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Danos Heuriger on Seneca

A taste of the Fingerlakes

Fall 2013

Mushrooms and Ramps Galore

Dano forages for the finest fresh ingredients

idden in the depths of the woods find than ramps. They have a threelie tiny culinary treasures: mush- month growing season: July to Seprooms and ramps. Dano Hutnik, own- tember. er and head chef of Danos Heuriger Dano describes chanterelles as buton Seneca, tery and fragrant, handpicks these porcinis as the emflavorful sensaperor of mushrooms tions for use in and boletes as earthy his dishes. and delicious. Danos key to He uses these successful foragmushrooms to add ing is timing and different flavors to location. The soups, stews, pates season begins and tarts. in April when The consideration ramps blossom of these flavors is Dano shows off freshly picked chantefor about three relles. Photo: Kerri Yager what makes Danos weeks. He alfood stand out. Cusready knows where to find them; deep tomers enjoy his unique take on what in the woods, on a hill and next to a could be a simple dish. creek. Ramps, wild leaks, have a potent Dano started foraging at a young flavor and when cooked right can add age. He grew up in Slovakia where it rich flavor to a dish. is an important part of the culture. Dano pickles the stem portion and His family would frequently venture uses the green leaves to make a pesinto the woods all day to forage for to. With the pesto he makes a cream wild mushrooms cheese based spread, which is a cusDano continues to honor his hertomer favorite. If that is not enough to get your itage today, as he forages for local taste buds watering, then think fresh- mushrooms and ramps. Its an amazing feeling when you ly picked chanterelles, porcinis and boletes. Shortly after ramping season, are in the woods and find mushrooms: Dano heads out to forage for wild its like finding treasure, said Dano. The woods are peaceful it is a time mushrooms. Mushrooms are much easier to for me to relax and enjoy nature. v

Reasons to Visit the FingerLakes

1. To dine at Danos 2. Tour local wineries 3. Enjoy amazing views and scenery 4. Visit local farms and buy fresh produce 5. Watch the sunset on Seneca Lake

Whats Inside
Restaurant Artwork.................2 Wine Pairing............................2 Local Favorites........................2 Gypsy Spirit.............................3 Ramp Recipe...........................3 Fall Drink Special.....................3 Wedding Craze.........................4 Upcoming Events.....................4

Fingerlakes Wine Pairings

Danos Charcuterie Board- Homemade Cured and Smoked Meats, Cheeses and Accompaniments Ravines Pinot Rose 2011 Pork Ragout with Chanterelles and Lovage Boundary Breaks 2011 Semi Dry Tapioca Almond Cake with Poached Apricots and Noyau Ice Cream Standing Stone Vidal Ice

Restaurant Artwork

The paintings displayed at Danos were created over a span of 20 years, by owner Karen Gilman. She derives her inspiration from the surrounding landscapes. The painting above is an example of her artwork hung at Danos.

Our Favorite Local Produce

Blue Heron Farm
When it comes to produce, you cant get much better. With more than 33 years of experience, Lou Johns and Robin Otsfield, owners of Blue Heron Farm, harvest the best tasting fruits and vegetables in town. Danos buys an assortment of root vegetables, beans and leafy greens. The rich flavors from these vegetables make an orginary dish spectacular. Blue Heron Farm is located in Lodi, NY and has been certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association since 1987. The farms main focuses are to maintain biodiversity and to produce the healtiest foods possible.

Wide Awake Bakery

Lively Run Goat Dairy

Known for its classic French style Chevre and Mediterranean style feta, Lively Run, one of the first commercial goat dairy businesses in New York State, is a Danos favorite. Owned by Steve and Suzanne Messmer, Lively Run is located in Interlaken, NY. All of its cheeses are made without perservatives, food colors or artificial flavors. Along with buying pounds of goat cheese, Dano also buys fresh goat milk to make his own cheeses. Unbeknownst to many, goat milk is easier for the body to digest and can be a healthy alternative for those with allergies to cow milk products.

Photo Credit: Blue Heron Farm

Imagine a place where people work together to produce quality foods, dependent on one another to produce the healthiest organic ingredients that ultimately yeild an amazing loaf of bread. Located in Mecklenburg, NY, you can find this place: WideAwake Bakery. Danos has been buying bread from Wide-Awake for two years now, and has become addicted to its sunflower farmers bread. All of its breads are baked fresh with locally grown ingredients. The flour is ground at local mills and the wheat is grown and harvested by local farmers. These among other farm fresh ingredients result in fresh tasting one-of-a-kind bread. Photo: Wide Awake Bakery

Photo Credit: Lively Run

The Gypsy Spirit

Danos will host fourth annual Gyspsy Festival

3 Danos Wild Ramp Recipe

1 Pound of pamp leaves 1/2 Cup roasted walnuts 1/2 Cup parmesan cheese 1 Cup good quality olive oil 1 Tsp Salt 1/2 Tsp white pepper 1 Pound Cream cheese

he atmosphere is unique: music plays, dancers dance and people eat goulash out of mini caldrons. The Annual Gypsy Festival at Danos brings to life the essence of the gypsy jazz movement. It all started when Mark Oros brought his handcrafted gypsy caravan to display at Danos. Add Head Chef Dano and one Hungarian waiter, Mark Sarvary, and the gypsy festival was born. The gypsy jazz movement started in Paris in the 1930s. Since then, the jazzinspired music has spread to the U.S. and become popular. The gypsy festival at DaDano converses with customers enjoying the festival. Photo: Kerri Yager nos combines Hungarian culture with that of gypsy jazz to create a unique atmosphere. The festival is unlike any other: people are free to peruse a real gypsy caravan, get their fortune told, and dance to live Gypsy Jazz music by Brian Williams and the Djangoners. The main attraction, however; is the food. A huge cauldron filled with goulash is hung over a fire outside along with a buffet of traditional Hungarian foods like chicken paprikas, sauerkraut stuffed peppers and smoked Hungarian sausages. For the fifth year in a row, Dano will put on his Hungarian gypsy shirt, and serve customers goulash out of a bubbling cauldron this Sept. 29. Please call Danos at 607-582-755 or email gilk02@msn.com to reserve a ticket for the event. Reservations Dano prepares to serve are not required, but goulashfrom a boiling cauldron. Credit: Kerri Yager suggested. Visit Danos Heuriger on Senceas Facebook page or website to get more information about the event.v

Wash ramp leaves thoroughly and blend in a food processor. Add walnuts, cheese, oil, salt, pepper and blend until smooth. If contents are too dry add a little bit of oil. Whip the cream cheese in a KitchenAid for three minutes or until soft. Then add half of the ramp pesto, mix well, and enjoy! The spread stays fresh for one week. Freeze the remainder of the pesto or use it to cook.
Photo:Daina Ringus

Book your wedding at Danos today

Every year Danos hosts and caters about 20 weddings. This past July Daina and Reid Ringus celebrated their wedding at Danos, below is a snapshot of their journey.

Wedding Craze

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Photos: Luke Whitlow

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Upcoming Events
September 29: Gypsy festival Brian Williams and the Djangoners will play Gypsy Jazz, Karri Yager will tell fortunes, Dano will serve goulash and Mark Oros will


show off his gypsy caravan.

November 13: Turkish Dinner


Guest Chef Oya Yildirim Rieger. will prepare a traditional turkish feast accompanied by live Turkish music.

November 28: Thanksgiving Dinner Enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving day feast for lunch or dinner.
Photo: Kateri Likoudis