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R. MtUs - missLoner


January, 1992
Dear Co-Workers;

from the house. She even sent Shannon down to the shop one day as he was bothering her at the
housel He has also had time off from the air force.

It seems impossible but the school Summer holidays will be over andthe children will all be returning to boarding school in a few days! They have been a bit restless from time to time and grandmother has sent them off to the park to play a few times or to the municipality swimming pool. Alberton has a beautiful free swimming pool not overly far from our home and the playground Is only about two blocks

Phyllis wrote a three-scene play especially for the Christmas program atthe church. It was presented on Christmas day and there were more people in attendance than there are usually on Sunday. They all did good, and it was very well received. I plan to print it in booklet form and will circulate copies to the black churches before Christmas next year. They love to do plays, and this one has exceptionally good
teaching value.

We had the family In with four extra guests for Christmas Eve supper. There were twenty at the table and for the Christmas exchange afterwards. Most of them stayed for much of the evening and talked with Donna who phoned from Dallas, Texas. As I asked about Phyllis's father, Edgar Nichols, who has been in and out of hospital repeatedly recently, she phoned back again the day after Christmas to tell us that she had made enquiries and that he was home from hospital but they were very concerned as they can not care from him at home and he Is suffering from pain but won't permit them to handle his medications. His wife is also an invalid and they both live with her daughter atthe present time. Edgar is
now in his mid-nineties.

Ireplaced our troublesome accounting software, only to have trouble with its replacement. Three times I have had to take the whole computer right across the city to the agency and spend half a day with them, only to have it work fine there but make trouble back in our own environment. Hopefully it is right
this time! ^ ^ ^

In the meantime, I re-Installed the old simple bookkeeping system I had been using and have been using it this month. On the 26th, Igot all the figures sorted and totaled and last year's financial report is enclosed. It was a combined effort of using both systems and hand written figures.
We sold a lot of Bibles during the Christmas period. Iam sure that Alberton sold out of Afrikaans better

are down to one copy of Northern Sotho. I will need to get busy with ordering new stocks now. Just
hope they are available.

quality Bibles. Ihave only two small leather ones remaining, though quite a few of the cheaper bindings. Iwas pleased that this year we had enough of the Black language Bibles to fit the demand, although we

Hcuftnotid and ]une alnderson T/A

ob ond Phull

706 Costli^osKlngton Street

Utfcana, IL 61801, U.S.:A.

sholl he saved; but he thatbellepeth not shall be damned. (CHRIST) - Tiark 16:16

Go ^8 Into all the tvorld, and preach the gospel to even) creature. He that belleveth and Is baptized

The Lord qave the Word: great ttere the company of those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


DEC. 90/NOV. 91



From U.S.A.


Bible Shop Sales

Borrowed South African Donations Designated Funds

3090.96 1791.28 927.56


Refund on Travel Expenses Printing Refund oh Postage Telephone Interest on current account

514.10 450.00 176.52 101.57 77.20



Stock for the Shop Mills Salary

Shop Rent

24662.18 12000.00 10166.73 9286.43



Office and Printing Supplies

Shop Fitting

Equipment Loan Repayment

8126.14 5959.79

Equipment Repairs
Designated Funds Postage Telephone Account Bank Charges Manuscript Translations

5054.80 3790.96

2098.00 1124.82

691.41 383.00

Maintainance Servicing


Casual Help
Travel Costs
Tax R

236.24 143.00

16.84 97190.67

Exchange Rate $1 = R2.75


R 1584.94

(Because of software malfunctions we have an error of R98.89,




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Robert & Ph^ls MlUs

PuBUshers andprinters ofmlUlons ofMlSle StudyB(ujk(ets andttoi^forAfiica

Dear Co-Workers,

February, 1992

Since our letter last month was actually mid-month in being posted, I have intentionally allowed a few days to go past in order that the two be a little better spaced out. This also allows for me to return to a more normal work schedule. Several booklets are ready for the press now and the dark-room work is largely done, but apparently all the stock of baptismal certificates and other mission supplies are out of print, so I am going to have to rush those through in time for them to be distributed at the minister's retreat shortly. I also have a great stack of Bible lessons to be processedand returned to the prisoners who completed them.

The lawyer handling the building transfer phoned to inform me that my deadline to produce the funds was the 3rd of this month and again to give us another three weeks time. Apparently a document is missing that
I was not asked for when I was in America last month. Since it is a death certificate, it is available without

me being there, however, and we expect that all will be finished soon. Today would be ideal since the money exchange rate is the best today that it has been in yrars. I am really surprised that I have not been a nervous wreck over these delays, but I have just placed it into the Lx)rd's hands and let Him handle it after I had done all that I could. I am presently working out details as to how to get the floors of the shop, storage and kitchen completed since they are presently in very rough concrete with no surface finish. There are a

"thousandandone*'ClqXbWs to be planned, but nothing that can be physically done now other than plan very carefully. Even the actual packing and moving of the shop itself will have to be tackled over a "long" week-end, and that in the month we expect to have the school committee meeting trip to Umzambc Bible Institute. That falls the actual week end weshould be moving shop. This morning I arrived at work to find that a neighboring shop was burgled last night and the auto electrician lost all of his tools and equipment, even the telephone! His rear shop door is a shambles. This just points out the wisdom of planning in time to have an apartment in the building after we move. Wewill also need a panic-button alarm, security light, and perhaps a passage security door. It could as easily have been this shop, though Bibles are not so attractive as tools are to a burglar. He has had some of his tools
stolen before, but never everything. He was furious.

of a revival of interest There wereseveral people there whom we have not seen for some time.

