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Daniel Reis, April 2012

Managing Technical Service operations with OpenERP

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SECURITAS | April 2012


1. Context: Securitas technical services 2. Need: use cases and requirements 3. Solution: using OpenERP the address the needs 4. The road ahead: areas to develop in the future

SECURITAS | April 2012

Securitas is the world's leading provider for security services

300,000 people in 50 countries Operations in Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Serves a wide variety of industries and customer segments. Customer size varies from the "shop on the corner" to global multi-billion companies.
SECURITAS | April 2012 3

Securitas is present in Portugal since 1966, covering the whole territory

6000+ employees Branches in Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Leiria, Setbal, Faro, Portimo, Madeira e Azores ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications Sector specialization, such as Retail, Public Administration, Tourism & Hospitality, Industry, Banking, Transport & Aviation.

SECURITAS | April 2012

The Technology & Innovation deptm. provides technical services for security operations

Systems for CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Alarm, Fire & Gas detection. Technical staff servicing the whole territory. Manages the Alarm Monitoring Central.

SECURITAS | April 2012

There is need for a tool to manage services effectively

Alarm Central and Branch Managers request on-site interventions: Equipment and communications failures Technical support to customers Technical support to commercial consultants New installation projects Service Manager and Branch Managers need status information: Pending issues Customer and site history Automatic notifications by e-mail Technical staff needs timely and complete information on requests: Complete issue descriptions, including site address and contact person Schedule interventions, including planned maintenance and projects Product catalog and stock management features would be a plus Map and mobile devices features would be a plus

SECURITAS | April 2012

Solution implemented with OpenERP's Project modules

Standard components: Projects & Tasks Timesheet Project Issues Base Action Rules
Mail and Templates Webkit Reports Custom extensions: Task and Issues: Departments and Service Teams Automatic Issue Responsibles Task & Issue State coordination Task Materials Base Action Rules Triggers on record change E-mails using templates Several fixes

SECURITAS | April 2012

OpenERP solution centered on Project module: Issues and Tasks

From the Alarm Central and Branch Managers Technical service requests Incident reporting Issues Scheduling

Resolution Managed by the technical department Customer on-site interventions

Tasks Also manages Preventive maintenance New installation projects


SECURITAS | April 2012

Project module for Service Management: Typical life-cycle for Issues and Tasks

1 Issue New 2 Task New 3 Task In Progress 4 Issue Done

SECURITAS | April 2012 9

1. New Issue: Report a service request

Service Team: reusing Sales Team. Responsible: automatically assigned. Code: generated by a sequence Project: customer contract or service site. Department: branch or organiz. Unit. Component: system type. Category: issue type. Contact: customer contact person. Task: on-site action to address the issue. Tasks tab: one issue many tasks.

SECURITAS | April 2012


1. New Issue: Automatic assignment of Responsibles

Issues regard to a Service Team and a Department. Users members are assigned to Service Teams and Branches/Departments. Issue Responsible can be determined using these rules. Projects with Manager assigned override these rules. When no one is found, the responsible is the Team's Leader.


SECURITAS | April 2012


1. New Issue: Notification to responsible person

Creating a new Issue triggers e-mail to responsible person. Automated Actions integrated with v6.1 e-mail templates. Message log available on Issue's Communication & History tab.

SECURITAS | April 2012


1. New Issue: Automated actions based on record changes

Changing the Responsible triggers a notification e-mail. Custom extension to trigger actions from expression using old and new values: old['user_id'] and old['user_id'] != new['user_id']

SECURITAS | April 2012


2. Decide action for new Issues

Create Task for Issues that need on-site intervention. Action is available in the list view Related Issue automatically changes state to Pending.

SECURITAS | April 2012


3. Plan Tasks: Using the Calendar view

The new Tasks are scheduled using drag-and-drop. Scheduled Tasks are automatically changed to In progress (done by an automated action).

SECURITAS | April 2012


4. Complete Task: Prepare task report

Task Report tab concentrates attention: Materials used (missing from standard) Task work: who, when, how much time ? Problem cause: why it hapenend ? Resolution stage: system is operational ? Task report: detailed description Issues to be adressed: next actions required Button Done closes Task. - Start/End date automatically adjusted Related Issue is set to Done An incomplete resolution sets Issue to Pending If no related Issue, a new Issue is created

SECURITAS | April 2012


The road ahead: Areas to be further explored

More Service Management capabilities: New installation projects and budgets Contract maintenance plans Contract service agreements and SLA control Subcontrated services management More System Integration: Billing functions integrated with ERP's invoicing Contract on-site equipment inventory Technical people individual stock management Geographical information More Service Teams: IT, HR Customer satisfaction questionaries
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Thank you.

e-mail daniel.reis@securitas.pt Launchpad /~dreis-pt Twitter @reis_pt

SECURITAS | April 2012 18

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SECURITAS | April 2012


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