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Essentials of Human Resource Management SPP School of Pharmacy and Technology Management, NMIMS University M.

Pharm +MBA (PharmaTech)-3th year- 2013-2014 Trimester VII Instructor: Seema Rawat Goals: To develop an awareness about the nature and scope of the Human Resource function within a business organization and to build skills to manage and develop human resources by designing and developing effective human resource management systems Objectives: To develop understanding of the interface between HR & other functions especially operations. To give a practical perspective on the HR implications of technological systems. Evaluation Criteria (MM: 100):

Email Id: seema.rawat@nmims.edu

Mid Term: 20 Marks Major Assignment (Presentation): 15 Marks Minor Assignment (Report): 10 Marks Class Participation & Attendance: 5 Marks Trimester-end Examination: 50 Marks

Pedagogy Lecture, Discussions, Case Studies and Role Play Session Details (Each Session 3 hours) SESSI Contents/Activity ON No. 1. Nature ,Scope, Functions and objectives of HRM, Organization of HR departmentRole & Responsibilities of the HR and Non-HR Managers in HRM Role, profile and qualities of HR/Personnel Manager HR professionals role Line Managers Role HRM Model

Essential Reading Pre-Read: Chapter 1 Challenges of Human Resource Management Case Study: Becton Dickinson (C): Human Resource Function

Strategic HRM Human Resource Planning: Concept and Need Organizational and Cultural Survey Policy Formulation Process of Manpower Planning

Pre-Reading Dave Ulrich, Competencies of HR Professionals Ready, D.A., Hill, L.A. and Conger, J.A. (2008) Winning the Race for Talent in Emerging Markets HBR, Nov. 2008 Class Activity: Discussion Based on Recent Employee Surveys

Job Analysis Job Description & Job Specification The Challenges in Recruitment The Selection Process and Issues The Selection interview

Pre-Reading: Maurer, SD and Liu, Y. (2007) Effective eRecruitment Websites: Insights for Managers from Marketers, Business Horizons (2007) 50 Class Activity: Exercises on Job Analysis and Design Pre Read: Bower, JL, Cappelli, P., Hamori, M. And Ciampa, D. (2007). So you want to be the CEO? HBR, November, 2007 Class activity: Behavioral Interviewing Skills Activity Discussion Based on the Articles and Class Presentations on effectiveness of different recruitment modes Class Activity: Discussion Based on Recent compensation Surveys , Newspaper reports

Planning and Developing Wage and Salary Plans- Compensation Structure Broad banding Pay for Performance- Rewards & Incentives The Monetary and Non-Monetary Side of Motivation- Contemporary issues in Retention, Compensation Surveys Planning and Developing Wage and Salary Plan Performance Management Process Programs Issues in Performance Appraisal 360 degrees appraisal

Pre-Reading: Bhatnagar, J., Puri, R. and Jha, HM (2004) Managing Innovative Strategic HRM: The Balanced Scorecard Performance System at ITC Hotels South Asian Journal of Management, 11(4), pp. 94-108 Class activity -Case: Performance Management at TCS (Text Book)

Strategic Fit through Performance Management-Balanced scorecard

Pre-Reading : Blau and Boal (1987) Conceptualizing how job involvement and organizational commitment affect

Career Planning Succession Planning

turnover and absenteeism, Academy of Management Review, 12 (2) pp 288 300 Article: Solve the Succession crisis by growing InsideOutside leaders Class Activity Career Anchors Exercise Pre-Reading: Leadership Development at Goldman Sachs Hacket, P (1997) Introduction to Training. Hyderabad: University Press/Orient Longman, pp. 20-52 Class Activity: Exercise on Developing a Training Programme / case study Pre-Reading: Text Book Chapter SP-4 Case: Discussion on International HR Practices

Training and Development in the Organisational Context Identification of Training Needs, Developing & Conducting Training Programmes, Training Evaluation & Present Challenges Internationalization Of HRM


National & International Pre-Reading: Text Book Chapter 7 Standards in People Safety, Class Activity: Class Discussion based on case Bata and Health, Welfare & Employee its Employee Relations (Text Book) Relations

Text Book: Pande and Basak Human Resource Management Pearson Snell, Bohlander, Vohra, Human Recourses Management South Asian Perspective India Edition Cengage Learning

Reference books: DeCenzo, D.A. and S.P. Robbins. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 10th Edition, Wiley and Sons Cascio, Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits(SIE)

Internet references: 1. www.shrm.org/hr/links 2. www.humanresources.org Term Work:Case Studies / Assignments / Class Tests / Presentation