We are really grateful to Pat Allen for his preaching at Kimberlcy Road during January, and that George has taken charge of the Bible Study and Sunday Evening study, but I started again from the last Sunday of January to do the sermons. Attendance was much better this past Sunday, we pray that this is an indication

The boarding school phoned this week to tell us that Cameron was very ill and that their doctor thought he would need urgent surgery for an appendix that might burst at any time. His mother arranged instead for an ambulance to go get him and bring him home to the hospital where she works. They did tests and X-rays and concluded that there was nothing wrong with his appendbc, but that he was extremely constipated. By the next day, hewas back to normal and his aunt and Kathy took him back to boarding school. The principle could not believe it was not his appendix. Fortunately Kathy knew that he has had this problem before and
what to suspect.

Becky's husband, Chris is also in hospital. They suspect gall stones, but are doing tests. He had been home sick several days, but kept saying it was just flu, though his symptoms did notseem to be right for that. He looks very thin for him, but he has been having trouble with his food; now they won't let him have any
because of the tests.

this goes beyond her area. It is a busy day for her, as she also has to go to the boarding school this evening with Kathy to bring the children home for the week end. Cameron is supposed to be at Yield School. (A
camping trip in the bush for nature study.) We are looking forward to seeing you all in Jaiy/October. It seems closer now that I have contacted the

Phyllis is away to the Northern suburbs of Johannesburg to give a lesson for a joint gathering of the committees of several Christian Women's Clubs. She was put in charge of a group of clubs in this area, but

Missionary travel agenw in Holland about bookings and prices. (011-27-11-907-1533 phone 7:00 -8:00 a.m.)

BobaiPh(^tU^ i
narh 16:16

Your-s In Je=u8 Christ. ,

Go t|e Into ad the tvortd, and preach the gospel to every creature. Ke that

706 Et Woshln^n Street

Urfcona, It 61801, U.S.JI.

Anteon, T/A

belleveth and Is baptized shall be saved; but he that belleueth not shall be damned. (CHRIST) -

The Lord gave the Word: great were the company of those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


P.O. Box 1347

1450, Alberton

(Oil) 907-1533

R. MltLs - mlssloner

Pu>ilshen amiprinters ofmlUtons ofSlSU Study Booklets artdtractsfor Afiiea

Dear Co-workers,

March, 1992

It was our pleasure to print two booklets, do considerable typesetting in readiness for printing, and
to complete much of the mission's printed materials for the coming year during February. 1must still complete the baptismal certificates they will need. We will print about 12,000 of those.

Our printing work was interrupted by the scheduled School Board meeting for the Umzumbe Bible Institute. As I chair this meeting, this necessitated the closing of the shop for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday the last week-end of the month. I was sorry about that as much of the
month's turnover at the Bible shop is after pay day at the end of the month, however we were
happy to be able to assist in the work of the Bible Institute.

Phyllis and I were so pleased at the beginning of February to take delivery of a 1988 Nissan Sentra

in replacement of the ageing Mitsubishi Colt we had bp^n driving. It handled like a dream, and we really cherished It, perhaps more so because we used moxe.thao every penny of our personal
savings to buy It. In any case we drove the Nissan to Umzumbe for the annual school committee meeting. Yesterday on our return trip, we were horrified when we rounded a curve in a drizzling rain to see an accident a quarter mile ahead and the road packed with cars almost to us! In an Instant,

three cars directly ahead of us were involved in a three car pileup, but we managed to slow and
stop on the shoulder of the road safely, only to look back and see that a BMW was sliding out of control straight for usl He nearly wiped the back of the car off, smashing much of what was behind

the back wheels. Our coolcase, suitcases and my brief case fared very badly, but these are not
worth counting. We were so thankful not only ourselves, but also none of the others involved had any serious personal injuries. We are both a bit stiff and sore this morning and Phyllis has big bruises beneath her knees, but most of the damage Is to the car. After the ambulances were gone

and the road cleared of the six immobile vehicles, the emergency van driver helped with a crowbar and heavy hammer and freed my right rear wheel. We were the only car to actually drive away
under our own power, howbeit a bit "crabwfse". We arrived safely back in Alberton hours later than planned, but happy to be home. This morning I have been to the police to file proper reports and to

the Insurance offices. We just pray that they do not take too long. As we were parked off the road

when we were hit, surely it is the responsibility of Mr Viljoen the driver of the BMW. He was
obviously speeding and in a panic, locked his brakes. The wet road took care of the rest. In fact he all but thanked me for stopping him from going over a twenty five foot embankment into the river
below! He was certain he would have.

Phyllis and 1also were told last night, that our friends, Bill and Verna Weber, are going to Nebraska

Christian College as Missions Professor so will be leaving permanently. That alone is enough to leave us very "down"\!(\\'^ morning as it was they we always asked advice of, or just went to for a listening ear when we needed someone to talk with. We shall certainly miss them whenthey leave in
only a few weeks time. Bill and Verna, our prayers go with you. May God bless you in your new
ministry for Him.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf. Incidents like this accident make us thankful for the many
friends who are praying for us.


TLm^mond. and,June slntlerson T/A

706 Cost Washington Street

Urfjana, IL 61801, U.S.A.


Into all the ivorid, and. preach the gospel to every creature. He that belteueth ond Ls baptized

shalt be saued; buthe thot belLeueth notsholl be damned. (CHRIST) - Mart, 16:16

The Lord gaye the Word: great wete the company oj those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


P.O. Box 1347

1450, ^Alberton

(011) 907-1533

R. MlUs - mlssLoner

PuBtCshers andpdnten ofmUilons ofStieStudyBooklets andtractsfor Africa

April, 1992
Dear Co-worker,

We praise the Lord for His protecting _hand. More and more frequently roving gangs have been breaking into homes, killing the elderly, (any age over fifty), and loading anything of value into their vehicle, stealing the family car, and departing. They do this
neighborhood dogs barking at 2:00 A.M. As we have the Bible van parked on the drive, I went to a dark bedroom where the curtains were open just in time to see a canopied pickup truck with a large high sided, and empty trailer, stop in front of our house. It backed up a way, as if to drive onto the lawn and stop facing the street. Then, for some reason it drove away, I am convinced they
left because the Lord was there protecting us from harm! in a matter of minutes. Last night I was awaken by all the

"And lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world."

