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Security information booklet

for new employees Security information
This information is provided by
booklet for new employees
the Brotherhood of St Laurence
for the training and purpose of
new employees and volunteers

All information contained in this

booklet is strictly confidential.

This booklet explains in simple

terms the legal requirements and
staff responsibilities associated
with the following:
• What constitutes theft and
what evidence must be gath-
ered (elements of proof)

• Powers of arrest, effecting an

arrest and post arrest
• The procedures for customer
bag checks and associated
‘must do’ and ‘must not do’
• Any other security issues rele-
vant to the store Tel: 9521 5213
Tel: 9521 5213
Security information Security information Security information
for new employees for new employees for new employees
1. What constitutes theft and what evidence 2. Powers of arrest, effecting an arrest and post arrest: 3. The procedures for customer bag checks and
must be gathered (elements of proof). associated ‘must do’ and ‘must not do’:
• A member of staff, security guard or store
detective has the power of arrest RIGHTS
Be aware as shoplifting can happen unexpectedly. • Te customer has the right to know before entry that the
Apprehension of shoplifters should be the last resort. As a general example, a suspected thief should be arrested store conducts bag checks.
Our store policy is prevention is easy and a far more by the staff member who actually saw the theft take place, • The customer has the right to refuse interference with
preferably accompanied by a witness. their person or with their bags. Checking means that
effective approach. store personnel can look, but not touch. The customer
Also the key points to ensure before the arrest are: can be asked to assist during the check, eg by removing
Approaches to avoid apprehension: any obstruction to visual inspection.
• A shopkeeper shall not check a personal handbag unless
• Know exactly what was stolen it is larger than the size of a sheet of A4 paper (ie
• False accusation or wrong apprehensions may
leave our store open to charges. 297mm x 210mm) or they are certain that the handbag
• Be sure that the person has no intonation of conceals goods which have not been paid for and are
paying the property of the shopkeeper.
• If you suspect a customer of stealing, try to
encourage them to purchase the item by using OBLIGATIONS
statements such as: • Be sure that the goods are on / with the person
and their concealment is known • Having entered a store knowing that bag checks are
conducted, the customer has accepted the store’s right
• Would you like to purchase that item,(use to check bags
name if you know what they have taken) • Be sure that the person has not replaced or
dumped / dropped off the goods IMPORTANT NOTES
• You can pay for that item at the register when • If a customer refuses a check of their bags they can be
ready • Do not search the suspect asked to leave the store and not return.
• Other bags, cartons, parcels and containers that could
• Have someone call the police immediately reasonably be expected to conceal goods may be
• If the customer has left the store and has not checked.
paid for the goods, use the following state- • A shopkeeper will only hold a customer and call the
ments: The following is a policy regarding post arrest police where the shopkeeper is sure that an offence
procedures. has been committed.
• I am sorry but you have forgotten to pay for • If a shopkeeper or employee forcibly detains a customer
that item • Call the police immediately after arrest or forcibly searches their goods, and they have not com-
mitted an offence, they are entitled to make a complaint
• Did you know you have not paid for the item • Isolate the person to a quiet area and ensure the to the police and the store management
in your possession, eg pram, bag, basket person is constantly watched
4. Any other security issues relevant to the store:
The courts could generally consider an act of • Make sure they do not dump the goods
theft to be the following: • Never leave shop unattended
• Do not remain alone with a person of the opposite
• The goods alleged to have been stolen were of sex • Be aware of blind spots
• Do not talk, question, interview the person about • Be aware of security of money and stock
• Someone other than the thief owned the anything
• Do not search the person or take their belongings • Never leave register unattended
• The alleged thief actually took and carried and do not take photographs
away the goods • Do not count money at counter
• Be considerate of extremes of age, the person’s
• The alleged thief did not have consent to take state, distress etc • As any difficulties arise, contact the shop manager
the goods without paying for them
• Offer reasonable comfort while you wait for the
• The alleged thief intended to keep the goods police
to the exclusion of the owner
• Fill out an incident report

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