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Preparation for Heavenly Living Correspondence School

PFHL Course 100-- Galatians 1-2 Bible Study

(developed by Bill Stevenson)

Directions: Write the answers to the following questions from the information stated in
Galatians 1-2. This assignment is worth 2 units, so write at least 2 quality pages
(single spaced lines and no redundancies).
Note: I wrote this study for one of my E-mail friends 1999.
I am glad we are both still teachable for understanding God’s wisdom more. Our teacher is
the Holy Spirit and Scripture. Our subject today is the first two chapters of the Epistle to the
Galatians. According to the Thompson Chain Reference Bible, the main themes of this letter of
the Apostle Paul are: “A defense of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith and warnings against
reversion to Judaism”. The Epistle to the Romans deals with the former. On the Allan Keyes
talk show I heard the interesting concept: the law is compulsive, but only with the help of the
Holy Spirit can we really keep moral and ethical. There is a verse in the New Testament that
says the Law is the school master and Jesus Christ said that He came to fulfill the Law and that
obeying the Two Great Commandments fulfill the Law. But still most professing Christians are
living like many of the Galatia Christians and the Pharisees. For this e-mail class lime, let us not
focus on the theological themes of the letter, but let us answer some personal questions in
relation to it. The Serendipity Bible has some very good questions and I have quoted some of
them. From these questions, you should be able to determine some of my beliefs, concerns, and
even some of my answers. I will respond to your answers as soon as I receive them:

1. How do you define the words “grace” and “peace”? [See 1:3.]
2. Reread the next verse. How does redemption of our sins “rescue us from the present evil
age”? How is the “evil age” in Apostle Paul’s time similar to now and how is it different?
3. How does Jesus Christ now “rescue us from the present evil age”? [NIV]
4. How does God get glory from your example to others?
How have you given Him glory this month?
5. Did you have any times in your life, after becoming a Christian, a pastor could have said to
you something like 1:6-7?
When have you been temporarily been confused theologically? Elaborate please.
6. What ‘distorted gospel’ upsets you? Why?
What non-Biblical requirements disturb you?
Why do individuals accept such extra requirements for “salvation”?
7. Why would some see Apostle Paul as a ‘people-pleaser’?
Why would some see you as a “people-pleaser’? Explain personally 1:10.
8. Reread the next verse. “Who contributed to your spiritual beginnings? How so?”
9. How long were you in the ‘cocoon’ stage before you were ready to fly?
10. How do you now try to convince others that you are not just passing on human-created,
second-hand information to them?
11. If you had to argue to the reality of the Gospel by giving one example of how faith in Christ
has changed you, what would you share?

12. In what ways do your relate to Jesus Christ?
How is the Holy Spirit involved?
How do you share testimonies about this relationship with others? Please give me some
encouraging examples.
13. If you were on a Christian school board or your church’s pastor-search committee, what
statements in 1:13-2:21 by Apostle Paul, would you disqualify him from being hired as a
Christian day school teacher or as a church pastor?
What statements would you use to urge others to vote to hire him?
14. How have you corrected others for wrong relating or wrong behavior? Describe three
examples, if you have that many.
15. How is the word ‘justified’ commonly used today? How does Paul use the term as compared
with his opponents?”
How does Hebrews 6:1-6 relate to or help explain Galatians 2:15-17?
16. What difference would it make to you if you had to earn your way to God by keeping the
Jewish laws? Conversely, imagine if you are a self-made person who likes to see everyone
‘pay their own way’ or ‘earn their fair share’, how doe this Gospel of unmerited favor grace
strike you?
What additions to faith might outsiders sense in your Christian circles, regarding what they
should do to be approved?
How can you help break down these barriers and avoid the performance trap?”
17. What does Galatians 5:19-21 mean to you?
18. What verses in Hebrews l0 excite you the most?