The Lord willing these letters will be posted a few days in advance of the first of April, since it is a tradition that April 1st always means a postage increase in South Africa! It is also a
tradition that all the news papers and the

an "April Fool story" tucked away somewhere, sometimes it is the

TV and radio will have

any odd sounding story on April 1st. The new budget has gotten in with an April fool with a genuine .08 cent gasolene rise in midMarch.

headline leader on the front page! We have learned to be wary of

We have printed three new Northern Sotho booklets this month as well as an updated catalog of our own publications and several smaller printing jobs. At the same time, I managed to check and
return all the Bible lesson booklets with their certificates to our

students in the prisons and to send lessons to all those asking for

On the positive side, I put large foot high yellow letters saying "Bibles/Bybels" on the front window of the shop last month.
The result is that we have beat all our previous sales records, even those at Christmas time. Praise the Lord people are seeking
not know we had Afrikaans books. Several

the Word. That second spelling of "Bibles" is in Afrikaans, and it has brought in a number of people who often comment that they did
new Bible shops have

opened in town recently; now, I hear that the Baptists plan to open
one as well.

Repairs were completed on the car a few days ago and it looks and drives like a new one with the exception of the passenger seat

which is not quite right, and the new muffler which is not as quiet as the factory fitted one was. We have been hard hit financially this past month. It all started with Phyllis having a dental bill
of over R700, the insurance held us accountable for the first R500 on the car repair, and our hot water heater chose this time to spring a leak. That cost R1700 to replace and the ceiling in the kitchen will have to be repainted. Of course we had already borrowed privately to buy the car in the first place. The TV has

early December.

just this week been returned after being in the repair shop since
Amazingly, there was no charge as it was a

guaranteed earlier repair job.

As you know, South Africa's referendum vote is counted and i t

million Zulus, the 5 million Tswanas, and certainly the far right Afrikaaners would rather die than be ruled by Xhosas. My guess is that we have not even seen the tip of the iceberg as far as unrest is concerned, and that Christians are going to be put in the middle by the Satanic element of it all. I am told that there was actually
a Satanic pentagram^ on the back of the ballot itself!

was a resounding "Yes". It had to be that, of course, but the big problem is that at the same time it is also an agreement to a communist black government and hidden in the package is a whole "New Age" Satanic program; probably also a civil war as the 7

The Christians in South Africa need the power of your united

prayers, more than ever before. God is Almighty, but He wants us

to ask in faith and repentance. At least in this country, I am not

very convinced of the repentance, or for that matter the faith of

the nation as a whole. There is too much white-hot anger about.

Pray for those who are faithful. God will do the rest.

Praise Him for His almighty care and watching over His people 1


. . He was wounded for our Irans-

gressions ... He is brought as a lamb lo the slaughter ... and with His
stripes we are healed ..
Isaiah 53:5.7

your's tn lesusCKrlst, Raymond and JunelAnderson T/A

Bob and Ph^f/MlUs

706 ast Washington Street

UifNina, 1161801, U.S.^.

shaU be saved; but he thatbelleveth not shaU be damned. (CHRIST) - narfc 16:16

Go ye Into all tfie tvotld, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that betleveth and Is baptized

The Lord gave the Word: great were the company of those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


{Church of Christ Mission)
Show Room Cr Print Shop
P.O. Box 1347

Shop6 Raceview Corner Glen Albyn & Jubilee

Atberton, 1450

Robert S. Mills, manager

Oil 907-1533 (W) Oil 869-8331 (H>
PubNshers & printers of millions of Bible Study booklets and tracts for Africa.

May, 1992

Dear Co-worker,

This being the anniversary month of our Lord's resurrection, there

were many extra activities. On.the day itself, we arose far before

sun-up in order to be at a hill-top monument in the form of a giant granite cross for Sunrise services. I was surprised at how many of the church members had made the extra effort so early in the morning. This was followed back at the church house by a video tape by Garland Bare on the resurrection, breakfast together, Sunday School, and Worship services. There were the usual evening services as well, of course. It was a busy day, and we were a weary lot
afterwards for a short while!

All our black brothers and sisters had dismissed services locally and had gone to White River for a joint gathering of the Transvaal Christians. Messimers attended some of those sessions, but Phyllis and I stayed in Johannesburg. We would be here if Messimers had not made it back in time. They did, thanks to the Lord.

The Weber family also departed this month, and Phyllis and I went to the airport to see them off on the plane. I kidded Phyllis about sitting in "celebrity row" while we waited for the Webers to arrive. She had not recognized him, but one of South Africa's best known film, stage, and TV actors came and sat beside her. It turned out that he had brought his daughter who was also there to see the
Weber youth off.

This was not a "printing" month, but a very lot of time was spent in preparing material for print, setting type, marking papers, and getting the desk absolutely clear of lessons. It is already accimulating again. I also spent a hard day one of the public holidays in moving most of the boxes of printed material in the store room and organizing them into proper numeric order. Now I can find things again! I also found that one title is out of print. That early Zulu book has now been re-typed and sent for proof
reading as I am not at all satisfied with the first edition's

accuracy, let alone, appearance. After Verna's encouragement, Phyllis has started re-writing her first book, "Some of God's Children", and I am re-typing it for her as there is time to squeeze it in. The first two chapters have been finished. There is a lot to go as it has twenty one chapters. I can count on her

flatly refusing to take a furlough until that is finished and

printed, no matter what else!


