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Passion for metal

Headquarters and workshops: 9, Doina Street 052151 Bucharest 5 Telephone: (+40 21) 425 67 70 - 77 Fax: (+40 21) 425 67 90 Workshops: 3D, Preciziei Street 062202 Bucharest 6 DUNS No.: 49-923-2544 e-mail: dualman@groupdual.ro Adriana Dragulin, Sales Manager Galvanizing adriana.dragulin@groupdual.ro Nicolae Ilie, Plant Manager nicolae.ilie@groupdual.ro

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DUAL ZINC warrants for you the highest quality in the entire country of galvanized surfaces, at the best prices. We have the largest galvanizing capacity in the region and we succeed in always keeping our promises, because we are using a modern and world-wide recognized technology.

Hot Dip Galvanizing the most effective solution for protecting steel against corrosion
Left unprotected, the surface of steel parts that you use poles, structural steel, furniture, towers, pylons, enclosures, etc. is invariably attacked by corrosion, as a result of the chemical reaction between the metal and the environment. DUAL ZINC provides you with the most effective protection of such surfaces: hot dip galvanizing. The efficacy of hot dip galvanizing is measured by the ratio between the quality of the galvanizing, the lifetime of the products and the costs of the process. From these points of view, hot dip galvanizing in the DUROZINQ technology available in Romania through our company, proves to be among the best choices in the world.

Whatever your hot dip galvanizing requirements may be, contact us for further details of our full offer.

Hot dip galvanizing by DUAL ZINC means  the highest quality of galvanized surfaces available in Romania  the largest galvanizing capacity: over 35,000 tons/ year items up to la 12.3 m (15.3 m) long the latest technology the best prices.


A revolutionary system
The ZINQ SYSTEM DUROZINQ technology provides world-wide one of the most durable protection of galvanized surfaces. DUROZINQ  This system is used annually for protecting over 1 million tone steel products  There are some 70 plants in the world that are currently using this method: Belgium (8), France (10), Germany (29), Holland (8), USA (9), Poland (1), South Africa (1), Tunisia (1) and Romania (1, DUAL ZINC)  The technology is patented by the VISTA Group, headquartered in Belgium. In Romania, DUAL ZINC holds the franchise of this revolutionary hot dip galvanizing system, whereby it provides to its customers works at European levels of quality. This level of quality is secured by the expertise DUAL ZINC has acquired in the field, as well as by the fact that we are using raw materials, know-how, technology and processes that are recognized world-wide as the most efficient.

The hot dip galvanizing plant of DUAL ZINC has an annual capacity of over 35,000 tons and employs state-of-the-art non-polluting processes


The anti-corrosion protection that endures for decades

Galvanizing in the DUROZINQ technology lends to the steel surfaces an extended lifetime, as shown in the graph below. The metal base enjoys thus additional protection during transportation, storage and usage. Following the hot dip galvanizing process, the metal base acquires a far better endurance to abrasion and corrosion.

Life time of hot dip galvanized surfaces

layer thickness [ [ Zinc Zinc layer thickness 50 100 150

The largest galvanizing bath in Romania


2 1

3 4

[years] me (years) fe ti LiLife time

30 5

The dimensions of the hot dip galvanizing bath of DUAL ZINC: length 12.5 m width 1.6 m depth 2.6 m Maximum dimensions of items to be dipped in the bath Items galvanized in one immersion  length 12.3 m width 1.5 m height 2.4 m weight 5,000 kg Items galvanized in two immersions length 15.3 m width 1.5 m height 2.4 m weight 5,000 kg
The Zinc alloy reaches temperatures of cca. 400 0C The largest hot dip galvanizing bath in Romania


10 5 305 610 1000


1) Indoors dry environment 2)  Outdoors, non-polluted, continental environment 3) Indoors damp environment 2)  Outdoors, non-polluted marine environment 5) Indoors, polluted marine environment 6) Outdoors, polluted marine environment 7) Immersed in sea water
Source: ANGHEL M., Protec]ia anticoroziv` prin zincare termic` Ed. Tehnic`, Bucure[ti, 1992 pag. 12 (Anticorrosion Protection By Hot Dip Galvanizing, Bucharest 1992, page 12)

The products are immersed in a bath containing a complex alloy of Zinc, Aluminum, Nickel, and micro-alloy elements

After galvanization, the surface of the product undergoes testing to determine the adherence, uniformity and thickness of the Zinc coverage


Why is it worth choosing DUROZINQ, by DUAL ZINC

Layer thickness in

Thickness of the ZnFe micro-alloyed layer obtained through the hot dip galvanizing process
600 500 400 300 200 100

Capitalize on our expertise

The controlled thickness of the Zinc layer stretches between 80 and 250 microns for items with a Silicium content < 0.15%. The experts at DUAL ZINC can assist you in choosing the best suited thickness of your protective layer. If your products are designed for usage in highly corrosive environments, we execute special works to increase the thickness of the Zinc layer.

DUAL ZINC uses the latest technologies world-wide in order for you to obtain a high quality galvanization, satisfying the most exacting requirements. The quality of our work is guaranteed by the implementing of the quality management system, in observance of all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2001. The lead time of our works is very short, up to 48 hours from receipt of the products. You can have access to these favorable conditions at very attractive prices contact us directly to judge for yourself.

The hot dip galvanizing process is fully automated







The most used steels (e.g. OL 52)

Silicium in steel (%)

Minimum thickness of the Zinc layer applied on items by hot dip galvanizing in accordance with EN ISO 1461 Thickness of item (mm) over 6 mm 3 to 6 mm 1.5 to 3 mm under 1.5 mm Local thickness of layer g/m2 um 505 395 325 250 70 55 45 35 Average thickness of coverage g/m2 610 505 395 325 85 70 55 45
Surface preparation is made in a battery of pre-treatment baths (L=16 m), for degreasing, pickling, emollescence, stripping, cleansing, etc.


Protection by hot dip galvanizing

We are certified in Quality Management

C  ertificate Moody International SR EN ISO 9001:2001 RENAR Romania  Certificate Moody International Q-Zert EN ISO 9001:2000 DAR-TGA Germany C  ertificate Military Certification, Accreditation and Supervising Body (Organismul Militar de Certificare, Acreditare si Supraveghere) SR EN ISO 9001:2001 Romania A  ttested Electrica SR EN ISO 9001:2001 Romania C  ertificate European Welding, Jointing and Cutting Federation (EWF) EN 729/ISO 3834 part. 2 C  ertificate DIN 18800-7:2002, Welding Institute GSI SLV Munich, Germany A  uthorization Romanian Railway Authority AFER Romania

Through DUAL ZINC you can have a long-term protection for a wide range of metal structures from polygonal poles and monopoles, to enclosures and construction structural steel