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Entrepreneursh ip

YOU inc.


FIRE your BOSS !, and become one!

7 Steps to Entrepreneurship. 7 Values for Entrepreneurship. 7 Skills for Entrepreneurship.

Plus some old collected writings (from the year 1998-1999)

Presented by:

Tanadi Santoso

a dreamer and an entrepreneur.


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1. Start with a DREAM.

To make a great dream come true, You must first have a great dream.. We have to have a dream about something, be it a TRADING, a MANUFACTURING, a SERVICE business, or JUST ANYTHING we want to start with. Be it tiny, small, Big, GIANT, simple, complex, whatever START FROM there. Something you love, something you are obsessed with. PASSION is everything.


Perfection is in the detail. Your products, competitors, specifications, FINANCIAL NEEDS, how to sell, whom to sell to, what pricing is the best, how better are you from your competitor, your location, plus millions of the detail that you SHOULD KNOW ABOUT.

Seeks ADVICE, but FOLLOW your OWN BELIEF. Consult your PARENTS, ex-boss, consultants, ASK the experts, the trusted friends, your NETWORK, but in the end you must FOLLOW YOUR OWN HEART.The final war is on your own, ask and seek advice but YOU are the ONE THAT REALLY COUNTS, the final decision is yours. Very often the advice from the experts are true and helpful, MODIFY your dream if necessary, but finally IT IS YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAR and you are the one that can makes the DIFFERENCE.

4. PREPARE your WAR.

Time for the final preparation. Look for the funding, MONEY is everywhere ;), you can ask it, borrow it, make partnership, etc. Make plans, conatct your supplier to be, your customers to be, and most important call your FRIENDS. Do a PLAN A, PLAN B, escape plan, etc. Start HIRING the best your money can do, look for location that suits you, your company name, legal matters etc etc just prepare EVERYTHING in detail

5. GUTs, taking the CALCULATED Risk.

No GUTs, No Glory! Every business is about RISK TAKING, it can be small, it can be big, there is always risk in our lifes, and the very essence about Entrepreneurship is RISK TAKING. We have to estimately know that there is big chance of success, then we start off.

The time is NOW! Unperfection in a life is common, we set our deadline, and when it comes, we just have to GO DO IT. There will be changes, bending directions, firing, new partners etc, but the things JUST HAVE TO BE DONE, and it is better to do it wrong the first time than NOT DOING IT AT ALL.


When the TITANIC sank. You just have to be able to deal with FAILURES. There is always risk of failures and it did happen, so be prepare for the WORST and keep HOPING for the best. When failures hits us, it is time to think again bout our ventures. Bent our operation, compromise something, dream again, plan again, do again, failures again, AD INVINITUM. Accept FAILURES but do not surrender. Go back to No.1, DREAM again, LEARN again, ASK around, PLAN, DO IT AGAIN!
***** Luck = Preparation meeting Opportunity *****

*****Good things come to those who relentlessly pursue them. Waiting is for bus stops.***** ( mario vittone)


needed for Entrepreneurship


The most basic needs of all.


Buy, Borrow or Steal if you do not have one.

3. OBSESSION and Enthusiasm.

The SOULs of the MATTER.


The single most important key factor in success.


Take the innitiatives!

Always think of HALF FULL instead of HALF EMTY.


When work is a pleasure life is a JOY, when work is a duty life is slavery.
If you think you are beaten, you are. If you think you dare not, you don't. If you like to win but think you can't, It's almost certain that you won't. Life's battles don't always go to the stronger woman or man, But sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.


beyond the -buy low, sell high, pay late, collect early-.


7 SKILLS needed for Entrepreneurship

1.Business BASICs.

Beyond the buy low, sell high, pay late, collect early -.

2.TIME management.
Time does not forgive!


The only circle of friends that you can really trust and grow with.


Hey, we have to SELL!, and YES Marketing IS CRUCIAL ;).

Pagers, Hand phone, ABACUS, Personal Computers, PDA, etc.


The art of Praising, the art of listening, the art of speaking, the art of writing, the art of evangelism.

7. PERSONAL management.

Paperwork, DIARY master list, SWOT, think 80/20, GOAL setting, Corrective & Preventive management, The Resume - test.. etc.


what makes the titanic sank?