The Lord has heard our prayers for a Sotho translator, I believe, and Helga Malungwane has taken a booklet to translate and another for her friend Evodia. I had previously sent other booklets with
a school teacher and an ex-mayor of the township. Neither was

booklets printed in Sotho, we can feel that we have the needs of

in Alberton where the shop is.

returned, so we try again. As soon as we have a few of the basic

all the South African Languages at least partially addressed. Sotho is the last language, it also happens to be very commonly spoken For some months, even vears. I have been praying for a "permanent home" for the print shop and Bible shop. I think the Lord is also

shaping that answer. Hallelujah. There are three or four possible solutions coming into focus. First, around the corner from us. The
years ago, is being rebuilt as a clinic but with about ten small shops attached which can be either purchased or leased. Second,
site of the old Kentucky Fried Chicken building, which burned a few
across the street from the major black taxi ramps for Alberton, the

building where I asked for a particular shop, from the plans, months ago is now nearing completion. It could have been designed

steep. Third, the building on the main street of Alberton housing the "Manpower Offices" (black employment services) may still come vacant, and finally, I believe the church building and hall

for our needs, but the rent will be around $950 a month. Rather

investigated before is still available. Watching the Lord open a door is often like watching a beautiful flower come into bud and
the answer to that prayer.

then open up before your very eyes! I know He is even now preparing
Our eldest grandson. Shannon, is now busy with his plans to come to America to Bible College. He would like to leave as soon as he

has finished his required year in the military, which will be in

late June. He has so much to get done; a new passport, acceptance at the school of his choice, air reservations and ticket, and not

to be forgotten, financing. He will need work for expenses. I think

hospital. That will make her eligible for advancements as a nurse. We are thankful that she was accepted, but she works very hard as

his mother is counting on her end-of-the-year bonus, for the ticket. She is working very hard on her "bridging" course at the

it is already. Nurses here work 12 hour shifts. She also has three children in boarding school, which takes all her funds, (and more)

We thank God for your faithfulness daily. May His blessings be


your'stn lesus Christ,

Bob and Phytlf/Mdls


liaymond ond June alnderson

Washington Street
Utfcona, IL 61801, U.S.Ji.

SLTfi"'" ^ creature. )le- that belleueth sholl be saued; but he that bclUueth not shotl be damned. (CHRIST) Marfc, 16:16 and Is Baptized The Lord gave the Word: great u^re the company of those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


P.O. Box 1347

1450, tAlberton

(Oil) 907-1533

ft. nUb - mlssloner

PuBil^ers and(inters ofmtUtonsofl(eSUufyBooklets andtractsfor Africa

Deor Co- Worfeers tn Jesus Christ,

June, 1992

Thank.s to Go(t, I haue only a feu> more pages to type to haue completely re-set the text of a neu> edition of Phyllls's boofi, "Some of Cod's Children" tfhlch ue hope to find a publisher to print for us before our next furlough. With the revisions she has mode, I estimate that It will be oi;er 200 pages long. It Is too big a fob for us to undertake the printing and binding ourselves, though I could lay out the pages fairly easily nou> that the text has been typed, spellchecked and proofread. I am uery sorry to have to report that brother Gladstone Ndamasa's pLcR,up was stolenthis past ue^ while he uw making a hospital coll. He has no Insurance and recovery Is very unllR.ely. Since then, I u>as talking to brother Ollfeet Mk^undlu our local blach ministeruiho also has a pickup truck. He tells me that he has no Insurance either. Jit least he agreed to follow my lead and geta padlocked steering whed lock for It In addition to thefactory Installed onewhich Is very easUy broken. In our conversation, 1 mentioned to him that our Grandson, Shannon has his papers in order and a booking and deposit on his flight to come to ^America to Bible College. He Is to leave mid-July and Is fortunate to have gotten a booking at peak season. Ke wants to visit his grandmother (Brightside), his father (hopefully), and perhaps his aunt Bonna b^ore going to Nebraska Christian College this fall. Time was a factor and Nebraska replied to his enquiries and sent application forms and a very nice letter In plenty of time, plus phoning personally. No other school was anywhere neatly as encouraging. He knows BUI and Verna Weber who will he teaching there this fall as well. Shannon has expressed Interest In returning to take over our work after graduation. I mentioned this to Ollfeet and he was delighted, adding how much help the printing and

shop are to the local churches. 1 have many customers from the denominations who have expressed their appreciation. It was good to hearit from ourown people!
In a country where truly Christian studies are very rare in the vernacular, I feel that time will show their real and lasting value. I recently read a devotional thought which emphasized this opinion. It pointed out something that happened In

"Our Individual efforts, whether writing or speaking, can havefar-reaching effects.

Ulchard Baxter (1615-1691) wrote a book titled, Call to the Unconverted. It helped many people come to Jesus, Including Philip Doddrldge (1702-1751), who became a well-known preacher, a hymnwrlter, and the president of a theological seminary. Doddrldge wrote the widely-circulated book The Rise and Progress of Hellglon In the Soul. William WUbetforce (1759- 1833) readIt, was convicted of sin, and became a Christian statesman.

After being Instrumental In pressing for the freeing of sloves, WUbetforce wrote A Practical View of Christianity. This changed thelifeof Leigh Richmond, who laterwrote many gospel tracts that Influenced thousands tosee the Lord.''
The interesting pointof this series. Is that none of theirlives overlapped, yeteach had a strong Influence on the life of the
other throughthe written tvord.

future generations for the Lord. For that reason, I would rather publish a truly helpful ^oklet In the language of the people
and return tore-read It again andagain, than wUl hear the sermon In even the largest assembly.

What a person puts In writing not onlyserves the generation In which It was published, but can live on to influence many

of a land than preach several powerful sermons through an Interpreter! NumerlcaUy, tnany more people can read the boo^t
We thank theLord for the opportunities we have to witness through the Bible Shop. In two days last week over twenty Bibles passed over our counter In smaU lots. With each lot go tracts, a catalogue of our own publications, and with many, a personal conversation with the shopper about the Lord. Many lovely people return ogaln and again to buy the Word to give
away to others.

