and Present Perfect Simple, SB ex. 3d, 3e; WB ex.1a, 1b, 1c; Homework ~ WB ex. 1d, 1e, 1f Second lesson - Checking homework - Speaking about something impressive students have just done - Introducing body language vocabulary using TPR - Matching the words with the pictures, SB ex. 5a - Listening to two people doing a quizz about body language and circling the correct answer, SB ex. 5c - Working in pairs: one student speaks about something they bought recently, an interesting film, their favourite place or their plans for the next week and the other student uses body language to show that he is a good listener - Homework ~ WB ex. 3a, 3b, 3c & 3d Third lesson - Checking homework - Practising the difference between say and tell, SB ex. 7a, 7b, 7c - Working in pairs: students complete the questions with say and tell (student A ex8, student B p126) and then answer each others personal questions - Practising pronunciation, SB ex9, WB ex2 - Talking about the methods the animals communicate - Reading / listening to the text Talk to animals and circling the correct anwers, SB ex10b, 10c - Matching the words from the text with their meaning, SB ex10d, 10e - Speaking about why it is important for animals to be able to communicate - Reading the composition about a person Kylie has known for a long time and identifying tenses, SB ex12a, 12b; Homework ~ SB ex12c Fourth lesson - Checking homework - Practising vocabulary: body language, WB ex3a, 3b, 3c, 4d - Reading the text Talking drums and marking statements true or false, WB ex4 - Reading the email (WB - ex5a) and the reply; replacing the wrong phrases (WB ex5b, 5c) Homework ~ WB ex5d - Revising vocabulary and grammar covered ~ Unit Check