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." - Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

7 BASIC IDEAS to START the business.

1. SOMETHING THAT YOU KNOW BETTER THAN OTHERS. You know how to cook better, start a restaurant.

You know much better about specific subject, teach. You can paint better that Affandi, be an artist. 2. YOUR FAMILY / FRIENDS HAVE THE SAME or SIMILAR BUSINESS: Learning from someone you trust is an easy entry point to a business, introducing you to the supplier, to the way he does the business, etc. Here comes the benefit of networking. If he has the same business, you can start at different city, or you can make a joint venture. 3. THE SAME/SIMILAR BUSINESS AS YOUR EX-BOSS'. This is how most of the computer companies start. This also work for any business with low barrier of entry, like opening shops, trading, small manufacturing, or services. 4. YOU SAW OTHER PEOPLE DO IT, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT. You can make better -terang bulan than Holland-, copy the concept, add some twist, do it in different way or at different place/city. You can make better -sambal ABC-, or better agricultural machines, etc. 5. EXTREMELY CREATIVE NEW IDEA of your own (or someone else'!!!). Originality is the art of hiding your sources ;). We sometimes have seen or think of special IDEAS that might work, but what counts is the REAL ACTION of implementing it. The higher the chance of success, the better results it will be if the idea become successful. FED-EX (sending from all places in USA to Dallas and send back again at night), CNN (news only cable TV), POST-IT (those sticky yellow paper pads), are some samples of this category. 6. YOU ALREADY HAVE THE CAPTIVE MARKET, OR SPECIFIC FACILITY. CCN (=KKN, Collusion, Corruption and Nepotism) anyone?? ;))). 7. The HOLYGRAIL of PARTNERSHIP and the cult of MONEY! We can do some partnership with friends or -Angels- or -VC-. Or we can also Franchise a business, or even buy out a business.
*****The courage to follow your dream will make you stronger than anything that can stop you ***** (Brian Litteral)

---Tanadi Santoso

Once a WORM, then a COCOON, now a BUTTERFLY. Adaptations, ajustments, CHANGEs, modification, accomodating present new RULES of business, all are the very SPIRITs of entrepreneurship. There never are any static-and-firm things in business; we CHANGE, we

adapt, we DO THINGS the way our circle most likely to accept it. The economic turmoil in Indonesia posed a new treat to our business, but then again it also creates new opportunities. They said that we can not do nomore busines, and i said: That is BULLSHIT! There are collapsing businesses, shinking ones, eroding ones, suffering ones, but LIFE GOES ON, and as a FIRM BELIEVER that HUMAN have enermous QUALITY OF ADAPTATION, i think those that can be ADAPTIVE can SURVIVE BETTER than the rest. The entrepreneurs must LEARN from the MOTHER NATURE: Being adaptive like a BAMBOO tree, bending as the wind blows hard. Like the WATER, that formed itself like the form of the container, spreading to every possible holes and tiny places, ajusting its flow, and never stop. Like the SNAKE that can change its skin when neccessary. Facts said that entrepreneurs did better under preassures, and the preassures are enermous nowadays. Try NEW things, INVEST new ventures, DO new JOBS, make new JOINT VENTURES, and TAKE THE RISKs, it is TIME TO BEND, CHANGE, and FIGHT ON. Forget regularities, forget the old rules, closed your shop if neccessary, teardown the buildings, sleep all day, go to Himalaya, move to Bali, sell your dollars, move to the village and be a FARMER, or be a FISHERMAN, take that SILLY HARLEY DAVIDSON RIDES, JUST do SOMETHING that u think is better with this economic conditions. After a time of cocooning, who knows that we might all become beautiful BUTERFLIES. tanadi santoso.

either you have it, or you don't. The core of entrepreneurship is GUTs, the willingness to take risk. Taking the initiative actions, the proactive, the spirit of going in into the strange-land of new space and be there, while no assurance of success prevails. In the time of economic turmoil like this, we either go-out and struggle ahead or we retract and be a turtle, hiding our neck inside our safety-zone comfort and sleep in. There are plenty of opportunity out there! As many business are in jeopardy, and people got troubles, this is the perfect time for entering the market. We need FRESH IDEAS, we need NEW BUSINESS, we need THE GUTS TO DO IT. New business opportunities arise as the parameter of business change much, we need to change our business, change the way we do business, change the direction of the company, even shut down the current operation and build a new one if neccessary. Many new lines of business are still fresh as all of the players are new, so we have the same amount of opportunity to win the game, and the time is NOW to go in. If we are late, the dust is alredy settled, the battles are over, there are already good players in the fields, and it will be difficult for us to go-in by that time competitively. SO, GO DO IT NOW: think, decide, then do it. GUTs is all we need to fight on, and win. And failures there will be, and struggles, and difficulties, but HEY, life is no garden of roses, and if we finally do make it, THE SMELL OF SUCCESS IS SO SWEET. READY, FIRE, AIM! tanadi santoso To make a great dream come true, You must first have a great dream.