We thonk you for your prayer and financial support that makes U all possible. Of the possible "hotnes for the work" mentioned last month, the new shop near the black taxi ramps Is now ready for occupancy, but since I first enquired the owner has raised his asking price from $950 a month to $1454. I was disappointed as that Isalmost the exact equal ofour entire salary and working funds combined for a month. I accept thisas God's answer, "Not thisone.''
Ijour's in Jesus Christ,

June and Raymond -Andetson, T/A

706 tost Washington Street

Bob and Phyll

Urbana, XL 61801, U.S.:A.

Go ye Into aU the ivorfd, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that belleveth ond is baptized shall be saved; but he that belUveth not shall be damned. (CHRIST) - Mark 16:16 TheLord gave the Word: great were thecompany ofthose that published It. - Psalms 68:II


P.O. Box 1347

1450, ^[berton

(Oil) 907-1533

R. Mills - tnlssloner

PuBllshers andptintets ofmUllons ofC6CeStudyBookhts andUactsforAfdca

July, 1992
Dear Co-Workers in Jesus Christ,

Shannon has completed his year in the military and has been discharged, so he is working to get

everything in order for his trip to America and Bible College. The biggest concern was that the special Missionary Travel Agent was taking so very long to confirm the receipt of the money and issue the
tickets. After a number of faxes and letters being dispatched, we have been assured that the reservations are confirmed and that the tickets will arrive by special courier service shortly. He is

nervous of the long flight as he does not remember his trip here when he was a baby! Yesterday was
his 1.9th birthday.

While we were going through our problems with the travel agent, both Phyllis and I were in bed with the flu. My sinuses were so badly infected that for a while I was really fearing inner-ear complications, and was forced to sleep sitting up in a recliner. I stayed at home for two days and after that came back to the Bible shop, but returned to the chair after work. Even yet, from about 4:30 in the afternoon, I find I can easily have serious bouts of coughing. Even a breath of cold winter air can trigger one, so I try to
stay in the house in the evenings as much as possible.

Phyllis was forced to cancel one of her Bible Classes a couple of times, but she has returned to a full
schedule now.

I have finished typing the copy for a new edition of one of our Tsonga books. That particular language has changed so much that a new edition is absolutely necessary, and not simply a re-print. I was very

upset to find that a re-typing of one of the early Zulu books that 1had sent for correction is going to have to be re-done again as the computer copy was accidentally erased. We had only the one printout. Hopefully, it is returned intact! I have since solved that little problem of computer backups, by purchasing a tape streamer. One of the many computer companies has changed brands and had a big sale of all their former stock. I was able to get a streamer that will backup the entire computer hard disk in a few minutes, very reasonably. In fact, I was so pleased with it that after a couple of weeks of price comparisons, I went back and bought a computer from then as well. Our older one was so constantly in use for desk top publishing, our Bible lessons addresses and records, and the word processing records that It was very difficult to be able to use it for stock control and the financial records of the
Bible shop as well. The new one is dedicated to that task alone.

The children will be home from boarding school this week for the mid-winter school holidays, so plans are undenvay for Daily Vacation Bible School to be held shortly at Kimberley Road. Shannon will be
able to assist there this year before he leaves for America about the first of August.

The shop being built around the corner from our present site is no longer to be a clinic. It is now to be occupied by a number of shops and offices and these can be bought or rented. The shop between the large butchery and a Chicken carryout is especially promising. There is a large restaurant next to that one as well. That one is the right size, faces the street East of the building, and has high security with a porch effect that will prevent cars driving by a foot from your entrance, or even parking in front of the door, as they often do at the present building. It also has iodooi plumbing, and a slab ceiling that would prevent the ceiling-burglaries we have so often now. Yet once again, the church complex has been
offered urgently for sale as well. That one would offer a church home In Alberton that a shop could never provide, so I continue to pray God's provision; any of these would also be an answer to prayer for His guidance in the direction of future efforts for Him. The church complex would cost about $150,000 for 800 sq/meters with full business rights. I have not asked about the price on the yet to be finished
Your's in Jesus Christ,


]une and Raymond :Aincrson, r/:A

///iJid/ nu ancyPhyllis -aZu Mills Bob

Wosfitngton Street Urbono, 1161801, U.S.

Go Into all the tvorld, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that belUveth and Is baptized shall be saved; but he that bellepeth not shall be damned. (CHRIST) - Narb. 16:16

The LordqavB the Vord: great were the company of those that published it. - Psolms 68:11


P.O. Box 1347

1450, JiibRtton

(011) 907-1533

K.. Mills - mlssloner

PuHl^etsandpnntetsofmlfflons of3l6e StudyBook^ts andtractsforA/Hai

Dear Co-Workers in Jesus Christ, August,1992 At the time of the writing of this letter, our Grandson Shannon should be sitting in the airport terminal at Heathrow, near
London. He has a nine hour scheduled wait there and a change of airlines. Only at near midnight tonight is he scheduled to arrive in Ohio. Once there he hopes to be met by his father and to spend two weeks with his Grandmother before going on to Nebraska Christian College where he is enrolled this year. The church here gave him a "royal sendoff" with a special church dinner after he had preached his first sermon In the morning services. They had a money tree which had leaves and fruit of Dollars, Pounds, and Rands. The Pounds will help with lunch in London. Phyllis and I are both completely recovered from the flu we had last month, and we thank the Lord for that. Kathy tells us that there are many patients in the hospital with complications following flu. We are also thankful to have a bit of quiet and peace as the children have all returned to their boarding schools now. In fact it seems terribly quiet!
At the present time we are undergoing another personal financial testing as our washing machine gearbox gave up, leaked all over the floor and started smoking a week ago. Phyllis battled to find a serviceman who would repair it since it is a General Electric and spare parts are practically non-existent. They promised delivery yesterday, but owing to a "stay-away" politically motivated and enforced by intimidation, they did not keep their promise. Those repairs are going to cost close to R500. With the children and their friends at the house during the school break, the grocery bill shot sky high and I also transferred ari extra R300 to the grocery account for Phyllis. I don't know how she did it, but Phyllis did exceptionally well and kept very close to budget after that.

