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The Power of Mob

The word mob is derived from Latin mobile vulgus "fickle commoners". Mob generally represents a crowd or a gathering for some definite purpose. It was generally associated with the poor people who used to roam around after work hours discussing some issues or when to show some agitation against someone. At that time mob was generally seen as anti-social and anti-national, group of people banding together to disrupt some purpose etc. But now the concept of mob has been transformed to as a tool for nationalism and freedom. Mob represents a thought and an idea. It symbolizes the mental attitude and condition of the persons who are the part of a mob. Their motive could be negative but being part of the mob provides them the basic security that a simple person lacks. For a poor, uneducated person who doesnt know about his basic rights and ways of the world, mob is the best way through which he can communicate his/her grievances. This thought pattern can also cause problems as people tend to associate mob size to the power they have:
'It's always best on these occasions to do what the mob do.' 'But suppose there are two mobs?' suggested Mr Snodgrass. 'Shout with the largest,' replied Mr Pickwick.

As the expansion of democratic ideas and literacy increased, mob around the world is being seen in a new light. It became a tool to spread nationalism and new ideas. The chief example we have is of Egypt where thousands of people assembled at Tehreer Square Cairo and raised their voices against the tyrant government rule. The movement was novel in a way as it was peaceful and never before so many people has come together at a place to protest and agitate. This incident shows what a collective group of people can achieve if they hold fast to their ideals of welfare for all. It provided to the generally hot headed youth society a way through which they can also show disapproval against the government without taking laws into their own hands. And Government has to take notice as it is peoples right to do so It is rightly said: Our
supreme governors, the mob. Horace Walpole (1717 - 1797) British writer.

Another foremost example is the recent anti-corruption campaign at Ram-Lila ground Delhi in the support for LokPal bill. This movement will be forever known in history where a small group of people raised their voice against corruption, and in the process added thousands of people in their campaign . Multitude of people banded together in different parts of the country and showed solidarity to the Anna Hazare movement at the ram lila ground without any violence or wrong doing. People realized about their rights and duties and the government has to take notice and paved way for Lok pal bill. Another example is the Tea Party movement in USA in 2009. Not all mob uprisings are peaceful. The riots in London last week showed the angry and destructive nature of mob. People burned down houses and shops and raised their opinion in a violent way towards growing unemployment and state of health of the public. It is said that a group of people dont have a religion or caste, they are guided by the motive for which they

have come together. Their collective action is governed by that single objective or idea. Their are many precedences in history for violent mob demonstrations (much more than peaceful ones) riots, rebellions, massacre etc. Their motive may be noble one but the actions applied were questionable and inhuman. The point here is to show what can happen when people join together. Another thing of greater importance is the motive and the moral values people share which have come together. Your goal maybe a noble one but you need to have a sound moral character and sense of responsibility to carry it out. People tend to commit terrible mistakes when they are influenced by the popular thought and regret their whole life about it. Knowledge of good from evil and own self restrain are important .Our country has given us many great leaders who have led people from the front and provided a direction to the countrymen in achieving their rights without any violence. Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoda Bhave, Jay Prakash Narayan ,Anna Hazare are the few.It is time we learn from their magnificent deeds and incorporate them in our life so that one day we Youth can also band together and raise our opinion against some social evil and purge it from our country in a democratic way. Vaibhav Nath Srivastava GCS/105093

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