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Sixth Annual Telecom Council Service Provider Forum SPIFFY Award Winners Announc ed From the 100+ young

telecom companies who present for the Telecom Council s 25+ serv ice providers every year, some have been identified as having ideas, relevance, and traction that most appeal to our carriers from around the globe. San Francisco, CA, September 25, 2013 -- Global Telecom Service Providers Recogn ize Telecom Innovation, The Service Provider members of the Telecom Council of S ilicon Valley awarded 7 young telecom companies for their innovation, execution, management, and technologies at the association s annual SPIFFY Award ceremony, on day 1 of the annual TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections Executive Summit. SPIFFY nominees attended the ceremony, supported by Sprint, joined by over 400 t elecom professionals, including 20 senior executive carrier speakers from the su mmit. Members of the Service Provider Forum (SPIF) reviewed over 100 young companies a t Telecom Council meetings throughout 2012. Competition for these awards is stif f because all startups are screened by Telecom Council Steering Committees befor e they are selected to present to the SPIF or other Telecom Council meetings. St artups who present have been identified as having ideas, relevance, and traction that most appeal to our carriers from around the globe. Over 25 carrier members voted on over 100 young companies and the winners of the 2013 SPIFFY Awards are: The Edison Award for Most Innovative Start-Up goes to SIGFOX. The Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence goes to Jibe Mobile. The Graham Bell Award for Best Communication Solutions goes to Range Networks. The San Andreas Award for Most Disruptive Technology goes to SmartThings. The Core Award for Best Fixed Telecom Opportunity goes to 2600hz. The Zephyr Award for Best Mobile Opportunity goes to Quixey. The Prodigy Award for the Most Successful SPiF Alumni is Violin Memory. The Fred & Ginger Award for Most Supportive Carrier goes to Orange for the activ e role of their Silicon Valley-based team in supporting telecom entrepreneurs. President of Telecom Council, Liz Kerton said proudly of the 25 SPIF carriers an d the 2012 crop of presenters, 2012 was a great year for innovation in telecom; we all applaud these winners for their contributions to the future of our industry. The Telecom Council looks forward to presenting many more telecom companies to the industry in 2013 and beyond. About the Telecom Council: The Telecom Council of Silicon Valley is Where Telecom Meets Innovation. We conn ect the companies who are building communication networks, with the people and i deas that are creating it by putting those companies, research, ideas, capital, an d human expertise from across the globe together in the same room. Last year, Th e Telecom Council connected over 1,500 executives from 1,000 telecom companies a nd 25 fixed and wireless carriers across 40 meeting topics. By joining, speaking , sponsoring, or simply participating in a meeting, there are many ways telecom companies of any size can use the Telecom Council network. For more information and to join our invitation list, visit www.telecomcouncil.com. Contact: Stephanie Owyoung Telecom Council San Francisco, CA +1-408-834-7933 council@telecomcouncil.com http://www.telecomcouncil.com