The Video camera is also out to order and Is sitting at the serviceman's, in its case, it is a Panasonic and the Panasonic company just refused to repair it as it was American purchased. It happened that a private repairman was going to America so he is to shop for the spare part needed while he is there.

The most Interesting people come into a Bible shop! A few days ago, a well dressed Coloured customer, who had just bought Biblesfor all the members of his family, then commented, "I don't know if you remember me, but I am the one
who bought a worn second handed Bible months ago for fifty cents. I carried that Bible to work with me every

day, and it turned my life around. Now I want everyone to know about my Lord." Today I have had three, such men, the first left a little over an hour ago. He was a Trucker from f^/lalawi. This is his second visit. He stops on his way back and buys things to take to his friends in Malawi. He bought a booklet on the dangers of Satanism. I must rush the publication of our latest tract on Aids as the Truckers are notorious for the spread of the Aids epidemic. It is worst along the truck routes from Northern Africal The second man was so thrilled to find so much practical Bible help available here and before he left asked for prayers for him. The last just now left. He was here a few days ago and bought three of our booklets. He wanted to tell me how much they were helping him and his friends who were reading them also, in between those two was a school teacher and one of her pupils. She comes frequently to browse about and buys small things to give to others. I told her of our latest project which will Involve the use of the TV monitor and player that we bought from the Webers when they left, to play Biblevideos during the lunch hour. She wants me to be sure to let her knowwhen we start as she will bring her class from the Christian School where she teaches to see the tapes.

To make room for this project, and possibly a "soupkftchen"^\ the same time to assist those who are homeless and hungry, we really compressed the print shop area and expanded the shop area by moving the shop fittings back. Moving the weighty printing equipment was the hardest. Shannon and I shoved and dragged most of it about and managed to gain enough space to set up some chairs and provide a place for the VCR. As for the soup kitchen, which 1expect to be erratic at

first, I plan to use "cup-o-soup" packets, styrofoam cups, and a hot water urn. I can use the shop's Macro card to get all those at the Macro Wholesale Store when I go past there next week to pick up Bibles at the Bible Society. One casualty ofthis heavy and dirty job, (dust under every fixture moved), was my back and footl My back is only mildly complaining, but my left foot is wrapped In stretchgauze as a result of hopping down from a chairwhen Iwas replacing stock on the shelves. I must have sprained it. I could not possibly hobble home yesterday afterclosing time, and had phone for a ride home. Then I borrowed a canefrom a neighbour, butfound that even thatdid not help, so Ipropped my foot up on a cushion and dosed off in front of the TV for a few hours in the evening. Today it is practically back to normal. It certainly has not been the hindrance Ihad expected. Phyllis camedown and scrubbed my floors for me. Thankyou Phyllis!

We praise the Lord daily for your concern and prayers. God's blessings be withyou.
Your's in Jesus Christ,


Into ^tl the world, and preach the gospel to evstif

June and Raymond :Anderson, V/-k

creoture. He that belUveth and Is baptized shall be saved; but he that belLeueth not shall be damned. (CHRIST) Mar^ 16:16

Washington Street Ucbana IL61801 11 S

' -


P.O. Box 1347

1450, ^(berton


R. MU[s - mlssLoner

PuBlishers andpnntersof mUIujtts ofBMeStudy Booklets andtractsfor Africa

Dear Co-Workers:

September, 92

lo buy at least one good aimera immedialely!

had lo be scrapped as weU. shall have

Nevertheless, I am still making good use of ihc video camcorder in lhai 1 am using il, connected to the
Weber's TV which we look over when they relumed lo America a few months ago, lo play the series of

Bible story cassettes at the Bible shop. I play a new tape each day, presently between 12:00 and 2:00. Most
people ask to rent the tapes, however, ihey arc NTSC version and not the PAL sysiem used in this country, so they have to be viewed here in the shop. Gradually, we hope to add more lapcs as we locale suitable ones. Perhaps we can find some locally in the PAL formal for a lending library. We also have the slyrofoam cups and soup packets ready to serve those who ask for money for food. With the bitterly cold weather we have been having, there have been no requests. Few people have ventured out inlo the cold wind if they did
not have lo.

An interesting African lady aune into the shop a few days ago. She was obviously well educated and was immaculately dressed. In fact she had the appearance of a model, though she told me slic was a theatre sister, (operating theatre nurse) As she was brousing around looking at what we had on hand, she asked for something for the Sunday Schools. As she wanlcd something to introduce the Bible to ihe children, I suggested our friend Arrilla Harrington's book, "Know Your Bible". This was just v/hat she wanted, but
she did not want a copy for one teacher. She wanted TWENTY .COPIES lo be used in eighteen different Sunday Schools, in fact all the Sunday Schools of the Mahoning Mission in this area! Some of these were in English and some in Zulu. She would have also liked some in Soiho, a translation we still do not have for that particular book. This morning a Afriam man came in and bought ten each of three of our own publications, in Zulu I am sure that he will be selling them lo others out of his brief case, (hawking them). This is exactly what I want to happen, as they will gel inlo the hands of users faster that way. In effect, he
becomes a ''Sa/Gspcrson"iox W\c.\jon\\

This month we did publish one new Solho book; also a new edition of one of ihe Tsonga books, new iracls, and an updated new catalog. A second Sotho translation was typed and returned lo the translator for proof reading. Cecilia seems lo be doing well now that she knows jusl what we want done. When she brings this
one back, she will probably also bring the one she is presently translating and will take a new one lo start translating. We continue lo pray for you all regulary and lo give thanks for your lifting up in prayer before the Lord. A few days ago, the power went off during the evening, and as we suspected, the cables had been bombed not far from our home. A young couple had their car fire bombed when they slopped at a slop sign recently, and there have been numerous gang robberies and killings of late. Praises lo the Lord for His care! ]une and Raymond Anderson, T/-A
Your's in Jesus Christ,

Bob and PhyULs Bob PhyULs

/ )



f i!


