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Although government have different culture, political and administrative environment they often confront similar ethics challenges. Ethics are very important in our daily life environment, where by the ethics are need to be applied in public and private environment. the application of ethics to the public and private are. 1) Ethical standard for public services should be clear. Public servants/private individual need to know the basic principle and standard they are expected to apply to their work place and where the boundaries of acceptable behavior lie. Well published statement of core ethical standard and principle that guide public services, for example in the form of code of conduct, can accomplish this may creating a shared understanding across government and within the boundary community. 2) Ethical standard should be reflected in the legal framework. The legal framework is the basis for communicating the minimum obligatory standard and principle of behavior for every public servant. law and regulation could state the fundamental values of public services and should provide the framework for guidance, investigation and disciplinary action. 3) Ethics guidance should available to public and private Professional socialization should to the development of the necessary judgement and skills enabling public apply ethical principles in concrete circumstances. Training facilities ethics awareness and can develop essential skills for ethical analysis and moral reasoning. 4) The decision making process should be transparent and open to the analysis The public has right to know how public institution apply the power and resources entrusted to them, public analysis should be facilitate in transparent and democratic process, oversight by legislation and access to public information. 5) There should be clear guidelines for interaction between the public and private sectors.

Clear rules defining ethical standards should guide the behavior of public servants in dealing with private sector, for example regarding public procurement, outsourcing or public employment conditions. increasing interaction between the public employment condition. 6) Management policies, procedures and practices should promote ethical conduct. Management policies and practices should demonstrate an organizations commitment to ethical standard. it is not sufficient for governments to have rule-based or compliance-based structure. compliance system alone can course encourage some public servants simply edge in misconduct. 7) Public and private services condition and management of human resources should promote ethical conduct. Public and private services employment condition such as carrier prospect personal development human resources management policies should create an environment helpful to ethical behavior. in this system when the human resources manager should provide special training to its staff in order to make promote ethical conduct to the public and private.