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Roles of school in the realization the FPK

From 19th to 23rd March 2007, I and my group members (all together 4 person) had gone through a program called School Base Experience (SBE). We are sent to Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Gambir for go through this program. Before I and my members were going to that school, we are given a task in FPK. In this task, we had to interview and observe this school in aspect of the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social among the students. From doing this task, I also can observe that the community of that school are following the elements in National Philosophy of Education (FPK). Other than that, we are caring on this task to know the roles of the school management (school head, senior assistants, panel heads and class teacher) in developing the intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and social aspects of the students. From my point of view, I had known that a school must have an effective management. In this management, there are several people that playing major role. One of the people is the school head. The school head is the person that makes sure that the National Philosophy of Education (FPK) is applied in the school. When I interview the school head, I had known that National Philosophy of Education (FPK) is important to generate knowledgeable students equal in all aspects. Other than that, the head of the school says that the main purpose the school head appointed by government is to make sure the aspects of FPK is applied in all subjects and in the school management. As a head of the school, he said that his main duty is to make sure that all aspects of FPK is thought and applied in all the subjects. Moreover, his role in the school is to make sure the teaching and learning process is going on smoothly in the class. Inn addition, the head of the school says that his role is making sure that the co-curriculum is going on in the evening. He says that the almost all the school are focus on the aspect of the intellectual only and didnt care about other

element. This will make a school just can produce knowledgeable students only but not fulfill the other aspects in the FPK. The school head add that he will make sure that all the elements of the FPK is applied during the teaching and learning process, and all the activities that done in the school. From the interview, I had known that the main role of the school head is manage the school very well and make sure that the elements of FPK is applied. In my opinion, the school head is manages the school very well. Even though he had problems from the parents who didnt allowed their children involve in co-curriculum activity, he still try to overcome by telling the parents about the important of co-curriculum postpone the co-curriculum time earlier. Other than school head, we also had interview the senior assistant of the school. She says that, she also has his role in the school management. She adds that every element in the FPK is applied by her in the school. In the aspects of intellectual, her role is to arrange the seminars, motivational camp and free tuition classes due to motivated the students and giving the knowledge. Other than that, she always tries to get the scholarships for the poor students. Moreover, she also says that she will try to get the Rancangan Makanan Tambahan (RMT) and Skim Pinjaman Buku Teks (SPT) for the poor students. These are due to develop the students in the aspects of physical. The students are exposure to the moral classes and agama classes to make sure that the students are develop in the aspects of spiritual. Those students who are having problem, she try to arrange the counseling section. From here, I realize that she is fulfilling all the aspects of the FPK. Other than that, the school discipline teacher says that his role is mainly in handling the students problem. He says that his main role due to the FPK is produce well discipline students, harmoniously integrated and practice noble values. He also says that now days all the school facing a lot of the problem students. He adds that as a discipline teacher, he try to handle this problem very smoothly. From interview the discipline teacher, I realize that the discipline teachers role is more to emotional which is handling students problem.

Moreover, the schools panel head (science head) says that his role in more to intellectual. When we try to ask the reason, he says that every panel heads of the school is focus in develop in the intellectual. For example, the experiment and the activity in the science class, the knowledge is given to students. During the experiment in the class, the students are required to think and handle the experiment tools by their self. This is fulfilling the requirement of FPK in the aspects of intellectual only. On the other hand, one of the class teachers says that every element of FPK is applied. She says that every elements of FPK is applied in every subject. She is a mathematic teacher. She giving an example how each elements of FPK is applied during the teaching and learning process. For example, when the chapter of money is teach to the students, they are getting knowledge. Other those that, the teacher is will give an example buy some things in shop. When this buying process, the teacher will say to the students that not to cheat while buy the thing. By this, the student will be honest and they will proud of their self. So she concludes that the teaching and learning process is applying all the elements in the FPK. From my point of view, each of the school management people has their role to developing the elements in the FPK. It is depends on the person how effective it and the way of the application. Moreover, I also had observed the infrastructure that have in the school. According to these aspects, all individual have their role. They play the role very well. There are field in the school. The filed is always used to doing physical activity. Other than that, the workers in the school keep the school very clean. Even though the school very big, the workers manage to keep the school environment very clean. The workers try to plants some tree around the school to make sure the school becomes more beautiful. They are also planting some flowers and decorate the school assembly with the flowers. The students are encouraged to throw the rubbish in the dustbin. There are also recycle bin in the school. Once in a month, the school management arranges gotong-royong in the

school. I also notice that the management of the canteen keeps the canteen very clean. The foods are handled with nice and clean. Moreover, every class is decorated with colourful papers and drawings. Other than that, there were also reading corner and notice board which were decorate by colourful paper. Almost all the classes have curtain and it look nice. The school is free from any pollution. The atmosphere in the school was very peace and cool. This will make the students feel interest to study. Other then this, condition and the changes in the school learning environment would encourage pupils to develop their intellectual potentials The schools are also have mural in the wall. This will make the students read the murals and applied in their life. We can say that the school is always gives attention to the cleanness and for the beautification of the school. There are also program and activities done which is related to the curriculum and the co-curriculum. Almost every year, there are story telling competition, public speaking and coral speaking held in the school. Other than that, there was teaching and learning process which is take place in the computer room. Moreover, some of the class had LCD and projector. This is to make the students more interest in the subjects. Other than that, the co-curriculum is also important because it will build up the students physical. The physical aspect is one of the elements in the FPK. The school that I observe divides the co-curriculum activity to two parts. There are co-curriculum of education and co-curriculum of uniform, society and games. Almost all the students are involved in the co-curriculum activity. But, students who are from standard three until six involve in this co-curriculum activities which are involved physical activity. There were also programs called PROGRAM CARI JUARA which will be held on 24th until 25th March. Even though a lot of co-curriculum activity is done, these schools still not have achievement n the co-curriculum. From this observation, I had learned a lot of knowledge. I realize that teachers, who are dynamic, will always be responsive and adaptable to face these new challenges from time to time. Dynamic teachers only can able to face

these new challenges. Other than that, I also know the role of each management of the school and their role in school to fulfill the aim of the FPK. I also had learn that every teacher must apply each element of FPK in the teaching and learning process to realize our vision 2020. As a conclusion, I would like to say that Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Gambir is successfully organize many activities to produce students according to the needs of FPK. Almost all the school management was work hard to fulfill the aims of FPK. School head, senior assistant, panel head and teachers are played their role by following all the aspects in the FPK to produce students who are intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically, balanced and harmonious.