Washlnqton Street

Urbana.lL 61801, U.S.:A.

Go ye into all the ivorld, and pceoch the gospel to ei^ery creature, lie that belLeifeth and Is baptized shall be saved; but he that belleueth not shall be damned. (OIRIST) narh 16:16

The Lord qave the Word: great u>ere the company of those that published It. - Psalms 68:11


P.O. Box 1347

1450, ^Albetton

(011) 907-1533

R. MUls - mlsstonBr

PMlsfiers andprinters ofmlUlcns ofStMe SUidtj Bookfcts andtractsfor :Aft{4:xj

Dear Co-Workers;

October, 1992

We thank the good folk of the Astoria Christian

Church for their kind offer to assist us in the

replacement of our 35mm camera. This has been done with a vast improvement on reliabi lity and picture quality, and praises to the Lord, we can again take photos of interior scenes using a flash which works properly! When the present roll is finished, we will start another for
a set of slides on the work.

We now have a good selection of videos for presentation in homes and at the shop, (23),
and Alice Fishback has offered to lend us

some of her New Testament tapes as our Bible selection, though very good quality, Is all Old Testament based. Many of our customers have

expressed interest and we hope soon to start receiving invitations to present these in their
homes or meeting places. (This wilt give us an

opportunity to get acquainted on a more personal basis rather than as the ' 'Bible Bookstorepeople J, and we hope will also
make it possible to witness to them better. We have shown them at four appointments this month including to one of Phyllis
Bible classes who came to our hometo see "Witness at Your Door". Their response was excellent. We have also found a

source of Pal system tapes, (some ofthe same films even), in Johannesburg, but as we would like to meet the people on a more personal basis, 1think we shall leave things as they are for the time being. However, if anyone knows of a video that gives a go.od-cJear presentation of the Church Including the way of salvation, 1would like to know where to get a copy. Most
are noticeably silent beyond "accepting Jesus". Lately we have had several hungry people stop in the Bible shopfor a cup

of soup and towatch one of the Bible video tapes while they drink it. At the shop we normally use a Bible Story video since
seeing only a short bit of thedocumentary tapescould confuse customers who do not stay to see the whole film.

One of our printing projects this month was to print attractive certificates to be given as awards for the memorization of various Scripture portions, the Books of the Bible and their content, ordination of a minister, both English and Afrikaans versions of a Baptismal certificate, awards for those enrolled in the various age choirs of the church, and one for various purposes. There are 15 different types; all printed on card. ASotho Study Book on Baptism has just come back from the
proof reader. Wewill make her suggested corrections and print that one soon, the Lord willing.

Ihave been battling several days with a couple of new software programmes that have come. Iam going to have to write the suppliers of the new upgrade on my mailing address system. The old system "died" on me so Iordered an upgrade at their suggestion. It absolutely refuses to work. Iexpect that it clashes with something already on the disk, but in trying to get the
new one going, 1found how to "revive the dead one". That Is the one Iam using to mail these letters. 1feared Imight have to
hand write them! It also refused to accept the old files, nearly 5000 addresses in all, mostly of our current Correspondence students. Praises to the Lord, those were on the disk that is working again and Iam catching upon preparing the envelopes
for a big mailing now!

My curiosity was arroused when Iparked in front of the shop one morning this month and picked up a shot gun shell casing
at the curb, but imagine my shock when 1heard the next day that there had been a gang robbery ofthe vegetable and fruit shop next door to the Bible Shop and that one man was killed. It was the gang of six or eight very violent robbers, armed
with AK47 automatic rifles, who have been terrorising the area! As it took place about 7:30 pm, we were closed when it
happened. We thank the Lord for that.

We are very troubled about how to handle the Bible shop while we take a much neededfurlough starting in July, 1993, the Lord willing. All our black customers, to whom we have mentioned It, have been even more upset! We aretheir only real source of hymn books and Bibles in most black languages in Alberton, and they have come to depend on us. Even the staff of the CNA (Central Book Agency) a large chain stationer's store, have been sending people to us regularly recently. Pray with us that the Lord will raise up someone to care,for this need the three months or more we are planning to be away.
Your'sin Jesus Christ, / Bob & PhyllLs Mills

3une and Raymond ^Anderson, T/'A

706 East Washington Street

Go Into all the ivorld, anil preach the gospel to Rveiij creature. He that bf-lLefeth and is baptized shall be sofed; but he that belLeveth not shall
be damned. (CHRIST) - Tlarfc 16:16

Urbana, IL 61801, U.S..A.

The Lord qave the Word: great were the company o| those that published It. - Psalms 68:1 i


P.O. Box 1347


Fox/Phone (Oil) 907-iSSS

Robert & PhyllLs NUts

PuSflshers andpnnten ofmlMicns ofBiMr Sttidij ffooklets andtmctsfor .Africa

Dear Co-Workers, November, 1992

to close as what we are doing is so very important. They had sought every where in Alberton for black language Bibles and could find none anywhere. I knew this to be true already. Only last week, a black man walked in and told me that he had asked in the center of town several blocks away and everyone knew exactly where he should go. He said, "You are famous!" A bit over enthusiastic that. Praise must go to the Lord, but our records are likely to show that over a thousand Bibles have passed through our

hands ttiis year. I will make an accurate count at the year end.
With the loan of Alice Fishback's video tapes of "Jesus of Nazareth" a more than six hour long film, we now have thirty video tapes available through the shop. I have been running "Jesus of Nazareih" in one hour installmenls during lunch hours. Ittakes a week to screen it that way. November looks as if it will be a very busy month at tfie printing press as we have two new books ready to print, two re-prints to bring out as well as tracts that must be reprinted, and two special orders from others. The desk top publishing software had been giving us trouble, but I have managed to sort that out. However, even the new version of the addressing software has not helped. The original one is
working again, but the new one still refuses to print on the daisy wheel printer, even after I had a

professional to work with it, and contacted the supplier in Virginia. He was very helpful with advice, but I had tried everything he suggested already! The man I called in did get the "Stacker"working, however, so it was not altogether a lost cause. At least there is room on the hard disk for more storage

This month I installed the Fax card in the computer and mastered its "sending" operation. I think it will "receive" also, but so far have not had the opportunity to put it to the test since no one knows our number to try to contact us. It is marvelous for ordering books for customers and worked wonders with the software man in Arlington, Va. Our number is actually tlie same as our telephone number as they share a line and the computer sorts out which instrumetit is to be connected, provided, of course. It is during business hours and the computer is turned on. Because of the violent electrical storms of this area, we usually switch off when we are not actually in the shop.

