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Nashville, TN 37214
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Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN
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Church of Christ
2307 Lebanon Road; Nashville, TN, 37214 * (615) 883-6918

Current Resident or Volume 57, No.27 July 5, 2009

From the Nation to the Individual Adam Faughn

Johny Baker
We are grateful for each want to think about what are fearful of the econ- 758-7654
who helped with our Christ does for us. omy. Others are worried
prayer service Wednesday about foreign wars and Wayne Davidson
Often, through advertis-
night. I know it is a service threats from other na- 758-2705
ing campaigns, we are
that will not soon be forgot- tions. Some are scared by
encouraged to remember
ten. As brother Gordon laws being passed. Earl Flynn
that change begins with
challenged us at the 889-1659
the individ- While all these are a ma-
Worship With Us end of the service,
ual. If I jor concern (and things
Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM let’s make sure it Ted Fox
Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM want to about which we should
wasn’t just “a big 754-7607
change the pray often), the most im-
event.” Let’s make
nation, I portant thing we need to
sure we are moti- Charles Myers
start by do is make sure our soul
vated to continue to
CSI: Christ Said It… help our nation seek God’s
sure I am right with the
is prepared for eternity
with God. Make today

I Believe It! face. It can be done.

Lord. your independence day! Jim Schroeder
Today, we are going to 754-8990
Many in our world are
turn our attention from the
Valley View Christian Camp: July 5-10, 2009 larger scope of the nation,
wondering what is going
Cliff Wilson
to happen next. Many
to the personal level. We 889-6477
All young people who have completed 3rd-12th grades are encouraged to
Adam Faughn Pulpit Minister
attend this great week of Bible camp. Welcome, Heather! Adam Faughn
It was announced last Lamb, who was bap- ated from Ole Miss. 973-4483
Don’t miss our summer camp. We will solve the Sunday night that tized into Christ a cou- We are thankful for Jer-
mysteries of following some of Christ’s most diffi- Heather Shea has placed ple of weeks ago. emy and Heather, and we Outreach Minister
her membership with us Heather comes to us wish them well as they Harry Middleton
cult commands. at Lebanon Road. She is from the state of Missis- prepare for their wedding 292-3164
engaged to Jeremy sippi, where she gradu- this fall.
Please Pray For Our Camp This Week! Youth Minister
JD Buckner
Sunday Sermon Preview (731) 336-4768
AM: July 5: YOUR Independence Day
PM: Lessons from the Bible’s Shortest Chapter
The Sick Worship Leaders by Harry Middleton Chris’ Summer Column
Ron Bacon is at home doing daily therapy. Sunday Morning (Contact: Carlos 889-3185) I hope everyone had a good Independence Day yes-
Linda Brewer had back surgery on Tuesday at the Opening Prayer: David Cook THE ART OF HAPPINESS terday. I guess camp has really started with a bang
Baptist Surgical Center. She hopes to be home by the Closing Prayer: Nelson Cluck You can’t pursue happiness and catch it. Happi- this week. For those who are unable to be involved
weekend. ness comes upon you unaware while you are helping with camp I hope that you can help by praying for
Read Scripture: Alan Witt others. As the Hindu said, “Help thy brother’s boat
Felix Gower is at Donelson Place in room 229. Sermon: Adam Faughn all of us who will be up there. I’m really excited
across, and lo! Thine own has reached the shore.”
Zula Hill, mother of Ruth Owen, has hospice coming Song Leader: Philip Autry
about the topic, “Christ Said It… I Believe It.” I
Happiness does not depend upon a full pocket-
in. Keep her and the family in your prayers. think this will be a great opportunity for everyone to
Serving Lord’s Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) book, but a mind full of thoughts that are rich and heart
Eunice Petty is recovering from a fall and surgery. full of rich emotions. refocus our faith and build it as we grow closer to-