The only circle of friends that you can really trust and grow with. We can not survive alone, period. That is why we need a NETWORK. A solid circle of friends whom we can have great FAITH and TRUST. Fighting against all ENEMIES, facing all DIFFICULTIES, FAST forwaring our business, we all need all the HELP network can give. FRIENDS are precious commodities that become more valuable with time, and healthy relationship. It becomes THE SOLUTION for most problems, the kick off for most entrepreneurship start ups, the MONEY you got from when u need it, the problem-solver when u are in deep-shit. I have started most of my businesses with the help of my network, be it a friend, a distance relatives, an uncle, FOAF (FRIEND OF A FRIEND), or the neighbour i know years back then. I have hit walls at times, and all i really need is just a call away. Two most important things are: WIN-WIN relationship and TRUSTWORTHY relationship. We have to be able to TRUST and benefitted from the network, and give benefit back to others too. Never STAB your OWN AlLIES from the back, and never BETRAY them, even if it is LEGALLY ALRIGHT to do so. Business is just a funny warzone, and we will again and again meet each others. As of anything else in life, to be able to have a very solid network, we need to CHOOSE the correct ones, and NURTURE it. Call and say hello, DROP BY, help them, TEACH them, SOLVE their problems, BE AROUND when they need u. Use your COMMON SENSE! They are your MOST VALUABLE ASSETS. some ideas of places where you can get great networks: ROTARY CLUBS or other social clubs, PROFFESIONAL clubs, the CHURCH, the OFFICE, the OLD FRIENDS, the FAMILIES, the ALUMNIES, the TRAVEL companions, the EXHIBITIONS, the BRIDGE or GOLF friends, the HARLEY DAVIDSON teams,etcetera.... and yes, the INTERNET communities like THIS ONE ;). tanadi santoso.

the big step of jumping, and forgeting increments. Innovation is a way of life, a way of doing things better, a jump out of the regulars way of life, a creative MOVE that was bold and striking. We usually start small, and we can not compete with MAKRO or BAKMI GAJAHMADA or DHL or IBM or MICROSOFT or CITRALAND or BCA. So we shift thebattlefield, we fight on with INNOVATION, attacking the place that they are not good at. For startups, Innovation can be small, large, no funding, big investment, and can be one person opeation, or 1000 plus worker operation. We create new way of doing business: Look HOLAND MARTABAK / TERANG BULAN (in Surabaya), a chain of highly profittable simple local fast food, hightly successful and no competition. Think ERA, that people who sell your houses, simple and low capital business but highly growing and becoming common. BUNGEE JUMPING, selling your FEARs at relatively LOW INVESTMENT but HIGH $$$ REVENUES in Bali (gosh you pay 50 USD for that one STUPID JUMP!). Think of CNN, BODYSHOP, Andersen's NETSCAPE, YAHOO (Those kids strike BIG TIME!!), or HOTMAIL, all are uniquely INNOVATIVE. INNOVATION, the way we think outside the box, create something different, dare to try out that stupid ideas, forget conventionals, just for anythings. Not merely on products, or a big investment, or a bold ventures. But in our EVERYDAY'S LIFE, of all the things we do. If being creative is not your cup of tea, ASK, BORROW or STEAL that innovayive idea! Originality is the art of concealing your source, they said. If the other people are getting better, and we are not gettting better faster than they do, we are getting worse. So the answer is INNOVATION! Jump Start! Failures, Forward, Fast: Go and do, when u hit the wall, break it and go again, life is never easy, but SHAME ON THOSE THAT DID NOT EVEN TRY!!! tanadi santoso. Innovation is Tom Peters' obsession, read The Cirle of Innovation, and Re-Imagine!

the never ending quest of wisdom. Most successful persons are consumate learners, the never ending student of the universe. Entrepreneurs SHOULD become that kind of persons, because we enter the unchatered water, the unknown territory, and that business change every short while. We need to be able to learn AD INVINITUM. Learning can comes in many many forms. Reading is the most common one, the easiest one, the enjoyable one, the most widely available material one, so... yes, go and buy BOOKS. Talking to an expert is invaluable. Going to Disneyland is a learning process too. Communicating and networking surely help our knowledge. Surfing the net counts, well... less, if u just surf those xxx ones ;). Opening your eyes and observing better is a learning process. Listening to peoples talk. Attending seminars. Watch movies, etc Never, ever, stop learning. Laern about communication, Learn about business basics, Learn about customer behaviour, Learn about your products, competitors, Learn about how successful persons do business, Learn about money matter, Learn about hiring and coaching, Learn about FAILURES and PAINS, Learn about LIFE and WHATEVER COMES WITH IT. Active learning is a neccessity that we can not afford to ignore at this fast paced competition era. Where success is just a matter of being a little bit better from the rest. Good night, tanadi santoso.