As I am preparing this fetter for tf>e mail, the American election results are featuring in the news and the election has been conceded. South Africa too, will probably soofi be going to the polls. Let us be much in prayer for the governments of this world that God's will may be accomplished for we are told

that they rule only by His permission for a time. In South Africa, we anticipate a coinmunist government
and ;Hrocidy laws arn being proposed tiiat will favor churches which do not call a man a sinner, or

consider Muslims, Hindu etc. lost. In other words, "New Aye.' for the 'New Soutti Africa" Pray!
Jun and ftat^monil -Andstson, P/:A
Your's in .Jqsus Ct^rl.ot,

Rof) and Phyflts

706 East Voshln^ton Street

Urbana, ItSlSQl, U.S.A.

Go Into oU Uie tvorU, and ptcoch tKe gospel to eveti) creature. He that b?lUuctlt and Is bapllxeA shall be saued; but he that belUueth not shall be damned. (CHRIST}
nark i6:!B

The (.ord gaue the Word: great tvere the company of those that publUhed U. -- Psalms 68:11




P O- Box 1347 *450, :Atbf!rton

Fox/Phone (01 1) 907-1533

Robert & Phyttts MUls

PtiSilsfiers andpdntets ofmUtlonsofSlMeStudyBooklets andtmctsfor Africa

Sear Co-l<^orkers, December, 1992

Nouember did not turn out to be busy at the printing press at all, slmplij because In the middle of the second datj, u'hen we stopped to change printing plates, the press refused to start again. U took, a feu> da^ to get the repairman here, then his diagnosis ukis that the bearings of the motor had seized and It had to go In for repairs and neu> bearings. We have been uH^thout a motor since tlien. We hove been busy ulth type setting, hou>eyer, and haue even more material ready for tlie camera, and eifentually, printing. In a u^rh- such as this, there Is almost literally, neuer a dull moment. It seems that there are so many urgent matters, that one |ust sudtches from one to the other and keeps plugging along. In the meantlrru, the grass In the back, garden Is u>ell past the ankles and going to seed! Ijesterday, I hod to take time to go to the attorney

In connection u>lth the church buUdlng the Lord Is In the process of purchasing In ^^Iberton through us. Naturally there are complications udth that transfer and the funding. Our daughter Xathy had an appointment to go take her drivers licence tsts, so the car u>as gone. Incidentally, she passed first try; uery unusual here! Our congratulations to Xathy. On the computer front, the tivo softu>are packages are stUl being '"difficult". The printer refuses to recognize the netvest and best version of the address system, stUl, and the fax sends messages beautifully, but absolutely refuses to ''recelue and record'' a
message. U makes note that there u>as an attempt, which unis not successful, the exact time, etc. Small help! It Is terrlfU; for the outgoing orders, hou>euer.

Last night, I took time to ulslt a former member of the Klmfeerley Road Church u^iom ive heord u>as Ln the hospital tn :Alberton. Kls u>lfe and smaller chlldren u^re there and they much appre ciated my coming. He apparently trip ped and fell dou>n his front stairs, nearly breaking his neck In the process. U required surgery and bone transplant to one of the uert^brae. Naturally he is
in a masslfe brace nou. fie uws

uorrted about his right arm u+ilch has suffered some nerve damage. The Doc tor seems satisfied, hou^euer. Ijet today, t need to tackle the sermon for Sunday,

the bt4tetlns, and should ufork on my UJorkbook for Phyllis's class Wednesday evening. Thursday uHil be Bible Study for the

(Jiurch and prayer meeting. Friday evening Is youth meeting. Our thanks to Pat ^l-llen u4io uHll be leading them though \
still mustproi^ldc transport for Ihe sllberton youth to whatever is planned and u^ierever it happens to be. 1 can see already that the departure of the Messlmers with no replacement at all, and for more thon a year, coupled udth

buying the building, alterations, moulng the BlMe shop, and starting a neu congregation, plus the printing ond publishing and the correspondence course, is going to put us under extreme, nervous and physical pressure. Pray for us that u>e are able to cope. We really looked forujord to our oum planned furlough storting In July. We pray that It u>Ul not be jeopardized by these events. I am advertising the sale of our Bible Van as there Just udll not be the time or energy to make use of It. Once
we move the shop, ue should noteven need it for transport to and from the shop as ive hope to live on the premises, the Lord uilllng. The church building Is only a short ualk from the post office, and we shall not be able to go out of toum for

iveck- end events such as conference orother specUd gatherings. Please pray for usthat the Lord ttlll provide a replacement so
14^ can take that four montfi 40th anniversary furlough.

We msh you all o very ''Mrrry Christmas'' and a fruitful Neu yearin His service.
Your's in Jesus Christ,

June and Raymond ^Anderson, T/A

Bob and Phyllis

706 Cast Washington Street

Ut^na, XL 61801, U.S.:A.

fii) yc into all thp uorld, and preach the gospel to every creature. !te that

brlicvefh and Is baptized shall be saved; but he thot belUveth not shall be damned. (CHRIST)
Hark 16:16

The Lord gave the Word: great ucre the company of those that published it. - Psalms 68:11