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“ For Sa le B y O wn er” Lead Service

Incr ea se S ale s an d P rof it

Establi sh Trust a nd Credib il it y

with Customers

Create A Competit ive A dvantage

A C ost Effe ctiv e a nd Proven

Marketin g Tool

Repeat Busin ess a nd Refe rrals fr om

New Customers

This is a time-tested product that is proven to increase profits for company working
with homeowners preparing to move.

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083

What Makes These Leads Special…

 The leads are properties that are being advertised “For Sale by Owner” for
the first time during the past week.
 They are gathered from many local and national sources.
 We filter them to eliminate any duplication.
 The number of leads is very small as they are only of the highest quality.
 All marketing and data materials for leads are delivered directly via email.

This information is valuable to any business marketing services or products to property

owners. These homeowners are moving without professional assistance. They are in a
transition that will require the use of many services and products.

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083

What Our C li ents A re Saying!
“We have been receiving the For Sale By Owner Database service for ten years… It is a low cost way to get
in front of the client. In order to remain competitive we must have this tool.”
Matt H. – V.P. Sales

“We have been using your service for many years now. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know we
appreciate the FSBO information reports that we receive from you. They help us market our services direct to
Scott M. – V.P. – Customer Services
“We have been working with RealData Services for 12 years as our sole supplier of leads on FSBO listings in
the area. The service has been consistent and of high quality. The agents in our territory have always found
this a useful item of value that we have been able to provide thanks to the efforts at RealData Services.”
Kevin D. –Division Manager

RealData Services has been providing our company with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) information for over
eight years now. My department has come to rely on this information. They provide a very needed and
sought after product… It is with great pleasure and confidence that I highly recommend RealData Services
and this product.” Andi W. - Customer Service Manager

“We have been using the “FSBO” lists provided by RealData Services for years now... We use the list to do a
weekly direct mailing to each of the homeowners. Included with our letter is a “Certificate”… We also include
a list of contacts in each of our branches in the event they have questions…
When we first started the program, we tracked the number of certificates brought into our branches. We
received approximately 40 certificates within the first three months. …I would highly recommend this
service…” Bernie R. – Vice President/Sales Manager

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083

FSBO Lead Marketing Package

The Following Information is Provided for Each

Property in the Database:

 The owner phone number(s) listed in the ads – up to two phone numbers
 The property address and the name of the owner

 The price of the home being marketed - or an estimate if none is provided.

 The address of the owner if it is different from the property being sold.

The information is provided in files provided via email every Monday morning.
The files are described on the following pages.

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083

Sample FSBO Contact Directory Report

Each lead is shown in the FSBO

Contact Directory.

This makes following up on the leads

very easy and convenient.

All contact information is provided in

this report

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083

Sample FSBO Property Detail Report

A Property Detail Report for each

contact is provided as well.

This Report provides valuable and

complete information on both the
property being sold and the owner.

If the property is not occupied by

the owner, this report provides that
information as well.

For More Information Call: (503)754-5083

Sample FSBO Lead Report

The FSBO Package

includes an MS Excel file
that can be used for
follow-up, sorting, and
data management.

The file is also provided in

a format suitable for
downloading into contact
management software.

For More Information Call: (503)754-5083

Last but not least…. Mailing Labels

To complete the FSBO

Package a MS Word file of
mailing labels is provided for
easy printing, copying and

… As convenient as it gets for

making contact with leads
through the mail.

For More Information Call: (503)754-5083

Find New Customers and Increase Profits!

The price of this service is based upon the number of properties contained in the
weekly database. The fee is $1.75 per lead. Because this is such a highly refined
database, the number of leads is very low. If this product results in just one new
customer per month is has more than paid for itself.

Every extra customer beyond that is pure profit. We look forward to providing you
with the opportunity to benefit from this incredible marketing tool.

…Because success means never missing an opportunity to increase market

share and profit.

For More Information Call (503) 754-5083