Madge Tramel is at McKendree in room N277. Marion Schow 1 gether.
Happiness does not depend upon what happens
Sherri Wright, daughter of Ted and Frankie Fox, had Shane Williams 2 outside of you but on the inside of you; it is measured by
Lynn Wright 3 With the mission trip only two weeks away, I want
the spirit in which you meet the problems of life. to encourage everyone who wants to participate with
Church Camp—Snack Drive John Smith 4 Happiness is a state of mind. Lincoln once said,
the trip to Beech Island, SC to sign up on the back
Mark Pugh 5 “We are as happy as we make up our minds to be.”
table or downstairs on the youth wall. We have two
Don’t forget to bring in the BJ Turner 6 Happiness doesn’t come from doing what we like to do,
departure times, and look forward to reaching out to
but from liking what we have to do. Happiness comes
Scotty Studer 7 the community before the VBS on Saturday and
camp snacks and drinks Charles Myers 8
from putting our hearts into our work and doing it with
helping with the VBS. This is a wonderful opportu-
joy and enthusiasm. It does not come from doing easy
Sunday Evening (Contact: Richard 885-3110)
By Sunday morning! work, but it is the afterglow of satisfaction that comes nity to spread the good news while encouraging our
Opening Prayer: Richard Roberson from the achievement of a difficult task that demands brothers and sisters in Christ.
Closing Prayer: Sonny Gossett our best.
Ladies Bible Class Happiness grows of harmonious relationships Of course the most wonderful independence we
Read Scripture: Gene Duke should celebrate daily is the independence Christ
with others based on attitude of good will, tolerance,
The Ladies Class will meet Sermon: Adam Faughn understanding and love. It comes from keeping con- provided from sin. We no longer have to be enslaved
Song Leader: Philip Autry structively busy. to sin. Just as Brother Middleton discussed last
Tuesday, July 7th week, “We know that our old self was crucified
Serving Lord’s Supper (Room) Happiness is found in little things: a baby’s
At the home of Kim Yearwood Paul Tramel 1 smile, a letter from a friend, a kind word, the beauty of with him in order that the body of sin might be
Ronnie Oakley 2
nature. brought to nothing, so that we would no longer
260 Fairway Drive The master secret of happiness is to meet the be enslaved to sin. For one who has died has been
challenge of each new day with serene faith that “all set free from sin” (Romans 6:6-7 ESV). How great
10:00 Wednesday, July 8th (Contact: Tim 885-2009) a Redeemer we have, who took us when we were
things work together for good to them that love God”
Read Scripture: Michael Rader and to prove our love for God as we give help and en- desolate, cared for us, and helped us to “walk in the
Bring sandwiches, salad and desserts Opening Prayer: Stephen Kerstiens couragement to our fellowman. ----Unknown. newness of life” (Romans 6:4).
Speaker: Have a blessed week,
Beech Island, South Carolina Mission Trip Song Leader: Richard Roberson VISITATION TEAM #1 WILL MEET AFTER Chris
Monday, July 20-Sunday, July 26 Announcements: WORSHIP SUNDAY EVENING Congratulations to Andrea Grigsby and her team for
Community outreach will be our goal during the Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder winning state championship softball.
week and VBS is all day Saturday. There will be a
group leaving on the 20th and a Nursery Attendants Mark Your Calendar...
second group is leaving on the 23rd. Rachel Deppisch & Debbie Hill
See JD if you are interested in this trip.  July 5: Sycamores Terrace service at 4:00. Billy Hutchens, John Smith and Tony Grigsby
 July 5-10: Summer Camp at Valley View
The Record
Golf Scramble Sunday Morning Worship: 343
 July 20-26: Mission Trip to Beech Island, SC—See JD for more details

Saturday, August 15th  August 12: Time Saver Supper Returns!

Sunday Evening Worship: 257
Ravenwood at noon  August 15: Golf Tournament at Ravenwood
Sunday Bible Study: 234
The cost is $40  August 22: Blood Drive in fellowship hall
See Bill Wolfe for additional details. Wednesday Night: 212
Contribution: $12,654.50

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