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Intelligent Book Shelving system

In conventional library system following problem are there as follow: The records of book issued, book returned etc. are kept manually in registers. Also in big libraries it is tedious job to find out the required book. To perform all these tasks we are developing the Library management system. The system will be all in one which consists of facilities for finding the books and keeping records of books issued etc. RFID based systems are going to revolutionize the entire library automation systems which will track the books, say whether they are issued or they are in library, so that library user will get the instant information. RFID can be used for library theft detection systems. RFID-based systems move beyond security to become tracking systems that combine security with more efficient tracking of materials throughout the library, including easier and faster charge and discharge. BLOCK DIAGRAM: SLAVE UNIT: LCD











RS485 RS232



This unit is connected to the PC at librarians table. The entry for books can be written on the users card using this unit. Also the data on the users card can be read using this unit.

In this system every user who wants to use library facility will be issued one card. This card will consist of specific code which will be unique for each user. By using this card we can keep the record of the books allotted to him/her. For each entry of the member to the library the
presence will be detected. If the member takes any book the members ID and the book ID will be collected in the librarian section. If the member returns the book within the due period, the member is allowed to take another book if he needs. If he doesnt return the book within the due period and if he takes another book it alerts the librarian about the member. This automates the library and reduces the burden of the librarian.

In this system, there is another RFID reader which will be connected to slave card. Slave cards are kept on the shelves. Limit switches will be placed rows and column wise. Different tags with different code will be attached to books. While keeping or taking book from shelves reader will identify the book and limit switch which is changed while keeping or taking the book. In this way slave unit will find out position and send it to the master unit via 485 interfaces. Master unit will keep the record of position of the book and books issued to the particular user.
Master unit: 8051 is used as controller to control total system. it continuously scans the keypad from cupboard RFID reader is used to read the tag and send it to pc through RS485 to slave. Slave unit: 8051 is used to read the data received from rs485 and send data to pc

HARDWARE: 8051 Lcd RFID reader RS485 Relay Switch ip

Software: Embedded c Vb6.0

Advantages of RFID systems

Rapid check-out / check-in High reliability High-speed inventorying

Long tag life