A Goal is a Dream with a deadline. When we were young, we have dreams and expectations. We imagine things, we keep thinking about what we want to be, what we want to do, what makes us proud and happy and what will we become. We grew up, and things seem like having its own way. We accept our success or failures and we move on. The rapid change, the need to do the urgent things, the works, the pressures and the failures, all kill part of our visions. Things have changed, but they can not really take away the dreams. We still have to dream on, to visualize our desires, our wants, our vision of our future, even when we were considered too old for such things. Cornel Sanders started when he was sixty, and started the whole successful KFC business. The main thing is not the age, be it too old, or too young, it is the desire to dream on, and then have the courage to realize it. Vivid visualization, taking it to sleep, thinking constantly about it, talking about it, planning it, adding all the spices to our dreams, making it a bit closer to the realization of it. Entrepreneurship starts with a dream, be it a simple wish of tiny restaurant operation, or a huge business of real-estate development, or a modest training center for English education, or just any other self-employed money earning fun. The ability to dream on is one of the fine quality of human race that other species do not possess. So dream on, and put a deadline: be it a giant dream, a tiny one, an old everlasting one, a newfound one, a hobby related one, a change of life one, a religious one, a stupid one, a stroke-of-genius one, or just whatever...... just continue to dream on........ Then Just Go Do It! tanadi santoso Dream, but don't quit your day job.

the love that was bigger than life. Most great success comes with the OBSESSION of the mover, the ingredient that often being forgotten in the classes. We tent to think of the HOW TO, and not the THINGS WITHIN that moves most great business. The spirit inside the leader, the desire, and the overdose of love, that occupy the minds. Doers tends to just go and do it, and with great ENTHUSISAM and CARE of whatever he is doing. And the VIBRATION of his OBSESSIONS will be felt by others. The invisible factor that separate a great success with a mediocre one. OBSESSION: One can see in the eyes of the person when he speaks about something, like the workaholics that still smiles and explain in meticulous details with pure delights even after 18 straight hours work. And the downside of this one is that you can not FAKE it, nor can you LEARN it. It is something that you personally have to HAVE from within. OBSESSION, not the Calvin Klein's parfumes! It is simply the love that is bigger than life towards something in life, driven by the emotion and should be EXECUTED WITH A DOSE OF INSANITY ;). tanadi santoso.

the ENJOYMENT while we are struggling! No, business should NOT be a place of ENDURANCE or SADNESS or OBLIGATION or PUNISHMENT or TORTURE. We all have enough of that stuff already! To succeed we have to ENJOY our work and feel HAPPY and FUN doing it. We already have enough burdens in life, and we have a CHOISE of being POSITIVE or NEGATIVE about what we do. IT IS A MATTER OF MENTAL ATTITUTE. Small income, hardworkings, long-hour, tired, weekend shift, etcetera... are NOT the problems. The attitute toward it is!. FAILURES or SUCCESS is just a product of our business stage, my point is, we have to take it as: THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINASION!. The massive time we invest in our daily process of business life, that is what we breathe and live, days in days out, that is the part when we SHOULD HAVE FUN! If you have passed the stage of WORK for FOOD and SHELTER, than you should CHOOSE the one that MAKE YOU FEEL HAPPY, POSITIVE, PROACTIVE, CARING, FUN! My friend, that is a MUST of the entrepreneural SUCCESS! Life is too damn short !!! Have FUN, I will, Tanadi Santoso.

Do NOT wait for PERFECTION, please!

So many entrepreneurs-to-be waited the best time to do some big-idea, yet wait and wait and wait for all the perfect plans come into places! There will never be enough time in the world for any perfect-plan, perfect-idea, perfect-systems, or perfect-business. Usually for a new idea to get into action, we need to do some surveys of market, study of the resource needed, plans for course-of-actions, etc etc etc. And after that WHY, WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, WHICH and HOW MUCH all answered adequately, it is time to decide to DO SOMETHING. A simple set up of a small companies should take about one to three months, a small project one to four weeks, and a tinier decisions one to a few hours to decide. We simply have to be satisfied with adequate data enough for our judgment to JUST GO DO IT! If you wait until all guarantied for success, proven by all statistics, and approved by all experts, usually it will never really take off..... The main ability needed for any entrepreneur is to chew enough data and then decide on some decisions and GO DO IT, then when something happen that is different that we expect, we ADAPT and CHANGE COURSE, collect data, plans, decide, and GO DO IT AGAIN, ad invinitum.... Perfection is not for entrepreneur, as uncertainty is within the risk management itself and part of what makes us thick. tanadi santoso SUCCESS IS A MATTER OF LUCK. Ask any failures!